Chapter 18.1: The 33rd Arena—3v3

Book 3: Fusion of Martial Souls

Chapter 18.1: The 33rd Arena—3v3

Zhao Haochen, who was standing at the very back of his team, shouted, “Come quickly, my drumsticks!” The ripples of a yellow soul ring appeared from beneath his feet and rose up, causing two sparkling yellow lights to appear in his hands. Two braised chicken drumsticks suddenly appeared in his hands, which he quickly passed to the two people in front of him.

While releasing their martial souls, Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng rapidly grabbed the drumsticks from Zhao Haochen and forcefully took large bites from them.

A food system martial soul? This was Huo Yuhao’s first time seeing a food system martial soul; he didn’t have any idea what the drumsticks that Zhao Haochen had summoned could do. Even though Zhao Haochen only had a single soul ring, it was still a hundred year one, so it’s strengthening effects were presumably good. However, Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng’s respective appearances whilst eating the drumsticks that had been summoned were somewhat odd, to the extent that Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but laugh. The Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron still remained hovering above her head without any intention of making a move at all.

Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng made their moves at the same time. Of the two, one of them had a beast martial soul, while the other had a tool martial soul. However they were both agility system soul masters.

Ouyang Junyi’s martial soul was the Sword-beak Hummingbird. When he released his martial soul, a sharp stinger rapidly appeared on his right forearm. His martial soul was a bird-type one, but he didn’t have wings due to his current cultivation level. This alone demonstrated the gap between his and Wang Dong’s martial souls. Wang Dong’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess innately had wings, which was the sign of a peak-level beast martial soul.

Chen Junfeng’s martial soul was a flexible sword, making all three of them one-ringed soul masters. However, they all possessed hundred year soul rings. Ouyang Junyi was the strongest of the three—his cultivation had already reached the nineteenth rank. Chen Junfeng, on the other hand, had reached the eighteenth rank. As for Zhao Haochen, considering the fact that he was a food system soul master, his cultivation speed was relatively slower. Hence, his cultivation had only reached the seventeenth rank.

As soon as the two agility system soul masters of the opposing team finished their drumsticks, they proceeded to pounce towards Wang Dong like arrows released from a bowstring; their speed was so quick that even Wang Dong was astonished. However, he instantly understood that the drumsticks they’d just finished were the cause for their increase their speed!

Zhou Yi wasn’t the only teacher who’d divided her students into teams; other teachers had also done it. With Zhao Haochen supporting Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng, their advantage in terms of speed was undoubtedly unleashed to its fullest potential, allowing them to use speed alone to achieve victory.

Unfortunately for them, Huo Yuhao’s team of three feared speed-type opponents the least, as Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing could subdue them completely.

A faint golden light appeared within Huo Yuhao’s eyes, causing a three-dimensional image of the entire battlefield to appear in Wang Dong’s mind. Although Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng were extremely quick, the trajectory of their movements, the rotation of their soulforce, the direction of their attacks, and even their flaws appeared simultaneously in Wang Dong’s mind.

Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng were very well-versed towards focusing on a single target, so when Wang Dong charged towards them by himself, it was exactly what they wanted. With a sudden explosion in speed, they were extremely confident that neither Huo Yuhao nor Xiao Xiao would be able to rescue him in time. Taking care of Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao after defeating Wang Dong could also be considered a form of dividing and conquering.

Besides the sharp stinger on his forearm, Ouyang Junyi’s entire right arm had also been covered in a layer of feathers. His body became extremely lithe, and even though he and Chen Junfeng were both agility system soul masters, he was quicker than Chen Junfeng. The yellow soul ring below his body flashed, causing the stinger on his forearm to instantly turn into several tens of shadows that immediately rushed towards Wang Dong.

Although Chen Junfeng was a bit slower than Ouyang Junyi, this clearly wasn’t the first time that they’d teamed up. Before he even arrived, he swung the short-sword he was holding, causing his first soul ring to light up. A sword-beam shot out from his sword towards Wang Dong.

However, before the two even made their moves, the golden pattern imprinted on Wang Dong’s wings had already started to spread as he activated his first soul ring as well. His arms merged with his frontal wings, causing his Wing Guillotine skill that Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao had seen before to appear again.

Since he was in midair, Wang Dong was in a much better position than Ouyang Junyi and Chen Junfeng. A hint of arrogance appeared on his face—as if he were loftily looking down on the two of them. As he faced their attacks, Wang Dong swept his left wing out, directly meeting Ouyang Junyi’s Sword-beak Hummingbird. Whilst he was did this, his right wing directly slashed outwards, hitting Chen Junfeng’s sword light first, even though it was released second. Wang Dong’s positioning as he unleashed his attacks wasn’t lacking in the least.

“Chi chi chi chi chi…” A series of sounds rang out. To his astonishment, Ouyang Junyi discovered that his Sword-beak Hummingbird’s first soul skill—Hummingbird Flash-sting—had only been able to cause a few halos of light to appear on Wang Dong’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ front wings. Even with the level of sharpness that his Sword-beak Hummingbird possessed, it had actually been unable to break through the strength of Wang Dong’s wings. Following that, Wang Dong’s enormous wings swept straight towards his face.

Ouyang Junyi could be considered to have at least a little bit of combat experience. He instantly crouched downwards in an attempt to dodge Wang Dong’s hit from below. However, who could’ve guessed that Wang Dong would suddenly swing his wings directly downwards and make it seem as if Ouyang Junyi had specifically kneeled down in order to be slapped by Wang Dong. With a thump, Ouyang Junyi was slapped face-first into the ground. Furthermore, the enormous force that slammed into his back nearly caused him to vomit up some blood.

Chen Junfeng was inferior to Ouyang Junyi in strength as well. When the sword light he’d released collided with the sharp edge of Wang Dong’s Wing Guillotine, Chen Junfeng only saw a flash of gold before his sword light was crushed. Following that, a violent buzz echoed out from his short-sword as it shattered. He only saw a golden blue light flash in front of his eyes before he was sent flying with a speed even greater than the speed he’d had whilst running towards Wang Dong. Afterwards, he collided with Zhao Haochen, who was still nibbling on a drumstick, causing the two of them to instantly roll head-over-heels over the ground.

Wang Dong spread his wings out in midair, causing blue and violet lights to glitter back and forth across his wings. The golden pattern on his wings slowly vanished as he casually landed, and he maintained the arrogant look on his face that hadn’t disappeared since the battle started.

The onlooking teacher, Wang Yan, had a brilliant look in his eyes, while the faces of the other terms sank after watching the match. The entire 33rd Area was dead silent.

He was too strong; he was a terrifying assault system soul master!

Assault system soul masters could naturally suppress agility system soul masters to a certain extent, but everyone present was a new student! How large could the difference between them be? Wang Dong had actually been able to defeat two agility system soul masters by himself—and this was a food system soul master supporting them!

Although a two-ringed soul master had an enormous advantage over a one-ringed soul master, he had still been able to beat three opponents within mere seconds. From this alone, one could imagine how tyrannical this soul master—who possessed the Radiant Butterfly Goddess—was.

Furthermore, there was still another person who also possessed two soul rings just like Wang Dong in their team. This team had two soul masters that were above the twentieth rank! As for Huo Yuhao, he was completely overlooked by everyone present; only Teacher Wang Yan had faintly noticed the golden light that had flickered in his eyes.

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