Volume 16, Chapter 144.1: The Most Suitable Soul Beast for Huo Yuhao!

Wang Dong was already extremely handsome. He was set off by the Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings, which made the charming smile of Wei Na come out, and even the cold and arrogant Mu Xue was dazed momentarily.

Soul Masters’ martial souls had many different kinds of attributes, but those that could be described as ‘beautiful’ were few and far between, especially so for beast souls. Wang Dong’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess had a seamless combination of blue and gold, and how could its grandeur and elegance be rivalled? Mo Feiyun and company didn’t even recognize his martial soul.

The soul beasts’ assault wasn’t about to stop because of Wang Dong’s dazzling charm, and more fireballs followed closely behind the last. But the Scarletfire Monkey King seemed to realize that Mo Feiyun wasn’t an easy opponent, and it quickly disappeared into the forest. Fireballs of all sizes shot out continuously in between the Scarletfire Monkeys’ shifting shadows.

Mo Feiyun and his company’s complete strength was immediately unleashed. Nobody panicked, and everybody released their martial souls to defend themselves.

Four of them attracted more of Huo Yuhao’s attention. The agility-type Soul King, Bei Tang, had a bamboo pole for his martial soul. The bamboo pole was thirty feet long, and its entire body was shiny purple. Its length was interchangeable, and it waltzed through the air, whipping at fireball after fireball. These fireballs detonated when they were struck, or they were sent flying away in the opposite direction.

Then there was Chou Xiangdong, who was anchoring the formation in the center at the back. His martial soul was unique as well—it was a pillar, one thick like a water bucket, and was about twelve feet tall. The pillar had a smooth surface, emanated pale golden hues, and had a strong metallic quality. He didn’t seem to do anything much, but the pillar would always appear where it was needed, and the fireballs cracking against it couldn’t knock it down at all.

What fascinated Huo Yuhao the most was Mu Xue’s martial soul. Even though her cultivation couldn’t compare to the Soul Kings, Soul Emperors and the Soul Sages around her, Huo Yuhao felt extremely close and intimate with her martial soul. Even her soul skills were incredibly powerful.

Mu Xue’s flowing black hair turned white as she released her martial soul, and the chilling sensation in her eyes multiplied. She raised her arms into the air, then her two yellow and one purple soul ring rose into the sky. Innumerable snowflakes were hurled out as her first soul ring sparkled, and they permeated the sky, causing the temperature to plummet.

Her martial soul was Snow. The fireballs that flew through her flurry of snowflakes were weakened by varying degrees, and the dense cold air dispelled the scorching heat that the Scarletfire Monkeys brought about. What was more amazing was that these snowflakes seemed to have eyes as they drifted towards the Scarletfire Monkeys in the forest. Any Scarletfire Monkey that the snowflakes touched became noticeably slower.

Mu Xue’s martial soul wasn’t simply Snow—it was snow with elements of control. Even though she’d only released her first soul skill, she managed to considerably reduce the pressure on everyone.

Mo Feiyun wasn’t hasty about attacking the Scarletfire Monkeys surging in between the trees. He stood guard in front of everyone while he monitored his comrades’ battle situations. Soul beasts have sharp instincts, so the number of Scarletfire Monkeys in front of everyone was the fewest due to Mo Feiyun’s position. This meant that Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao just behind him felt the least pressure, and only Wang Dong had to slash away a fireball using his Guillotine Wings—both Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao hadn’t even revealed their martial souls yet. Wang Dong’s yellow and two purple soul rings surprised Mo Feiyun. His second soul ring was a thousand year soul ring; this wasn’t something that even elite academies could have easily nurtured.

They passively defended themselves against the onslaught, and everyone figured out this pack’s overall strength. Mo Feiyun’s cloudy mist constantly transformed in the sky, and the Scarletfire Monkeys directly facing everyone couldn’t break through at all. Instead, they were repeatedly attacked by air missiles formed by the cloudy mist and it didn’t take long for over a dozen Scarletfire Monkeys to die at Mo Feiyun’s hands.

Huo Yuhao looked on indifferently. With his understanding of high-level soul masters, he could immediately tell that this Soul Sage, Mo Feiyun hadn’t given his all, and he had his own reservations.

Wei Na was extremely idle beside Mu Xue. She didn’t release her martial soul, and she was just watching the glittering pair of wings behind Wang Dong.

A piercing howl rang out, and a fiery-red silhouette suddenly pounced from the flank. At the same time, a large blanket of fireballs was launched from all directions to suppress everyone.

The Scarletfire Monkey King hidden in the forest couldn’t hold back any longer, and a series of three fireballs over a meter in diameter bombarded an agility-type Soul King on the flank and continuously pushed him back—a crack finally appeared in the formation. The Scarletfire Monkey was unbelievably fast, and it darted past that Soul King as it extended its sharp claws, lunging straight for Wei Na.

Mo Feiyun reacted the moment this Scarletfire Monkey made its move. He raised his right hand, and a cloud sphere morphed into a fist before it banged against the Scarletfire Monkey king.

A golden-red shadow sprung forward right at this moment and crashed against the cloud sphere. The cloudy mist crumbled and dissipated, and the golden-red shadow arrived before Mo Feiyun.

He was taken by surprise, and even a powerful Soul Sage such as Mo Feiyun was momentarily bewildered. He never expected that there was such a mighty presence hidden amongst this pack of Scarletfire Monkeys. The white clouds around his body dimmed and transformed into a shield before him.

Boom— The clouds dissolved once more, and Mo Feiyun was immediately thrown into the sky.

The Scarletfire Monkey king’s sharp claws appeared before Wei Na again at the same time.

Everything happened too quickly. Nobody expected that there was such a formidable being within the pack, and neither did they anticipate that this monkey would employ such insidious battle tactics. That powerful Scarletfire Monkey had escaped even Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

Mu Xue was the closest to Wei Na. However, Mu Xue was on the other side, and she only had three soul rings. She was no match for the five thousand year Scarletfire Monkey king, especially so when everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The other Soul Kings and Soul Emperors had too much faith in Mo Feiyun’s abilities, and they were too late with their reinforcements. Wei Na was about to be struck, and she didn’t seem like she had any intention of defending herself.

A dull golden radiance suddenly sparkled before Wei Na, and a giant cauldron that was over a meter wide appeared between her and the Scarletfire Monkey King. The enormous cauldron expanded in an instant, and the dense golden radiance erupted against the Scarletfire Monkey King’s body while it pushed Wei Na away at the same time.

One couldn’t underestimate such a simple hindrance. A single second of resistance was enough to change the entire situation in life and death circumstances.

The Scarletfire Monkey King’s stinging claws scratched against the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron, and the shrill sounds of clanging metal could be heard. However, the monkey couldn’t do anything to it. The monkey’s offensive abilities couldn’t compare to the cauldron evolved with the soul ring taken from a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear.

Mu Xue seemed a lot more composed than Wei Na. She dragged Wei Na away from the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron as her third soul ring immediately lit up, and a white circle of light appeared beneath the Scarletfire Monkey King’s feet. Snow danced through the air with the monkey’s body at the center of everything, and eventually congregated into a tornado that was over three meters tall. The Scarletfire Monkey was temporarily trapped within the waltzing snowflakes.

What a formidable control-type soul skill! Huo Yuhao was mildly astonished. He could feel with his Spiritual Detection that Mu Xue’s soul skill had been cast instantly. If her target were on solid ground, it would have no chance of evading it. This kind of ability was known as Forced Control among control-type soul skills, and taking it head-on was the only way of dealing with it.

Flames erupted from the Scarletfire Monkey King’s body. Its cultivation was far higher than Mu Xue’s, and her Snowdragon Tornado couldn’t hold it for too long. However, these few moments were enough to determine the Scarletfire Monkey King’s fate.

The agility-type Soul King that was previously pushed away bounced back in an instant. A pair of small blades slashed and clashed as his fifth soul ring sparkled, and dozens of bloody wounds immediately appeared on the Scarletfire Monkey King’s body.

A purple shadow surged into the sky nearby, and the purple bamboo pole appeared like a drawn bow before it cracked down, leaving afterimages in its wake.


The Scarletfire Monkey King collapsed onto the ground, and everyone could hear the sounds of ligaments tearing and bones breaking.

The purple shadow withdrew and returned to Bei Tang. The purple bamboo pole was almost sixty feet long previously, and two the Soul Kings worked together with the help of Mu Xue’s forced control to finally eliminate this Scarletfire Monkey King.

Mo Feiyun and company were infuriated at this point. They continuously unleashed their various formidable soul skills, and the Scarletfire Monkeys were no longer leisurely attacking from the trees—many Scarletfire Monkeys were killed in an instant.

Huo Yuhao’s attention shifted to the other side once the Scarletfire Monkey King was killed. The entity that attacked Mo Feiyun was also a Scarletfire Monkey—no, it should be called a Blazefire Monkey.

Its golden fur felt like it was burning with flames even if it didn’t unleash any soul power. It was only about three feet tall, but its aura was far superior to the other Scarletfire Monkeys’.

Scarletfire Monkeys had a chance to shed their fur and be reborn after they reached ten thousand years of cultivation, and their fur would become golden-red—they were known as Blazefire Monkeys. That implied that this Blazefire Monkey that was holding Mo Feiyun back was the Scarletfire Monkeys’ true leader. This was also the reason why they didn’t retreat before such a formidable human powerhouse. It was a pity that soul beasts were soul beasts after all, and even if they could employ certain battle strategies, they couldn’t compare to human intelligence. There was one price for underestimating one’s enemies—death!

This Blazefire Monkey was getting worried as it watched its kinsmen being slaughtered all over the place, but its commitment to vengeance and settling its debts meant that there was no way it was going to withdraw. Mo Feiyun also appeared infuriated by the disaster that had almost occurred, and he immediately unleashed his full power.

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