Volume 16, Chapter 143.2: Entering the Star Dou Forest's Hybrid Region

Mo Feiyun and the others reacted in shock when they heard ‘Star Luo National Academy’. That academy was relatively reputable in the continent, and they were some of the elites within the Star Luo Empire. They ended up in the final four during the recent Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Academy.

“So you guys are gifted youngsters from the Star Luo National Academy—no wonder you guys dare to venture into the Great Star Dou Forest to hunt soul beasts by yourselves.” Mo Feiyun’s tone sounded a little more careful, and the air of arrogance around the others receded slightly. It was apparent that the Star Luo National Academy’s name was extremely credible.

Huo Yuhao asked, “How about you guys, Uncle Mo? Are you guys hunting soul beasts inside the Great Star Dou Forest as well?”

Mo Feiyun nodded and answered, “Some of us have reached a bottleneck, and we are just trying out our luck inside the Great Star Dou Forest.”

The other tents had been properly set up while they spoke. Mo Feiyun ate something light and chatted idly with Huo Yuhao and the others before he went into his tent to rest.

Mo Feiyun introduced the people with him while they were talking. The skinny man was called Bei Tang, the yellow-robed girl was named Wei Na, and the white-robed girl was called Mu Xue. However, Mo Feiyun didn’t reveal much about their backgrounds. He made an agreement with Huo Yuhao that they would travel together into the Great Star Dou Forest, and he was willing to take care of them for a short while in exchange for their campfire.

Huo Yuhao could tell that Mo Feiyun only developed such ideas after he found out that they were from the Star Luo National Academy, and they lowered their guard quite a bit as well.

Mo Feiyun and the other males entered the two large tents respectively, while Wei Na and Mu Xue walked inside the cowhide tent near the campfire. Judging by their allocations and positions, the status of these two girls wasn’t simple.

Huo Yuhao and the others returned to their own tents for the night, but Mo Feiyun quietly left his own tent and came before Wei Na and Mu Xue’s tent. He whispered, “May I enter, my lady?”

“Come in.” Mu Xue was the one who spoke.

Mo Feiyun bent down and entered the girls’ tent. However, he sat down cross-legged at the tent’s entrance and didn’t proceed any deeper.

“Can you tell where these three kids are from, Master Mo?” Mu Xue asked plainly. Wei Na was sitting by her side, and there was a faint smile on her face from the beginning to the end, but she said nothing. However, judging from the position of her mattress compared to Mu Xue’s, her status was also easily comparable to Mu Xue’s.

Mo Feiyun’s body began to sparkle with a layer of white light that enveloped the entire tent, blocking out their voices.

“These three kids are young, their appearance and qualities are not ordinary, yet they aren’t that similar. It’s obvious that they don’t come from the same sect. They should be between Soul Grandmaster and Soul Elder judging by their auras. It’s highly believable that they’re from the Star Luo National Academy at their age. However, I think we should take them with us for safety purposes so that we can avoid any accidents or unforeseen circumstances. If it’s alright with them, lending our hand isn’t much trouble.”

Mu Xue tilted her head downwards slightly and said, “Then you decide, Master Mo.”

“Master Mo, which one of them do you think deserves the most attention?” Wei Na suddenly opened her mouth. Her voice was incredibly enchanting, and sounded like music to the ear.

Mo Feiyun answered, “Your Highness, I think the youth called Yuhao deserves the most attention. I have noticed from the expressions they give each other that the Xiao Xiao girl trusts and admires Yuhao, while the good-looking Xiao Dong has good chemistry with him. The two of them didn’t exchange glances much, and they seemed to understand each other with a single twinkle of their eyes. That Yuhao leads this trio, so he’s definitely not simple. Furthermore, my judgment of his abilities is also murky. He hasn’t seemed to reach Soul Elder yet, judging by his soul power fluctuations, so the other two are better. However, he’s overflowing with life energy, at a level higher than even grown-ups.”

Mu Xue tilted her head again and said, “Go back and rest, Master Mo. We just have to pay more attention to them tomorrow.”

“Yes, my lady, your Highness. I’ll take my leave now.” Mo Feiyun retreated from the tent, and the layer of white mist was immediately withdrawn and dissipated.

“Xiao Dong is really good-looking, sister!” Wei Na giggled once Mo Feiyun left the tent.

Mu Xue’s pretty face revealed a faint smile. “What? Have you fallen for him?”

Wei Na pressed her rosy lips together. “No way. I’m just helping you out.”

Mu Xue shook her head and replied, “I don’t like boys that are younger than me. Master Mo is right—Yuhao is extremely sophisticated. I don’t know why, but I keep feeling waves of goosebumps whenever I’m near him, and my martial soul also fluctuates conspicuously. It feels as if there’s something about his aura that can restrain or counter my martial soul completely.”

Wei Na asked, “Does he have a fire-type martial soul?”

Mu Xue shook her head once more and said, “Doesn’t seem like it. We will know once we enter the Great Star Dou Forest. The three of them must have some tricks up their sleeves since they dare to come in by themselves. We should rest early—we have to search for our soul rings inside the Great Star Dou Forest tomorrow, so hopefully our luck will be good. If we don’t find anything suitable here, we’ll have to travel to the northern side. The northern side is a lot more dangerous.”

“Alright, let’s go to bed now. Can I hug you to sleep, sister Xue?”

“Cut it out…”

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were discussing in their own tent as well, and Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power blocked off their voices.

“Yuhao—will there be any problems if we travel with them into the forest?” Wang Dong was a little anxious.

Huo Yuhao chuckled and said, “What are you worried about? I can tell that these people are from some sect. The two girls are likely the ones that are here to collect soul rings, while the others are their servants. We can save a lot of effort by following them inside the Great Star Dou Forest, and we can probably venture a bit deeper in as well. Even if they are hostile towards us, they will have to face Elder Xuan first.”

Wang Dong was confused. “Are you interested in the girls?”

Huo Yuhao had a face of exasperation. “We’re still children. Can you not pretend to be a grown-up? Plus, will any girl be interested in me with you around?”

“It’s good that you know.” Wang Dong said with an air of arrogance, 

Huo Yuhao was immediately rendered speechless.

Nothing else happened that night. Huo Yuhao and the others got up early to pack up their tents the next day, and Huo Yuhao cultivated the Purple Demon Eyes while facing the rising sun. Mo Feiyun came out of his tent as the three of them were starting on their breakfast.

“You guys sure are up early!” Mo Feiyun greeted Huo Yuhao first.

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Dawn is just breaking, Uncle Mo. You guys aren’t oversleeping.”

Mo Feiyun asked, “Who is collecting soul rings amongst the three of you?”

Huo Yuhao had no intention to hide anything and replied, “It’s me. My soul power has reached Rank 30, and I need an appropriate soul ring to break through and become a Soul Elder. My two friends are here to accompany me.”

Mo Feiyun was full of awe and amazement. “Becoming a Soul Elder at such a young age—impressive!”

Huo Yuhao smiled in response, but said nothing more.

Mo Feiyun and the others moved swiftly, and it wasn’t long before they packed everything up and finished breakfast. Wei Na and Mu Xue were still dressed like they were yesterday, and the eleven of them got on their way.

The others in their group rarely said anything, besides Mo Feiyun. The two girls occasionally chattered between themselves, and didn’t pay much attention to Huo Yuhao and his friends.

Mo Feiyun took point throughout the entire trip. The other five men formed an arc, while the two young girls, Huo Yuhao and his friends walked in the center.

Huo Yuhao had a good feeling about Mo Feiyun and his group. They hadn’t inquired about Huo Yuhao and the others’ martial souls or soul skills, or any other similarly sensitive topics. Even though asking them to tag along contained elements of wariness and vigilance, they didn’t make Huo Yuhao or his friends walk in front to scout the path. It was obvious that they didn’t harbor evil intentions.

The company arrived at the Great Star Dou Forest’s borders when the sky was already completely bright. Mo Feiyun stopped and turned around. “We will enter the forest soon. Just a gentle reminder—everyone has to remain alert and vigilant, as anything can happen in the Great Star Dou Forest. There could even be ten thousand year soul beasts coming to the forest’s outer regions, and soul beasts have all sorts of abilities, to the point where we might not be able to rescue you in time. So, everyone has to be especially careful. I will continue taking point later. Yuhao, the three of you will follow behind me and prepare to reinforce me. This includes Wei Na and Mu Xue. The rest of you will sweep out and protect the flanks.”

“Yes.” The other five men answered in unison.

Huo Yuhao paid the most attention to a certain short and stocky man, beside Bei Tang, who they had met earlier, he stood in the center at the back. He was the most powerful individual besides Mo Feiyun, as he was a Soul Emperor. His name was Chou Xiangdong.

Huo Yuhao and his friends had no objections to this arrangement. The Soul Sage was clearing the path, and this meant there wasn’t much pressure on them anymore.

Mo Feiyun made a feel more arrangements before he immediately turned and walked into the Great Star Dou Forest. One could tell from his movements that he had absolute faith in his comrades.

Huo Yuhao and the others didn’t delay either. Huo Yuhao walked in front, while Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao took one side each, and the three of them followed closely behind Mo Feiyun and entered the great forest.

“Eh, that is…” Wang Dong exclaimed in shock. This was because he suddenly realized that Mo Feiyun’s body began to emanate a dense mist, and this mist enveloped his entire body within while it permeated quickly to the point where they couldn’t see him anymore.

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