Volume 17, Chapter 151.1 Extreme Teaching

This teacher was tall and slim, and had all the allure of a female. However, he also had a face full of hair, a luscious beard. His appearance was a little glaring and shocking to the eyes.

Xian Lin’er said, “Let me introduce to the two of you. This is teacher Gao Sheng, and he’ll be responsible for guiding you guys in the art of makeup and concealment. Learn from him.”

He Caitou mumbled pitifully, “Dean Xian, are you going to let us rest for a little while before we continue our other lessons? We will be more efficient that way. We have consumed too much soul power.”

Xian Lin’er snapped, “This will be the last time I hear you whine. Every minute that you have is precious. You don’t need soul power to learn the art of makeup and the art of concealment. You will naturally recover your energy and your soul power during the process. Begin, teacher Gao. Fan Yu, you’ll stay here to monitor their progress. If they slack off even a little bit—hmph!”

Gao Sheng walked elegantly before the two of them and made the gesture of a cymbidium with his right hand. He said softly, “My two students, you will learn the art of makeup and concealment from me for one full year, starting today. Oh, that’s not right. Huo Yuhao will spend a little less time learning the art of makeup. He will attend four lessons for about a month, and all he has to do is understand a little bit. However, you definitely have to learn the complete art of concealment.”

This teacher’s fine and soft voice gave Huo Yuhao and He Caitou goosebumps. They would rather face swarms of soul beasts than listen to teacher Gao speak.

Fan Yu’s facial muscles were also faintly twitching not far away from them. If he wasn’t aware that teacher Gao was especially adept with the art of makeup and concealment, he probably would have slapped him right across the face. Xian Lin’er and Qian Duoduo were already gone by now.

Gao Sheng giggled femininely, and suddenly spun around. When he turned back, both He Caitou and Huo Yuhao felt their eyes brighten. The enormous beard on Gao Sheng’s face was gone, in its place was a pretty and exquisite face—this look was more compatible with his feminine and elegant frame.

Gao Sheng patted his chest with both hands. Huo Yuhao and He Caitou watched with widened eyes and slack jaws as two supple, firm and round humps suddenly protruded from Gao Sheng’s originally flat chest. The humps even looked a little elastic and bouncy.

He raised his butt, and suddenly his originally flat buttocks became a lot bigger than before. His hips gradually lifted upwards, and when juxtaposed with the two perky humps that had appeared on his chest before, he morphed into the ideal body shape.

“How’s that? It’s magical, isn’t it?”

Gao Sheng spoke again just as Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were immersed in the incredible transformations that were happening before their eyes, and he frightened them once more. His originally feminine and giggly voice actually became a deep male baritone. The pairing of this voice with his alluring and sexy build even made Huo Yuhao feel like his heart was starting to twist into knots. However, he had to admit that teacher Gao Sheng had left an extremely strong impression in his mind.

Gao Sheng smiled and said, “From male into female, and without any loopholes at all. This is an extremely high level. At its peak, the art of makeup can transform a person into anything—sometimes you can even transform into a soul beast and not have your cover blown. I will impart some tips and tricks to you today. For example, how to increase my bust like I just did.”


Fan Yu sprang to his feet and said, “I’m going to go get some fresh air, teacher Gao.” With that, he immediately turned around and walked out without a single moment of hesitation.

Gao Sheng’s smile was very terrifying to Huo Yuhao and He Caitou.

Gao Sheng psychologically tortured Huo Yuhao and He Caitou all the way until lunchtime. When the two of them walked out from the Testing Area, their eyes were lackluster.

However, teacher Gao’s pedagogy couldn’t just be described as extraordinary. From the beginning to the end, they had no idea which voice was teacher Gao’s actual voice, and they weren’t sure what teacher Gao’s real appearance was like.

Gao Sheng displayed the magic of the art of makeup to them over the span of more than an hour. Gao Sheng’s appearance changed eleven times during the process, and every transformation was drastic, and with incredible speed and agility.

The art of concealment was to be learned together with the art of makeup. Both Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were stuffed with voluminous knowledge and information even though this was only one lesson. Teacher Gao adjusted their bodies and enabled them to truly experience what it felt like to transform… Gao Sheng only conducted one lesson every week, but he told them that he would conduct an assessment based on each lesson’s teachings. If they couldn’t pass his assessment, then he would transform into his original elegant frame with a bearded face, and he would hug them while taking a stroll around Shrek Plaza… it would be the look with a perky chest and buttocks, and a full head of facial hair… Huo Yuhao and He Caitou reoriented themselves only after they finished lunch. Fan Yu told them that they would have thirty minutes to rest and digest what they had learned in the morning. Fan Yu would take over for the subsequent lesson in the afternoon, and this lesson would be about the forging and designing of soul tools that were considered imperative for soul engineers.

The speed of imparting knowledge was clearly a lot faster than before, especially for Huo Yuhao. Fan Yu couldn’t be bothered with the two-year gap between Huo Yuhao and He Caitou during his afternoon lesson, and started his lesson directly from Class 3 soul tools. All sorts of information and knowledge that was comparable in volume to the art of makeup that they had encountered for the first time in the morning was shoved into their heads.

After the day was over, Huo Yuhao’s mind was drab and in complete disorder even though he was a spirit-type soul master. He had learned too many things, and they would have a hands-on lesson in forging soul tools tomorrow, along with multiple other lessons. The fatigue in his mind was even more agonizing than the physical exhaustion. When they were brought to the specially prepared canteen for them in the Soul Tool Department, the two of them felt as if they could crumble and collapse at any time.

However, they were pleasantly surprised—their dinner was sumptuous and wholesome!

Dinner filled up a large table, and was prepared just for the two of them. They had never seen most of the glittering and dazzling foods on the table, and the fragrant smell of food triggered their voracious appetites.

However, their excitement was short-lived, and disappeared very soon. A teacher that was responsible for their diet arrived beside them and started teaching them how to eat.

Yes, teaching them how to eat!

Did eating require guidance?! This was the first thought that appeared in Huo Yuhao and He Caitou’s minds. The person before them seemed around thirty years old, and she wore a white chef’s hat on her head while a clean white gown draped from her body—this extremely pretty middle-aged lady gave them the answer.

“The foods you see before you aren’t normal—I have specially selected them. Oh, yes, let me introduce myself. My name is Lu Xiaoxiao, and I am the number one dietary nutritionist in the academy. I specialize in the various combinations and compatibilities of exotic foods and ingredients. Many different precious ingredients have to be used at different maturities, and you have to follow a specific order if you use several top-tier ingredients at the same time. Otherwise, their nutritional value will be affected. I will be responsible for your dinners from today onwards, and you will follow my guidance strictly when you eat. You can consider this a co-curricular lesson. I don’t require you to learn everything, but you must at least learn to discern and distinguish.”

“Pick up the teacup in front of you. This is produced from the Spiritcharm Sea Urchin found in the Dou Ling Empire’s East Coast, and it’s a very special seafood. In order to preserve its taste and the rest of its nutrition, we have expended excessive energy and effort to transport it as fast as possible from the ocean. Finish it immediately with a spoon. This is your first dish, and I will explain its effects and nutrition while you guys eat.”

Huo Yuhao lifted the teacup before him and opened it. A dense fishy smell immediately wafted into his face. How would he describe it? The smell was like a macerated and stinky salted fish was left to fester in a hot and humid environment for at least ten days.

He Caitou’s originally tanned skin seemed to grow pale in an instant. Huo Yuhao exclaimed in shock, “Is this thing still moving?!”

Lu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and said, “Of course it’s still moving, dumbass. Didn’t I just say that we have to preserve its original nutrients by keeping it fresh? Therefore, we have to eat it raw. If we eat it after killing it, its nutrients will be damaged and tainted. This is a rare top-tier item that can nourish the soul. Every single one is incredibly pricey, and it’s extremely difficult to come across even a single one. If it weren’t for the academy’s requirements, do you really think I could bear to let you guys eat it? If this were sold in the big cities, or even within Shrek City, a single one could fetch for thousands of golden soul coins. You will experience its mystical effects once you consume it. Hurry up, don’t wait for it to die.”

That smell… eating it alive… this… Huo Yuhao felt his stomach starting to churn vigorously, and his face turned ghastly pale.

Lu Xiaoxiao’s expression turned cold when she saw that the two of them didn’t move a single inch. She snapped the fingers of her right hand. Huo Yuhao and He Caitou both saw that this ‘number one nutritionist in the academy’, teacher Lu, seemed to have eight soul rings, which flickered once before the two of them realized they were completely immobilized—as if the entire space around them had been frozen and arrested.

Lu Xiaoxiao casually came before the two of them and picked up a spoon from the table before she grabbed He Caitou’s chin and forced his mouth open. Then, she picked up the teacup and used the spoon to scoop out the thing inside…

It was a green sticky ball, and nothing seemed to be left inside the teacup once she scooped it out. It looked like a giant ball of snot… and it was squirming.

Lu Xiaoxiao moved incredibly quickly. She raised her wrist and stuffed this ball of snot into He Caitou’s mouth, and He Caitou immediately felt as if his entire mouth was filled up. That moist, sticky, slimy, stinky ‘snot’ suddenly started to squirm vigorously.

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