Volume 18, Chapter 165.1: Fourth Soul Ring

At this point, Huo Yuhao relied on his explosive strength. Once the three golden wolves began to attack him, it would be very difficult for him to escape.

When he unleashed his strongest strike, his Imitation also exhibited a great effect. The mighty Ice Empress Aura spread out, and the blood-red soul ring started to shine extremely brightly.

The three golden wolves that were about to leap towards him stopped in their tracks. Among the surrounding pack of golden wolves, those that had less than a thousand years of cultivation all collapsed to the ground.

Huo Yuhao exploited this opportunity, and his third soul skill, Enfeeblement, turned into a patch of white light that scattered. The Silvermoon Wolf King, the three golden wolves and the rest of the golden wolves were all struck by this white light.

The Zhuge Divine Crossbows fired at this moment. Huo Yuhao’s Class 5 soul thruster behind his back was also activated with full force, propelling his body forward like a shooting star.

Although his plan had deviated, he didn’t retreat. He still needed to complete it. Even if he couldn’t kill the Silvermoon Wolf King, he had to burst forward. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have any chance left.

Spiritual Interference was unleashed following the Enfeeblement. The three golden wolves weren’t affected that much, but the rest of the golden wolves weren’t so fortunate. That was also key to ensuring Huo Yuhao’s escape.

The Silvermoon Wolf King let out a vicious howl. Although it had already lost both its eyes, it still relied on its immense spiritual power to predict Huo Yuhao’s actions. Its howl also jolted the three golden wolves, who were still reeling in shock from Huo Yuhao’s Imitation. The three huge wolves blocked Huo Yuhao and prevented him from proceeding forward.

The Zhuge Divine Crossbows’ arrows could pierce through thousand year golden wolves’ bodies, but they only created sparks when they struck the three golden wolves. The three golden wolves shut their eyes and lifted their claws. They kept on clawing towards the arrows. Although they felt pain, they weren’t really harmed.

Huo Yuhao collided with the three golden wolves in front of him at this moment.

His speed was frightening under the effect of the Class 5 soul tool. Huo Yuhao hugged his knees to his chest and used his hands to hug his legs as he lowered his head. This was to reduce the surface area of his collision.

The Ice Empress’ Armor covered his entire body. He was currently like an enormous ice ball.

The three golden wolves reacted quickly. The burliest golden wolf in the center stood up straight, and its two claws pierced towards Huo Yuhao as it let out an ear-piercing roar. The golden wolf on the left retreated rapidly and protected the Silvermoon Wolf King. The golden wolf on the right teamed up with the central golden wolf to attack Huo Yuhao.

Indeed, the higher the cultivation of a soul beast, the more intelligent it was. The three golden wolves complemented each other very well, and worked together efficiently.

Although the Enfeeblement had taken effect on them, their offensive strength didn’t dip by a lot. After all, Huo Yuhao was still some way off from their abilities. That was why Huo Yuhao’s soul skill didn’t affect them too much.

Under normal circumstances, Huo Yuhao’s best choice was to use his Spiritual Detection to try and avoid the golden wolves’ attacks. However, this would make it impossible for him to burst past them.

Huo Yuhao looked very calm now. It was as if it wasn’t his body that was was about to be struck.

There was no resistance or attack. He chose to take the strikes of the two golden wolves forcefully!

A scarlet-golden radiance suddenly shone from Huo Yuhao’s body. In the pitch-dark night, another sun seemed to rise from the mountaintop.


The strikes of the two golden wolves landed on the scarlet-golden light barrier that appeared, and a miraculous scene occurred. The scarlet-golden light barrier’s surface seemed to ripple, and the strikes of the golden wolves slid off. They couldn’t penetrate it.

Huo Yuhao groaned, and his Class 5 soul thruster propelled him forward at maximum speed. He collided with the golden wolves and pushed them aside.

The Ice Empress’ Pincer restrained the claws of the golden wolf that was originally in front of Huo Yuhao. However, he was still struck in the back by the golden wolf that was originally at his left side. The scarlet-golden barrier weakened a little. But Huo Yuhao managed to lift his legs, and two balls of light were shot out from the balls of his feet. It was yet another soul thruster. Although it was only a Class 3 soul thruster, it managed to propel him forward extremely rapidly. He burst past the two golden wolves instantly.

An intense azure light now shone from Huo Yuhao’s body. A weird golden light also flashed across his Eye of Destiny before landing on the Silvermoon Wolf King, which was spitting out a huge silver ball of light.

The intense azure light spread and carried a chill with a desolate aura that filled the entire top of the mountain. Everything within a 10 meter radius was engulfed by this azure light. It was the Domain of Perpetual Ice.

The silver ball of light spat out by the Silvermoon Wolf King had already been converted into a huge fireball. However, it was instantly extinguished by the azure-green Domain of Perpetual Ice. Not even a single spark was left.

Huo Yuhao was in a delicate position now. Behind him were the two golden wolves that had tried to block him earlier. To his front left was the golden wolf that was protecting the Silvermoon Wolf King, whereas the Silvermoon Wolf King itself was less than five meters from him, and bursting forward.

The Domain of Perpetual Ice was indeed very powerful. The four wolves instantly slowed down tremendously as their bodies were coated with a layer of frost. However, they were all too powerful for Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao’s current cultivation was insufficient to freeze them completely. Even so, Huo Yuhao still earned himself a great opportunity by slowing them down.

The golden wolf that was protecting the Silvermoon Wolf King became much slower. Huo Yuhao’s body twisted in the air, and he avoided its claws. He came before the Silvermoon Wolf King. At this point, the three golden wolves were behind him, while the Silvermoon Wolf King was in front of him. He was surrounded by the four wolves now.

A cold look appeared in Huo Yuhao’s eyes. He didn’t even bother with the three golden wolves behind him. The Domain of Perpetual Ice could at least ensure that they couldn’t attack within the next three seconds. What he had to do now was deal with the Silvermoon Wolf King before the three golden wolves recovered.

He unleashed everything that he was holding in earlier. The Silvermoon Wolf King was also affected by the Domain of Perpetual Ice, and its movement were slowed. However, its resistance was superior to the three golden wolves, so it was recovering faster. However, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t grant it the opportunity to fully recover.

An azure-blue light flashed in his left hand before disappearing. A compressed boom sounded right in front of the Silvermoon Wolf King’s face. The frozen bloodstains on its fur that were left by the Domain of Perpetual Ice exploded.

When the Silvermoon Wolf King was struck by the Destiny Soul Gaze, its eyeballs had been blown apart as it neutralized the impact of Spiritual Shock, and its crushed eyeballs had left a pile of fluid.

Although its body wasn’t frozen by the Domain of Perpetual Ice, it couldn’t prevent these fluids from flowing out. And now, Huo Yuhao used the Ice Explosion Technique to blow that frozen fluid apart.

The explosive force of this direct explosion was naturally incomparable to the explosive force when the Ice Explosion Technique was injected into a corpse. However, a portion of the ice exploded inside the Silvermoon Wolf King’s eye sockets! In addition, it happened very suddenly.

The Silvermoon Wolf King’s body suddenly rose up as it screamed in pain. The intense pain caused it to lose its cool and judgement.

The Darkgolden Terrorclaws turned into four meter-long blades of light that stabbed into the Silvermoon Wolf King’s body.

This ten thousand year Silvermoon Wolf King was very powerful. It seemed to possess something like an automatic defensive soul tool when the Darkgolden Terrorclaws stabbed into its body. The seven-colored radiance that had once appeared from it flashed again. It was different from the time it tried to resist Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. This time, Huo Yuhao only felt that his Darkgolden Terrorclaws had stopped seven times. After seven roars were heard, he finally managed to strike the Silvermoon Wolf King.

As these seven roars were released, seven different forms – water ripples, flames, tough ramparts, a rapid whirlwind, a light shield, a dark barrier and a lightning web – were adopted. These seven forms represented the seven elements, and greatly diminished the effect of the Darkgolden Terrorclaws.

Huo Yuhao didn’t manage to kill the Silvermoon Wolf King even though he had stabbed his claws into the vital area between its chest and belly.

The three golden wolves behind Huo Yuhao had recovered by now, and they burst towards him.

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath and his entire body seemed to swell. His gaze remained calm. It was as if he had predicted this. His left hand drummed against his chest, and a blinding golden light started to spread from his body. It turned into a golden barrier two meters in diameter. The three golden wolves couldn’t penetrate this golden barrier with their attacks.

Huo Yuhao’s entire spine had already turned a blinding azure-green. This was the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s skeleton’s strongest attack, the Ice Empress’ Wrath!

From Rank 30 to Rank 40, the greatest transformation that had occurred was that he no longer had to rely on the Haodong Power to support his strongest few soul skills.

Although Huo Yuhao was now spent, and his soul power was almost completely depleted, he still appeared very ferocious as the Ice Empress’ Wrath was unleashed. The four hundred thousand year soul ring caused Huo Yuhao’s strongest strike to make a clean sweep through the Silvermoon Wolf King.

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