Volume 17, Chapter 149.3: Judgement of the Light of Destiny

At this time, a weird golden light lit up on Huo Yuhao’s forehead, looking like the first ray of light at dawn. Everyone squinted their eyes unwittingly, even though it wasn’t blinding them. For just an instant, everyone seemed to pause.

It was a golden eye, filled with the bright light of destiny. The strange eye displayed the majesty of heaven and earth. Even the air was buzzing as the light from the eye shone forth.

Huo Yuhao’s lips moved a little. Only He Caitou managed to hear what he said.

He had called out, “Destiny, judgement!”

A layer of strange light spread out, with Huo Yuhao’s body at the center. The light didn’t seem very intense, but it couldn’t really be described, because every soul beast and soul master saw the color of this light differently.

The air distorted slightly as the light passed by. It felt like a huge door of destiny had been opened behind everyone.

Fortunately, it didn’t cover a wide area. It only engulfed the area which the twelve soul beasts were in.

If this feeling only left Xian Lin’er and Qian Duoduo in a trance, the next moment revealed the true effects of the transformation in front of their eyes.

The first transformation happened to He Caitou, who was the closest to Huo Yuhao. He was coated with a layer of dim gold. That layer of dim gold instantly peeled off from his body and formed a weird golden light projection behind him. This projection looked identical to him, and was only lacking his soul tools, otherwise a perfect duplicate

A ring of golden light flashed from his double’s shoulder, giving off a feeling of calm and peace.

The transformation didn’t just happen to He Caitou. The twelve soul beasts that were engulfed by the radiance also underwent transformations. However, their transformations were different from He Caitou’s.

Every soul beast started to shake uncontrollably. Following that, a pale white layer appeared on their heads before peeling off instantly. However, the form that they took after they peeled off didn’t appear as balanced as He Caitou’s projection. These projections took the form of the beasts bare skull, floating above their heads. Even more frightening, the eye sockets of the skulls were glowing a bloody red..

“What, what is this? Third eye? Don’t tell me…?”

Xian Lin’er, Qian Duoduo, and Fan Yu said in unison, “Second awakening of the Body Soul?” They couldn’t think of any other possibility except this. Their eyes opened wide as they watched the changes the soul beasts were continuing to experience.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny silently shut itself. His body shook a little, and he seemed a little dizzy.

His mental fatigue was now intense. His second sea was extremely uncomfortable, sucked dry by what he had just done. However, he had finally displayed the power of the Eye of Destiny. He also wanted to see what kind of judgement the Light of Destiny could unleash through the Eye.

Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes opened at the same time he shut his Eye of Destiny. The dim gold remained, but he was much more fatigued.

The soul beasts were delayed in their advance, and they could all feel a chill rising from the depths of their hearts. They didn’t know what was happening, but they were clearly aware of the changes. But where were these transformations coming from? They had no idea.

Huo Yuhao naturally wouldn’t explain it to them. The soul beasts could also feel the changes, but they were stunned that their bodies hadn’t seemed to change. Everything still looked the same as ever to them.

Some of the soul beasts were furious from the fear that he had inflicted them. The four Single-Horned Devilrhinos roared together and started to charge towards Huo Yuhao and He Caitou. The Sealing Lights on their horns also shot out towards Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s third soul ring suddenly lit up at this point. After he managed to obtain the Spirit Eyes’ third soul ring, it was his first time using it! What was his third soul skill?

Huo Yuhao’s eyes turned white at this point, and a ring of white light spread out from his body. Undoubtedly, it was a domain-type skill. The twelve soul beasts were all engulfed in its radiance.

A weird scene occurred as the white light engulfed the soul beasts. Every one of them turned white, and their mighty auras from before started to become weaker and weaker.

The four Single-Horned Devilrhinos that were charging forwards slowed down, and their bodies even started to shake. The soul beasts that were adept in long-range attacks also delayed their attacks at this moment.

“Senior He, use your soul tools as defensive barriers and attack the soul beasts in the back. Leave the Single-Horned Devilrhinos to me.”

After he finished speaking, Huo Yuhao wrenched his head down forcefully. It was as if he were trying to shake off his fatigue. His body then shot out like an arrow.

The entire battle erupted at this point. Even though the soul beasts that were adept at long-range attacks had been influenced by Huo Yuhao’s white light, they still managed to unleash their long-range attacks at the first opportunity.

Huo Yuhao could still dodge, but He Caitou was struggling. This was also why Huo Yuhao asked him to use the soul tools to form a defensive barrier for himself.

Eight long-range soul skills were unleashed. Some of them covered an area, while some of them were fixed on a specific target. Their goal was to strike both Huo Yuhao and He Caitou.

However, something weird happened at this moment. He Caitou mounted his attack as he engaged his defense. He chose the closest soul beast to him. However, he was anxious at this moment. The concentrated attacks of the eight soul beasts couldn’t be resisted by his Class Four soul tool barrier! Furthermore, the Spiritual Detection had disappeared. He could only completely trust Huo Yuhao now.

Fan Yu was already holding a dark gold metal barrel in his hands on the stage. He locked onto He Caitou, and was about to fire. Although a Class Four soul tool barrier couldn’t resist the soul beasts’ attacks, it could still last for some time. That was why Fan Yu didn’t rush to his aid. He was waiting for He Caitou to be completely defenseless. After all, this test was to challenge their limits. However, he was clueless as to why Huo Yuhao and He Caitou didn’t search for a breakout point even though they were in a critical situation. They didn’t even diversify their attacks, which might prove to be their fatal flaw. Could they still hold on against the twelve soul beasts?

However, Fan Yu opened his eyes wide at this moment. The light that was about to shoot out of the dark golden barrel also dimmed instantly.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

How was this possible? How was this possible? What did he just see?

Qian Duoduo and Xian Lin’er also opened their eyes wide. They were both incredulous.

If they could accept Huo Yuhao’s impressive performance previously, whatever was going on now was beyond what they could comprehend.

Three of the eight soul beasts using long-range attacks were using domain-type attacks. Domain-type soul skills were all-engulfing, Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Meteor Shower being a good example. Of course, domain-type attacks weren’t completely flawless, but their flaws were almost negligible, usually that the user couldn’t fully control them, while most targeted long-range attacks locked onto an enemy before a soul skill was unleashed towards them. This was the modus operandi of most soul masters and soul beasts.

However, an unbelievable scene occurred within the Soul Beast Dueling Area. There were eight long-range attacking soul beasts! What happened to their attacks? Their attacks struck nothing. Not even one of their attacks managed to hit He Caitou or Huo Yuhao!

Even He Caitou couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even have to use his soul tool barrier! Meanwhile, the strike from his soul tool fort managed to easily tear apart one of the soul beast’s bodies.

How did Huo Yuhao manage to avoid all the soul beasts’ attacks?

The battle continued to progress as everyone was shocked. Even weirder changes continued to happen.

Huo Yuhao’s leaping body had already reached a Single-Horned Devilrhino as the other soul beasts attacked. He leapt up high, and unleashed his Darkgolden Terrorclaws. He targeted them at the Single-Horned Devilrhino’s head.

The Single-Horned Devilrhino was too defensively sound. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao could tell that the Single-Horned Devilrhinos weren’t thousand-year soul beasts. Under such circumstances, He Caitou’s soul tool fort might be able to take down one Single-Horned Devilrhino. However, the burden on him would be very great. What about the rest of the soul beasts?

That’s why Huo Yuhao decided to make a move himself.


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