Volume 21, Chapter 190.3: Martial Soul True Body

Zhao Yang didn’t possess some kind of sub-standard martial soul. He was a true seven-ringed Soul Sage.

He shouted suddenly, and he stripped his armor off his body. His body ballooned in size, and his height immediately soared to more than two meters and twenty centimeters. His developed muscles split his shirt apart. Two yellow, two purple and three black soul rings suddenly rose from his feet.

The morale of the Glorious Lord’s army soared when they saw his seven soul rings flashing. They followed their general as they dashed up the mountain.

The immense pressure caused the soul engineers at the top of the mountain to start yielding. The enemy troops didn’t seem to care about their lives as they rushed up the mountain. The soul cannons and soul rays were unable to comprehensively repress the enemy troops anymore. There were already a few soldiers who had made it to the top of the mountain, and a few close-combat soul engineers were starting to fight them.

Zhao Yan managed to spot Ju Zi in her white warrior robe, continuously throwing out orange soul bombs.

Ju Zi naturally spotted him too. She looked a little pale at this point. Her soul power had been depleted too much, and she was completely spent now.

The reinforcements were charging over. They were already killing their way towards them from the back of the rebels, but there were too many soldiers from the Glorious Lord’s army. It was impossible to kill them all in one shot.

Zhao Yang was too quick. When he was around fifty meters away from the top of the mountain, he started to receive a barrage of attacks from the soul engineers. However, he was very strong, holding a giant shield in each hand. As he blocked the attacks, his speed didn’t decrease.

“Let me do it.” Ke Ke shouted, and her Heavy Lightning Cannon aimed towards Zhao Yang. She poured in all her soul power, and an intense bolt of lightning gathered at the barrel of the cannon.

Zhao Yang’s senses were very accurate as a Soul Sage. He could sense the imminent threat, and quickly flung his shields towards the top of the mountain. They were aimed towards Ke Ke. At the same time, his first and third soul rings lit up brightly.

A golden glow surfaced on his skin. Not only that, but he was expanding greatly in size. His developed muscles made him seem like a real Stormbear.

His first soul skill was the Golden Body, and his third soul skill was Berserk.

The Violent Goldbear possessed a little of the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear’s lineage. It was also one of the strongest among all the bear-type martial souls. It was adept at defense and offense, and possessed great strength as well.

Ke Ke grit her teeth and ignored the two huge shields that he flung at her. She fired the Heavy Lightning Cannon!

A bluish-purple soul cannon shell a foot wide was fired towards Zhao Yang. Bolts of lightning flashed, and the air started to distort. The soldiers didn’t even have to contact the bolts of lightning before they died; as the lightning passed them, they were instantly turned to ash.

Zhao Yang snorted and reached out his right hand to his side. He grabbed hold of a heavily-armored soldier before flinging him upwards.

He had unleashed his defensive soul skills to confuse Ke Ke. Why would he try to resist the Class 5 Heavy Lightning Cannon with his body?

A tremendous boom rocked the air, and many soldiers were instantly blown apart. A ball of bluish-purple light exploded in the air, and a powerful shockwave threw hundreds of people off their feet. As the lightning flashed, the soldiers in the vicinity of the explosion were all turned to ash at the same time, or sent flying limply into the air.

Zhao Yang didn’t retreat even in the face of the shockwave, resisting the shockwave forcefully. However, he was also stunned to discover that Ke Ke was still alive even after he flung the shields at her.

Two figures had appeared in front of her. The two giant shields were held steadily in the hands of a young man.

The teenager simply stood there, but he brought immense pressure down on Zhao Yang. This pressure didn’t come from his abilities, but from his spirit.

Zhao Yang had once been to Radiant City around six years before, and met Xu Tianran there. At that time, Xu Tianran had left a deep impression in his mind. Right now, this youth exuded an aura that was exactly the same as Xu Tianran then, but even more impressive.

Who was he?

Zhao Yang was on the other side of the mountain previously, and hadn’t seen his group of soul engineers being wiped out. When the news reached him, the empire’s army had already arrived. Zhao Yang didn’t know that there were two strong individuals on Ju Zi’s side that had wiped out his entire group of soul engineers.

Yes, the person who had caught the two shields was Huo Yuhao.

The shields were heavy, and flung with great force. However, they were thrown upwards, and their force was reduced with the distance. Moreover, Huo Yuhao had Wang Dong beside him. As they combined their Haodong Power and he unleashed his Ultimate martial soul, it was easy for him to catch the pair of shields.

The Ice Empress’ Pincers grabbed hold of the two shields steadily. Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath. He knew that he couldn’t hold back at this point, or they wouldn’t survive.

Four white soul rings rose from his feet. The soul engineers around him were shocked. Those were all ten-year soul rings?

Huo Yuhao flung the two shields back towards the enemy troops. His right hand covered his forehead, and he shut his eyes. A strange-looking ring of white started to rise from his head into the sky. Only Wang Dong, who had moved behind him and was pressing his hands against his back, knew that Huo Yuhao was covering his forehead to cover the light that came from the Eye of Destiny.

The white halo rose around ten meters before it started to spread over its surroundings. After that, the halo descended again.

The white halo rolled almost a hundred meters down the mountain. As it washed past the rebel troops, they all collapsed like cut wheat. After that, they rolled down the hill weakly.

Only Zhao Yang was left on the battlefield now!

That white halo also touched Zhao Yang, who felt a wave of weakness spreading through his entire body. He circulated his soul power at an intense rate before he managed to maintain his fighting will and keep from being affected by this weakness.

What soul skill was that? It wasn’t a mass attack, but a mass control-type soul skill! Enfeeblement… it was so strong that the soldiers couldn’t even lift their own armor after being affected by it. Is he a control-type soul master?

He was shocked as he looked at Huo Yuhao. He couldn’t understand how a four-ringed Soul Ancestor with only four ten-year soul rings was able to unleash a soul skill that could incapacitate thousands of soldiers, sending them rolling and falling down the hill. Huo Yuhao’s attack managed to make some breathing room for Ju Zi and the others.

The empire’s army was not to be trifled with. It wasn’t just Ju Zi and her team of soul engineers that were involved in this war, there were more than five teams involved. This was the greatest number of troops that Xu Tianran could activate, he wanted to accomplish this mission in one go. This was also a very important matter in his overall plan.

The senior management in the Sun Moon Empire’s military knew of Ju Zi’s identity, but were helpless, as she was adamant on leading her troops personally. After all, she was representing the Crown Prince. Furthermore, she was only his fiancée, and they were yet to be married.

While they acceded to her wishes, they still had to protect her! The Crown Prince’s direct descendants knew that no one was supposed to touch her except the Crown Prince, and she was also his most trusted confidante. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen her as his wife. She was even going to be his official wife, and the future Empress!

That was why the other four teams of soul engineers were part of the reinforcements that arrived. They came using flying-type soul tools and threw automatic soul bombs downwards, blowing the rebel troops apart. This helped to alleviate the pressure on those atop the hill.

Zhao Yang knew that his chances were getting slimmer and slimmer. He could only rely on himself now. He needed to capture Ju Zi! Otherwise, the Crown Prince would never spare him. Time wasn’t going to wait for him!

He thumped his chest and let out a furious roar. His fifth soul ring also started to shine brightly.

The soul engineers on the mountaintop lost their other targets after Huo Yuhao used Enfeeblement, so they were going to focus all their attacks on Zhao Yang. However, his roar caused all of them, apart from Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, and Ju Zi, to collapse to the ground.

Even Huo Yuhao and the other two were a little dizzy when they were struck by his roar. A buzzing sound rang continually in their ears and they staggered. It was Huo Yuhao’s first time experiencing a sonic soul skill like this. He was a little lost at the moment. When he used his Spiritual Detection, he'd only sensed Zhao Yang’s soul power surging towards his head.

Zhao Yang took this chance to advance. He didn’t go straight for Ju Zi, but went after Huo Yuhao instead. He was clearly aware of how scary a control-type soul master was on a battlefield. If he wanted to capture Ju Zi, he had to settle Huo Yuhao first. As a seven-ringed Soul Sage, he realized that Huo Yuhao must have a way of concealing the colors of his soul rings after his momentary shock from experiencing his Enfeeblement earlier. But that wasn’t the important thing. The important issue was that Huo Yuhao couldn’t possibly be stronger than him, since he was so young. Moreover, he didn’t have an escape route now!

Seeing that he was getting closer to Huo Yuhao, he reached out his huge hand and struck towards the younger man, and a gust of foul wind swept across the stones. As he was using too much strength, Zhao Yang left two deep footprints in the rocks on the hill.

However, he looked into a pair of golden eyes at this moment. That gold was turning purplish-gold at a frightening speed.

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