Volume 22, Chapter 194.2: Manifold Frigid Jade Essence Bed

Circle after circle of green light rippled out from the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s tattoo. This radiance merged with the icy-blue energy coming from the Frigid Jade Essence Bed beneath him before it followed Huo Yuhao’s guidance and was absorbed into his body.

Huo Yuhao could feel that his Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s skeleton was starting to swell painfully, becoming increasingly agonizing as Ice Empress’ aura was continuously released.

However, he was as tough and resilient as ever. Back in the icy regions of the Extreme North, he had suffered inhuman pain to merge with the Ice Empress, and the pain he was feeling now wasn’t even enough to make him frown.

Huo Yuhao very quickly felt what the Ice Empress meant when she said that the Frigid Jade Essence Bed was a perfect opportunity for him. Huo Yuhao discovered that when the icy energy from the Frigid Jade Essence Bed was absorbed into his body when his own Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s skeleton was swelling painfully, the Frigid Jade Essence Bed’s power would seep through his body, bringing waves of smooth, cool comfort with it. It greatly reduced his physical suffering, and even his mind felt felt the cool waves stimulating his spirit and making him especially focused and alert.

The soul power ripples were becoming more and more vigorous. Wave after wave of soul power flowed from the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s skeleton and fused with Huo Yuhao’s own soul power.

The reason why his bones were swelling painfully was because the Ice Empress’ power was sealed inside them, and releasing this power meant that it had to be push outwards.

The pain was still in a endurable range, while Huo Yuhao’s already thick soul power was stably and rhythmically circulating inside his body under the control of his formidable spiritual power. After one day, he could feel that his cultivation had increased by a level that was higher than he could have achieved if he had cultivated for ten days under normal circumstances.

The energy released by the Frigid Jade Essence Bed seemed to be affected by the Ice Empress’ energy, and it poured out with even more vigor than before. When it fused with the Ice Empress’ power and they integrated with one another, it caused the Ice Empress’ power to become even purer, and there was an intricate transformation that not even Huo Yuhao could perceive clearly.

Tiny cracks were starting to appear on the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s skeleton. These cracks were only on the surface, but Huo Yuhao felt as if his azure-green skeleton was shedding its skin, and the Ice Empress’ power was sealed beneath this layer.

The temperature in the room was declining at a rapid speed, and a layer of frost quickly appeared on the room’s walls. The frost gradually became thicker, and the temperature continued to drop. Even the window was covered by the frost, and the mystical ocean of clouds outside could no longer be seen. 


On the third level of Clear Sky Castle...

The man in white was sitting there quietly, and he furrowed his eyebrows. The short-haired man was sitting not far from him, and there was a thoughtful look on his face.

“This fella does have some balls! He recognizes the good stuff. Not even we have used the Frigid Jade Essence Bed before – he’s lucky!” The short-haired man’s emotions appeared to be very relaxed.

The man in white glanced at him and said, “Would you have waited for so long if you had the ability to use it?”

The short-haired man chuckled and said, “Who knows? That thing is still useful to us, more or less.”

The man in white muttered, “What else can you see from his behavior?”

The short-haired man replied, “What else? Avarice. He made use of the good stuff as soon as he saw it. He’s not a good guy.”

“No, you’re wrong,” the man in white responded.

“Eh?” The short-haired man stared at this elder brother, confused.

The man in white said, “What you can see is just what it appears to be. I am certain that the first soul ring of this youth’s second martial soul was attained by the sacrifice of a four-hundred thousand year soul beast. Furthermore, this soul beast that was sacrificed found a way to infuse its own power into his body and make a seal to contain it. Can you not feel how complete his  four-hundred thousand year soul ring is? His Ultimate Ice martial soul came from that as well.”

The short-haired man said, “What does that have to do with his greed?”

The man in white said, “This isn’t greed, it’s trust. If that were you, and you’d been thrown into a place where everything could threaten your safety, and you suddenly discovered something that could raise your own cultivation level, but the process of using it would cause your own power to flow outward and attract the attention of outsiders, what would you do?”

The short-haired man replied almost instantly, “I would find a way to take it away, and find a safe place before I started cultivating.”

The man in white agreed, “At least you’re not that stupid, and your many years of life haven’t been wasted.”

The short-haired man was annoyed and asked, “Do you not feel good if you don’t insult me, brother?”

The man in white smiled and replied “Let me finish. Huo Yuhao is definitely aware that using the Frigid Jade Essence Bed for cultivation will unleash his aura and his power. The reason why he’s still doing it is because of his trust in Wang Dong. Even though he’s inside Clear Sky Castle, he trusts that Wang Dong can keep him safe, and thus he is going ahead with his cultivation. Of course – there’s another reason, and that should be because the aura sealed in his body was triggered by the Frigid Jade Essence Bed. He has discovered this serendipitous opportunity.”

The short-haired man dismissed that comment and said, “So what if he trusts Wang Dong? Our Xiao Dong has always been trustworthy.”

The man in white shot him a glare and said, “Shut up! You should think more about things. Is your mind filled with alcohol? Or has your life been too smooth-sailing over the years?”

The short-haired man appeared afraid of his elder brother. Even though he was a bit unconvinced of his brother’s intimidation, he didn’t dare utter another word.

The man in white explained, “Trust in others is a kind of virtue, especially when one is willing to trust another completely, even when one’s safety can be threatened at any moment. This proves that the other person is held in high regard in this person’s heart. Dong’er’s father told us once that we shouldn’t interfere too much in Dong’er’s life, and to let him make his own choices. All we have to do is ensure the general direction is right. Therefore, we only have to pay attention to three things about Huo Yuhao – his mentality, his ability, and his attitude towards Xiao Dong. Judging from his cultivation, his attitude towards Xiao Dong is satisfactory. Of course, we still have to investigate further. Tell everyone that no matter what happens on the second level, nobody is to disturb him. Since he trusts us, then we have to show him how generous the Clear Sky Sect can be. I want to see just how much our Frigid Jade Essence Bed can do for this youth.”


If Huo Yuhao’s soul power on normal days could be described as a fine and small stream that flowed gradually, then the soul power that was currently flowing through his body was like a thousand streams that flowed endlessly into the sea. The surging soul power flowed into his core continuously, and the speed of circulation being guided by the Mysterious Heaven Technique was ten times faster than typical days.

No matter how resilient Huo Yuhao’s passageways were, he was starting to feel a swelling pain. However, he approved of the Ice Empress’ judgment more and more, and increasingly felt that opening the seal here was a great idea.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was at an extremely high level, and that enabled him to infuse his spiritual power into his flourishing soul power. He managed to guide and control the surging soul power impeccably, so that it wouldn’t bounce around uncontrollably. The purity provided by the Frigid Jade Essence Bed also protected his passageways. The energy released from the jade essence was unbearably cold, but it was gentle and tender. It was like a gentle young girl softly caressing his painfully swelling passageways and bones, in direct contrast to the Ice Empress’ soul power, which was vigorous, ferocious, and barged around. It greatly reduced the pain that Huo Yuhao had to endure, and it greatly reduced the burden on his body during the fusion process, so that the Ice Empress’ seal could be opened even wider…

Huo Yuhao could feel after these few hours that his soul power had broken through Rank 46, and he was entering Rank 47. At his current speed, his soul power, that crawled like a snail on typical days, would be able to break into Rank 50, give or take.

The origin energy of heaven and earth contained in the Frigid Jade Essence Bed was simply too vast. However, the rate of outflow appeared to have an upper limit, and wouldn’t increase over time. Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice martial soul was within these boundaries, so the opening of the seal was extremely stable under its influence.

If this normal circumstance was allowed to continue, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t experience any danger at all during this opening of the seal, and his cultivation would rise by an enormous amount. The Ice Empress’ sealed power was Ultimate Ice, and Huo Yuhao’s soul power would rise to about Rank 50 within the limits of endurance that his body could take.

However, just as Huo Yuhao could feel his power rising and just as he was controlling the circulation of soul power, his heart skipped a beat.

A peculiar power seemed to have been awakened inside his body. A layer of cold energy that was even more powerful than before erupted from within him.

A golden pearl started spinning around rapidly in his core before it started hysterically consuming the surging soul power in Huo Yuhao’s body. The Frigid Jade Essence Bed below Huo Yuhao burst out with cold energy because of this, and its outflow at least doubled.

What’s happening? Huo Yuhao was taken aback. Within his spiritual sea, the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, who was focusing all her energy on controlling the seal’s opening, was equally astonished, and she even screamed in shock inside his spiritual sea.

The golden pearl that was rotating with blinding speed had a powerful drawing power, and it seemed to sweep everything away as it consumed the soul power within Huo Yuhao’s body, the power released from the seal by the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, and the origin energy of heaven and earth from the Frigid Jade Essence Bed.

A trembling woman’s voice rang out in Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea, “Oh no, my sealed origin has been triggered! How can this be?” 

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