Volume 19, Chapter 173.2: It's, It's Actually Her...

A woman’s voice, sounding very aloof and furious, exclaimed, “Despicable humans! Go and die! All of you can go and die!”

In the next instant, both Huo Yuhao and the eight-ringed Soul Douluo saw everything turn white in front of them.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t see the Soul Douluo, but he could tell that the Hongchen’s Blessing’s Invincible Barrier had stalled. His circulating soul power weakened, and a piercing, cracking sound shook the air in the next moment. A frightening chill surged towards him from every direction, and engulfed his body.

Huo Yuhao hadn’t felt cold for a long time due to his Ultimate Ice. However, he was feeling chilly at this moment. His body and spirit were about to be frozen, and his body turned rigid.

At this point, a surprised voice sounded in Huo Yuhao’s mind, “It’s-it’s actually her… How is this possible? How is this possible?”

A refreshing gust of air was released from the Ice Jade Empress’ Scorpion’s skeleton to tackle the chill. Huo Yuhao’s frozen blood started to circulate normally once again. The Ultimate Ice continued to protect Huo Yuhao’s body during this chill, and kept him from being completely frozen.

However, Huo Yuhao could sense that even the Ultimate Ice seemed inferior to the chill that was sweeping over him.

He had always thought that his Ultimate Ice brought about the most extreme chill, but this sudden change caused his understanding to be revised.

When he reopened his eyes, he was shocked by what he saw.

The entire tunnel had become narrower. There was now a layer of crystalline ice about a foot thick covering the inside of the tunnel. The Soul Douluo had been turned into an ice sculpture. He was motionless as he stood in front of Huo Yuhao. The Godsealing Altar was also frozen after it dropped to the ground.

The tunnel had turned completely dark now. The soul tools that were used to increase visibility had lost their effect. If not for Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes, he wouldn’t be able to see anything.

“Ice Empress, what’s going on? What did you mean just now?” The shocked voice he had heard had come from the Ice Empress.

The Ice Empress sounded very appalled. “That’s-that’s the aura of the Snow Empress!”

“Snow Empress!” Huo Yuhao’s body jerked, and he almost lost his voice. “Are you saying that the hundred-thousand year soul beast embryo sealed within the Godsealing Altar belongs to the leader of the Three Heavenly Kings of the Extreme North, the Snow Empress, who also happens to be ranked third among the Ten Great Savage Beasts?”

“That’s right. It’s the Snow Empress’ aura.” The Ice Empress sounded more certain now. “In the continent, only the Snow Empress possesses an aura even chillier than mine. That voice also belonged to the Snow Empress. I’m certain that it’s the Snow Empress.”

Huo Yuhao couldn’t believe it as he asked, “But, is that even possible? Isn’t the Snow Empress’ cultivation close to seven hundred thousand years? If a soul beast wants to turn into a human, it has to make a choice at the hundred thousand-year mark. Since the Snow Empress has already existed for seven hundred thousand years, how can she be reborn into a human? Could it be someone else from the same species?”

The Ice Empress replied, “It’s impossible. The Snow Empress is special. She’s an Icesky Snow Lady that was given life after receiving the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. How can a normal Snow Lady be more powerful than me? It’s definitely the Snow Empress. Although I don’t know how she did it, I’m certain that it’s her.”

The Skydream Iceworm’s voice sounded, “Whether it is or it isn’t the Snow Empress, we have to leave this place quickly. This is not the time to consider it.”

Huo Yuhao was jolted to his senses. Yes! He wasn’t out of danger yet!

He quickly walked towards the Soul Douluo. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and he said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.” As he spoke, he stretched out his right index finger, and his Darkgolden Terrorclaw pierced through the ice, puncturing the Soul Douluo’s forehead.

There was still a possibility of revival after being frozen under extreme conditions. However, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t survive if he remained here and was captured by Illustrious Virtue Hall. It might even reveal his tracks. It wasn’t time for him to be merciful right now.

He bent over and picked up the damaged Godsealing Altar, putting it away in his storage-type soul tool. Although it was damaged, it was still a Class 9 soul tool! It was still extremely valuable in terms of research and materials.

The fighting noises outside abruptly became even louder. Huo Yuhao hesitated for a moment before returning to the previous tunnel.

The tunnel hadn’t caved in, and Huo Yuhao used his Spiritual Detection to sense the changes in the soil above the tunnel. He quickly advanced, and soon arrived at the collapsed spot. He used his Spiritual Detection to check the situation above, and was greeted with a delightful surprise. From where he was, it was only three meters to the surface. The top was also covered by a steel board, helping to conceal the situation beneath it. Huo Yuhao unleashed his Ice Empress’ Pincer decisively, and started to dig upwards. He quickly dug his way up to the board.

The metal board above made jerking noises, and Huo Yuhao leapt up and stuck his body to it.

The air here was extremely polluted, and the smell of stinking soil made it hard to breathe. His Spiritual Detection enabled him to locate a place to conceal himself as he moved along the steel board. His Darkgolden Terrorclaws tore it apart, and he silently made his way underneath a laboratory desk.

He was now quite close to the main hall of Illustrious Virtue Hall. After calming his breathing for a moment, he observed the situation in front of him carefully.

The entire underground base had already been reduced to a huge mess. Less than a fifth of the laboratory desks were in good condition. The losses Illustrious Virtue Hall had suffered couldn’t just be measured in terms of money.

Jing Hongchen’s expression was very pale. Streaks of red light were continually being released from his body.

Du Busi remained in mid-air. However, their targets were no longer each other. Rather, it was the swaying and flashing white figure in the air.

Streaks and streams of frozen white gas were being released from this figure. However, Du Busi and Jing Hongchen’s dominant attacks prevented this white gas from spreading.

Besides Du Busi and Jing Hongchen, the rest of the people from both sides had stopped fighting at this point. They watched this fight between the three powerful parties as they clearly separated into two different sides.

Huo Yuhao managed to catch a clear glimpse of the white figure. It was a young girl that seemed to be only two or three years old. Her chubby body was covered in a snow-white, cotton skirt.

She roared viciously and tried to break out of the encirclement. Many people from the Body Sect and Illustrious Virtue Hall had already turned into ice sculptures, obviously her doing.

“Is that really the Snow Empress?” Huo Yuhao asked the Ice Empress.

The Ice Empress replied, “It should be. After the Snow Empress was reborn as a human, she should have turned into a human embryo. She must be trying to give up her rebirth and return to her original form. However, she doesn’t seem to possess even a third of her normal strength. Otherwise, these humans wouldn’t be able to stop her no matter how strong they were!”

Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow and said, “It’s normal for her powers to fall after being trapped in the Godsealing Altar for so long. Furthermore, she has experienced a rebirth into a human.”

“No, I have to help her!” The Ice Empress’ determination shocked Huo Yuhao. 

Huo Yuhao hurriedly said, “Ice Empress, don’t be reckless. The situation is very messy now. How can we help her?”

The Ice Empress replied, “The Snow Empress saved me before. Now that she’s in trouble, I have to help her. Don’t worry, I have my own way. I won’t endanger you. Don’t move. I’ll communicate with her.”

The Ice Empress was slowly released, and the golden-red, four-hundred thousand year soul ring appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body. Imitation concealed its light.

A huge image of the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion slowly surfaced on Huo Yuhao’s back. If he stripped, this image would seem to be alive. The image moved slightly on his back, and a weird light shot out from the Ice Empress’ crystal-yellow eyes. A streak of strange aura was also exuded.


Du Busi was very depressed right now. He had never expected things to go this badly. They were fully prepared for this sneak attack, and had even practiced it countless times. It was supposed to be flawless. But who knew that the sealed hundred-thousand year soul beast embryo would escape, and be so powerful?

Neither the Body Sect or Illustrious Virtue Hall dared to use their most destructive weapons to attack. If the place collapsed, no one would survive. 

But the soul beast embryo was too difficult to deal with. Its body temperature was too low. It was both Du Busi and Jing Hongchen’s first time seeing something like this. Its Ultimate Ice managed to neutralize all their attacks. Even Du Busi’s notoriously lethal poison couldn’t penetrate the frozen gas.

In addition, Du Busi had to be wary of Jing Hongchen even when he dealt with the soul beast embryo. While the two of them seemed to be teaming up, the suspended battle would erupt again once the soul beast embryo appeared to be on the verge of caving in.

The Snow Empress’ body was covered by a layer of frozen gas. This layer of frozen gas was in a ball shape with a diameter of two meters. However, this ball of frozen gas could even freeze light, and was the Snow Empress’ best protection.

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