Volume 23, Chapter 208.1: Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White

Huo Yuhao shook his head and replied, “No, this isn’t considered any contribution. Without the academy, there’s no me. Elder Xuan, how are you?”

Elder Xuan smiled upon seeing the deep affection in his eyes, and replied, “I’m good. Your compatriots are also fine. Tell me what went on today. I didn’t expect that the Dragon Emperor Douluo Long Xiaoyao was still alive…”

Huo Yuhao recounted how he had extorted Jing Hongchen, and how he had expected the journey back not to be a smooth one after he managed to reach an agreement with him. He also explained how he had met Long Xiaoyao and Zhang Peng along the way, as well as how he made the bet with Long Xiaoyao.

After hearing his account, Elder Xuan was stunned. He was clearly aware of the cultivation of an Ultimate Douluo. Even though Huo Yuhao was given a huge advantage in the bet, it was still a miracle that he could win a bet against Long Xiaoyao, given his age!

However, Elder Xuan also couldn’t help but furrow his brow. The reappearance of the Dragon Emperor Douluo, as well as his standing opposite Shrek, was definitely not good news.

After sighing, Elder Xuan muttered to himself, “Elder Mu! Only after you left did I realize how heavy the responsibility of the Hallmaster of the Sea God’s Pavilion is.

“It would be great if you were still around. It’s not just all sorts of evil spirits that have appeared. Even your old friend, the Dragon Emperor Douluo, has re-surfaced.”

Huo Yuhao asked, “Elder Xuan, what conflict did the Dragon Emperor Douluo have with teacher?”

Elder Xuan replied, “They have a deep-seated conflict with each other. They aren’t just opponents and friends; they were love rivals too.” As he spoke, Elder Xuan unleashed his Class 8 flying-type soul tool and increased his flying speed sharply. He reduced the depletion of his soul power, and his soul power protected both him and Huo Yuhao. He had a reminiscing look in his eyes.

“Elder Mu came from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon bloodline that has been around for tens of thousands of years. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon can transform into a Radiant Holy Dragon and become the best martial soul in the world. Elder Mu was one who benefited from this transformation. When he was six years old, he completed the awakening of his martial soul and was greatly nurtured by his family.

“Shrek Academy shares close relationships with many soul master aristocrats on the continent. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragons are naturally included. The legacy of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragons has been passed down for ages. One of the founders of Shrek Academy was one of them. Tens of thousands of years ago, they were once attacked, and it almost led to the destruction of their legacy. Although this legacy was indeed passed down, there weren’t many who can inherit it. In every generation, there is only one person who inherits the legacy. The leader of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragons came to our academy and suggested that Elder Mu be admitted to the academy earlier. The academy agreed after weighing things. That’s why Elder Mu entered the academy when he was only eight years old. At that point, his soul power had already reached Rank 20. No one has been able to break his record since then.

“Ten years later, Elder Mu captained Team Shrek in the Elite Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament. At that point, Elder Mu had reached Rank 69 even though he was just eighteen years old. He was only one step away from breaking the bottleneck and obtaining a Martial Soul True Body.”

This was undoubtedly a shocking acheivement. Even though the current Shrek Seven Monsters were very outstanding, and three of them even had twin martial souls, none of them were at Elder Mu’s standard. Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi were only at Rank 63 and Rank 64! Furthermore, they were already twenty years old!

Elder Xuan continued, “During that tournament, Elder Mu met Long Xiaoyao and another young woman soul master for the first time. Elder Mu’s martial soul was the Radiant Holy Dragon, while Long Xiaoyao’s martial soul coincidentally directly conflicted with his. Long Xiaoyao possessed the Darkness Holy Dragon, which is also a martial soul that forms after a transformation. It was always very difficult to tell whether light or darkness would win. The two of them could only fight using their cultivation. At that point, Elder Mu’s soul power was slightly superior, and he defeated Long Xiaoyao in the finals.

“At that point in time, the only female soul master that could match up to the both of them was called Ye Xishui. She was ravishing, and her abilities were also very strong. After that fight, the three of them learned to respect one another. Eventually, Elder Mu led Shrek Academy to victory. Long Xiaoyao’s academy were the runners-up, while Ye Xishui’s team was among the top four.

“After the tournament, I’m not sure what happened after they graduated from their respective academies. I only know that Elder Mu, Long Xiaoyao, and Ye Xishui bumped into each other after he graduated. The three of them slowly became close friends after they challenged one another. They sparred, cultivated, and traveled the continent together.

“They were budding young talents at that point in time, and they were also very competitive. Each of them hoped to trump the other two in his or her ability. Although they were close friends, they were also close competitors. They did some things that shocked the world of soul masters then, and their abilities improved significantly. Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao also developed feelings for Ye Xishui. Perhaps it was because they were friends, or maybe it was because both of them wanted to completely beat the other party before they confessed their feelings, but neither of them confessed to Ye Xishui. In the blink of an eye, ten years passed, and they became eight-ringed Soul Douluos. They were even on their way to becoming Titled Douluos before they were thirty years old. At that point, Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao couldn’t control their feelings anymore. However, they were very close, and didn’t want to hurt each other. But they didn’t want to give up either. That’s why they gave the final choice to Ye Xishui.

“That day, they went to find Ye Xishui together and confessed at the same time. Ye Xishui was asked to choose between the both of them. However, she had feelings for both of them. Their cultivations and personalities were similar, so there wasn’t any way for her to choose. That’s why Ye Xishui proposed that they fight a year later, and she would date the winner.”

“Seriously?” Huo Yuhao was shocked as he asked, “Matters of the heart can be decided in this manner?”

Elder Xuan glanced at him with a meaningful look in his eyes and replied, “You might get into such a situation one day. This matter even motivated a tradition in Shrek Academy.”

“Who won the fight a year later?” Huo Yuhao asked.

Elder Xuan answered, “No one.”

“What?” Huo Yuhao was confused as he looked at him.

Elder Xuan sighed and said, “That’s because neither of them went.

After they separated that day, Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao pondered over the matter deeply. Eventually, their yearning for love didn’t win over their rationality. They were both aware that their cultivations were too similar. If they went all-out, both parties would only be hurt. However, they were friends and even brothers. That’s why they both made a logical and self-proclaimed wise decision – giving up!

“However, they each didn’t expect the other to make the same choice. Their common choice also hurt Ye Xishui.

“Ye Xishui waited at the rendezvous spot for three days, but neither of them appeared. She was a very proud person, and stormed off in a fury.

“Both Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao believed that Ye Xishui was with the other person. They decided to focus on their cultivation after moping for a period of time. They didn’t look for each other because they didn’t want to be reminded of their sad past. In the blink of an eye, ten more years passed. Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao formed their own families. At this point, Ye Xishui came to Shrek Academy suddenly to find Elder Mu. They were all Titled Douluo at that point in time.

“Elder Mu was engulfed by emotions as he saw Ye Xishui again and didn’t know what to say. However, he didn’t expect Ye Xishui to suggest a challenge. Although he was confused, he had no choice, and was forced by her to accept the challenge.

“When they broke up eleven years ago, Ye Xishui’s cultivation was inferior to both Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao’s. However, she was now extremely strong after she returned to find Elder Mu. Elder Mu was almost on the brink of losing as he fought her. However, he had a solid foundation, and emerged victorious using his Sovereign’s Descent. He was shocked to realize that Ye Xishui’s martial soul now carried an evil aura. Elder Mu’s teacher, who was also my grandmaster, was the Hallmaster of the Sea God’s Pavilion then. He pointed out that Ye Xishui had become an evil soul master. He wanted to make her stay and cripple her cultivation.

“Even though Elder Mu had a family, Ye Xishui was still a very memorable person from his past. He pleaded on her behalf and hoped that grandmaster could let her go. However, the grandmaster didn’t listen to Elder Mu’s pleas, as he believed that she was too dangerous given her cultivation. He kept her in Shrek Academy, but didn’t do anything to her because of Elder Mu.

“However, nobody knew that a bunch of evil soul masters would appear a few days later. They were led by an extremely strong evil soul master, and fought against my grandmaster. Both sides suffered heavy losses, but the strongest evil soul master was dealt a lethal blow. The only downside was that Ye Xishui was rescued.”

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