Volume 20, Chapter 179.2: An Avenging Spirit in Front of a Necromancer?

Xuan Ziwen was surprised when Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “I’m alright, I can keep going.”

“Oh?” Xuan Ziwen was stunned and asked, “Are you certain?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Although he was curious as to why Huo Yuhao had chosen not to rest, Xuan Ziwen still respected his choice and called for the fourth competitor.

The fourth competitor was nearly two meters tall. He was extremely burly, and his shoulders were very broad, which caused him to appear very tough.

The moment he entered the waiting area, he lifted his right hand and hooked his index finger towards Huo Yuhao. He then extended his thumb and wriggled them together in front of Huo Yuhao condescendingly.

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh as they saw him doing this, the depressing atmosphere turning rapturous again as they did so. This student evidently wanted to repay Huo Yuhao tit for tat as he tackled Huo Yuhao’s arrogance with his own haughtiness.

Huo Yuhao turned to look towards Xuan Ziwen and then asked, “Teacher Xuan, can we start?”

“Alright. The match begins!” Xuan Ziwen only realized that both parties had forgotten to name themselves after he’d announced the start of the match; he’d made a mistake. However, he soon witnessed the end of this round.

Huo Yuhao’s opponent immediately moved as soon as the round began. A heavy soul shield appeared in his hands, followed by thick armor on his body.

However, Huo Yuhao didn’t burst forward like he had in the previous three rounds this time. Instead, his golden Spirit Eyes gained a purple hue, and a ray of golden-purple flames were unleashed from them a moment later. Even Xuan Ziwen felt his surroundings light up a little.

A moment later, the previously-conceited student groaned and then collapsed to the ground, along with his soul shield and armor.

Huo Yuhao wriggled his wrist, after which the short spear that had appeared earlier appeared in his palm. He twisted his head towards Xuan Ziwen and asked, “Teacher Xuan, are you confident in my accuracy? I should be able to hit my target accurately within one hundred and fifty meters.”

It’s over?

Xuan Ziwen couldn’t conceal the shock in his eyes. He hadn’t expected Huo Yuhao’s spiritual-type soul skills to be effective over such a long distance. Furthermore, his opponent had been a five-ringed Soul King! Yet, he hadn’t been able to resist at all. Huo Yuhao didn’t even need to throw his spear; this student wasn’t likely to get up anytime soon.

“You’ve won.” Xuan Ziwen said with a little difficulty.

The surrounding commotion instantly turned to silence. Huo Yuhao raised his right hand, and then extended four fingers.

He’d not only completed, but had won four rounds in less than an hour. Aside from his battle with Na Na, he’d overwhelmed all of his opponents up to this point.

Jing Hongchen was a little restless as he sat in the main spectator stand. He’d discovered that, to his horror, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual-type martial soul was actually extremely powerful. A Class 5 soul engineer had been knocked out in a single blow, even though he was a hundred and fifty meters away. Who could challenge him? In the Soul Tool Department, there wasn’t any student who specialized in dealing with spiritual-type soul skills. After all, spiritual-type soul masters were quite rare.

Based on this soul skill, it was evident that Huo Yuhao had been holding back in the previous rounds of the competition. The rest definitely wouldn’t have been able to bear this spiritual-type attack of his.

Huo Yuhao chose to rest after completing the fourth round. He sat down cross-legged and began to meditate.

He’d wanted to go for one more round in order to deplete more of his energy. This had been to allow his spiritual and soul power to recover together as he meditated.

The first few students to challenge Huo Yuhao had been the best of the Class 5 soul engineers. Thus, the later rounds of the competition were even easier for Huo Yuhao.

After resting for a short while, Huo Yuhao continued with the competition. He completely dominated, and won seventeen rounds in the morning. He only stopped to rest when noon approached. No further cheers were heard from the spectators.

The most shocking thing was that the skills he was using seemed very simple—apart from his Spiritual Shock—but even the spectators couldn’t tell how these simple skills were able to achieve such powerful and shocking effects.

Seventeen consecutive rounds! Huo Yuhao had benefited greatly at this stage. Not only had he won seventeen kilos of rare metal, but he’d also received the stakes wagered upon earlier.

After stopping for a quick lunch, he didn’t leave the Soul Tool Experimentation Area. He found a resting place and quickly restored his energy and power beneath the protection of the other Shrek students.

Huo Yuhao was still a human, not a God. He’d fought for seventeen rounds straight against the elite Class 5 soul engineers of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy at this point. His opponents had watched his previous rounds and tried to adapt to his changes. However, Huo Yuhao’s fighting strategy had also changed. He’d thought of as many ways as possible to achieve victory without exposing too much of his abilities since he couldn’t use soul tools.

He was already fatigued after a long morning of battling. However, this fatigue was refreshing in a sense. The feeling of venting left Huo Yuhao very refreshed. He also felt that his soul power had increased during his deep meditation.

Lin Jiayi had mentioned that he would only be facing Class 5 soul engineers today. Tomorrow, he would face the Class 6 soul engineers. As for the third day, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy would give Huo Yuhao the authority to choose who he wanted to challenge from the Illustrious Virtue Hall as a form of reward for him. After all, challenging the higher-level soul engineers would be a valuable experience for Huo Yuhao. He would also be able to use his soul tools on the third day.

Fan Yu sat to one side and watched Huo Yuhao. He revealed a slight smile and comforting look on his face.

Although he couldn’t say that the Ultimate Soldier Plan had succeeded yet, he was clearly aware of Huo Yuhao’s performance in the battles today. This was the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, where the most talented soul engineers in the continent resided. And yet, even these soul engineers with higher cultivations than him weren’t able to beat him. He was only fifteen years old! Besides the fact that his soul power increased very slowly, Huo Yuhao was almost perfect.

Huo Yuhao had two hours to rest in the afternoon. After these two hours passed and Huo Yuhao re-appeared in the Soul Tool Experimentation Arena, he was already full of energy again.

However, he was still a bit fatigued from the morning full of sparring. The time he took rest between each opponent increased with each. Finally, he defeated thirteen more competitors, and ended the day with a total of thirty victories.

When it was close to dark, the students from the Sun Moon Academy walked out of the Soul Tool Experimentation Arena with serious looks on their faces. The looks in their eyes was a little heavy.

Fifteen years old; this was merely a fifteen year-old soul master from Shrek Academy. He’d somehow defeated thirty Class 5 soul engineers, including more than seventy percent of the Grade 6 students, without any soul tools.

This also meant that practically no one could defeat him, apart from those in the Illustrious Virtue Hall. This was a humiliation. Tomorrow, the Class 6 soul engineers from the Illustrious Virtue Hall were going to compete. But… could they really win?

The effect that Jing Hongchen wanted to see had been realized, albeit a little too heavily. Not all the students’ fighting spirits had been motivated. A few of the students were in low spirits and doubted soul tools after witnessing Huo Yuhao’s strong showing. This wasn’t something that Jing Hongchen had wanted to see.

“We’re rich, we’re rich! Hahaha…” Ye Xiaosheng laughed in Huo Yuhao’s room.

Currently, Fan Yu, He Caitou, Huo Yuhao, and Ye Xiaosheng were all standing around. Huo Yuhao had just finished dinner and was about to collapse. If not for the Life Gold’s life power that enabled him to recover faster than an ordinary person, he wouldn’t have been able to last until now.

The Life Gold’s power was indeed quite great. The wound on his left hand had already fully recovered despite the fact that it had only been a day.

Huo Yuhao leaned on his bed and felt very refreshed as his body relaxed. “Brother Sheng, how much did we profit?”

Ye Xiaosheng chortled. “The odds that you wouldn’t clear ten rounds were three to one. Most people wagered on this. Their bets took up more than half of our total bets. With just these alone, we’d already earned quite a lot. Then there’s the odds that you wouldn’t clear twenty rounds, which were one to one. Those’re also in our pockets now. The remaining twenty percent of the wagers are on you not being able to clear fifty rounds. Even if you don’t clear fifty rounds, we’ll only have to pay twenty percent of what we have. We’ve profited a lot, no matter what happens. I believe that the rare metals we’ve won are equivalent to a year of the Sun Moon Empire’s production of these metals as well.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and then said, “Brother Sheng, don’t be too delighted. Tomorrow, several people will bet on me not being able to clear fifty rounds.”

“Ugh… surely not?” Ye Xiaosheng was stunned for a moment.

He Caitou added, “Why not? Brother Sheng, think about it. The most talented soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire are enrolled in this academy. And then there’s the Illustrious Virtue Hall. They’re definitely wealthier than we think they are. Little junior, do you remember the soul tool produced by the Illustrious Virtue Hall that we saw in the Starlight Auction house? It was extremely costly! It was already extremely tough to survive thirty rounds. Why don’t we cancel betting for tomorrow?”

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