Volume 23, Chapter 206.3: Scorpion Tiger Douluo

“Zhang Peng is launching his powerful moves. That’s his Scorpion Tiger Martial Soul True Body. The Scorpion Tiger is born from an exceptionally powerful soul beast known as the Darkdemon Evil Tiger. However, it’s considered a subspecies, as it’s not as demonic. Even though it’s not as formidable as the Darkdemon Evil Tiger, it also requires regular consumption of soul beast blood and spirit to sustain itself and evolve. What he’s releasing now are the spirits of soul beasts that he has absorbed and his own beast souls that are formed through the fusion of spiritual power and soul power. This is Zhang Peng’s signature move, and it’s incredibly hard to deal with. Beast souls are highly resistant to physical attacks, while they’re also equipped with both physical and spiritual offensive capabilities. The user, Zhang Peng, can also integrate himself into any of the beast souls for a sudden ambush at any time.”

Yan Shaozhe’s live analysis gave Huo Yuhao a deeper understanding of this Scorpion Tiger Douluo. He felt a tingling in his heart as he watched the beast souls in the sky. For him, the status of Titled Douluo was still very far away, and he still had a long way left to reach that level. However, he was most unafraid of spiritual attacks—after all, he was the student of Calamity Necromancer Electrolux, and the Divine Law of Necromancy had been imparted to him. In some sense, he was a necromancer himself, and it couldn’t get any easier for him to become an evil soul master if he wanted to. Of course, Huo Yuhao didn’t see himself that way, and neither did he want to become an evil soul master. What he wanted to do was kill evil soul masters.

Xian Lin’er could no longer maintain her previous advantage once Zhang Peng released his beast souls. The pike in her hands danced through the sky, and her onslaught continued like tidal waves, but the beast souls were exceptionally difficult to deal with. These were beast souls that Zhang Peng had cultivated over many years, and they also had his spiritual imprints. There were twelve main beast souls, and they made up Zhang Peng’s eighth soul skill—the Twelve Beast Envoys.

The Twelve Beast Envoys all had cultivations equivalent to an eight-ringed soul master. Even though they didn’t threaten Xian Lin’er, they had no problem entangling her. If these main beast souls were attacked, they could absorb the other normal beast souls around them to replenish themselves. Zhang Peng looked on from the side in his Scorpion Tiger form, and his body gradually became incorporeal while the dark clouds beneath his feet began to expand once more and permeate the entire battlefield.

Huo Yuhao was under the protection of Yan Shaozhe’s soul power, so he couldn’t feel how powerful the soul power undulations outside were. However, half the sky had turned black at this point, and green lightning flickered incessantly from time to time. It was even appropriate to describe the skies as filled with calamities and natural disasters.

Yan Shaozhe’s eyes suddenly looked in another direction, and he muttered, “Why hide yourself if you’re here? Come out. I knew that Zhang Peng himself wouldn’t have the confidence to take on me and Xian Lin’er at the same time.”

“You live up to your name as a disciple of the Dragon God Douluo. Impressive senses.” An old voice rang out in the sky, and a crack suddenly opened in the air, then a human’s silhouette stepped out from within.

He was also an elderly man, but his appearance was much better compared to Zhang Peng. This elderly man was tall, and the silver hair on his head was combed as neatly as could be. His face was rosy like an infant’s, and his long eyebrows draped down from either side of his face as he placed his hands behind his back. He levitated in midair just like that, and didn’t release a single ripple of soul power at all. The soul power undulations released from the battle between Zhang Peng and Xian Lin’er dissipated when they came within ten meters of him, and were unable to reach him at all.

Yan Shaozhe’s face became serious and solemn. It wasn’t only because this elderly man directly mentioned Elder Mu when he appeared—it was also because he didn’t recognize this elderly man at all.

With Yan Shaozhe’s age and his status as Dean of Shrek Academy’s Martial Soul Department, he had seen most of Titled Douluo with any reputation on the Continent. He could feel extreme danger and peril from this elderly man, but he couldn’t recognize him at all.

The elderly man smiled when he saw Yan Shaozhe’s wary eyes and said, “I haven’t left the mountain for quite some time, and most of my friends are probably gone by now. Even Elder Mu has passed away—what a waste. I’m here today for you, actually. I want to see whether Elder Mu’s disciple has inherited all his abilities. My name is Long Xiaoyao, although I’m not sure if you’ll remember me.”

Long Xiaoyao? Yan Shaozhe shuddered when he heard this name, and a person’s figure surfaced in his mind. He blurted out, “You, you are the Dragon Emperor Douluo, Long Xiaoyao? You’re still alive?”

Long Xiaoyao smiled and said, “Yes! I’m so old, but I’m still alive. It’s a pity that Mu En has passed before me.” A deep sentiment of grievance flowed within his eyes when he said this. Huo Yuhao, hovering beside Yan Shaozhe, could tell that this elderly man’s emotions were not false.

The relaxed expression on Yan Shaozhe’s face vanished completely. Not in his wildest dreams did he expect such a powerful being to be amongst the group that Jing Hongchen found to ambush them.

Who was Long Xiaoyao? He was the Darkness Holy Dragon, who shared a reputation with Elder Mu back in the day as the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White!

The Dragon Emperor Douluo, Long Xiaoyao, and the Dragon God Douluo, Mu En.

Long Xiaoyao’s martial soul was the Darkness Holy Dragon. The Darkness Holy Dragon and Elder Mu’s Radiant Holy Dragon were the extremes of darkness and light among dragon-type martial souls, and their cultivation levels had rivaled one another back in the day. But for some reason, Long Xiaoyao had suddenly vanished from the earth; Yan Shaozhe hadn’t even been born when Long Xiaoyao disappeared from the Continent. It was natural that he had never seen this powerful individual before.

Yan Shaozhe took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the emotions in his heart. He bowed respectfully and said, “Greetings, senior Long. I never thought I’d be able to actually meet you one day.”

Long Xiaoyao heaved a sigh and said, “It was me who didn’t dare to see Mu En! I have let him down too much, and I wouldn’t show myself to the world easily if not for the fact that he’d passed away. But I am full of regret now that he’s really gone—I’ve never really had the courage to stand before him to apologize…”

Yan Shaozhe felt a tingling in his heart and said, “I remember teacher saying that the two of you were really good friends back in the day. Even though you have the Darkness Dragon martial soul, you are upright and plainspoken by nature. Today…”

Long Xiaoyao shook his head and said, “Mu En didn’t tell you about what happened between us back then. He’s just trying to save me some face—forget it, forget it. I will leave you with your lives today out of respect for Mu En.”

Yan Shaozhe didn’t understand why Long Xiaoyao would appear here as their enemy. However, he could tell from Long Xiaoyao’s demeanor that he seemed to have some hidden troubles that he couldn’t talk about. His eyes squinted a little, and he forced a laugh as he said, “Senior Long, are you really going to bully the young?”

Long Xiaoyao said, “Somebody has entrusted this task to me, and I have to do it since I’ve promised him. I owe someone a huge favor, so I have no choice but to let myself be used by this person. How about we do it this way—you shall take three attacks from me, hand over the ring in that little fella’s hands, and then you can leave. I will let the two of you live. However, that girl will have to remain.”

Yan Shaozhe became extremely worried. “Senior Long, we…”

Long Xiaoyao raised his hand, the air around them suddenly twisted vigorously, and Yan Shaozhe couldn’t voice the rest of his sentence. His eyes became chilly, and a layer of blue light sparkled beneath his pupils. “My decision has been made. There is nothing more to be said—watch out.”

As he spoke, Long Xiaoyao raised his right hand without even releasing his martial soul and pointed in Yan Shaozhe’s direction.

Yan Shaozhe placed Huo Yuhao behind him in a flash, and a layer of extremely dense white light erupted from his body. Crisp phoenix cries resonated across the skies, and a golden phoenix hovered behind his back.

Yan Shaozhe formed a circle with his arms as he pushed out with both palms. The phoenix cries became incredibly shrill, and even though Huo Yuhao was under Yan Shaozhe’s protection, he still felt as if his spirit was about to be torn to pieces. The Eye of Destiny was automatically activated, and he released his spiritual power and covered himself with a layer of golden light; only then could he stabilize and reorient himself.

If the sky was an enormous balloon, then Long Xiaoyao’s finger seemed to have popped this balloon.

A gigantic black hole that was three meters in diameter appeared without warning before Yan Shaozhe. It was like a monster with its mouth wide open, and it was about to swallow both Yan Shaozhe and Huo Yuhao whole.

White radiance burst forth from Yan Shaozhe’s palms and surged into the black hole. A series of seventeen explosive sounds crackled through the sky, and his body trembled continuously from the force as he retreated one thousand meters away in an instant.

“Radiant Phoenix—not bad, not bad. No wonder you could become Mu En’s direct disciple.” Long Xiaoyao didn’t pursue, but nodded towards Yan Shaozhe instead.

Yan Shaozhe’s expression was unbelievably solemn at this point. One could fake his or her name, but one definitely couldn’t fake his or her cultivation. The Dragon Emperor Douluo’s cultivation was definitely in the same realm as his teacher, even the Body Sect’s leader Du Busi, who was also an Ultimate Douluo, was probably inferior to him.

“Two more times.” Long Xiaoyao muttered.

“Bullying us youngsters is no big deal at all.” At this moment, a crisp voice that tinged with anger could be heard. Long Xiaoyao was about to launch another attack, but he was stunned momentarily.

Huo Yuhao stepped out from behind Yan Shaozhe, and there was grief and indignation in his eyes. He glared at Long Xiaoyao and said, “You are not worthy of speaking my teacher’s name—you’re not even worthy of being my teacher’s friend. You don’t need to pretend with those three attacks of yours. You will never get the ring back even if you kill me today. Even if I have to send it into a different dimension, I will never give it you.”

Yan Shaozhe hadn’t expected Jing Hongchen to be able to find such a powerful individual, and Huo Yuhao also didn’t expect he would bring such trouble for Yan Shaozhe and Xian Lin’er. He could tell from Yan Shaozhe’s tone that they were facing a formidable being of the same generation as Elder Mu, and his cultivation was probably similar to Elder Mu’s as well. Such a terrifying existence wasn’t something that they could defend themselves against. When Long Xiaoyao kept bringing up Elder Mu’s name time and time again and after he forced back Yan Shaozhe, Huo Yuhao couldn’t take it anymore, and he blurted everything out in a bitter rage.

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