Volume 20, Chapter 179.3: An Avenging Spirit in Front of a Necromancer?

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “No, let the betting continue. Otherwise, it’ll affect my fighting spirit. With these odds, we’ll only lose our profits if I eventually lose and they increase their wager, and… I might not lose. I’ll give it my all tomorrow.”

Ye Xiaosheng’s lips twisted a little, and he laughed bitterly, “Talking to you two dampens my spirit. I won't talk to either of you anymore. Teacher Fan Yu, I’m leaving first! You’re just too ferocious today, but it’s not your… gosh!” Ye Xiaosheng was depressed, and he walked out with his hands on his forehead.

Huo Yuhao and He Caitou couldn’t help but think of how he’d asked them to call him Brother Sheng as they left the academy. They grinned as that thought crossed their minds.

Fan Yu stood up and said, “Yuhao, take a quick break. I don’t have many instructions for you. Give it your best tomorrow, but safety comes first. You know how important you are to Shrek.”

“Yes, teacher. I won’t be careless like before.” Huo Yuhao sat up straight on the bed and wanted to send them off. However, he was stopped by Fan Yu and He Caitou. After that, the two of them left on their own.

Huo Yuhao forcefully dragged himself into a cross-legged sitting position. He couldn’t just sleep. Otherwise, his efforts for the day would be wasted. It was only through restoring his energy in a cultivation state could he really assimilate the insights he’d made during the sparring today.

The doorbell suddenly rang. Because he was too tired, Huo Yuhao didn’t unleash his spiritual detection. He assumed that it was either Fan Yu or He Caitou, so he took in a deep breath, and walked to the door.

However, it was neither of them. Rather, it was a familiar young lady with a well-proportioned figure. It was Na Na, the Soul King from the Active Control Soul Tool Department he had defeated today.

“Why are you here?” Huo Yuhao furrowed his brows, but he wasn’t too wary of her. Part of Na Na’s spirit was under his control. If he wanted to, he could restrict her movements and easily harm her.

Na Na furrowed her brows and she said, “Can I come in?” Although she wasn’t that ravishing, her bravery gave her a sense of charm. This charm properly accentuated her well-proportioned figure.

Huo Yuhao opened the door wide and gestured for her to enter.

Na Na entered the room, but Huo Yuhao didn’t close the door. It was late at night, and it wasn’t too appropriate for the two of them to be alone together in the same room, thus it was better for the door to be left ajar.

“What’s up?” Huo Yuhao was too tired, and went to take a seat on a chair off to the side.

Na Na retorted, “I should be the one asking you that! What did you do to my body? How did you control it?” She was filled with hatred as she demanded an answer.

After she lost to Huo Yuhao, this matter had been bothering her, but she only came to talk to him after the day’s competition was over. She didn’t approach him before as there were others with him, and came to his room after Fan Yu and He Caitou left.

Huo Yuhao answered indifferently, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. If there’s nothing else, please excuse yourself. I still need to spar tomorrow.”

Na Na was enraged. “You don’t have the guts to admit it?”

Huo Yuhao’s brows lifted and he said coldly, “What did I do? You’re the one who unleashed your Avenging Spirit and tried to kill me. It’s a joke that you’re going to interrogate me now. Please see yourself out.”

“You…” Na Na wanted to erupt, but she held it in. She bit her lips until they were red, “I can feel that my Avenging Spirit has been restrained by you. What will it take for you to return my spirit to me?”

Huo Yuhao was stunned by her sensitive judgement.

Na Na continued to say, “Don’t tell me it’s not your doing! If my spirit was dissipated or destroyed by you, I would’ve been critically injured. But I’m fine, except that my body is not under my control. You must’ve done something to my spirit. Return it to me!”

Huo Yuhao laughed and answered, “Alright, even if I did, why should I return it to you? You almost killed me. What right do you have to comment on my actions?”

“You… I’ll report you to the academy!” Na Na was furious.


Huo Yuhao pointed towards the door, “Do what you want. But someone will have to believe you first, and even if someone believes your words, what evidence do you have? To soul masters, our spirit is a mystical thing. Even a Titled Douluo can’t claim to be completely familiarized with their spirit. Moreover, no one can prove that your spirit is with me.”

Na Na’s expression changed. When she saw Huo Yuhao’s calm look, she slowly walked to the door.

Huo Yuhao sniggered to himself. Since he was scared by her this morning, he had to make her pay for it. However, his heart still softened a little. He would return her spirit once the competition was over.

Na Na walked very slowly. But when she reached the door, she stopped in her tracks. She didn’t leave, and shut the door.

“Oh? What are you doing?” Huo Yuhao stood up from his seated position. Even though he was very tired, his soul power was still at peak condition. Furthermore, Na Na’s soul was still under his control.

Na Na turned around, with two streams of tears flowing down her cheeks. Her body shuddered slightly, then her entire figure seemed to become illusory. Her clothing slipped off her body, revealing her naked figure.

Huo Yuhao was flabbergasted. He absolutely didn’t expect her to do that.

“You…” Huo Yuhao was shocked as he looked at her. Her figure was flawless. All women craved a body like hers.

Undoubtedly, Na Na was blessed in this area. There was no excess fat on her body, and her skin was extremely smooth and tender. Although her skin wasn’t snow-white, it had a healthy sense to it.

Her slender waist was springy, and her flawless curves extended all the way down. She wasn’t facing Huo Yuhao directly, so he couldn’t see everything. But he could still see her perky buttocks.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t stand looking any longer. At his age, one was supposed to be extremely curious but unclear about these matters of the heart. He had once sensed feminine beauty from Ma Xiaotao, but he was too young then. That was why he wasn’t as tempted. However, he had also developed in this aspect over the past two years.

He panicked a lot and turned around, flustered. After that, he said, “Put your clothes on! What’re you doing?”

Na Na was teary-eyed as she said, “I know that you’re an elite student from Shrek. I don’t have anything valuable to exchange for my spirit. I only have my body. I’ve never been touched by a man. If you promise to return my spirit, I’ll give my body to you.”

“I…” Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected something like this. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He was a little anxious as he said, “Put your clothes on and get out immediately. When the matches is over, I’ll return your spirit.” 

Na Na was stunned for a moment, and only reacted after a while. Huo Yuhao seemed to be scared of her current self, and looked rather pathetic. He wasn’t nearly as arrogant as he was earlier under everyone’s gazes.

Due to his outstanding performance during the sparring competition, many students now treated him as a target. In their eyes, Huo Yuhao was a powerful soul master. But now Na Na could remember that he was still just a fifteen-year-old youth. It seemed like she was reading too much into things.

She blushed a little before hurriedly dressing herself.

Huo Yuhao was in an awkward position. He felt his nose getting hot as if it were about to start bleeding. Furthermore, he didn’t dare to use his spiritual detection to tell whether she was done. After all, he would definitely still sense her body!

“I’m done.” Na Na said softly.

Huo Yuhao heaved a sigh of relief. He turned back to confirm that Na Na was indeed fully clothed, before turning his whole body around again. His face heated up, and his nose was just as hot as before. He tried to resist his nosebleed. But even though Huo Yuhao tried his best to cover his nosebleed, Na Na still managed to see it.

Na Na broke out into laughter.

“Get out.” Huo Yuhao snapped. He was still trying to expel the erotic scene from his mind.

Na Na was evidently not as furious as before. “You’ll really return my spirit later? Why not now? Why must it be after the end of the competition?”

Huo Yuhao said, “That’s because I want to guarantee that you won’t find trouble with me in the next two days. Leave already.” Even he felt that his reply was a little incoherent.

Na Na took a deep look at Huo Yuhao and said, “I hope that you will fulfill your promise. Anyway, I have nothing I can use to exchange for it aside from my body. If you back out and want my body again, just tell me.”

Huo Yuhao felt his nose heating up even more, and there seemed to be blood flowing out of it this time.

Na Na opened the door before turning back to look at him. She smiled, “You don’t seem that annoying now. Much better than that arrogant brat this morning.”

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