Volume 19, Chapter 172.2: Ambush, and the Mysterious Metallic Man

Three rays of light from soul tools had already landed on Huo Yuhao’s table. Every single one of them was capable of dissolving metal, leaving the table heavily damaged. Once the table was completely destroyed, he would have nowhere to hide. In a fight between so many powerful cultivators, if he was exposed he would be torn to pieces.

What could he do? Huo Yuhao didn’t know… Right now, all he could do was dig deeper into the ground beneath him and fully expand his spiritual detection, praying that he would remain safe from the clashes above.

However, the battles between soul powers was too powerful, already causing a strong soul power storm. Under these circumstances, his spiritual power would be torn to shreds when exploring. After he tried unsuccessfully to probe the outside world with his spiritual power, resulting in him bleeding from the mouth and nose, he gave up.

He wouldn’t die here; that would be too frustrating. It would be better for him to go out. However, if he did go out, which side should he help?

If not for already being directly in the midst of it, Huo Yuhao would steer clear of this cesspool. It would be good for the Body Sect to kill more members of the Illustrious Virtue Hall, as this would delay the impending war. However, he was directly involved right now! If he died here, it would be a tragedy.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao felt his spiritual detection picking something up. As he could not explore outside, he used his spiritual detection to sense the earth underneath instead, and pick the best spot to dig.

As his power increased, his spiritual detection also became more powerful. Even though he was buried in dirt, he could sense everything within a certain radius. Just now, he felt the powerful spiritual power that was crushing him since he began digging relax temporarily.

This made Huo Yuhao think of something as he probed.

Indeed, just as he’d predicted, there was a tunnel about five meters long underneath him. The tunnel was extremely narrow, and only one person could crawl through it at any one time. Evidently, it was new.

“Excellent, if I can enter this tunnel, then I won’t be attacked. Furthermore, the air circulation in this tunnel should be okay. Breathing won’t be a problem.”

Happily, Huo Yuhao used all his strength to continue digging underneath him.

Boom! His table was struck by a soul cannon shell, sending it flying into the air. Some shattered metal pieces were blocked by Huo Yuhao’s Ice Empress’ Armor. By now, he’d already dug two meters, and he extended his body. His left hand using an Ice Empress’ Pincer, and his right hand had the Darkgolden Terrorclaw. Using every ounce of his strength, he smashed forward, and finally breached into the tunnel.

Huo Yuhao didn’t delay, not even for even a second. He wriggled, and dropped into the tunnel.

Indeed, when he dropped into it, he felt the previous sense of danger dropping drastically. Huo Yuhao sighed in relief. However, he couldn’t stay here for long. Above him, a battle raged. What if it caused the tunnel to collapse? Once he got his bearings, he discovered that this tunnel stretched far into the depths of the Illustrious Virtue Hall. Naturally, there would be more powerful Illustrious Virtue Hall soul engineers there. It would probably be safer.

Unfortunately this tunnel was not tall enough, and he could only advance by crawling forward. First, he had to leave the danger zone. Anything else was of secondary importance.

When he entered the depths of the tunnel, the sounds of the explosions outside began to soften. Huo Yuhao sighed in relief. He’d managed to dodge this bullet. In the end he still did not know who would be crowned victor.

This place was a few hundred meters deep. Regardless who it was, they wouldn’t use their most powerful attacks. If the entire underground facility collapsed, even a Titled Douluo won’t be able to carry the weight of a few hundred meters of earth! Huo Yuhao savagely thought, that the best outcome would be for both sides to be severely injured in this battle.

When he advanced forward, he felt the air clearing up. Could it be an exit?

The moment he thought about the word ‘exit’, he tightened up. Now he realized that this tunnel was evidently not dug by the Illustrious Virtue Hall…

Could it be that the attack of the Body Sect was only a diversion to capture Jing Hongchen’s attention? Could their true target actually be through this tunnel, which he had coincidentally ventured into? Were they after some precious soul tool from the Illustrious Virtue Hall? Or… Huo Yuhao trembled. He thought of a possibility, which was also one of his objectives in this expedition. Even though it seemed impossible to him, he had to consider it. If the objectives of Body Sect were identical to his own, then everything would be easier to explain.

Embryo, the hundred thousand year soul beast embryo. They were after that.

When he thought about the three red hundred thousand year soul rings around Du Busi, everything became clear to Huo Yuhao.

He personally witnessed the highlight of the Star Luo Auction held in Star Luo City being awarded to the highest bidder.

He also knew that someone said that they were willing to purchase the item for 100 million golden soul coins. After this was announced, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy never rested. Even when they came over as exchange students, many people were still coveting that item. But the defenses of the Illustrious Virtue Hall were too powerful, and no one knew where the embryo was hidden.

100 million golden soul coins. An astronomical sum. This was aside from the immeasurable value of the hundred thousand year soul beast embryo.

Huo Yuhao heard Elder Mu say that in the past one hundred years, very few hundred thousand year soul beasts had been killed, particularly within the Great Star Dou Forest. The soul beasts became more powerful, and word went around that the killing of a hundred thousand year soul beast would have terrible consequences on its killers.

However, a hundred thousand year soul beast could bring a Titled Douluo's strength to another level. Not only did its soul ring and soul bone provide soul skills, but the overall strength increase it gave a soul master was much more terrifying. It could be said that as long as a soul master's ninth soul ring was a hundred thousand year one, he would definitely be able to become a Rank 95 Transcendent Douluo.

Even Du Busi, who had three hundred thousand year soul rings, may not be able to reach the level of a Rank 99 Ultimate Douluo. Of course, at his level, there were some negative consequences attached with increasing his power using soul rings. Which was why he did not dare to face off against Elder Mu.

What bravery, Body Sect! They dared to rob the Illustrious Virtue Hall. Only after they made their preparations, of course. After all, they were only a sect, and not a whole country. If the Illustrious Virtue Hall wanted revenge, they still had to find them first. Furthermore, they took steps to conceal their identities, meaning that no one could say for sure they were responsible.

After he had discovered their goal, what should he do? Huo Yuhao was put in a difficult spot, because the hundred thousand year soul beast embryo was part of the reason for his journey too!

Elder Mu had spoken with him about this, and because Huo Yuhao himself had his Spiritual Detection and Imitation, Elder Mu told him that if he was given the chance, he should make a go for it. Of course, the pre-condition was that he had to ensure his own safety. Even if he were discovered, his opponents would not hurt him. At most, they would send him back…

When Huo Yuhao came to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, he abandoned this idea. The defenses of the Illustrious Virtue Hall were tight, and it was equipped with the latest and most powerful soul tools. It was impossible for him to enter undetected. Perhaps he could sneak in easily, but he could not get rid of the defenses.

Who could predict the arrival of the Body Sect? They unleashed a vigorous attack, and then sent someone to sneak in and steal it. This plan was surely formulated over a long time. Evidently, the Body Sect was not confident of destroying the Illustrious Virtue Hall in one blow. Attacking them head-on like this was only a diversion; their true objective was past this tunnel.

So… should he head over, or not?

Huo Yuhao knew that whoever the Body Sect sent to infiltrate the Illustrious Virtue Hall must be someone that Du Busi viewed as extremely important and powerful. Someone he couldn’t beat easily. However, would Huo Yuhao just abandon it so easily? This was a rare chance!

Faced with the Body Sect’s powerhouse, his only advantage was his familiarity with soul tools.

Time waited for no man. Without giving much thought to it, Huo Yuhao decided, No!

Compared to the hundred thousand year soul beast embryo, his life was far more important. Furthermore, he already had a million year soul ring and a hundred thousand year soul ring. He shouldn’t be too greedy, as it would lead to catastrophic consequences. Could he betray the trust of Brother Skydream, the Ice Empress, and Electrolux?

When he thought through it, Huo Yuhao calmed down quickly. But he still couldn’t allow the Body Sect to get the hundred thousand year soul beast embryo. If it remained here, he at least had a chance to get it. If the Body Sect took it, he would have no such chance.

He had to find a way to contact the Hallmaster.

Just as he thought about any way to contact Jing Hongchen, a violent vibration could be felt.

The entire building appeared to have started trembling. A boom sounded where Huo Yuhao had been, and a chunk of the tunnel collapsed. Thick mud and dust came straight towards him.

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