Chapter 19.4: Soul Fusion Skill—Empyreal Net

Book 3: Fusion of Martial Souls

Chapter 19.4: Soul Fusion Skill—Empyreal Net

When Cauldron Sweep was used against a single opponent, it wouldn’t only hurt them via the collision, it would also sweep them away while simultaneously stunning him. Hence, it could be considered a control-type skill. Relying on these two skills, Xiao Xiao was definitely worthy of calling herself a control system soul master.

Xiao Xiao naturally hadn’t been able to predict that her opponent’s attack would deviate from its original target. The reason why she changed from a defensive state to an offensive one was because she once more received Huo Yuhao’s assistance.

Only, she didn’t know that Huo Yuhao had simultaneously released three soul skills in that instant, and that these three soul skills had finally consumed the last of his soulforce.

Of these three skills, the one he’d never before used in a battle was Spiritual Interference, which was an area of effect skill.

Compared to Spirit Shock, Spiritual Interference seemed much weaker. However, don’t forget that it was an area of effect skill. Furthermore, its effects were very subtle when it was activated. As a result of this, enemies would often be unaware that it had affected them. Otherwise, how could Huang Chutian’s locked-on Power Cannon deviate from its target?

Wang Yan said, “Huo Yuhao’s team wins.” While he spoke, he placed Huang Chutian—who was at a loss—back on the ground. Afterwards, he followed him to the Lan sisters and used his soulforce to awaken them.

After the Lan sisters had awakened, they felt a splitting headache; it was as if ten thousand needles were pricking their brains.

Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Shock had become much stronger than before; even the six-ringed Ma Xiaotao had been slightly affected, let alone the two of them. Combined with the backlash from their soul fusion skill, Huang Chutian’s team could be said to have suffered a great loss from this match. Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo definitely wouldn’t be able to recover their combat strength today. However, they still had four more matches today!

On the other hand, Huo Yuhao’s team was in a much better situation compared to their opponents. Fortunately, they’d obtained a victory. Furthermore, Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao had only been drained of their soulforce; they hadn’t been injured. They could recuperate for two matches’ worth of time, at the very least. However, Xiao Xiao would have to become the main strength of the team during the following matches.

While Wang Dong supported the weak Huo Yuhao as he walked to the side of the arena, Xiao Xiao followed them and suspiciously asked, “Class monitor, why did his attack miss?”

Huo Yuhao smiled bitterly. “Let’s not talk about this right now. We should hurry and meditate to restore our soulforce. Our first match has drained us by this much, yet we still have four more matches today. We can only pray that everyone else was drained this much as well.”

After speaking, he immediately sat in a cross-legged position to begin meditating.

It wasn’t just Xiao Xiao who was puzzled; Wang Dong was slightly puzzled as well, but unlike Xiao Xiao, he found it strange that the Lan sisters’ fusion skill had been broken so easily. If they were only able to maintain their fusion skill for such a short time, was there any point in them using it? The answer was definitely no. However, they’d still used it, and it had in-turn quickly been shattered by his thousand-year soul skill. Furthermore, they’d even been knocked unconscious. Just what was going on? When he thought about Huo Yuhao’s shout, he felt something wrong in his heart. However, he couldn’t place what was wrong.

There were a total of six teams participating in the assessment, so the second match began immediately after Huo Yuhao’s match had ended.

The later stages of the Freshman Examination had started from the point that the student redistribution happened; this was also the most important period of time for teams to fight for points. Every extra victory represented an extra possibility of staying. As a result, every team present had already begun to give each match their all.

The previous match between Huo Yuhao’s team and Huang Chutian’s team had greatly astonished the other four teams. After asking themselves whether they had that kind of strength, they came to the conclusion that naturally had to do their utmost while competing with the other teams. The first match had basically ended up with both sides receiving damage, so this group’s examination became increasingly complicated.

All three matches in the examination’s first round quickly ended, with the results being just as Huo Yuhao had wished for it to be; the other four teams had wasted a considerable amount of energy. After all, they weren’t just drained from today’s matches; they’d used a large amount of energy during the previous day’s four matches as well! They hadn’t recovered enough energy to be in their optimum state to begin with.

As this arena’s seeded team, Huo Yuhao’s trio was the first to enter the stage when the second round began. This time, their opponents were three students from Class 4.

After their opponents introduced themselves, they took their places. On Huo Yuhao’s side, their positioning had clearly changed. Xiao Xiao was standing in the front, while Huo Yuhao stood behind her. On the other hand, the assault system Wang Dong stood at the very back. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong had already sat down on the ground before Wang Yan had even announced the start of the battle; they were actually meditating in the arena.

This was the task that Huo Yuhao had entrusted to them; they had to do their best to recover all of their depleted soulforce. The possibility of them winning every match in the round-robin tournament only existed if Wang Dong’s cultivation was restored to its optimum state.

“Good luck Xiao Xiao.” Huo Yuhao whispered.

“Don’t worry, class monitor. We can definitely do this.”

Following Wang Yan’s announcement, the assessment began with both parties simultaneously releasing their martial souls. After observing their previous matches, Huo Yuhao’s trio knew that their opponents consisted of three agility system soul masters; they all walked down the path of speed.

When Wang Yan announced the start of the match, the three opposing soul masters simultaneously charged out while releasing their martial souls. They three of them went different directions, all of them charging towards Xiao Xiao at the same time.

They’d already noticed that Wang Dong was meditating on the ground. When their enemies strongest assault system soul master seemed to have no combat strength at all, how could they give up the opportunity presented to them? Although they’d expended a large amount of energy earlier, they still decided to go all-out.

Wang Yan stood to the side of the arena, not relaxing even a little bit as he kept his eyes carefully trained on Huo Yuhao. He believed that Xiao Xiao alone wouldn’t be able to beat three opponents without Wang Dong’s help. After all, their opponents were three agility-type soul masters! He definitely had to see how Huo Yuhao would make a move, as well as how he would release his soul skill.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes lit up. Although the faintly golden light in his eyes wasn’t especially clear, Wang Yan managed to see it clearly. However, a change in one’s eye color when they released their martial soul was extremely common for soul masters. Wang Yan also noticed the presence of the seemingly-weak white soul ring below his feet, yet he still wasn’t able to tell what Huo Yuhao’s martial soul was.

At that moment, the three agility system soul masters had already made their move. The three moved in three different directions, and their speeds were varied. Two of them pounced towards Xiao Xiao, while the third circled around her in an attempt to launch a sneak attack on Huo Yuhao. They were relatively well-coordinated.

Xiao Xiao’s gaze was fixed on the area in front of her from the beginning—as if she was completely ignoring them. She then raised her hands above her head, making it look as if she were supporting the heavens. The Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron instantly rose up and separated into three, which simultaneously flew out to meet her three opponents.

A mind-blowing scene occurred. Without even using her eyes to see what was going on, Xiao Xiao blocked the paths of the three agility system soul masters, using her cauldron that had separated into three. The three agility system soul masters were all at the pinnacle of one-ringed soul masters; they were all around Rank 19. They’d gone all-out, so their movement speed was extremely quick. As a result of this, they simply weren’t able to change their movements fast enough. Thus, all three collided with the three cauldrons.

They naturally weren’t as strong as Huang Chutian, who possessed the Herculean Ape beast soul. After colliding with the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldrons, they were immediately sent into a confused state. Furthermore, an even more shocking scene occurred in the back of the arena.

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