Volume 18, Chapter 163.1: The Hexa-Elemental Silverwolf

Huo Yuhao kept his Spiritual Detection activated and an eye on their surroundings. He also used it to observe the two ladies in front of him, and slowly realized that they’d used medicine and some special methods to increase their soul power to their current levels. However, their soul power lacked tenacity and didn’t circulate well. It wasn’t even comparable to a normal soul master who’d just reached Rank 40. This wasn’t something that would happen in Shrek Academy.

This was a side effect of impatiently chasing success! They’d increased their soul power quickly, but their foundations were lacking. They hadn’t even fully experienced the changes that had occurred as their soul power increased. Whether it was the speed they gathered soul power at or their control of it, they definitely couldn’t compare to an orthodox soul king.

Would soul masters be replaced by soul engineers in the future? Huo Yuhao had never thought of this question before. Even if such a thing were to happen, he probably wouldn’t live to see it.

Ke Ke was completely spent once she got the machine over the mountain, thus she left the main control seat. Rather than take over, Ju Zi gestured for Huo Yuhao to take her place.

Huo Yuhao didn’t decline. He sat down in the main control seat and listened to Ju Zi’s explanation of how to control the vehicle.

Sitting in the main control pod felt quite different. The window in front of him wasn’t very fine, but it had been specially designed to allow him a 180-degree view of the outside terrain.

There were four control joysticks in front of him. One was for injecting soul power into the vehicle, while the other three joysticks were used to advance, retreat, and jump. The joystick used to inject soul power also had the ability to rotate which direction the vehicle was going. All in all, the controls seemed very easy to use.

However, Huo Yuhao discovered some problems the moment he started to control the vehicle; he couldn’t coordinate its controls well. In order to properly control this all-terrain exploration vehicle, he needed to learn the rhythm that the six mechanical legs moved in. It was only through this that he’d be able to change directions at the appropriate time, as well as control the speed of his advancement and retreat.

Others might take some time to adapt and familiarize to this, but Huo Yuhao held an advantage because of his Spiritual Detection. He was able to control the soul tool after about ten minutes of testing, and after almost a third of his soul power had been depleted.

He pushed the joystick to advance forwards, injected his soul power into the directional joystick, and then excitedly said, “We’re about to move. Sit tight.”

The soul tool then began to move under his control. Although it was a little slow when he started, the burden on his soul power had also become greater.

Huo Yuhao’s advantage over the other two was displayed at this point. While he was only Rank 40, his foundation was extremely solid. His cultivation had been greatly influenced by the Ultimate Ice between Rank 30 and Rank 40, thus his accumulation of soul power had increased greatly. Currently, his soul power was restored a little but every time he simply took a breath, and was also aided by the Mysterious Heaven Technique. This was an aspect that the two ladies couldn’t compare to him in.

Ju Zi observed Huo Yuhao seriously, only to reveal a stunned look. Ke Ke was equally appalled, and her reaction was even greater than Ju Zi’s.

Huo Yuhao had seemed a bit rusty when he’d started to use the all-terrain exploration vehicle, but that had only lasted for the first ten minutes. After some minor adjustments, he managed to control the speed of the all-terrain exploration vehicle pretty well.

This huge metal ball seemed quite imperious from the outside. Its speed gradually increased, and its direction continuously adjusted. When the metal ball encountered any barriers, it always managed to jump up at just the right time.

It could jump up to twelve meters into the air, the amount that it did being completely controlled by the joystick. As such, Huo Yuhao was able to have the vehicle jump to the appropriate height at the appropriate time without wasting any energy at all every time.

As time passed, Huo Yuhao’s control over the vehicle became better and better. The all-terrain exploration vehicle seemed to have come alive as it burst forwards. It was extremely rapid, and its traits were greatly exhibited.

Ke Ke mumbled, “Is this really the first time he’s controlled this all-terrain exploration vehicle?”

Ju Zi nodded slightly and said, “It should be.”

“But…” Ke Ke was doubtful.

Ju Zi smiled. “Sometimes you have to admit that there are geniuses in the world. Isn’t he a good example?”

Ke Ke shook her head speechlessly and said, “I don’t believe it. Even if he is a genius, he’d still need some time to grasp the controls. Sister Ju Zi, do you know how he did it?”

Ju Zi nodded and said, “If I’m not wrong, it’s because of his spiritual-type martial soul. Think about it: If he can judge the geography of our location and accurately pinpoint the condition of the all-terrain exploration vehicle, wouldn’t controlling it to be much simpler? After a period of training and adapting, he’ll be able to control this soul tool better than both of us.”

Ke Ke asked, “But wouldn’t that require a lot of calculations?”

Ju Zi rolled her eyes and said, “Do you honestly think that this guy lacks the ability to do such a thing? I finally understand why the academy has been searching for spiritual-type soul masters. Spiritual-type soul masters have a unique advantage when it comes to controlling and creating soul tools! No wonder Teacher Xuan thinks so highly of him.”

Huo Yuhao could hear what the two of them were saying, but he was immersed in controlling the soul tool. His soul power continued to deplete, but he realized that he didn’t need to continuously inject his soul power to keep the vehicle moving.

There were six cumulative formation arrays inside of the vehicle. These formation arrays would gather the soul power he injected before they absorbed it. Following this, his soul power would then be transferred to the other formation arrays. If he continued to inject his soul power, a small portion of his soul power would be wasted in the process of being transferred between the formation arrays. He was able to tell that this was happening through his Spiritual Detection, which in turn allowed him to conserve his soul power. Furthermore, his regenerative abilities were superior to those of most ordinary soul masters, which was why he still had some soul power left despite controlling it for nearly 30 minutes.

Right as Huo Yuhao was exploring the magical effects of the vehicle, his Spiritual Detection sent him a warning. The all-terrain exploration vehicle suddenly stopped, and its six mechanical legs descended into a half-squatting stance. Huo Yuhao then scanned one direction in particular with his Spiritual Detection .

A two meter tall, wolf-like soul beast appeared and gazed at the all-terrain exploration vehicle warily. It then let out a deep hooting sound, as if it were trying to demonstrate its might.

It was Huo Yuhao’s first time seeing this wolf. Its was silvery-white, while its fur appeared metallic. An intense radiance was reflected off of it, which made it seem as if it were glowing under the sun.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t tell what the soul beast’s cultivation was from its appearance.

“It’s a rare soul beast, a Silverwolf! Based on its size, it should have a cultivation of around three thousand years. Yuhao, beware.”

Huo Yuhao nodded, then asked, “What kind of soul beast is this Silverwolf? How come I’m not familiar with it?”

Ju Zi replied, “The Silverwolf is a special soul beast in the Sun Moon Empire. It’s a metal element soul beast, but it’s not any ordinary soul beast. It’s very difficult to deal with, and it feeds on Mithril. The Silverwolf needs to consume massive amounts of Mithril to break through its own bottleneck like humans need a soul ring when they reach a bottleneck. There’s a rumor that a Silverwolf King appeared in the past with cultivation of ten thousand years. It managed to resist two Soul Douluo before escaping with injuries. A Silverwolf Emperor with a hundred thousand year cultivation and above has never appeared before. A Silverwolf’s fur and bones are extremely useful materials for making soul tools with, while their meat is quite delicious, and can strengthen the body of a soul master.”

Ke Ke eagerly said  “Let me go out. I have a way to deal with it.”

Huo Yuhao said, “Let me go instead.”

“Be careful.”

The Silverwolf had already launched an attacked while they were speaking. It was evidently unhappy with the metal ball in front of it, as its silver fur started to shine, and it spat out a silver ball of light towards it.

The silver ball of light didn’t make any sound as it shot through the air. However, the silver light transformed the moment it neared the all-terrain exploration vehicle. It became a diameter-wide fireball, then sped towards the all-terrain exploration vehicle.

Huo Yuhao was also shocked. He rushed to make the all terrain exploration soul tool jump, barely managing to evade the fireball. Even so, two of the vehicle’s mechanical legs were struck, which caused the balance of the all-terrain exploration vehicle to be affected. Huo Yuhao quickly corrected the all-terrain exploration vehicle to prevent it from collapsing.

The Silverwolf unleashed a second silver ball of light at that moment. Huo Yuhao thought that it would turn into another fireball, but the silver light turned into ten wind-blades that surrounded the all-terrain exploration vehicle this time. The blades then swung towards the all-terrain exploration vehicle maniacally.

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