Volume 22, Chapter 195.3: A Combined Effort

Electrolux said, “But losing your intelligence and memories, or rather only preserving part of your intelligence and memories.”

The Snow Empress was in a daze. She evidently hadn’t expected such a result. She gazed deeply at the Ice Empress and said, “This is already a better result than death. However, I want you to promise that you’re confident of pulling it off. Otherwise, I’d rather die when my snow pearl is drawn out.”

Electrolux said, “This is the only way. It’s not that I want you to sacrifice yourself. I can’t make you do so. After you leave Yuhao’s body, the snow pearl will blow apart immediately. That’s why we need to re-seal it immediately, along with your spiritual sense. Through some incantations and our combined strength, we can control the violent force and transform it. My confidence was initially less than thirty percent, but two strong individuals have appeared outside. I’m sure they’ll help us. With their help, I’m much more confident. I doubt there’s anyone more proficient than me in the field of souls. However, I can’t guarantee absolute safety. Furthermore, you’ll be in a lot of pain. More importantly, I don’t know what you’ll become even if we succeed, since this is the first time we’ve faced such a situation.”

The Snow Empress was furious. “Since it’s the only way, why are you talking so much crap? If you delay any further, we’ll all be dead.”

Electrolux said indifferently, “Since you’ve chosen to pass everything to me, you need to trust me unconditionally. I know when the best time will be. The more violent your snow pearl is, the more confusing its strength will be when it’s drawn out. This confusion is the perfect opportunity for you to strike. That’s why we have to wait. Be prepared, and follow the instructions of my divine sense.”

At this moment, Electrolux released an unprecedented suppressive force. The five gusts of aura were one now, and it wasn’t a power of necromancy, filled with an aura of death. It was an extremely pure and holy aura of light.

Electrolux turned flaming white in the spiritual sea. Intense golden fires started to burn on his body. He revealed a faint smile on his face.

Electrolux’s smile revealed a sense of holiness as he looked at the Ice Empress, than the staff in his hand, and then the Snow Empress. He thought to himself, “I really miss them! I didn’t expect myself to be so indecisive. I hope that remnants of my divine sense still remain somewhere in some other world.”

Huo Yuhao’s stomach was already three times bigger now, as if he were a pregnant woman in her tenth month. The intense pain made him feel as if his internal organs were burning. It was the aura of Ultimate Ice, but it released soul power undulations that were burning. His consciousness was already becoming more and more unclear as Ultimate Ice and Ultimate Fire intersected.

At this point, Electrolux’s voice sounded. “Snow Empress let’s begin.”

In the spiritual sea, a streak of golden light shot out of the staff in his hand, landing accurately on the Snow Empress and dying her golden. Under Electrolux’s guidance, she turned into a streak of golden light that moved downwards rapidly. She followed Huo Yuhao’s passageways and quickly arrived at the area below his navel.

It was very weird, but the aura that even the Ice Empress couldn’t suppress started to become sluggish after it encountered the Snow Empress. It seemed to hesitate.

The Snow Empress revealed a determined look in her eye. She leapt straight towards the snow pearl.

In the room, the sect master and second sect master could sense that Huo Yuhao’s aura was turning more and more violent. Just as they were starting to tense up in fear, a voice resonated in their heads.

“If the two of you don’t want to perish with us, you need to help us.” An elderly-sounding voice jolted the two sect masters. Following this, a figure that was burning flaming-white appeared in front of them.

Electrolux’s body exuded a concentrated aura of life. The burning light element flaring up stunned both elders.

Electrolux said in a deep voice, “I know both of you are confused about my background. I can only tell you that I’m from another world. My divine sense managed to fuse with Huo Yuhao’s body due to a chance encounter. I’m sure both of you are familiar with the words ‘divine sense’. I can sense the aura of divine sense from your bodies. Although they don’t belong to of you, I’m sure I’m not wrong. Both of you should be able to sense the aura of light from me. In that world, those who possess such a pure aura of light are called Children of Light. Only those with the purest hearts closest to the light element can possess it. In your world, you call it the Ultimate Light. I have no time to talk. Huo Yuhao is now in critical danger. A force that has been hidden in his body has been activated by the Frigid Jade Essence Bed, and it’s about to blow. I’ll use my strength to suppress this force and try to stabilize it again, but I’ll need your assistance. Are you willing to help me?”

Electrolux sounded very sincere when he asked for their help. As the second sect master was hesitating, the sect master nodded his head resolutely.

“Okay, we’ll help you. Second brother, let’s prepare.”

Electrolux laughed. “It seems like my gamble has paid off. Your righteousness will be an important reason why we’ll survive. Gentlemen, please help me suppress this force.”

As he spoke, he pointed the golden staff forward. He chanted incantations repeatedly, and the staff then pointed directly to the area below Huo Yuhao’s navel.

A frantic aura suddenly appeared. The ice in the room instantly melted, and then the pool of water it had formed also evaporated. A scorching aura overwhelmed everything.

A bead that was flashing golden-red and icy-blue made its way out of Huo Yuhao’s body. When it appeared, rifts started to form on his stomach. However, he relaxed, and suddenly opened his eyes.

Azure-green light re-appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body. He clasped his hands and started to chant complex incantations.

Blood-curdling screams sounded when the bead left his body. That was the voice of the Snow Empress. Small white figures subtly appeared around the bead, which was shining extremely brightly.

However, the staff was pressed against it at this moment. Not only this, but two golden flares flew out from Electrolux’s eyes and landed on the bead, which was filled with frightening strength.

While the two golden flares seemed very small, the figures of the sect master and second sect master jerked when they appeared. They were both shocked.

Azure-green and dark brown light rose from the two sect masters. The sect master’s soul rings were only slightly different from the second sect master – he had six black and three red soul rings.

Different light projections also appeared behind the two sect masters.

There was a huge green dragon behind the sect master. The dragon roared, and a greenish force rippled from him like water. This suppressed the force that was expanding outwards from the bead.

A gigantic, illusory human figure appeared behind the second sect master. This figure’s arms were especially long, and he was pounding his chest. Dark brown soul power rose with the sect master’s aura and helped to repress the explosive force of the snow pearl.

It was very weird, but the snow pearl suddenly became very still when Electrolux’s two golden flares landed on it. His figure also turned illusory and transparent in the air. However, he was still chanting his incantations, and his voice became louder and louder.

The Snow Empress’ screams stopped. At this moment, she seemed to understand something. Her petite figure was on the snow pearl, and she gazed deeply at Electrolux. She bent her waist and bowed to him respectfully. After that, she turned into a streak of flowing light and entered the snow pearl.

While the forces inside the snow pearl were extremely violent, they could not be released while being suppressed by three strong beings. They could only flash between golden-red and golden-blue.

The two sect masters were indeed very strong. When they teamed up, they completely suppressed the snow pearl and prevented it from blowing apart.

“Do we send it out?” the sect master asked Electrolux.

Electrolux waved the staff at him and chanted his incantations more resoundingly. He lifted the staff up high in the air and then slowly and steadily outlined the shape of golden runes. Huo Yuhao also lifted his right hand as he chanted on the other side. His index finger turned illusory in the air. He seemed to be imitating Electrolux’s actions.

Electrolux revealed a comforted look in his eyes. The golden runes he created started to drift towards the snow pearl, and rapidly fused with them.

Strangely, the snow pearl seemed to transform after the runes were fused in. The power inside it was still as violent as ever, but it didn’t try to burst out of the pearl.

There was much less pressure on the sect master and second sect master now, but they didn’t dare relax. No one knew if the violent energy would run wild again!

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