Volume 22, Chapter 198.1: The Spirit is Born, Orange Treasure

Niu Tian smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. I just need to know how you feel about the process. The empires on the continent know about this problem, but no one is controlling it, they aren’t able to. After all, the empires compete with one another, and soul masters are powerful weapons in their arsenal. Who would be willing to give them up? We hope to find something to replace soul rings, or to reduce our need for soul masters. If we can do either, it’ll be very beneficial for the ecological balance of the continent and the continuation of soul masters.”

Huo Yuhao was awed. “You’re absolutely right. I’ve also considered this problem. Our teachers at Shrek Academy have also taught us about this—we need to avoid killing soul beasts unnecessarily, and only kill those that are suitable for us. However, soul beasts are innately aggressive. Once they are attacked, they will retaliate. Alright, I promise you. If the soul beast embryo changes, I will report the changes to you. However, please keep this a secret for me too.”

Niu Tian nodded satisfactorily and said, “You can be assured of that. We don’t even leave Clear Sky Castle.”

Huo Yuhao stood up and said, “It is late. I shall not disturb either of you any longer. Uncle Niu, thanks for healing me. If I was left to recuperate on my own, it would’ve taken me more than just a few years.”

Niu Tian waved his hand and said, “Go. The path of cultivation lies in perseverance.”

Huo Yuhao returned to his room. Niu Tian turned around to face Tai Tan and said, “Second brother, what do you think?”

He replied, “I guess it’s fine. He is indeed extraordinary after all. Furthermore, I can tell that his brotherly ties with Wang Dong are real. However, he’s quite dumb.”

Niu Tian laughed. “You can’t blame him either. First impressions count. In addition, he’s still young. I sensed his spiritual sea just now. It’s really quite impressive! Before it was damaged, it had reached the level of a hundred thousand year soul beast. His control of it is also very strong. The only thing was that his own abilities hadn’t reached that level yet, thus he was unable to fully use his spiritual power.”

Tai Tan said, “Wang Dong is really brazen. He actually…”

Niu Tian gestured and said, “Forget it. There’s no point in telling him about it now. I also believe that Wang Dong knows his limits. Besides, no one can really get close to him. Did you forget?” As he spoke, he pointed to his forehead.

Tai Tan seemed to be reminded of something. “Oh yes! I completely forgot about that. Huo Yuhao has passed the first round. However, we’ll need to observe him more.”

Niu Tian said, “Let’s not interfere in Wang Dong’s matters too much. Yuhao’s abilities are decent indeed. If he develops further like this, it wouldn’t take him long to catch up to Wang Dong. For them to exhibit four martial fusion soul skills, it’s already a form of fate.”

Niu Tian’s expression suddenly changed while they spoke. He was stunned as he said, “This fast? Second brother, go quickly. Yuhao’s soul beast embryo is about to be born.”

As he spoke, he was already bursting out.

Yes! Not long after Huo Yuhao returned to his room and started to cultivate, he felt an intense dizzy feeling swarming his mind. He started to stagger, and quickly sat on his bed before focusing his spiritual power to see what was going on.

Within his spiritual sea; spiritual power was surging, and a wave of strange aura was undulating.

The second mental sea, the Eye of Destiny! Huo Yuhao soon found the origin of this weird aura. He discovered that the Snow Empress’ embryo was squirming in his Eye of Destiny. A human infant subtly appeared and extended its hands and legs, wanting to break free from the restraint of the embryo. The Snow Empress’ embryo’s movement sparked the surge of spiritual power in his second mental sea. His spiritual sea resonated strongly with his second mental sea at this point.

It was… about to come out?

Huo Yuhao was feeling very uncomfortable with regards to Spirit. That was because Spirit was a special lifeform created by him, the Ice Empress, Skydream, the Snow Empress and the deceased Electrolux.

Huo Yuhao could clearly sense that his spiritual power was greatly affected as Spirit moved. It was as if all his focus and attention were completely drawn away by it.

From the memories Electrolux left behind for him, this was mainly due to the contract that they had. They were also related by blood. The formation of Spirit was accomplished from the shrinkage of the Snow Empress’ immense origin power and spiritual sense, as well as Huo Yuhao’s blood and spiritual power, which were all fused by the flame of Electrolux’s divine sense.

Electrolux told Huo Yuhao through the experiences that he left for him that he could use Contract Magic on soul beasts. But it was up to him to learn how, and under what conditions. Simply put, the greater the gap between a soul master and a soul beast, the higher the possibility of fulfilling the contract. Huo Yuhao had to find out whether the soul beasts could retain some level of intelligence and abilities on his own, as well as if they could become the soul rings of soul masters.

The Snow Empress’ situation was very special. Due to her strength and the terrifying changes involved, the flame of Electrolux’s divine sense had been extinguished. Electrolux had also told Huo Yuhao that he could fulfil the contract with his current spiritual power.

That was why Huo Yuhao felt extremely excited even though he was uncomfortable. He was also very curious.

The movements of the embryo became even more intense. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power started to gather towards his second mental sea, and the embryo seemed to feed on his spiritual power, it was engulfing and swallowing it.

Huo Yuhao suddenly had a strange feeling. If this embryo was going to keep on like this, he would be the one unable to sustain it! It wasn’t easy for him to accumulate his spiritual power. If it sucked all his spiritual power away like this every day, he could only keep himself in a half-conscious state all the time. This was the case even after the Clear Sky Sect’s sect master helped him restore his spiritual sea. Otherwise, it would have been even more unbearable for him.

The Eye of Destiny suddenly opened, and a dim golden light formed by spiritual power started to revolve around Huo Yuhao’s body. It made him seem like a solid gold statue.

Niu Tian and Tai Tan had already silently made their way into Huo Yuhao’s room, but neither of them made any sound to disturb him. They were eager as they watched him, and worried. They would definitely help him if something went wrong.

Eventually, the immense suction force stopped after the embryo absorbed more than sixty percent of Huo Yuhao’s current spiritual power. He was stunned to discover that the embryo in his second mental sea had suddenly calmed down. An orange-gold halo expanded from his body, and then something shocking happened.

Initially, the embryo was sucking up his spiritual power. However, his spiritual power was quickly restored when this orange-gold halo expanded. His entire spiritual sea seemed to be experiencing a high tide. It rose higher and higher as the halo swept past. He also developed a more acute feeling for his spiritual sea.

His spiritual power reached its peak state after several halos swept across his spiritual sea, enhancing it even past its peak state. His spiritual sea was becoming more and more well nourished under the illumination of the halo.

She’s not coming out? She’s only helping me cultivate my spiritual power? Huo Yuhao was a little perplexed. However, he hoped that his spiritual power would continue to be restored like this. With the current pace, he could reach the Boundless state that he was in before the snow pearl combusted.

Time passed second by second. As the halo expanded, the orange color of the embryo also became increasingly intense. Huo Yuhao was completely unable to see what was going on in the embryo anymore. It was like an orange-gold egg now, and stopped transforming into other things. It stabilized on this egg-like form and seemed to have solidified.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea continued to be nourished more and more. A dim layer of orange surrounded it now, and the Boundless Ocean was back. He even felt that his spiritual power was a bit stronger than before, as if it were probing its way into the next level. It didn’t just cause waves in his spiritual sea; it was combining with his soul power too. As they fused together, he seemed to understand the level that uncle Niu Tian was in. Although it was still very far away, he appeared to have seen the gateway to this level through this opportunity.

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