Volume 22, Chapter 197.1: Snow Empress' Spirit

“Teacher!” Huo Yuhao was surprised as he shouted. This aura was very familiar—it belonged to Elder Yi!

The Eye of Destiny shot out a golden beam of light. Electrolux’s dim golden figure appeared in front of Huo Yuhao.

“Yuhao, you should be fully awake when you see this. We were really lucky this time. I’m glad to tell you that we’ve succeeded. We have created a special energy body in your Eye of Destiny that has never before existed in your world. I believe you can sense its presence.”

“Yuhao, do you know when I decided to pass down all my research on necromancy to you? It was when your other teacher, the Dragon Douluo Elder Mu, passed away. Your sorrow at that time touched me, and I truly saw you as my disciple. Right now, I have no choice but to leave you. Although I don’t want to tell you the truth, there are some things that you have to bear.”

“It was purely an accident that the snow pearl combusted. No one should bear responsibility for that incident. However, it has also led to this extreme fusion. This is probably fate, or a result of the end of those remnants of my divine sense. I burned my own divine sense and sealed you, the Snow Empress and a shred of my divine sense into a single entity.”

“I used the life power of the embryo in the snow pearl to create a special life form that won’t disappear even though it doesn’t have a true body. To a certain extent, it’s a combination between the Snow Empress’ spiritual sense and her strength, as well as your blood. This life form doesn’t have a physical body, but it will have the same effect as your soul rings. It might even be stronger than your soul rings. Even I’m not sure how many of your soul rings it’ll equal after it’s completed. Since we created it together, let’s give it a name. Let’s call it Spirit. Even though I believe Spirit will appear again in this world in the future, the Snow Empress will still be of the highest level. It will be another ability that you can use apart from soul rings and soul bones. It can replace your soul rings, but it definitely won’t be the same as a soul ring.”

“I’m certain that at least half of the Snow Empress’ spiritual sense dissipated during the fusion process. Furthermore, her body will likely be stuck at a very young age during the process of rebirth. She’ll also be extremely submissive towards you. That’s because I used a contract to shape her to be that way during the fusion process. She will listen to you. When Mu En left, he left a present for you. Consider this Snow Empress’ Spirit my gift to you.”

“Don’t be saddened from of my departure. To me, this can be considered a form of release. When you reach my level one day, you’ll discover that the meaning of life is beyond just death. I’ve seen too many deaths in my life. I’ve also resurrected others before. To me, this is just a transformation of my soul. Furthermore, I won’t be leaving you entirely. When I fused with you, a part of my divine sense assimilated with you. Before I leave, I will remove the seal on the part of my divine sense that assimilated with you.”

“It could be said that you now possess a third martial soul. Call this martial soul the Divine Law of Necromancy. Take it as a remembrance of my existence. If you become a god one day, I believe that you can use it to find the rest of my divine sense in some other place. You can even resurrect my divine sense and create a new me. Don’t be shocked by that. There’s nothing impossible in this world. If you’re capable enough, you’ll be able to succeed.”

“After a round of transformation, the Snow Empress’ Spirit will need to incubate. It might be a few days, but it could also be a few months. Your spiritual sea was critically damaged from her formation. You’ll need a long time to recover, but don’t be impatient. Your spiritual origin wasn’t affected. When Skydream and the Ice Empress wake up, you’ll succeed.”

“Your soul power should be at Rank 50 now. After this transformation, both the Ice Empress and Skydream will be asleep for quite some time. You’ll need to rely on your own strength from now on. I believe that you’ll be able to reach that level. I don’t dare to call myself a god, but I hope that my disciple will be able to. You’ll be my greatest pride if you manage to do so.”

“Kid, the strong must be brave and tough, and they never cry. Crying is a sign of weakness.”

“I hope that you can accept everything calmly. Finally, I used the last bit of strength from my divine sense to release my memories with all of you before I left.”

“If there are still remnants of my divine sense in other places, they’ll be informed. I’m waiting for you to find them. If you want to see me earlier, you must remember to work hard at your cultivation. Goodbye, Yuhao.”

His voice ended here, and his golden figure also slowly faded away. His smiling face was the last thing to disappear.

“Teacher!” Huo Yuhao shouted. He started tearing up in his spiritual sea.

How could he not have realized that Electrolux died to save all of them? At that point in time, Skydream, the Ice Empress and the Snow Lady were all prepared to die. However, the only one to eventually sacrifice their life was Electrolux.

Huo Yuhao bawled sorrowfully, but he couldn’t see Electrolux anymore. Only his memories continued to fuse with Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. They included the creation of the Snow Empress’ Spirit, and the incantations and experiences that he had comprehended in his lifetime.

If it were possible, Huo Yuhao was willing to be the one who died instead. However, he was very clear that none would survive if he didn’t, since he was their host. But how could he consider everything logically at this point? His heart was only filled with intense anguish.

He cried until everything turned dark—he lost consciousness.

Huo Yuhao dreamed the same dream as before. In this dream, the Goddess of Light brought him positivity again and comforted him.

When Huo Yuhao awoke from his dream, his spiritual sea had already been restored. Aside from the decrease in its size, everything had returned to normal. However, the four spiritual imprints that had once made his spiritual sea extremely lively were no longer there.

His entire spiritual sea was quiet and desolate now.

His soul power circulated normally again. Just like Electrolux had said, it was a success, and his soul power had finally reached the bottleneck at Rank 50. He needed another soul ring to become a Soul King. The Snow Empress’ Spirit embryo was only connected to the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s martial soul, and didn’t affect his Spirit Eyes.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing Huo Yuhao saw was long, pinkish-blue hair. His body jerked slightly, and he shouted “Goddess of Light!” unwittingly.

However, he soon realized that it wasn’t her. That was because the familiar aura that he felt belonged to his good brother, Wang Dong.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes were evidently not as bright as they had been when he first came to Clear Sky Castle. When he saw Wang Dong, he became less melancholic. This was the second time Wang Dong had been by his bedside in recent times. Wang Dong must be very worried about his condition, as usual.

“Wang Dong, don’t sleep here. Go to your room to sleep.” Huo Yuhao shook Wang Dong’s shoulder slightly and woke him up.

“Oh?” Wang Dong groaned and lifted his head. He opened his blurry eyes.

“Ah! Yuhao, you’re awake. You scared me.” Wang Dong was jolted awake when he saw Huo Yuhao sitting up. He grabbed onto his hand and spoke agitatedly.

Huo Yuhao forced a smile and said, “I’m sorry. I’ve brought so much trouble to you and everyone else.”

Wang Dong shook his head and said, “Don’t say that. I heard from eldest and second uncle. The changes in your body were caused by the Frigid Jade Essence Bed. It’s my fault. If I didn’t bring you here and you didn’t stay in this room, none of that would have happened.”

Huo Yuhao said, “No, how can I blame you? No one could have seen this coming. Go and rest. I need some quiet time. Alright?”

Wang Dong looked at Huo Yuhao. He remained silent for a while before asking, “Yuhao, although I don’t know what happened, I can sense that you’ve lost someone important. You were weeping and crying sorrowfully in your sleep. I wiped your tears several times. Can you tell me what happened?”

Huo Yuhao was in a momentary daze before he eventually shook his head. “Wang Dong, it’s better not to know some things. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. You’re right though—I did lose someone important to me. He was an important elder.”

As he spoke, tears flowed down Huo Yuhao’s cheeks.

Wang Dong said hurriedly, “Alright, I won’t probe anymore. Don’t be sad. I’ll leave now. However, you must promise me to get better. You can’t live in sorrow anymore. You’re a big man, how can you let yourself drown in your sorrows?” 

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