Volume 18, Chapter 164.1: Silvermoon Wolf King

Huo Yuhao put his soul power into the all-terrain exploration vehicle, and its six mechanical legs began moving. It followed this branch of the trail, until they passed a narrow downslope finally entering the main trail of the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

Huo Yuhao currently was observing the geography of the Jing Yang Mountain Range from above. The main trail of the Jing Yang Mountain Range was ovular. Although it was his first time here, he could roughly discern the distribution of soul beasts, referencing his experiences with the Great Star Dou Forest.

The weaker and smaller soul beasts lived near the outermost perimeter of the mountain range, while the stronger ones lived somewhat deeper in. As long as they didn’t venture in too deep, they shouldn’t be in much trouble.

After all, the Silverwolf’s scent could only spread outwards a certain distance, and shouldn’t be able to reach all the way to the core of the mountain range.

The Silverwolf’s profuse bleeding hadn’t caused any trouble for them, or at least not yet. Most soul beasts would flee after detecting the scent of the Silverwolf’s blood. This was very evident when Huo Yuhao used his Spiritual Detection. He discovered that even some of the thousand year soul beasts would escape after catching a whiff of the Silverwolf’s blood. Just like this, they were advancing faster and faster along the path.

Huo Yuhao quickly controlled the all-terrain exploration vehicle to ascend a nearby mountain peak within the outer boundaries of the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

He didn’t dare expend too much of his soul power as they ventured into the habitats of these soul beasts. After restoring part of his abilities from the mountain peak, he looked into the distance.

Like most mountain ranges, the Jing Yang Mountain Range’s mountain peaks were higher the closer to the center you got.  However, not all of them were steep inclines, and there were some with quite gentle inclines.

The quantity of soul beasts near the main trail was much greater. They were easily comparable to the soul beasts at the edge of the Great Star Dou Forest. However, they didn’t reveal themselves because of the Silverwolf’s blood.

Huo Yuhao sat cross-legged on the ground and allowed the wind to blow against him softly. He wasn’t being adventurous, when he leaned on the all-terrain exploration vehicle, the two ladies couldn’t see his face. A streak of golden light flashed across his forehead, and the Eye of Destiny quietly opened.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual world had experienced earth-shaking changes after he had received the Eye of Destiny. Neither the Skydream Iceworm, the Ice Empress nor Electrolux could control his body anymore because of the Eye of Destiny, unless he allowed it. Even so, he could instantly regain control of his own body with his will even if he invited them to control his body.

Him using the Eye of Destiny right now wasn’t to enhance his Spirit Eyes’ visual acuity. When he opened them, the aura of destiny appeared in Huo Yuhao’s mind. His sensitivity also increased greatly, allowing him to predict the future to a certain extent, and be warned of trouble or anything good that was about to happen.

“Oh?” The Eye of Destiny shut. But even when Huo Yuhao opened his normal eyes, he was shocked. He didn’t expect to come across something like this when he used the Eye of Destiny to search for the paths of destiny.

Danger! Opportunity!

It was a little unclear, but he could definitely sense the presence of both danger and opportunity. This was new, surprising him.

What was going on? Huo Yuhao tensed up. Although the Eye of Destiny only gave unclear answers, he did sense that the dangers came before the opportunities. It seemed as if some countless dangers were waiting for him in the mountains faraway. This was a very ominous sign.

However, he wouldn’t back off when he was already here. Moreover, the Eye of Destiny didn’t give him any sense of fatal danger.

Proceed with caution. Huo Yuhao set himself this careful strategy.

Huo Yuhao slowed down as they continued once more. He stopped almost every fifteen minutes to make adjustments, while they offered, the two ladies were rejected by him to take control the all-terrain exploration vehicle. He only required them to be at their optimal fighting conditions at all time.

Them seeing Huo Yuhao so cautious, they didn’t dare to say anything. It was always good to be more cautious. Even Ke Ke didn’t appear to be annoyed anymore.

After two hours, they were on the way to the top of the third mountain. This was the final destination set by Huo Yuhao for the day. They would be spending their night on the mountain peak.

They finally ran into some problems earlier. Two golden tigers with three thousand years of cultivation had stopped them from advancing.

The golden tigers in the Jing Yang Mountain Range were very strong. Huo Yuhao had only been able to penetrate an inch into their tough skulls, even when using the Darkgolden Terrorclaws. They still died, but a lot of time had been wasted killing them. It wasn’t simple to best their resilient bodies.

After a day’s worth of observation, Huo Yuhao discovered that the metal-type soul beasts in the Jing Yang Mountain Range were stronger than average soul beasts. However, the other types of soul beasts weren’t much weaker. They’d ran into a wind-type Noble Roc with ten thousand years of cultivation as well, which was also the strongest soul beast they saw today. But it was still scared off by the two golden tigers! This showed how dominant the metal-type soul beasts were in the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

However, Huo Yuhao couldn’t hear a peep from the soul beasts that he really wanted to meet. No more spiritual-type soul beasts appeared. Spiritual-type soul beasts were indeed very rare, no matter which part of the continent you look for them. Fortunately, this was only the first day, Huo Yuhao still had patience to spare.

He decided to venture inwards up to the fifth mountain peak as the limit based on his Eye of Destiny’s prediction. He wouldn’t venture any further in past that. He would then proceed to move perpendicularly to conduct his search. If he didn’t make progress in the next five days, he would retreat. After all, his safety was paramount.

They finally reached the top of the mountain.

There was an important reason for choosing to rest at the top of the mountain—the all-terrain exploration vehicle was most adept at escaping from a high ground. As a ball-shaped entity, it could roll down a moderately low slope. It wouldn’t be easy for a soul beast to chase them down. Of course, the soul masters inside the all-terrain exploration vehicle wouldn’t find it very comfortable.

Huo Yuhao didn’t start up a fire, but he still whipped up a delicious meal for the ladies. Earlier Huo Yuhao had retrieved the tastiest loin from the golden tiger, then, using the White Tiger Dagger, he cut out thin strips of meat.

Tiger meat was generally a tinge sour. Usually speaking, it wouldn’t taste nice without appropriate cooking methods. Fresh tiger meat tasted better than normal meats, but how many people had a chance to eat it?

Before Huo Yuhao cut the fresh tiger meat into pieces, he had already prepared a condiment. It was a new slightly spicy sauce, but it was very refreshing. After the tiger’s meat was marinated, it became very tender. Not only did the sour and fishy taste disappear, somehow it developed a wild taste.

However, Huo Yuhao didn’t let them eat too much of it. He knew it wasn’t easy to digest raw tiger meat, even though it’s very nutritious. He came up with another sauce and used it to make a salad. He added some dried foods to the salad, which tasted pretty addictive themselves.

Ke Ke and Ju Zi discovered that their sisterly affections for Huo Yuhao increased every time they tasted his cooking.

“What will we do at night?” After having dinner, the three of them formed a circle. The mountain breeze was chilly at night, and gusts of mist floated by, causing their outerwear to be wet.

However, it wasn’t a good idea to pitch a tent here, because they might meet a soul beast anytime.

Huo Yuhao pointed at the metal ball behind him and said, “We can only sleep in it. The two of you can rest. I’ll stand guard outside. If there’s any movement, I’ll inform you immediately.”

Ju Zi said, “Let me relieve you at midnight.”

Ke Ke added, “Let’s make it four hours per person.”

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “Alright, don’t worry and go to sleep. I’ll call for you when your time comes.”

The ladies returned to the all-terrain exploration vehicle and shut the crystal door, completely isolating themselves from the chill outside.

Huo Yuhao leaned against the metal ball and sat down. Although the mountain breeze was very chilly, it meant nothing to him. He was someone with Ultimate Ice, this was a suitable place for him to cultivate, rather than harmful.

He shut his eyes and sat cross-legged. His Spiritual Detection spread out, and his soul power circulated in his meditative state.

This was a major benefit of using Huo Yuhao’s second mental sea. He could leave a shred of consciousness in his second mental sea and adjust his soul power to use his Spiritual Detection to sense the conditions around him. He could also rest part of his mind in primary Spiritual Sea. It was like sleeping with one eye open. If he discovered something, his mind could be activated quickly. Which was why he had no intention of asking them to relieve him.

The sky was getting darker, and the starlight dimmed. Gusts of thick fog blew past, and visibility became very poor.

The chill had no effect on Huo Yuhao though. His body temperature was even lower than the temperature outside. The Ultimate Ice caused his soul power cultivation to proceed at a snail’s pace, but his foundation was very solid. No soul master at the same level could compare with him in this aspect.

Water was the foundation of ice. The water element in the air was very beneficial to Huo Yuhao’s cultivation. Furthermore, the natural qi of heaven and earth was providing nourishment amidst the mountains of the outside world. His cultivation would accelerate here.

There was a great feeling to cultivating deep in the mountains. Huo Yuhao could sense everything that changed within a 500 meter radius, and he sighed to himself. No wonder soul beasts would rather live in the deep mountains, swamps or a forest. The spiritual energy was just so very nourishing.

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