Volume 22, Chapter 198.3: The Spirit is Born, Orange Treasure

“Snow Lady!” Huo Yuhao exclaimed and picked her up as they retreated to the side of the room. He wasn’t afraid of her harming Tai Tan, because he could sense the link between their powers when she made her move. However, her abilities were inferior to his by default. This meant that the abilities she unleashed would never surpass his own capabilities.

Indeed, Tai Tan managed to break free from the ice as Huo Yuhao backed off. The broken pieces of ice fell onto the ground, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at her. He said helplessly, “Little fellow, I’ve no intention of harming you!”

Against such a small kid, what could they possibly do? They couldn’t hit or scold her.

“Idiot. She was scared off by your ugly mug.” Niu Tian pulled Tai Tan behind him.

Tai Tan was very displeased. “Elder brother, my abilities are indeed inferior to yours. However, our appearances are around the same—they are nothing...

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