Volume 21, Chapter 184.3: The Holy Ghost Church

The person that came forward to open the door was a youth fully dressed in black, and he was wearing the same conical bamboo hat.

It was like an entirely different world inside the courtyard. The courtyard was like a labyrinth, and various plants were grown all around, while courtyard seemed a lot bigger than it did from the outside. Sprawling vines climbed over all sorts of plants and blocked off vision from above. This was a very typical arrangement inside the Radiant City, as there just too many skyscrapers and nobody wanted to expose their privacies, and so they used these plants to prevent people higher up in these skyscrapers from seeing them.

The man in the conical bamboo hat nodded subtly at Na Na before he moved to one side. Na Na returned the gesture, and she followed a small path towards the structure with a black and circular top in the center of the courtyard.

This structure was roughly a hundred square meters in surface area, and it wasn’t considered extremely spacious. The door was open, and Na Na opened her stride and stepped in.

There two individuals clad in white inside the room. They were not wearing conical bamboo hat, and they were all wearing balaclavas that matched the color of their clothes. They both watched Na Na step into the room and one of them raised an arm to stop her before he made a gesture towards her.

Na Na raised her hand and retrieved a circular token, and handed it over. It was a token that was completely black, and there seemed to be two skulls faintly engraved on its surface.

She deliberately deepened her voice and said, “Long live the Holy Emperor, and may the Holy Lady remain eternally young.”

The two white-robed individuals quickly bowed down, and they also deliberately deepened their voice before they repeated Na Na’s words. “Long live the Holy Emperor, May the Sacred Lady have eternal beauty.”

One of them said, “Sir, both the Great Holy Ghost and the Second Holy Ghost are here. Do you want to go down right now?

“Yes.” Na Na nodded her head.

The man returned the medallion back to her and made a gesture that signaled for her to proceed.

Na Na ventured deeper into the room. The room was arranged very simply and seemed like a normal family, and it didn’t have any special ornaments or decorations. Na Na came before a table and pressed down hard on its surface. The table’s four legs immediately sank into the ground, and sounds of gears crackling could be heard as an opening that was roughly one square meter cracked open on the surface. Thin traces of light could be seen coming from within.

Na Na entered swiftly and followed the vertical tunnel all the way down. The tunnel was about five meters deep, and she arrived into a vast hall that was much bigger and more spacious compared to what was above it, and it was at least three hundred square meters in surface area. However, it appeared a little sinister and barren.

There were two people seated at a table in the innermost region of the hall, and they were both dressed in white and wore balaclavas as well. However, there were silver patterns that ran through their white clothes, and they were enjoying a sumptuous and exquisite feast that was laid out across the table at this moment. Their balaclavas were pushed up to their nose.

Na Na took a few quick steps forward and said respectfully, “Greetings, Great Holy Ghost and Second Holy Ghost.”

The relatively more well-built man seated on the left said with a muffled voice, “You’re here already? Go in yourself, there’s nothing much to see. You should work harder so that you can officially become one of us, and everything will be resolved.”

Na Na answered respectfully, “Thank you for pointers, Great Holy Ghost.” With that, she started walking towards a small door beside the two Holy Ghost Disciples.

Right when she was about to approach the small door, the Second Holy Ghost sitting on the other side suddenly exclaimed, “Wait!”

Na Na felt her heart skip a beat, but she still asked with a calm expression on her face. “What’s wrong, Second Holy Ghost?”

The Second Holy Ghost lowered his voice and said, “I think I smell a stranger in the midst.”

The Great Holy Ghost snapped, “Enough. Have you had too much to drink? Do you really think you have a dog’s nose?”

The Second Holy Ghost got to his feet and moved his nose vigorously. He suddenly shouted, “No! There’s a stranger inside. Seal the holy altar, big brother.” His body flashed forward as he spoke, and he reached out with his right arm explosively and actually extended itself by more than a meter as he came right for Na Na.

Na Na retreated in shock as if she had no idea what to do or what was going on. She was still shouting, “Save me, Great Holy Ghost! I didn’t do anything!”

The Great Holy Ghost seemed to trust his brother far more than he trusted Na Na. He leapt forward and blocked off the tiny door, while the two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings rose up at the same time.

However, a sphere of golden light glimmered beside him without warning right at this moment and slammed toward his head. The Great Holy Ghost shrieked in surprise when the golden sphere appeared, and he immediately transformed into a ball of smoke and dodged away into the distance.

The golden fist bashed into space, and the entire underground hall seemed to shudder violently in response. The Great Holy Ghost’s body reappeared ten meters away, but he exclaimed agonizingly as he vomited out a pool of blood before he crumpled to the ground. Even though that fist didn’t hit its target, it still managed to wound him.

Huo Yuhao’s figure revealed himself from the darkness. He had prepared for this moment for a long time, and this was the first time he officially launched his Sovereign’s Descent after his spirit’s quality change – however, it didn’t obliterate his opponent like he had expected.

Na Na stopped pretending on the other side. A streak of scarlet red light surged into the sky like a whip and slashed towards the Second Holy Ghost’s ink-black right claw.

“Clang!” The Second Holy Ghost actually used his own right hand to take on the Scarletflame Blade, which was a Class 5 soul tool. Six soul rings appeared on his body, and all six of them started to burn before they transformed into black fire that enveloped his body inside. The Second Holy Ghost’s body jerked violently within the black flames, and the clothes on his body immediately crumbled into pieces while his body grew to over three meters tall. All the flesh on his body were completely gone, and he transformed into a tremendous black skeleton.

Huo Yuhao stared at the spiritual fire dancing around in the Second Holy Ghost’s eyes and he growled, “An evil soul master?”

The Great Holy Ghost leapt to his feet on the other side. He roared into the sky as he stomped the floor with his right foot, and the wall inside hall cracked open just like that. The first two soul rings on his body began to incinerate like those of the Second Holy Ghost, and six skeletons stumbled out from the cracks in the wall before they coordinated with the Second Holy Ghost and pounced at Huo Yuhao and Na Na.

Huo Yuhao grunted indifferently. Evil soul masters were like nightmares for normal soul masters, but Huo Yuhao was different – he possessed the power of Necromancy. Evil soul masters that mainly played around with spirits were actually easier for him to handle.

A golden vertical eye cracked open on his forehead. Huo Yuhao had no intention to hold back against these evil soul masters, and radiant golden light flickered in his golden eye before the Second Holy Ghost at the vanguard crumpled onto the ground with a stumble.

One could clearly see a green ball of flame exploding forth from his skeletal head, before it transformed into a circle of green light and dissipated into the air.

The colossal black skeleton crashed onto the ground – one-hit knockout!

The ability to control spirits and immediately incinerate his soul rings was a unique evil soul master skill, and the Second Holy Ghost used this ability to raise his power to that of a seven-ringed martial soul true body. His physical body was so strong and tough that even Class 6 soul tools couldn’t fight against it. He possessed immense strength and was also incredibly quick.

It was a pity that Huo Yuhao was his opponent. Huo Yuhao didn’t need to collide against the powerful skeleton at all – instead, he used the Spiritual Shock with his Eye of Destiny and targeted his opponent’s soul. The Second Holy Ghost was probably superior to Huo Yuhao in terms of battle prowess, but he paled in comparison to Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. This was without taking into account Huo Yuhao’s knowledge regarding Necromancy, and the fact that he had understood a whole lot more about human spirits.

His eyes turned gray, and Huo Yuhao started chanting a curse under his breath. Na Na rushed forward to block the six skeletons, and Huo Yuhao took this chance to draw a punctuation in the sky before he pressed it forward ferociously.

The formless punctuation swiftly turned gray and immediately expanded in the sky. One could see spot after spot of green drifting in Huo Yuhao’s direction in the next moment.

Huo Yuhao growled, “Coagulate!” The green light specks quickly coagulated to form an eerie green flame that waltzed incessantly before him.

Huo Yuhao exclaimed coldly, “Let me cleanse you of your sins!” Intense brilliance erupted from the Eye of Destiny on his forehead, and a single pillar of golden light glowed as the eerie green flame immediately turned golden. Agonizing and harrowing howls could be heard resonating through the entire underground cavern, and the eerie green flame was completely consumed by the golden luster in no time. It was converted into a tiny speck of golden flame that descended upon Huo Yuhao’s fingertip.

The Great Holy Ghost turned pale with fright. “You… You burned his spirit! How is that possible? Are you… are you also an evil soul master? We are the Holy Ghost Sect, our Holy Emperor…”

“You’ll get your chance to talk.” Huo Yuhao swung his right hand and the speck of golden flame flew out, landing upon the large black skeleton. He pounced forward in a flash as he slashed ferociously with his a complete version of his right hand’s Darkgolden Terrorclaw and dashed three skeletons called out by the Great Holy Ghost into dust. Na Na took care of two more, and the last one was no longer a threat.

The Great Holy Ghost was overcome with fear at this point. He could feel that the powers that Huo Yuhao had displayed were similar to his own, but there was something that this person possessed that was vastly different from them.

“Go to hell, both of you.” All six of the Great Holy Ghost’s six soul rings burned up at the same time, and his entire body erupted with a layer of white flame.

Huo Yuhao raised his hand and pulled Na Na behind him as he blasted the remaining skeleton into pieces with an Ice Empress’ Wrath.

Evil soul masters typically had an extremely formidable and explosive skill – he couldn’t put Na Na in harm’s way.

The white flames that surged from the Great Holy Ghost’s body seemed to contain harrowing and shrill howls that belonged to vengeful spirits. A small door exploded open in the next moment, before an overbearing and rippling wave of terrifying power poured forth from within that small door. Both Na Na and Huo Yuhao felt their bodies tighten even at with their cultivation level as they stumbled backwards.

They could see sphere after sphere of transparent light of varying colors flying out from the small door. There seemed to be a human face on every single sphere, except these faces were violently twisting and contorting.

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