Volume 18, Chapter 166.3: Fatal Injury!

It was the Golden Wolf King controlled by Huo Yuhao’s fourth soul skill that unleashed the attack. Appearing to have gone mad, it attacked the rest of the Golden Wolves after it killed this Golden Wolf King.

Yes! This was the soul skill Huo Yuhao had obtained from the Silvermoon Wolf King, Spiritual Confusion.

This was an ability that the Silvermoon Wolf King didn’t even possess. Huo Yuhao was a spiritual-type soul master, but the Silvermoon Wolf King wasn’t exactly considered a spirit-type soul beast. It only used its spiritual power to control different elements for its own purposes. It was more of a multi-elemental soul beast that couldn’t use too powerful soul skills.

That was why its soul ring transformed when it combined with Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes. The eventual result of that transformation was this soul skill. Huo Yuhao had named it Spiritual Confusion.

It could only be used on one target at a time, but as long as the target’s spiritual power wasn’t at least a third of the user, it was guaranteed to descend into confusion. While confused, it would go mad and attack everything around it. However, if its spiritual power was greater than a third of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power then the target would be spiritually attacked. The effectiveness would vary according to the target’s spiritual cultivation, but its spiritual power would undoubtedly fall, and it would be struck by vertigo for while.

If Mass Enfeeblement was Huo Yuhao’s crowd control soul skill, then this Spiritual Confusion could be considered a single target spiritual control skill.

This was his first time using Spiritual Confusion, and it achieved unparalleled effects immediately.

The last remaining Golden Wolf King went crazy and started killing its own species. This diminished the fighting will and morale of the remaining Golden Wolves, hence they all fled in fear.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t be bothered to deal with the insane Golden Wolf King. He turned around and dashed towards the all-terrain exploration soul tool. He was unsure how Ju Zi and Ke Ke were holding up.

At this point, the door of the all-terrain exploration soul tool opened, and the ladies crawled out in fear and confusion.

Ju Zi shouted, “Yuhao, run! Ke Ke used all her soul tools to create a self-detonation device.”

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection covered the scene. He clearly sensed an internal, terrifying force within the all-terrain exploration soul tool, rising quickly.

At this terrifying prospect, he only showed his manliness even further. He didn’t turn to escape, but rushed towards Ju Zi and Ke Ke. He could tell that they were completely spent in terms of soul power and couldn’t escape the imminent blast radius.

Seeing them all the way out here, Huo Yuhao knew they came to find him. How could he leave them in danger when they hadn’t given up on him?

He burst towards them, uncaring of any repercussions. He huddled them in his embrace before activating his Class 5 soul thruster. Then, he picked a direction and charged.

Less than two seconds after he charged out, the all-terrain exploration soul tool behind him turned scarlet-red. Following this change, a reverberating explosion boomed within the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

“Boom boom boom…”

Huo Yuhao still had the help of his Spiritual Detection, with it he could manage to grasp the exact timing of the explosion. He tugged his arms inwards and pulled Ju Zi and Ke Ke towards his body, sheltering them. Hongchen’s Blessing was activated, and the Ice Empress’ Armor was unleashed, instantly increasing his defensive ability to the greatest level.

Huo Yuhao only felt a wave of heat sweeping him up from behind. He felt his body and everything else seemed to flip suddenly. A sweet and fishy taste rose up from his throat as the Hongchen’s Blessing and Ice Empress’ Armor were crushed.

Everything before his eyes turned black, and he lost consciousness.

The frightening explosion Ke Ke created was too powerful. She had used all the formation arrays in her soul tool arsenal. She truly wanted to drag as many Golden Wolves to the grave along with them.

It was too late to reverse the explosion when she and Ju Zi figured out that the situation outside changed.

Everyone thirsted for survival. When they realized that the danger outside was vanquished, they frantically tried to escape.

Ke Ke and Ju Zi weren’t struck directly by the explosive force, and thus they could still see what was going on. They could tell that the surrounding air had been visibly distorted. Next, a stifling force swept past them. However, it was nothing compared to the shockwave that Huo Yuhao protected them from.

The Golden Wolf King still in a confused state was instantly obliterated by the explosive force, even its corpse ceased to exist.

The Class 5 soul thruster had propelled Huo Yuhao and the girls more than a hundred meters in two seconds. That was why they were only struck by a shockwave from the explosion.

Huo Yuhao vomited blood all over the two ladies.

Just after, the three of them collapsed to the ground together.

Ju Zi and Ke Ke almost fainted from this, but they hung on and opened their eyes wide.

They were certain that Huo Yuhao would have escaped unscathed if he had only just listened to Ju Zi’s words and fled immediately.

Ju Zi was still fine mentally. She was only worried and concerned for Huo Yuhao’s safety. However, Ke Ke was filled with regret. If she wasn’t so impulsive and observed the situation outside, none of this would’ve happened! The Golden Wolves did nothing to her, but she was almost killed by her own bomb in the end…

As she thought this, Ke Ke felt like her heart had been stabbed with a blade.

Fresh blood flowed from Huo Yuhao’s nose. He’d turned extremely pale.

Ju Zi and Ke Ke struggled as they climbed out of his embrace. When they looked back into the distance, they were stunned.

Nothing was left of the all-terrain exploration soul tool. It was the ground-zero of an explosion more than five hundred meters in diameter. A huge hole fifteen meters deep had formed where it used to be. Even the corpses of the Golden Wolves had all disappeared. A mist of soil and flesh descended, carrying a bloody smell, landing only tens of meters away from the center of the explosion.

After a momentary daze, they turned their attention to Huo Yuhao—unconscious on the ground.

They were distraught at the sight.

Huo Yuhao was completely covered in blood. His back, thighs and calves were gushing blood. There was shrapnel stuck in his muscles everywhere.

“Oh no! How did it end up like this, why did it end up this way…?” Ke Ke exclaimed, completely frantic.

Ju Zi raged at her. “Calm down and shut up! We need to calm ourselves.” As she spoke, she quickly squatted beside Huo Yuhao to check his breathing and whether or not he was alive. After that, she went to measure his pulse.

While Huo Yuhao’s pulse was very weak, it was still rhythmic.

Ju Zi took in a deep breath. She knew she had to be cool headed now to save Huo Yuhao’s life.

“Ke Ke, protect us. I’ll save him.” While she spoke, she had already retrieved her storage-type soul tool—an orange-red bracelet—and gave it to Ke Ke. Inside this bracelet were many soul tools, all of which were created by Ju Zi herself.

“Alright.” Ke Ke had also finally calmed down by now, and received the bracelet from Ju Zi. Then she took out a Milk Bottle, and restored her soul power. She also took out the soul tools from Ju Zi’s storage-type soul tool and set up a defensive formation.

Ju Zi had no energy to bother with Ke Ke or her surroundings. Although Huo Yuhao was still alive, his life power was diminishing quickly. He could be in fatal peril any second now.

She didn’t care about all the shrapnel still in his body. They couldn’t be pulled out yet, because that would lead to greater blood loss. She had to stabilize Huo Yuhao’s condition first.

As she thought of what to do, Ju Zi took out a needle and string from another storage bracelet on her other hand. She couldn’t be bothered with anything else, only Huo Yuhao’s life mattered now.

Ju Zi’s hands were trembling as she attempted to thread the needle. Her mental energy and soul power were greatly exhausted, also adding her anxiety to the mix, and she could conclude she was unstable.

She suddenly lifted her left hand and bit down on her own wrist forcefully. She left a deep wound, and used the intense pain to stabilize her mindset before quickly threading the needle successfully this time. After that, she started to stitch up Huo Yuhao’s wounds.

Her stitching started from his ruptured capillaries before she proceeded to his muscles and skin. To reduce Huo Yuhao’s blood loss, she could only keep pressure on his wounds with her body-weight. Her clothes were quickly stained with Huo Yuhao’s blood.

Stitching up wounds required meticulous care. For someone like Ju Zi whose forte was carving detailed formations, this wasn’t hard to pull off. Huo Yuhao’s blood loss was finally being stoppered.

Even so, he still looked very weak and pale.

Ju Zi felt heat coming from the places stained with Huo Yuhao’s blood. Concentrated bursts of warmth entered her body, and left her feeling very comfortable. This also let her restore her energy quickly.

Ju Zi immediately recognized this as a problem. She couldn’t let him waste his blood’s power because of her. Just… what power does he have in his blood?

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