Volume 21, Chapter 185.2: Purification? Master!

The elder from the Holy Ghost Church’s Sub-Altar wasn’t here today, or Huo Yuhao might be the one fleeing. However, it was a pity that Huo Yuhao was unable to obtain anything very useful from the Great Holy Ghost. The man’s spirit was destroyed as he committed suicide.

However, he managed to fulfil Na Na’s wish. At least he did something good. He had to report what he had learned regarding the Holy Ghost Church to the academy later. If this church was helmed by evil soul masters, they might be even more dangerous than the Body Sect.

The two six-ringed Soul Emperors he had met were stronger than the Envoy of the Death God that he had fought before. If he hadn’t gained the upper hand right from the beginning, and used the Eye of Destiny to destroy the spirit of the Second Holy Ghost, he would’ve been in huge trouble. If these two evil soul masters were placed in the outside world, they were bound to cause great harm without anyone repressing them. The hundreds of avenging spirits were a testament to that, they represented hundreds of stolen lives! This was even under the circumstance that the Holy Ghost Church was trying to remain mysterious and low-profile, and thus they didn’t go too far with their actions. The harm that evil soul masters could bring was too terrifying. Shrek’s Guardians had to do something about this.

A crying howl could be heard from the tunnel leading out of the room. Evidently, the Holy Servants had found the spirits of their loved ones.

After thinking for a moment, Huo Yuhao left the courtyard quietly before sneaking back a few minutes later. He returned to his original position to wait.

Na Na was the first to exit the tunnel. Her headgear was already off, and her eyes were red and swollen from the crying. She approached Huo Yuhao before kneeling down. Fortunately, Huo Yuhao was already prepared to lift her back up.

“Na Na, don’t be like this. My condolences. I guess your parents’ spirits have attained salvation and found peace.”

Na Na nodded her head slightly, “Thank you, Master. You have fulfilled my greatest wish.”

“What master?” Huo Yuhao was in a daze.

Na Na looked at him with a resolute look in her eyes. “I mentioned that I’d serve you if you managed to save my parents’ spirits. You did so, and you even purified their spirits. I have no more worries. I can only repay this gratitude with my life. If you’re going to reject my offer, I won’t have any further yearnings in this world. I can only choose to leave this world forever.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned. He wanted to rebut her, but nothing came out of his mouth when he saw her determined look.

More and more figures with pale faces and swollen, red eyes also started to appear behind Na Na. They kneeled down at the same time, “We don’t know how to repay you. We’re willing to follow you for life and serve you with our spirits.”

Their predicaments were similar to Na Na’s. After seeing that the spirits of their loved ones were finally free from the restraints of the Holy Ghost Church, they had the same feeling towards him as Na Na did, even though they didn’t know him.


Na Na laughed bitterly. “Master, I didn’t want it to be like this either. However, we’ve been enslaved for too long. In addition, almost all of us are orphans. We no longer have any relatives in this world. If you don’t want to accept us, we won’t know what to do. I can’t return to the academy. Master, give us instructions, even if it’s just pointing out a path for us. There are four Soul Ancestors and four Soul Kings among the eight of us. Four of us are even soul engineers. If you won’t accept us, we’re unlikely to escape the pursuit of the Holy Ghost Church.”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. “What makes all of you think that I can accept all of you? I’m just a student!”

“Because you’re from Shrek,” Na Na said with determination.

Huo Yuhao spoke after considering his options for a moment. “Let’s do it this way. I won’t decline your requests. If you’re willing, you can follow me. In that case, I shall issue all of you a token. Leave Radiant City and go directly to Shrek Academy to find someone called Bei Bei. He’ll make the arrangements. However, all of you can’t enroll into Shrek Academy. If you’re willing, you can join my sect, which is called the Tang Sect. The headquarters of the sect is currently located in Shrek City. If you can reach there safely, I can guarantee your safety. You don’t have to be loyal to me. Once you join my sect, we’ll be fellow sect members.”

Na Na was delighted, but she continued to address him in the same way. Her body turned slightly illusory, and she escaped Huo Yuhao’s control. She was adamant on kneeling. “Thank you, Master.”

The other eight were also delighted as they bowed respectfully. “Thank you, Master.”

By saving their family members’ spirits, Huo Yuhao had also released them from the Holy Ghost Church. In addition, he had pointed out a path for them to take. For people like them who had pitiful backgrounds, they were immensely grateful towards him. They called him ‘Master’ with sincerity, and many of them were even tearing up. They could finally start anew!

This was also a good thing for Huo Yuhao. After Bei Bei’s attempts to find Tang Ya were futile, he decided to rebuild the Tang Sect in Shrek City.

After all, that was within Shrek Academy’s territory, and they were still studying in the academy. It was much easier for them to take care of matters. Right now, the sect lacked manpower. However, it was very difficult to recruit anyone in Shrek City. After all, the graduates from Shrek Academy didn’t join any sect easily. The Tang Sect also didn’t have many resources.

However, Bei Bei was given a huge privilege by the academy, as he was Elder Mu’s descendant, and also one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters that had entered the Tang Sect. They were given a small plot of land in Shrek City, as well as financial help to rebuild the Tang Sect. Although the location was a little isolated, it was also very peaceful. Most importantly, it was in Shrek City!

These people in front of Huo Yuhao had rather good cultivations. There were even soul engineers, which the Tang Sect sorely lacked. They were a big reason Huo Yuhao didn’t decline their requests.

He said, “Time is tight. Strip and dump your clothes here before leaving immediately. In about an hour, this place will become nothing more than flat ground. Try your best not to leave any traces behind. The faster you go, the better you'll be. Do all of you have flying-type soul tools?”

Including Na Na, five of them had flying-type soul tools. After thinking for a moment, Huo Yuhao said, “In this case, those with flying-type soul tools will rush after leaving Radiant City. After flying a certain distance, Na Na will gather the flying-type soul tools and bring them back to fetch the rest. This will hasten your escape. After all, the Holy Ghost Church isn’t God. It won’t be easy for them to chase all of you.” As he spoke, he retrieved a token and gave it to Na Na.

“Yes, Master.” Na Na stood up with the other eight. Her sorrow had diminished slightly by now. There was a glow on her face that revealed her determination to start her life over. Everything was a new beginning from now on.

She wouldn’t have returned to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy regardless of whether she succeeded or failed in this matter. She had brought all her stuff in her storage-type soul tool. After bowing once towards Huo Yuhao, she stripped off the Holy Ghost Church uniform, as did the other eight, before leaving quickly.

Huo Yuhao had used his Imitation to imitate the Great Holy Ghost when he had left earlier. Now, he imitated the look of the Second Holy Ghost to sneak out of the courtyard before escaping quickly.


An hour later, he met He Caitou at a secluded corner hundreds of meters away from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

“Second senior, how is it?” Huo Yuhao asked softly.

He Caitou chortled, “Don’t worry. It’s settled. Nothing will go wrong, since we have the accurate location established by your Spiritual Detection. In two hours, dazzling fireworks will be seen above Radiant City. I controlled the impact by choosing a penetrative stationary soul cannon shell. It won’t affect the surroundings. What about your girl?”

Huo Yuhao replied, “She’s left. The matter has been settled, but she won’t stay in the academy. I asked her to take some of the Holy Disciples I freed and find eldest senior. I think I managed to get some manpower for the Tang Sect.”

He Caitou asked, “Then how do we return? We’re not going to climb walls, are we? There are soul tools everywhere. The security is rather tight.”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “Second senior, it seems like you haven’t fully comprehended the magical effect of my Imitation! I will imitate Na Na’s appearance, and you’ll be my shadow. As long as you don’t deviate more than ten meters from me, no one will be able to tell. We’ll just walk through the front door.”

“What the… it can even work like this? I don’t recall it being so strong!”

Huo Yuhao said, “It is the benefit of being a spiritual-type soul master. Our soul skills will be enhanced along with our spiritual power.” Although it wasn’t the whole truth, he wasn’t wrong, either. Without the backing of the Skydream Iceworm’s spiritual power that had fused with him, his Imitation wouldn’t have reached such a high level. He Caitou was only witnessing a small portion of Huo Yuhao’s enhanced soul skill now.

After a minute, Huo Yuhao Imitated Na Na before openly entering the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

The guards were not suspicious at all. Furthermore, it now seemed that Na Na had returned to the academy! In this way, it would be even more difficult for the Holy Ghost Church to track Na Na down, giving her and the others more time to escape.

After returning to his dorm room, Huo Yuhao immediately recorded everything that he had experienced today, before passing the report to Fan Yu. 

Fan Yu was also shocked by the appearance of the Holy Ghost Church. He immediately thought of a way to get word of this out. If Illustrious Virtue Hall and Holy Ghost Church were colluding, it meant that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was working with with an organization formed by evil soul masters!

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