Volume 22, Chapter 195.2: A Combined Effort

Elder Tang was very strong, and was also very familiar with Wang Dong; he knew how stubborn Wang Dong was even though he looked very mild. He struck Wang Dong’s neck, he groaned, and collapsed in his arms.

Elder Tang gestured and said, “Everyone, quickly follow me. We must evacuate immediately. Elders, help the disciples who can’t move.”

Very soon, the entire Clear Sky Castle was evacuated. A large number of people rushed out of the castle towards the bottom of the mountain peak.

The fog that normally surrounded Clear Sky Peak had scattered due to the terrifying auras. This made it easier for everyone who was evacuating—as it was possible for them to see where they were escaping.

Both the Clear Sky Sect’s sect master and second sect master furrowed their brows outside Huo Yuhao’s room.

The second sect master snapped, “Is he trying to show us how strong he is? Are we the ones testing him, or is he the one testing us instead?”

The sect master glared at him and said, “Why are you saying all this right now? We must enter. Although I’m unsure why he’s released so many powerful, out of control auras, how can we account to Wang Dong if we don’t help him settle this problem? Furthermore, the terrifying strength that he’s unleashed won’t just implicate Clear Sky Castle. I’m afraid Clear Sky Peak and the surrounding mountain peaks will all be doomed if things go wrong.”

The second sect master nodded his head and replied, “Right. Even if we want to blow him apart, we can’t do it here. Elder brother, let me do it.”

As he spoke, he had already taken a step forward and came in front of Huo Yuhao’s room. He pressed against the door with his right hand, and a layer of intense yellow light surfaced on his palm. The door was turned to ash before it even managed to creak.

However, an extremely chilly aura gushed out of the room when the door disappeared. A gust of cold aura at least ten times stronger than Huo Yuhao’s Domain of Perpetual Ice when he unleashed it in his normal state.

“It’s really cold!” The second sect master shouted. A layer of intense yellow light spread from his body and resisted the surging chill. However, he eventually couldn’t curb it like that, and his soul rings started to rise from his feet.

If Huo Yuhao were conscious, he would certainly have been shocked. That was because seven of the second sect master’s soul rings were black, and the last two were blood-red. He had seven ten thousand year soul rings and two hundred thousand year.

Among all the powerhouses Huo Yuhao had met before, only Du Busi could compare to him.

Although the door was open, a wall of ice drifted into the eyes of the two sect masters. The second sect master struck out with his palm, and yellow light flashed.

However, the wall of ice didn’t break apart like he’d expected. Slight cracks appeared on the surface of the wall, but nothing else happened after that.

“What?” The second sect master exclaimed softly, and then he wanted to strike with his fist. However, the sect master stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

“Idiot! You can’t disturb him like that at this point. What if you cause an explosion?” As he spoke, he had already pulled his brother away. His eyes shone with green light. He extended his own right hand as he shouted softly.

Dark-green scales instantly covered his right arm, but he didn’t unleash his martial soul. The scales exuded an elegant glow, and his entire arm turned abnormally thick. An overwhelming might that wasn’t inferior to Huo Yuhao’s auras was released from his body.

His fingertips turned into sharp claws, and he clawed at the wall of ice, which instantly turned green. His palm then formed a concave shape, then he retracted it, and the wall of ice was flung to one side.

As the wall of ice was taken apart, the frightening aura behind it gushed out. The sect master was very impressive. Against the terrifying suppression that could even disperse the fog around Clear Sky Peak, his eyes brightened like two green suns. He managed to withstand the suppressive auras just like this.

He let out a deep draconic roar. Fine green scales started to appear on his skin.

When the suppressive auras attacked his body, it was pushed to both sides. It was like he was a sharp blade that cut it in two.

The sect master’s attention was immediately drawn to Huo Yuhao, sitting cross-legged on the Frigid Jade Essence Bed. Even though he was experienced and knowledgeable, he was still stunned when he saw Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was naked—his body was covered by five different auras of five different colors. The area below his navel was the most brightly illuminated. Thick, golden light and an icy-blue halo were flashing in an unstable manner. Huo Yuhao had a tormented look on his face.

His backbone flashed with azure-green light. A dark-red soul ring spun around his body as it moved up and down rhythmically.

His eyes were shut, but a vertical eye was open on his forehead. The vertical eye released a greyish-white light, and intense spiritual undulations. Using his immense spiritual power, he’d managed to control the complex auras that were being released from his body so far.

The sect master strode into the room and came before Huo Yuhao as he split the suppressive auras. The second sect master followed him in. He was under less pressure with the sect master in front of him. A dense layer of hair was now covering his body, making him seem like a gorilla. He was much tenser compared to the sect master.  

“Elder brother, what do we do? Do we bring him out?”

The sect master shook his head and said, “If you want Wang Dong to fight you with his life at stake, you can do so. Can’t you tell that he is very concerned about this young man? We don’t have to rush. Let’s wait awhile. Although the auras are dangerous, they aren’t completely out of hand yet. The sum of the strength between these auras is already beyond my cultivation. I want to see exactly how much more bizarre this young man can get.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t know that the two of them were watching him close by. He was in extreme pain now. He had experienced something similar to this before when he fused with the Ice Empress. However, the pain he was suffering this time surpassed that previous experience.

He felt very bloated in the area below his navel. The snow pearl was absorbing his strength continuously, and had ballooned in size. Furthermore, the aura that it unleashed became more and more dangerous. Just like Electrolux had said, this snow pearl was like a ticking bomb. After it was lit, it couldn’t be stopped. Although it was being suppressed by the various strengths in Huo Yuhao’s body, it kept on growing. This meant that it would only be a matter of time before it exploded.

Huo Yuhao had already relinquished control of his spiritual sea to Electrolux. At such a critical moment, they were doomed to perish if they didn’t trust one another.

Electrolux didn’t rush to act after accepting everyone’s strength. He held the staff and started to ponder.

The Snow Lady drifted beside him and watched him anxiously. The Ice Empress’ aura became weaker and weaker. How long could she survive as she burned her spiritual origin power? However, she was the one who had suggested this fusion, so even though she didn’t mention it, she was filled with regret. She was willing to risk everything to delay the explosion of the snow pearl.

Dim lights flashed, and Electrolux seemed to have made a decision. He turned to the Snow Empress.

“Snow Lady, I’ve thought things over carefully now. Since things have reached this stage, there’s only one way that will ensure everyone’s survival. However, you’ll suffer the most in the entire process.”

The Snow Empress replied without any hesitation. “Tell me what it is. No matter what method you propose, I’m willing to go along with it if can save Ice and Skydream. However, I need to know what you’re planning to do.”

Electrolux nodded and said, “Of course I’m going to tell you. The snow pearl belongs to you and is the source of your origin energy. Although you shrunk it greatly and things are improving, we can’t deny that you are the closest to its strength. Under such a circumstance, you have to be the one drawing it out from Huo Yuhao’s body before we think of other ways.”

The Snow Empress revealed a weird glow in her eyes and nodded her head slightly. She replied, “I get it. Please give me a boost into the sky after I draw the snow pill out. I estimate that I’ll need to be at least three thousand meters away before the explosion won’t have any impact on all of you. Please start now.”

Electrolux said, “No, you’re misunderstanding. I’m not sacrificing you. Drawing the snow pearl out is only the first step. After that, I will tap into Skydream’s, the Ice Empress’s, Huo Yuhao’s and my own strength to complete the re-fusion with the snow pearl.”

“Re-fusion? With such a violent snow pearl? How is that possible? You’ll kill us all! I’d rather die alone than drag all of you down with me. I was the one who caused the problem. Let me be the one to handle the consequences.” The Snow Empress said decisively. As the third strongest among the Ten Great Savage Beasts, her pride wouldn’t allow her to implicate her partners at such a critical moment.”

Electrolux said in a deep voice, “No, we have to do this. I am eighty percent confident in succeeding. The remaining twenty percent is not the probability of failure but…”

He paused for a moment.

The Snow Empress was anxious as she said, “You’re still being so mysterious at a time like this? Tell me quickly! ‘But’ what?”

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