Volume 22, Chapter 199.3: Orange Soul Ring

How could Huo Yuhao not be shocked after hearing Niu Tian tell him that his physical tenacity was close to that a soul master that possessed a Martial Soul True Body? It was like a thousand year soul beast possessing the body of a ten thousand year soul beast!

Niu Tian smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I never exaggerate. This is my honest opinion. Of course, this doesn’t mean you possess the abilities of a Martial Soul True Body. It’s just that your body can withstand the impact of a Soul Sage’s soul power. This will be very beneficial for your cultivation. Didn’t you realize that your Ultimate martial soul’s effect on your cultivation speed has evidently weakened during your cultivation process?”

Huo Yuhao was a little embarrassed as he scratched his head and answered, “I went into a meditative state as if I were asleep not long after I cultivated yesterday due to the metamorphosis I experienced. I didn’t feel much.”

Niu Tian said, “That’s normal. Your powers have increased rather significantly this time! One’s appearance stems from his mind. Don’t look down on these minor changes to your appearance. Your body must evolve a little before your appearance changes. Let me give you an example.

“In the world of soul beasts, most soul beasts’ cultivations can be recognized through their appearance. For example, some soul beasts will increase in size when they move into the thousand year level. For those whose blood lineage is pure and powerful, they will experience less major changes during the process of evolution. That’s because their bodies are already close to perfection. Humans are like that. That’s why our appearances don’t really change as our cultivation improves. When you develop a new appearance because of your cultivation, it suggests that your body has experienced a drastic change. The change you’re experiencing is indeed beneficial, and it’s a change that was sparked from a great enhancement in your powers. I can confirm that you’ll become a seven-ringed Soul Sage before you’re thirty years old. When that happens, the abilities of your twin martial souls and Ultimate martial soul will be fully realized, and you’ll be a truly strong individual. You’ll become a Titled Douluo before you’re forty.

“In the continent, a forty-year-old Titled Douluo isn’t considered very young. However, I’ve not heard of anyone with an Ultimate martial soul who has become a Titled Douluo before the age of forty. This is the benefit from this evolution.”

Huo Yuhao wasn’t basking in delight from the appraisal that Niu Tian was giving him. On the contrary, he asked thoughtfully, “Uncle Niu, does this also mean that there are others who evolve in other aspects due to unwanted changes that occurred because of their cultivation?”

Niu Tian nodded and said, “There are many cultivation methods in our world. There are also various forms of each method. You have heard of the Body Sect, they experience changes like you’ve experienced. That’s also a reason why they are so powerful. Their evolution is the second awakening of their Body Souls. Although I’m unsure what kind of secret technique they use to complete it, those who undergo the second awakening will experience a significant increase in their abilities. Even their soul rings will evolve and change, along with their martial souls. That’s why the perfect ratio of soul rings is different for Body Sect members. The soul masters from the Body Sect can even compare to evil soul masters in terms of individual fighting strength.”

Huo Yuhao was impressed by this, and asked, “Uncle Niu, can evil soul masters be influenced by changes in their cultivation?”

Niu Tian replied, “Of course. Furthermore, evil soul masters are likely to be the affected the most. Most evil martial souls aren’t innately evil. This is also the same for soul masters. They’re only categorized as evil soul masters due to the special evolutionary characteristics of their martial souls. For example, the cultivation of some martial souls requires fresh blood, while some require one to constantly kill. Once those with such martial souls start to become greedy, they will sink further and further into depravity. When that happens, they will become evil soul masters.

“As their cultivation increases, they will develop a vicious aura. Their demeanor and personalities will also start to change due to that influence. That’s why it’s very easy to tell when one is really an evil soul master. Their vicious auras are usually tainted with a dark green. With your detection abilities, you can be more aware in the future; once you see a dark-green color flashing across a soul master’s face, it’s almost certain that he’s an evil soul master.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao nodded. Niu Tian’s guidance had deepened his understanding of martial souls. He was much more impressed by this Clear Sky Sect’s sect master.

“Are the two of you done? Yuhao, bring her to me. She’s making me dizzy from all the flying.” Tai Tan was a little displeased as he looked at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Uncle Tai, you really like Snow Lady! Snow Lady, come.” He gestured to her.

She turned into a streak of orange flowing light and came back to Huo Yuhao. She grabbed his hand before sitting on his arm. She felt like a real person this time, and was no longer the untouchable energy body that she had previously. Her smooth skin was tightly pressed against his arm. It was extremely comfortable.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but peck her cheek. Her delicate skin and the aromatic milky scent that came from her left him content despite himself.

“Yi yi ya ya!” The Snow Lady was a little unhappy as she waved her fist at Huo Yuhao before rubbing her face.

Huo Yuhao was amused as he asked, “Didn’t you call me daddy? Am I that dirty?”

“Yi yi ya ya!” the Snow Lady shouted again. He understood what she was saying this time. Her reply was very simple – she said that she was being molested!

When Tai Tan saw Huo Yuhao kissing the Snow Lady on the cheek, he couldn’t help but come over and ask, “Snow Lady, give granddaddy a kiss too. I’ll give you whatever you want. How about that?” He subconsciously assumed his seniority as he addressed her.

The Snow Lady could understand his words. She twisted her head and looked at Tai Tan’s obsequious smile. She pointed at him and screamed, “Yi yi ya ya!”

A blue light flashed, and Tai Tan was turned into an ice sculpture once again.

Niu Tian asked, “What did she say?”

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but laugh. Before Tai Tan broke out from the ice, he whispered, “She said ‘pervert’.”

“Hahahaha!” Niu Tian laughed loudly, scaring the Snow Lady. She quickly crawled her way into Huo Yuhao’s arms.

Tai Tan soon broke free from the ice, and was furious. “Little girl, this is unfair. He kissed you, but you only rubbed your face. Why did you freeze me? Is it my fault that I’m ugly?”

“Yi yi ya ya! Yi yi ya ya!” The Snow Lady crawled out of Huo Yuhao’s arms and shouted at Tai Tan while pointing at him.

“What did she say?” Tai Tan asked Huo Yuhao to translate it for him.

Huo Yuhao’s expression turned a little weird, as if he were suppressing something.

“What did she say?” Tai Tan continued to probe.

Huo Yuhao asked, “Uncle Tai, do you really want to know? You can’t get angry!”

Tai Tan lifted his chest and said, “Am I that easily infuriated?”

Huo Yuhao answered, “She’s roughly trying to say that it’s not your fault that you’re ugly, but it’s your fault that you’re scaring others…”

Tai Tan’s face stiffened. Niu Tian had just stopped laughing, but he started to chuckle after hearing Huo Yuhao’s words. He rested one arm on Tai Tan’s shoulder and used his other arm to hold his stomach. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t because he was laughing.

Tai Tan stared fiercely at the Snow Lady. After keeping it in for half a day, his face was completely red. However, he didn’t erupt in anger, and only shouted, “I give her to you!”

The Snow Lady stuck her tongue out at him. She appeared unbothered as she laid in Huo Yuhao’s arms. She was so cute that Niu Tian’s eyes were shining brightly.

Tai Tan turned to Niu Tian. “Elder brother, I can’t take it anymore. No, we need to think of a way. I must create a Spirit, too. This is too interesting. I didn’t know martial souls could be so fun.”

Niu Tian snapped, “Do you think it’s so easy to create one? Can you just get rid of your soul rings just like that? Furthermore, this Spirit is formed from a soul beast. Where can you find such a pretty, human-form soul beast like the Snow Lady? If you find a tiger or lion, your Spirit will look just like them. We helped Yuhao test the various characteristics of this Spirit out of urgency. We can start with the junior disciples and see if it’s possible to add a Spirit. As for yourself, forget it.”

Tai Tan was a little indignant as he said, “If I had known that, I wouldn’t have asked Wang Dong to get his fifth soul ring. Isn’t a Spirit better?”

Niu Tian glared at him, and a strong aura was suddenly released. He said, “Don’t make it sound so easy! This Spirit is very magical! Do you think it’s so easy to create one like her? Yuhao, let’s go. Let’s test how useful your little orange baby is in a live fight. Let’s also see what other changes she can bring.”

“Okay!” Huo Yuhao agreed. It was definitely a good thing that the two sect masters were willing to test how good his Spirit was. With their level of control over their soul power, he wouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt.

Tai Tan seemed a little devious as he looked at Huo Yuhao. He said, “Kid, I can’t bear to hurt this little wretch. As her father, you need to tolerate the hits for her! Hehehe!”

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