Volume 22, Chapter 201.1: Empress' Sword, Empress' Palm, Empress' Chill!

Huo Yuhao nodded.

Niu Tian said, “In the Extreme North, there are three strong soul beasts known as the Three Heavenly Kings of the Extreme North. You should know this. They are the Snow Empress, the Ice Empress and the Titan Snow Devil King. Among the three of them, the Snow Empress and Ice Empress are also among the Ten Great Savage Beasts and are some of the strongest soul beasts around. Your Ice Empress came from the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion. You should be clear about its abilities. The Snow Empress is even more legendary than the Ice Empress. There’s a sentence that’s commonly used to describe the Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques -Sword and Palm sends the sky into a Chill, the Empress’ Sword, Palm, and Chill”

“Empress’ Chill is the domain-type skill that you teamed up with her to unleash. However, I can tell that this skill has undergone some transformations after it fused with your Ice Jade Empress Scorpion. It’s become stronger. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to possess such a strong domain-type soul skill with your current cultivation. The domain-type skill that’s called the Emperss’ Chill is also known as the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice. According to legend, the Snow Empress can change the region in the Extreme North that’s most suitable for her to fight in into her domain. As snowflakes dance in the air, that domain becomes a forbidden ground. Even sunlight can’t compare to it.”

“The Empress’ Palm was the palm you used on Tai Tan previously. There are many stories surrounding the Empress’ Palm. It is said that no one is immune to it. The only way to survive it is to avoid getting struck by it. While it’s very strong, it’s limited by the fact that it has to strike the opponent before its power can be unleashed. The name of this Empress’ Palm is called Snowless Glacier. The strike that you used to complement the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice is very strong. It seemed to compress the entire domain into it. It was also my first time experiencing the power of the Snowless Glacier. If the Snow Empress was the one using it, I don’t think we could have avoided it even if we tried our best.”

“The Empress’ Sword was the last skill you used. Unparalleled Chill, Empress’ Sword. There’s no sword that can compare to it – it’s really very strong. Even Tai Tan had to unleash his martial soul before he could resist that strike. However, he was still frozen in place. I think it’s also very difficult for a Soul Emperor to resist this strike of yours. With these three soul skills, I believe you’ve managed to unleash the capabilities of ice to their fullest.”

Huo Yuhao repeated what Niu Tian had said and committed it to memory. “Sword and Palm sends the sky into a Chill, the Empress’ Sword, Palm, and Chill”

 The Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques were very domineering! However, the Snow Empress had added four soul rings to his body. What did the last orange-gold soul ring represent?

Huo Yuhao knew how strong the three soul skills he had used were. Their powers were greater than all the ice-type soul skills he possessed. Not only this, but he also felt that the Ice Empress’ soul skills were much stronger with the help of the Snow Lady. It was like how the Eye of Destiny enhanced the Spirit Eyes’ soul skills.

Even the two sect masters were awed. This time, Huo Yuhao’s reward was greater than expected. Evidently, the completion of the Snow Empress’ Spirit seemed to be better than if he had absorbed the Snow Empress and removed the seal on her before absorbing her soul bone.

In both cases, he would obtain four soul skills. Although the Snow Empress’ Spirit took up four soul ring spots, her assistive abilities were far superior to any soul skills! Moreover, the Snow Lady looked like she would grow along with him. If there came a day that he could become a Transcendent Douluo, the Snow Empress might possibly be perfectly resurrected.

Tai Tan only managed to force the chill out his body at this point. His right arm was slowly regaining feeling.

“That gust of cold was indeed powerful, and it went all the way to my heart. If I didn’t seal my blood flow, I would have been in deep trouble.” While Tai Tan was very short-tempered, he was a very direct and steady person.

Niu Tian replied, “It’s because of your fighting habits. You try to resist every attack forcefully because your body is resilient. Now you’ve suffered. If this were the real Snow Empress, you would have been in real trouble even if you didn’t die from the strike.”

Tai Tan chortled and said, “I’m facing Huo Yuhao. If it were the Snow Empress, I wouldn’t let her hit me so easily! Honestly speaking, I’d really like to spar with the Snow Empress after seeing the Three Ultimate Techniques. I want to see who’s stronger.”

Niu Tian said to Huo Yuhao, “Yuhao, you’ve mastered the soul skills that the Snow Lady bestowed on you. You need to practice more and combine them with your own abilities so that you can fully unleash them. Continue to practice here. We’ll return first.”

“Wait a minute.” Tai Tan said suddenly. From his face, it seemed like he was unconvinced. “Yuhao, what was the skill that she wanted to use just now? Since it wasn’t added to you, it should be your own soul skill. I’d like to know what soul skill you possess that can harm me, such that you stopped her. Am I so weak to you?”

“Uh…” Huo Yuhao felt a little awkward as he scratched his head. As he looked at Tai Tan’s eyes, he knew that it wasn’t an option to lie. He could only answer honestly, “She wanted to use my Ice Explosion Technique.  Your body and your arm would have been frozen by the Unparalleled Chill and Snowless Glacier respectively. I used the Snowless Glacier with my left hand, which is fused with the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion Left Arm Bone and contains the Ice Explosion Technique. She wanted to blow you apart from the inside and outside. The Ice Explosion Technique has a special trait that’s similar to the Snowless Glacier- they can only be fully unleashed when they contact their target. That’s why the soul power in your arm was assimilated into the Ice Explosion Technique, which means that your soul power would have been used in the explosion. Along with the absolute zero temperature of the Unparalleled Chill, I’m afraid…”

The more Tai Tan heard his words, the more shocked he was. His eyes also widened as he looked at the Snow Lady. Even his mouth was wide open.

“I… little wretch, you’re too vicious.” Tai Tan’s saliva was about to flow out. He only shut his mouth at this point.

The Snow Lady’s reply to him was very simple. She lowered her head instantly and extended her index fingers before pressing them together while showing an indignant look. It was like she was telling him to punish her because she did something wrong.

“You…” Tai Tan felt a gust of breath rising to his chest as he saw her, but he forced it down. He had to bear it no matter how uncomfortable it was. He couldn’t possibly lose his temper in front of her!

As Niu Tian held in his laughter in one side, he was also shocked. This Ice Explosion Technique was impressive! Both he and Tai Tan knew what kind of soul skill it was, just like how the Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques were very representative of the Snow Lady. The Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s lineage also had their symbolic soul skills. While the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s lineage had more soul skills than the Icesky Snow Lady’s lineage, the Ice Explosion Technique was undoubtedly the strongest among all those that Huo Yuhao had mastered to this point. Once one was infected by it, they would have to bear the backlash of the explosion of their own soul power no matter how strong they were. No matter how strong one’s defenses were , there was no way to defend against an internal explosion of one’s own soul power!

If it was only the Ice Explosion Technique, Niu Tian and Tai Tan wouldn’t be afraid, given their cultivations. That was because the Ice Explosion Technique couldn’t overcome the external defenses of their soul power. If they couldn’t be frozen, the Ice Explosion Technique couldn’t be poured into their bodies.

However, when the Ice Explosion Technique fused with the Empress’ Palm and Snowless Glacier… it would be very difficult for them to neutralize it! There was only one way to deal with it – prevent Huo Yuhao’s left hand from hitting them.

It would be  very easy to avoid being struck by his hand now that they knew this secret. However, no one else in the world knew about it!

Tai Tan glared at the Snow Lady for a long time, but he couldn’t spout anything harsh. His expression turned dismal, and he finally said, “You’ve won!”

After he finished speaking, he turned around with a snort and walked back towards Clear Sky Castle.

Huo Yuhao was a little worried as he watched Tai Tan leave. He didn’t pursue him though. Tai Tan couldn’t bear to deal with the Snow Lady, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t whack him! He looked at Niu Tian as if he were asking for help and said, “Uncle Niu, Uncle Tai…”

Niu Tian chortled and said, “Don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s just a little frustrated. It’s a little strange though. He seems to have some kind of affinity with the Snow Lady. If it were someone else, he would have raged. Things will be fine when his anger dissipates.”

As he spoke, a fart that sounded like rumbling thunder came from the direction of Clear Sky Castle… Someone was rubbing his stomach, and muttering relaxedly to himself, “It feels so much better to let it out…”

Huo Yuhao’s face stiffened. Is this how he vents his frustration?  The Snow Lady was even more direct. She held onto her nose and quickly crawled her way into Huo Yuhao’s body.

Niu Tian also twisted his lips and patted Huo Yuhao’s shoulder. He said, “Don’t worry, he’s fine. However, the powers of the Ice Explosion Technique and Snowless Glacier are indeed great. You can use that combination as your killer move in the future. However, don’t tell anyone about this secret. After all, it’s obvious that it can only work at close-range.”

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