Volume 16, Chapter 142.1: Dark Bluesilver Grass

Tie Li and the two elders tried to deflect Tang Ya’s Saros Pythonweb, but the web proved resistant to their attempts. Any soul power they blasted towards it just seeped through the gaps in the web, all as it barreled towards them.

Because of the sharp spikes on the web, they were unable to physically deter the web, leaving them to retreat. Likewise, dodging to the sides was proving difficult with how fast the web was coming at them.

But when they finally managed to avoid the web and arrive on the scene, they witnessed Tie Tang, being engulfed by Bluesilver Grass.

“You—you killed my son!” Tie Li roared furiously, his eyes almost entirely red. He was indeed a six-ringed Soul Emperor, and his body began expanding alarmingly fast. His body became over 2.5 meters in size, and greatly increased in physical attributes—all from unleashing his martial soul.

Though still a Soul Emperor, he wasn’t nearly up to scratch when compared to Ma Xiaotao or Dai Yueheng. This was easily seen in the colors of his soul rings; one white, two yellow, and three purple. Zero black soul rings, this meant that Tie Li’s was to forever remain a Soul Emperor—he’d reached his limit and had no hope to become a seven-ringed Soul Sage.

The other two elders were also shocked. They also knew who Tang Ya was. They unleashed their own martial souls when they saw Tang Ya’s four soul rings and the Bluesilver Grass.

“Sect master, please be cautious. Her martial soul doesn’t seem to be ordinary. She seems to be sucking young master’s strength away. Don’t tell me, don’t tell me she’s an evil soul master?” The elder to the left of Tie Li exclaimed. His face turned pale-white when he said the words ‘evil soul master’.

What did an evil soul master mean to an ordinary soul master? Death. All evil soul masters had a special ability to increase their speed of cultivation beyond that of an ordinary soul master. But their mental states would degrade along with the evilness. It was very difficult for them to improve any further after they obtained seven rings.

Was Tang Ya really an evil soul master? The answer was yes.

When Tang Ya was first conceived, her parents already knew of a hidden gift in her body—the gift of devouring life.

This gift contained an immense evil aura. However, it was concealed, and wouldn’t appear unless it was initiated actively.

Tang Ya felt that she was lagging further and further behind Bei Bei when she was at Shrek Academy, and restoring the Tang Sect was even more hopeless for her. Eventually, she chose to initiate this gift of hers when Bei Bei went to compete in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament.

She left the academy secretly after classes were over and found a dense forest. She then unleashed her Bluesilver Grass and devoured the plants in the forest, absorbing their life power for her own cultivation. Her gift of devouring life was extremely strong, and her cultivation improved leaps and bounds with the help of this gift. However, her martial soul also underwent transformations because of this, and turned into the current Dark Bluesilver .

Tang Ya had a strong will. She knew that her own cultivation would increase even faster if the Bluesilver Grass devoured a soul master’s life and soul power. But she never did so. How could she kill innocent people just to restore the Tang Sect? It was only today that she could no longer suppress her will to kill when she saw her enemies upon returning to the Tang Sect. The evil aura controlled her mind, and she began killing senselessly within the Ironblood Sect. After she used the Dark Bluesilver Grass to kill and devour the life of the first Ironblood Sect disciple, she had turned irrevocably into an evil soul master.

Tie Li was also fearful at the prospect of facing an evil soul master. An evil soul master’s cultivation couldn’t be measured in the ordinary sense. Although Tang Ya only had four rings, it was clear that her true abilities had surpassed those of a soul ancestor from how easily she killed Tie Tang.

However, Tie Li couldn’t be bothered about his fear after witnessing his son’s tragic death. He didn’t even get to see his son’s corpse.

He dashed towards Tang Ya and roared furiously.

Tang Ya’s Dark Bluesilver Grass’ greatest strength was that it became stronger the more it fought. She could nourish her own body by draining her enemies’ life and soul power. The Bluesilver Grass would carry out its own filtering in the process of absorption. This was the special characteristic of her evil martial soul.

Not all evil soul masters were strong. But Tang Ya’s Dark Bluesilver Grass was undoubtedly very outstanding and had great potential.

Blood was on the verge of appearing in Tang Ya’s eyes as she faced her arch-enemy. Her internal hatred erupted like a volcano. Several thick vines of Bluesilver Grass were covered by a layer of dim blood light as they flew up. They whipped towards Tie Li maniacally as if they were long canes.

Tie Li had the same Iron-Armed Bear martial soul as his son, but his was much stronger. His thick arms started to flail and became extremely tough through the enhancement of his third soul ring. The sharp spikes on the Bluesilver Grass couldn’t pierce his skin, and he shook off the vines of Bluesilver Grass. He was also getting closer and closer to Tang Ya.

The other two soul kings didn’t idle around either. One of them was an agility-type soul master, while the other was a control-type soul master. Their martial souls were the Swift Wolf and Long Whip respectively. Those were two ordinary martial souls.

The soul king with the Long Whip exhibited his fourth soul skill and drew a circular arc in the air that attacked Tang Ya, whereas the soul king with the Swift Wolf snuck up behind Tang Ya and unleash his wolf claws as he carefully leapt towards her.

Tang Ya was under attack on three fronts by two soul kings and a soul emperor. Even Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi might be unable to deal with this situation if they were here. Tang Ya’s dominance as an evil soul master was fully unleashed at this point.

“All of you will die!” She shouted as she looked into the sky and her fourth soul ring lit up.

It was pertinent to note that her fourth soul ring was only added after the dark characteristic of her Bluesilver Grass was awakened. It also contained her strongest soul skill, obtained from a plant that had a five thousand year cultivation.

A layer of weird purplish-red spread from Tang Ya. With her body as the center, a huge purplish-red ball of light with a 2 meter diameter was formed. There were weird stripes on this ball of light. All the vines of Bluesilver Grass that were attacking Tie Lie were also retracted at this point.

The long whip that descended was deflected away, and the ball of light blew apart when the Iron-Armed Bear and Swift Wolf got close to Tang Ya.

Countless vines of Bluesilver Grass appeared underneath Tang Ya’s legs like sharp spikes before they spread out rapidly. It felt as if they were spreading like ripples. The entire courtyard seemed to be covered by Bluesilver Grass and a frightening aura. At the same time, it had turned bluish-purple too.

This was too sudden. Tie Li and the other two elders had never seen such a powerful ranged attack before. The Bluesilver Grass was merely a common species of grass! Who knew that it could unleashed such a powerful soul skill?

The two soul kings were instantly pierced by the Bluesilver Grass. An intense pain and numbness spread across their entire body. The elder with the Swift Wolf martial soul was in a better condition. When he realized things were going wrong, he leapt up quickly. The Bluesilver Grass reached a height of 2 meters, but only pierced his feet, whereas the elder with the Long Whip was pierced throughout his entire body. He stimulated all his soul power before he managed to destroy the Bluesilver Grass that pierced his entire body. But he was already covered in blood, and his life had been sucked away by the Bluesilver Grass.

But did the elder with the Swift Wolf really avert this crisis? He didn’t. Even though he was only pierced at his feet, the numbness caused him to fall straight down, and his body became stiff.

The Bluesilver Grass continued to attack him, but his cultivation wasn’t fully unleashed, as he was already numb. He was engulfed just like the other elder.

The two of them weren’t weak. They were mainly terrified by the appearance of an evil soul master. In addition, Tang Ya’s fourth soul skill was also very tyrannical. If it were just ordinary Bluesilver Grass, they would only lose their ability to fight temporarily. But the Dark Bluesilver Grass carried a frightening devouring ability. The two soul kings’ strength was immediately turned into its tonic.

Tang Ya turned pale as she unleashed this blow, but she was immediately nourished by the two soul kings’ strength. However, she was in great peril now.

A layer of greyish light covered the Iron-Armed Bear. His fifth soul ring flashed extremely brightly, while the vines of Bluesilver Grass that tried to pierce his body were deflected away easily. He had already burst in front of Tang Ya ferociously and he struck his thick arms towards Tang Ya’s head.

Although Tang Ya’s fourth skill was very powerful, she had lost her flexibility, and was temporarily unable to move.

“Go and die!” Tang Ya screamed, and several clanging noises sounded. Several secret weapons shot out from different parts of her body. Flashing golden Dragon Beard Needles also appeared in her hands. She knew she was in trouble, but she wanted to drag Tie Li down to perish along with her. All the secret weapons that she unleashed were injected with the power that she had devoured earlier.

Tie Li was a soul emperor. His sixth soul ring lit up at this point, and his arms grew in size again. They were now 3 times their original size. When he smashed them down, he managed to block off all the secret weapons.

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