Volume 16, Chapter 141.3: Darkgolden Terrorclaw Right Palm Bone

Standing before the Ironblood Sect’s gate, Tang Ya took a deep breath. Then she extended both of her arms and shouted softly. Suddenly, countless thick bluish-black vines rushed out and separated into three attacks, simultaneously destroying all three boards. Four sour rings also rose up from under Tang Ya’s legs.

Bei Bei would be shocked to learn of her cultivation progress. Tang Ya had only crossed Rank 30 a year ago, but was already a four-ringed Soul Ancestor! Not even Bei Bei himself or Xu Sanshi had made such staggering progress!

Tang Ya’s martial soul was Bluesilver Grass—no, it wasn’t normal Bluesilver Grass anymore. When the bluish-black vines danced, they seemed more like massive pythons. Tang Ya’s eyes emitted a dim purplish-red light. 

There were two Ironblood Sect disciples standing guard at either side of the gate. But they couldn’t react in time, before Tang Ya had destroyed the boards.

“What are you doing? Are you courting death?” One disciple shouted furiously. However, he was struck speechless immediately after he noticed the two yellow and two purple soul rings behind Tang Ya.

Having four soul rings wasn’t very eye-catching in Shrek Academy. But for common schools and sects, having four rings was a huge deal. Furthermore, her soul rings were an optimal set. Much like how Huo Yuhao and the others thought that Dai Huabin and the rest of class 2 wasn’t strong after returning from the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament. Tang Ya could no longer be seen as a weakling in the eyes of the disciples of a small sect.

Tang Ya was after revenge. Two thick vines of Bluesilver Grass wrapped around the necks of these sect disciples, although she didn’t use any soul skills, her Bluesilver Grass suddenly turned purplish.

The two Ironblood Sect disciples screamed pathetically, they looked like they were being strangled to death by pythons. Their bodies were then crushed, and wave after wave of bloody aura came out of their body, before being absorbed by the Bluesilver Grass. After which, layers of bloody light flowed towards Tang Ya, making skin seem even paler.

“Eh?” An elder was sitting in a restaurant across the street on the second level. This elder had eyes on the whole situation from where he sat. However, this elder looked surprised and squinted his eyes as if he was in the midst of deep thought.

“Tie Li, come out!” Tang Ya shouted. She proceeded to dash through the archway and into the former inner courtyard of the Tang Sect. Her Bluesilver Grass flung the 2 corpses towards the crimson-red walls.

Their screams alerted the Ironblood Sect, hence a large number of sect disciples rushed out. Leading them was a tall figure, with small eyes and short hair. He was even bald on top of his head. He focused his gaze on the small figure of Tang Ya rushing into the courtyard, “Damn wench, you dare kill our Ironblood Sect disciples? You’re courting death. Kill her.”

This tall middle-aged man was the young master of the Ironblood Sect, Tie Tang. He had followed his father, the aforementioned Tie Li, bribed some city guards, and attacked the Tang Sect in the dead of the night. Alas the Tang Sect was too weakened by this point, and only Tang Ya escaped the carnage. 

While small, the Ironblood Sect still had over 200 disciples. The sect master, Tie Li, was a soul emperor, and there were 2 soul king elders. Tie Tang was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor himself.

“All of you can die.” Tang Ya bellowed— her body whirling off the ground like a screw, jumping into the air. Myriad hidden weapons being flung in all directions as she attacked the Ironblood Sect disciples coming her way.

The front-line Ironblood Sect disciples were wiped out instantly. They weren’t even able to get into Advanced Soul Master Academies, let alone stand up to Tang Ya’s hidden weapons.

Tie Tang saw Tang Ya’s four flashing soul rings. While he also had four rings, two were yellow, and the other two were white and purple. He could only even obtain these rings with the help of his father and the elders.

Tie Tang wasn’t shocked at Tang Ya’s attack on the Ironblood Sect. While Tang Ya herself might not be an issue to the Ironblood Sect, Shrek Academy was. The Ironblood Sect was terrified of offending Shrek Academy, and actively attacking Tang Ya would do just that. Or so they believed, as they didn’t know Tang Ya had already left Shrek Academy. Hence they had been scheming for a long time to provoke Tang Ya into an attack on them, so they could justifiably kill her. However, it did come to Tie Tang’s surprise that Tang Ya’s cultivation had come so far in just a few years. 

After the wave of secret weapons was over, the Bluesilver Grass was unleashed. The numerous purple vines of Bluesilver Grass struck out like awls. Reaping several Ironblood Sect disciples in the process. While the Bluesilver Grass turned dark purple, their blood was absorbed by it.

An unhealthy shade of red was present on Tang Ya’s face. The purplish-red glow in her eyes becoming deeper. She stomped her a petite foot on the ground, and more than 10 vines of the Bluesilver Grass came out and threw out the corpses. Meanwhile, she dashed towards Tie Tang.

Tie Tang’s martial soul was inherited from the Tie family’s lineage. It was called the Iron-Armed Bear, a very ordinary bear-type martial soul. If the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear was at the top of the food chain, then the Iron-Armed Bear was at the bottom of it.

Tang Ya’s ferocity deterred the Ironblood Sect disciples from taking another step forward. They had fled in all directions, leaving an exposed Tie Tang.

Tie Tang couldn’t back down now. He had already let off a signal for the elders and his father in the back courtyard. Tang Ya was far more powerful than they’d expected, and killed numerous sect disciples instantly. However, Tie Tang believed that if he could stall Tang Ya, she would be killed by the elders of the sect. The Ironblood Sect wouldn’t even be held accountable for dismembering her corpse after all the sect disciples she’d slaughtered at this point.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” Tang Ya shouted,her mental state completely out of control. Many vines of Bluesilver Grass shot out towards Tie Tang.

Tie Tang stood his ground, and his third soul ring lit up. He threw his fists forward, shooting out a cluster of white light. The white radiance created a large light shield, with a 2 meter diameter, that swatted away the oncoming Bluesilver Grass, then struck out towards Tang Ya.

Tang Ya groaned and pulled back the vines of Bluesilver Grass before flinging them out at the shield again. Each vine littered with sharp spikes. At the same time, she dodged to the side with the use of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Due to their limited talents, Tang Ya’s parents had a lacking mastery of the Tang Sect Secret Techniques. Tang Ya on the other hand, managed to slowly learn and master the techniques with Bei Bei’s help. Leaving the current sight of a Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track that her parents couldn’t have replicated.

While that light shield had locked onto Tang Ya’s body, its radiance dimmed as she dodged repeatedly. Tie Tang was also on the receiving end of some attacks himself. 

A loud bellow came from the back courtyard. “Who’s causing trouble in the Ironblood Sect?” An elder who looked similar to Tie Tang and two other elders quickly bolted over from the back courtyard.

A cold radiance brewed in Tang Ya’s eyes. She lifted her right hand and waved it in the air. Her third soul ring lit up, and a ball of purplish-black light shot towards the 3 of them.

The ball of purplish-black light opened up in the air and formed a huge web with a diameter of over 5 meters. This was Tang Ya’s third soul skill, Saros Pythonweb. This soul skill came from the thousand year Mandala Snake that Huo Yuhao and Bei Bei helped her kill a year ago.

Tang Ya’s Bluesilver Grass was much more powerful and ferocious than Tie Tang had expected. Even though his father and the elders had arrived, he didn’t feel safe. Primarily due to the fact that Bluesilver Grass was closing in on him from all directions!

Tie Tang unleashed his fourth soul skill without any hesitation. A layer of white light was suddenly unleashed from his body, and his arms became extremely thick. His body spun off the ground, and his arms struck down the vines surrounding him.

However, Tie Tang discovered he was at a severe disadvantage, because when his arms made contact, the sharp spikes covered the vines pierced his skin. His martial soul couldn’t resist them at all. Even worse, he could feel energy flowing out of his body from where the spikes had pierced him, which the Bluesilver Grass was able to absorb!

What kind of power was this?

Tie Tang was using the wrong method to protect himself now. Even though further resistance would just lead to the Bluesilver Grass sucking out more energy, he persisted in his defence.

He was on the verge of collapse after 7 or 8 blocked attacks. When another vine came at him, his arm could no longer force it off. The sharp spikes piercing into his arms stuck. The vine of Bluesilver Grass wrapped around his body, ignoring his pathetic screams. More and more vines surrounded him, engulfing him as he screamed in horror.

Purplish halos of light were supplied to Tang Ya through the Bluesilver Grass, and her aura started to become stronger by the second.

Absorbing a four-ringed Soul Ancestor’s power quite different; Tang Ya could feel her soul power increasing substantially.

Where was Tie Li when Tang Tie was devoured by the Bluesilver Grass?

Tie Li stood to the side, completely helpless as he watched his son’s death.

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