Volume 17, Chapter 148.3: Extreme Test

“That’s a soul bone,” Xian Lin’er said.

“Soul bone? This kid has a right arm soul bone?” Fan Yu was shocked. “I recall that he only received a left arm bone after he returned from the tournament!”

The battle in the arena didn’t stop as they conversed. After Huo Yuhao regained his footing, he slid, and his entire body fell to the ground. The dark golden blades on his right hand didn’t retract, but were stabbed into the ground instead.

He caused a tremor that covered tens of square meters. Dirt sprayed everywhere as a huge body was forced out of the ground

It was a huge python covered in dark green scales, about six meters long. At this time, its whole body was spasming wildly. Huo Yuhao had grabbed on its head as he “slipped” earlier.

Pythons had more vitality then wolves, so it hadn’t died immediately. It shook violently and flung Huo Yuhao to one side, twisting and turning, while the wounds on its head gushed blood. No matter how strong its vitality was, it couldn’t withstand five killing wounds on its head!

This was a thousand-year Blackscale Python, a thousand-year soul beast. But it was actually killed so quickly by Huo Yuhao, undoubtedly the work of his Spiritual Detection.

He Caitou didn’t even unleash a strike. When Huo Yuhao fell to the ground, his legs shifted rapidly, and he retreated 10 meters, preventing any attack by the thousand-year Blackscale Python.

Two thousand-year soul beasts had been killed in a matter of seconds.

Gong Changlong, who was initially worried that they would be hurt, was now extremely appalled. Did Huo Yuhao really only have three soul rings? Furthermore, his soul rings were all white. What was going on?

Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were given the opportunity to catch their breath after slaying two soul beasts in succession. Of course, they weren’t really in need of such a break at the moment.

He Caitou was as shocked as the teachers right now.

Compared to the teachers, he was much more familiar with Huo Yuhao’s abilities. A three-ringed Soul Elder was on the same level as a thousand-year soul beast. However, this didn’t mean that all soul elders had the ability to kill a thousand-year soul beast.

When Huo Yuhao first met Bei Bei, he had helped him kill a thousand-year soul beast. Bei Bei even mentioned that he didn’t have absolute confidence in resisting the thousand-year soul beast they had run into back then. Of course, Bei Bei had been referring to a soul beast with seven or eight thousand-years of cultivation.

The two soul beasts that had appeared just now only possessed a thousand-years of cultivation, but they were true thousand-year soul beasts! Even if Huo Yuhao was fortunate enough to have Spiritual Detection to help him sense their movements, he couldn’t have killed them without the Darkgolden Terrorclaws. Almost all soul beasts had tough skull, but the two soul beasts he had fought just now had no chance against the golden claws!

He Caitou hadn’t seen Huo Yuhao’s Darkgolden Terrorclaws before. He only knew that Huo Yuhao didn’t show any obvious undulations of soul power when he killed the two soul beasts. He had only maintained his Spiritual Detection, and used pure strength to kill both soul beasts. The two soul beasts were killed before they could unleash their own abilities. This was especially so for the python, which had wanted to mount a surprise attack. However, it was killed before it could do so.

However, He Caitou didn’t have time to ask Huo Yuhao what his Darkgolden Terrorclaws were. The test had only just started. Even though Huo Yuhao had already displayed his full strength, it didn’t change the nature of the test.

Four more soul beasts burst towards the two of them from four different directions. These four soul beasts were all different, but they were obviously at least in the thousand-year bracket in terms of cultivation.

They were a lion, a tiger, a panther and a bear. They were thousand-year soul beasts, but there were differences in their powers. Just like how a thousand-year Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear was unafraid of a ten thousand-year Deviltiger Cat, these four species of soul beasts might not have especially outstanding blood lineages, but their powers were greater than those of most soul beasts.

Furthermore, these four soul beasts belonged to the same element – the rare Metal element. This meant that that they were skilled in physical combat, and their defensive strength was extremely high.

The four soul beasts let out different roars as they started to force their way closer to Huo Yuhao and He Caitou.

The thousand-year Golden Panther was the quickest. This yellow- eyed Golden Panther had a row of fine metal spikes on its neck. Each spike was around three inches in length, and covered its neck all the way to its spine. Although it moved very swiftly, it didn’t dash over at the first opportunity. The four soul beasts seemed to be coordinating with one another!

This was Shrek Academy’s Beast Dueling Area. Some of the soul beasts had been trained. The higher the soul beasts’ cultivations, the higher their intelligence. Training them wasn’t completely impossible with sufficient temptation. Of course, the secret method to training them was confidential in the academy.

A dim radiance flashed, and Huo Yuhao’s face revealed a cold smile. Coordination? How could he let them do as they wished?

“Charge!” Huo Yuhao shouted, and charged towards the east with He Caitou. There was a thousand-year golden bear on this side. It was huge and burly, its body close to three meters tall and exuding a golden glow. Although it couldn’t compare to the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear’s dark golden glow, its standing fur and rough skin made it the most defensively resolute among the 4 soul beasts. It was also the strongest.

The Golden Bear roared as it saw Huo Yuhao and He Caitou rushing over. It charged at the two of them, while the other three soul beasts also sped up, quickly surrounding the two humans. The Golden Panther was the fastest, chasing them like a bolt of yellow lightning. As the golden bear faced them from the front, it would attack them from behind!

Huo Yuhao suddenly lifted his head and squinted. Two streaks of purplish-gold light shot out from his Spirit Eyes. The golden bear’s body trembled violently, and its front legs lost their footing before it crashed onto the ground. Its immense weight even caused its two front claw bones to crack slightly.

Huo Yuhao’s cultivation had increased to three rings, and he even possessed the Eye of Destiny. While his increased spiritual power was sucked away by the Eye of Destiny and left him almost the same as before, the quality of his spiritual power had greatly increased. He used Spiritual Shock to completely crush the golden bear’s spiritual power.

Why did Huo Yuhao choose this direction? The reason was simple – the bear had the lowest intelligence among all four soul beasts, even though it was the strongest. This meant that its spiritual power was the weakest among the four soul beasts. It wasn’t directly killed by the Spiritual Shock, but its soul had suffered irreparable damage.

Huo Yuhao and He Caitou’s backs lit up. Their soul tool thrusters were initiated, propelling them forward. They quickly closed the gap to the golden bear.

The Golden Panther was now only twenty meters away from them. The other two soul beasts were fifty meters away, as they were not as quick.

Huo Yuhao had enough time to do many things with the distance between them and the other soul beasts.

He suddenly leapt forward and unleashed the Darkgolden Terrorclaws once again. He didn’t stab the claws into the bear’s head. Since he was trying to conserve his soul power, he didn’t want to waste it on the golden bear’s skull. This golden bear’s defensive strength was much greater than the wolf and python earlier.

The dark golden claws stabbed into the bear’s neck and tore its spinal cortex. Its huge body slumped down, its life leaving its huge body quickly..

He Caitou’s figure flashed, and he came in behind the golden bear, using its body as a shield. Huo Yuhao stepped onto the golden bear and used his momentum to leap up before turning around in midair.

He lifted his right hand high above his head, as his entire body bent into a bow. He was like an axe that was about to unleash immense destruction. The Golden Panther was already close to him at this point.

A streak of frightening dark gold light shot out from Huo Yuhao’s right hand. The Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear’s true appearance was finally revealed for the first time.

The huge dark golden projection swept across the space between the panther and Hu Yuhao, its frightening aura causing the other two soul beasts to stop in their tracks.

The Golden Panther, however, was already in the air, and was about to unleash an all-out attack on Huo Yuhao. Its body flashed with a golden light as it tried to resist Huo Yuhao’s attack. However, its body was still instantly cut to pieces, falling to the ground in a splatter of blood and gore.

“Damn it, Darkgolden Terrorclaws!” Qian Duoduo finally recognized what Huo Yuhao’s right palm bone was. Who didn’t know of the famous Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear? Even Qian Duoduo envied Huo Yuhao now. Not only was it difficult to kill a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear, it was even more tedious to find a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear that fit one’s own cultivation! Furthermore, Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears didn’t just possess one innate skill. Finding a soul bone and a soul skill from a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear was even more laborious!

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