Chapter 19.1: Soul Fusion Skill—Empyreal Net

Book 3: Fusion of Martial Souls

Chapter 19.1: Soul Fusion Skill—Empyreal Net

This was an entire team composed of three students above the twentieth rank! Just how had they not obtained first in their original area? This was also the first team formed by three Soul Grandmasters that Huo Yuhao’s team had met.

Huang Chutian’s team of three were indeed strong, but they’d just so happened to meet an enemy in their original area that had perfectly restrained them. Hence, they’d ended up with four wins and one loss, relegating them to the 33rd Area.

Wang Dong flew out at as soon as the match started. As his beautiful Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings unfurled, the twin girls in front of him were starstruck; the way they looked at Wang Dong immediately changed.

Huang Chutian let out a low roar and he suddenly took large strides to meet Wang Dong head-on. As his feet landed on the ground, they unexpectedly caused deep ‘boom’s to ring out. When he was only three metres away from Wang Dong, he suddenly leapt towards Wang Dong and smashed his fists straight towards him.

Wang Dong folded his wings together, forcefully receiving the blow.

“Bang—” Huang Chutian was unexpectedly the one forced back towards the ground. When he landed, he took a few steps back to steady his body.

After steadying himself, he immediately leapt back into the air and headed straight towards Wang Dong again.

At that moment, a large, pitch-black cauldron soundlessly appeared at the summit of Huang Chutian’s leap. He basically looked like he was purposefully trying to smash himself into it.

Huang Chutian was somewhat stunned. He couldn’t borrow any force to change direction midair, thus he couldn’t change the direction of his jump once he was in the air. In a moment of helplessness, he had no choice but to smash the large cauldron away instead.

Strangely, the large cauldron moved 30cm backwards just as his movements changed, allowing it to ‘sidestep’ his fist, before it instantly charged forwards.

However, Huang Chutian was still relatively strong. By angling his body forwards, he unexpectedly managed to shake the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron.

“Bang—” Huang Chutian was sent flying backwards, while the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron descended from the sky and landed beside Wang Dong. This was the first time that Xiao Xiao had made a move during the freshman assessment.

As the proctor of the match, Wang Yan’s eyes lit up. He’d naturally been able to see just how extraordinary Xiao Xiao’s martial soul was, which made him seriously evaluate Xiao Xiao’s ability to grasp key moments in a battle.

Wang Dong turned to Xiao Xiao and smiled. “I was just testing his strength. This guy’s martial soul should be the extremely tough Herculean Ape, no wonder he’s so strong.” After saying this, he leapt back into the air. He toes tapped the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron with his toes on his way back up, and his first soul ring lit up.

“Huang Chutian, let’s see whether or not your toughness can withstand my Wing Guillotine.” Extending his wings, he charged towards his opponent.

As Wang Dong flew towards his opponent, Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo stopped looking towards him. Instead, the pair looked at each other, and clasped their hands. An even stronger soulforce undulation immediately erupted from them. Their ten or so metres of blue hair instantly flew into the air, forming a large net in midair that flew towards Wang Dong.

Using a net to confront a butterfly was clearly the best method available to them.

Hairnet—this was a soul skill that both of the twins possessed as their first soul skill. When the two identical soul skills were used together via the connection between their spirits to form a large blue net that enshrouded Wang Dong, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection unexpectedly couldn’t sense any gaps in it.

Huang Chutian’s figure rapidly retreated into the net of hair, which seemed to possess a pair of eyes, as it let him pass through without even touching him,

The situation that Huo Yuhao had been most worried about had occurred—their opponents consisted of a team of one assault system soul master and two control system soul masters. Furthermore, the two control system soul masters had even turned out to be twins, which naturally meant that the connection between the two of them was deeper.

At this moment, the overbearing might of Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wing showed itself. The Hairnet was originally meant to suppress his butterfly-type martial soul, but when he waved his Guillotine Wing, its sharp edge emitted a terrifyingly destructive power. Two enormous bluish-golden blades danced about, unexpectedly tearing a hole in the large net. He used the opportunity he’d made to instantly dive down towards Huang Chutian with the aid of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing.

Huang Chutian and the two sisters were astonished; they hadn’t expected the destructive strength of Wang Dong’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess to be this great. Moreover, they didn’t understand how Wang Dong could’ve known exactly where Huang Chutian was, despite his vision being blocked by the Hairnet.

Huang Chutian let out a loud roar, his first soul ring instantly lighting up. The size of his fists suddenly doubled, and they shone with a strong metallic luster. After he did this, he met Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wing head-on. While this was happening, the Lan sisters released their Hairnets in an attempt to trap him from behind.

“Dong—” When Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wing slammed into his metallic fists, a hard sound unexpectedly rang out. Huang Chutian was forced back once again; he stumbled backwards five or six steps before he steadied himself. Fresh blood dripped off his fists, which had been cut open.

Huang Chutian’s expression changed. His Herculean Ape was a relatively tyrannical martial soul; it was widely known as one that possessed both extremely tough skin as well as extraordinary strength. However, it had actually been unable to block Wang Dong’s wings. It wasn’t because he was weaker than Wang Dong, but because of how terrifyingly sharp Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wing was. If he hadn’t retreated, his fists might’ve been seriously injured.

After using a single slash to force Huang Chutian back, Wang Dong’s might had flourished even more. He flapped his rear wings, allowing him to adjust his posture, then proceeded to rapidly whirl his wings, causing his Guillotine Wing to resemble a spinning top as it tore apart the Hairnet that was approaching him from behind.

Xiao Xiao could naturally sense Wang Dong’s current condition via Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing. Because of this, she didn’t make any other moves with her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron.

“Roar—” Huang Chutian let out another angry roar. He clasped his hands and raised them above his head, causing his second soul ring o finally light up. A dense layer of yellow light filled his body. This time his arms expanded, causing his strong muscles to be filled with a terrifying strength. The yellow light continued to circulate until it reached his fists, where it finally stopped.

“Power Cannon!” Huang Chutian shouted, suddenly sending his fists smashing towards Wang Dong. A condensed yellow ball of light instantly shot out from his fists towards Wang Dong. This ball of light unexpectedly had a lock-on ability, as Wang Dong was unable to shake it off after dodging it three times.

As he prepared to use the Guillotine Wing to block the ball of light, the hint of a smile suddenly appeared on Wang Dong’s face. He surprisingly chose to give up on blocking it, instead choosing to ignore the Power Cannon entirely. He turned over and flew downwards, straight towards the Lan sisters, as he continued to tear their Hairnet apart.

The Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron soundlessly appeared behind Wang Dong when he did this, fiercely smashing into the Power Cannon. The instant that the two collided, a black halo was diffused from the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron, causing a deafening rumble to echo out in midair.

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