Volume 19, Chapter 173.3: It's, It's Actually Her...

Du Busi reached out with his right hand, and formed a huge hand of dark-green light. This energy palm reached out for the Snow Empress. Jing Hongchen coordinated with him, and a long, frightening red rainbow appeared in the air. This rainbow whipped towards the Snow Empress. A two-pronged attack from front and back was unleashed against the Snow Empress.

The air in the underground base started to distort furiously. Slits started to appear in the air as the two of them unleashed their power to stop the Snow Empress.

They weren’t entirely sure how the Snow Empress had managed to garner such power, but at this moment of crisis, the most crucial thing was to capture her first. The enmity between the two of them could wait until they had dealt with this hundred-thousand year soul beast.

The frozen ball of gas suddenly turned rigid. Initially, it was quite flexible, but it didn’t manage to avoid Du Busi’s huge hand of soul energy. The dark-green light engulfed and restrained the frozen ball of gas within it.

Jing Hongchen’s scarlet rainbow also whipped the ball of gas, causing it to distort drastically. The ball of gas seemed to be critically damaged.

Du Busi was elated. He could sense that the ball of gas was not as cold as before, and it was also on the verge of collapsing. He suddenly shouted, “Retreat!” Since he had achieved his goal, it was imperative for him to leave quickly.

Jing Hongchen laughed coldly and gestured with his right hand. The soul engineers from Illustrious Virtue Hall immediately launched a ferocious attack against the Body Sect.

The rainbow that had struck the ball of gas disappeared. However, something small was now floating in mid-air, looking like a crystal ball. It was very smooth and bright, and had many holes in it. A magical scarlet-red light flashed up inside it at this point.

Ommmmmm! A deafening hum suddenly shook the air. Even Du Busi stiffened up when he heard this hum. Following this, a thin streak of red light shot out from the scarlet-red crystal ball. This red light engulfed the dark-green light that had restrained the ball of gas.

Du Busi’s soul power was quickly dissipated by that ray of scarlet light. The Snow Empress was freed before Du Busi could drag her away.

Du Busi was enraged. Just as he was about to pull himself together, an indescribable sense of crisis suddenly swept over him.

At the Ultimate Douluo level, one was almost godly. An Ultimate Douluo was extremely perceptive, and even had the ability to predict the future.

Du Busi didn’t hesitate, and quickly let go of the idea of taking the Snow Empress. His figure flashed, and he returned to the ground. A dark-green light supported his body and blocked off the attacks from the Illustrious Virtue Hall soul engineers. It also extended out to protect all the Body Sect members.

A desolate voice echoed throughout the entire place, overshadowing all other sounds.

In the air, the frozen ball of gas was still rigid as it was covered by the red light.

“Despicable humans. All of you will pay the price for hunting soul beasts one day. Even if I die, I won’t fulfill your greed! All of you can go and die!”

When she reached the end of her words, the Snow Empress was already screeching. Her terrifying soul power undulations caused the air around her to distort violently.

“This is not good!” Jing Hongchen exclaimed, “Quickly, stop her!” As he shouted, he didn’t conserve his powers any further. Multiple blurs of red light continued to appear in mid-air.

They turned into barriers of light that engulfed the frozen gas. The rest of the Illustrious Virtue Hall members imitated him and added even more layers of defensive barriers around the frozen gas.

The regretful Du Busi watched the frozen gas sphere. Under his command, the Body Sect members were quickly retreating into the underground holes that they had come from.



Tremors struck the entire place as terrifying explosive booms rang out. The Snow Empress unleashed her full power, turning into a frightening explosive force that swept the entire place.

If the magnitude of this explosion had to be described, Jing Hongchen was certain that it was as powerful as a legendary Class 10 explosive soul tool.

The layers of defensive barriers were completely destroyed by the explosion. The immense force blew the entire underground base apart.

Fortunately, there were many layers of powerful defensive barriers. More than twelve Class 9 soul tools greatly weakened the strength of the explosion. When the shockwave surged through the underground base, the underground base still did not collapse.

Countless cracks appeared within the underground base, however, and many sections of it were caving in. A cold aura filled the air, and everyone shivered from the biting chill.

What a powerful hundred-thousand year soul beast! Even after turning into a human embryo, she still possessed such frightening strength! How unfortunate that it didn’t matter anymore. She had self-imploded, and not even a soul bone was left of her.

The Body Sect also suffered from the shockwave of the explosion. However, Du Busi bore the entire impact of the shockwave alone, spitting out dark-green blood as he warded it from his sect members.

The Body Sect consisted of only soul masters. They weren’t like Illustrious Virtue Hall. There were many Class 9 soul engineers helping Jing Hongchen, but Du Busi used his own strength to bear the impact of the shockwave, which also alleviated the impact on the underground base.

The rest of the Body Sect managed to retreat, along with the corpses of their comrades, because Du Busi resisted the explosion for them.

Du Busi was a little indignant when he looked at Jing Hongchen. Jing Hongchen also spat out some blood at this point. As their gazes met, Du Busi revealed a mocking look in his eyes. He reached out his right hand and gave the other man a thumbs-down. He only left after swaying his thumb slightly.

“Chase them!” Jing Hongchen shouted, infuriated. He quickly turned into a streak of flowing light and pursued the Body Sect. The rest of the Illustrious Virtue Hall defenders also acted quickly.



Huo Yuhao had remained motionless underneath the laboratory desk the whole time. The impact of the shockwave was almost entirely resisted by the Illustrious Virtue Hall members. He wasn’t struck by the shockwave to any real extent.

However, he couldn’t move right now even if he wanted to. An extreme chill had entered his body through his back and circulated throughout his entire body. Almost every part of his body was on the brink of being frozen.

No one had seen a clear fluid descending from the sky when the Snow Empress caused the explosion. This liquid flowed onto Huo Yuhao’s back and seeped into his body. The frightening explosive force had concealed everything.

The Ice Empress’ Ultimate Ice immediately protected him from the cold as it seeped into Huo Yuhao’s body. She even used her own strength to restrict that chill as it flowed below his navel region. This also relieved Huo Yuhao from the freezing pain.

The Ice Empress was anxious as she called out, “Snow Lady, Snow Lady, how are you?!” 

A weak woman’s voice replied, “Ice, why are you here? You’re even in a human’s body.” The Ice Empress’ voice was resonating in Huo Yuhao’s spiritual world.

Huo Yuhao felt weird at this point. “This must be the fourth one. Brother Skydream, Ice Empress, Elder Yi. Now there’s the Snow Empress…”

The Ice Empress was anxious. “Don’t ask so many questions right now. You’re only left with this little origin power now. How is your condition? Can you recover?”

The Snow Empress said grievously, “If not for your call, I would have infused my origin power into that explosion. In that way, I could drag more down with me. Do you think I can recover? I don’t even have my body now. This little bit of origin power will slowly dissipate.”

The Ice Empress asked anxiously, “Snow Lady, what happened? Why did you become a hundred-thousand year soul beast embryo? No wonder I had a familiar feeling when I saw that Godsealing Altar at the Starlight Auction house. You’re the one that was sealed inside the altar.”

The Snow Empress sighed and said, “Aren’t we in the same boat? If I’m not wrong, you only ran into a bottleneck in these recent few years. Before I chose rebirth as a human, I tried to find you and hoped to help you. But you’d already disappeared. Even those from your species didn’t know where you’d gone.”

The Ice Empress laughed bitterly. “Even if you had helped me, I wouldn’t have been able to pass that stage. I know myself well. When potential reaches its limit, external help won’t be useful. That’s why I chose this path.”

“Snow Empress, how are you? Do you still remember me?” Skydream Iceworm was a little awkward.

“Oh?” The Snow Empress was evidently stunned. “There’s still a soul beast’s aura here? Why are the two of you in a human’s world? This aura is very familiar. It’s a spiritual power that’s tremendous, but not dangerous. What is it?” She evidently couldn’t recall the Skydream Iceworm.

The Ice Empress snapped, “It’s that fortunate Skydream Iceworm. It managed to advance in its sleep, and overcame bottleneck after bottleneck. Its cultivation even superseded mine.”

The Snow Empress perked up. “Oh, I remember. I remember that you chased after it before. Didn’t you say that it went missing? Why’re the two of you together now?”

Skydream chortled and said, “Snow Empress, you’re right that we’re together!”

“Scram and shut up!” the Ice Empress raged.

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