Volume 16, Chapter 138.2: The Strong Eat the Weak, the Law of the Jungle

The Deviltiger Cat moved as well when Wang Dong attacked. It had cultivated for ten thousand years, and it was also extremely sensitive towards danger. It expanded its protective layer of green light at the first possible moment as it attempted to evade this strike. However, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock arrived right at this moment.

The purplish-golden light was fired out from over the top of Wang Dong’s left shoulder. The Deviltiger Cat’s cultivation was impressive, but its spiritual power still couldn’t compare to Huo Yuhao’s. It grunted once as the purplish-golden beam flickered, and it looked as if the shadow that had been forced out of its body by the Golden Road from before glimmered above its head once again, except it returned to its body instantly this time.

However, this was enough, and the Deviltiger Cat’s evasive movement was never completed.

“Tch –”

The Broken Devil of Light drilled ruthlessly into the emerald-green radiance. Wang Dong’s most powerful strike was met with an immense defensive force as the emerald-green radiance started to seethe like a layer of boiling oil. The green light congregated at the point where the Deviltiger Cat was being struck, as it no longer maintained its original protective form, and the Deviltiger Cat’s body also plummeted to the ground.

The Broken Devil of Light gradually pierced deeper, while the Deviltiger Cat’s layer of emerald light became more vigorous. The green radiance was slowly diminishing, but the Golden Light that was infused into the Broken Devil of Light was also gradually withering away.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong couldn’t help but be awed at the Deviltiger Cat’s powerful soul skill even though it was their opponent. This soul skill amplified its own body, and it could even concentrate its powers when faced with a penetrative attack that was focused onto a single point. The Deviltiger Cat looked like it was having a rough time, and it wasn’t able to anything else, but at least it managed to avoid the Broken Devil of Light boring through its brain!

Three pitch-black cauldrons appeared beside the Deviltiger Cat at this crucial moment. Ear-splitting chiming sounds accompanied vigorous ripples as they assaulted the Deviltiger Cat’s body – Xiao Xiao gave no quarter.

Huo Yuhao switched positions with Wang Dong after his attack. His golden pupils immediately became emerald-green, and the temperature of the air plunged with him at the very center. His body began to emanate a subtle aura of desolation.

Emerald-green light shimmered from his bones. This time, it extended to his left arm, and every single inch of that green color congregated towards his chest. Terrifying Ultimate power erupted at this very moment.

The Deviltiger Cat was tied down as it defended itself against the lethal power of the Broken Devil of Light. The protective layer of green light dimmed from the Cauldron’s Quaking Tremble’s effects, and the Broken Devil of Light drilled inwards with increasing speed. This was his best chance at dealing a final blow.

The Heavenly Emperor’s Hammer was the optimal choice. However, martial soul fusion skills could only be used once within three days, and today was only their first day inside the Great Star Dou Forest. It was better to conserve their martial soul fusion skills if they could help it. Therefore, Huo Yuhao opted for another of his powerful soul skills. This was a soul skill that he could barely handle after breaking through to Rank 30 during his closed-door cultivation.

An emerald-green pillar of light discharged from his chest. The air all around the beam appeared to solidify wherever it touched, to the point where a white ice pillar glimmered in the space behind the green light pillar before it crashed to the ground and shattered into pieces. This was because the air in the forest was relatively moist and humid, but that extreme coldness was the more substantial reason!

It was also green in color, but it was a different type of energy. The radiance that had resisted the Broken Devil of Light finally crumbled as the emerald beam of light smashed against it. The Broken Devil of Light was left with about thirty percent of its power, and it pierced right through the protective layer. The Deviltiger Cat could only tilt its head to the side so that its forehead didn’t take the brunt of the attack. However, the Broken Devil of Light drilled right through. A layer of golden light immediately appeared on its head, and these golden hues continued creeping down its entire body.

However, this ten thousand year Deviltiger Cat didn’t scream in agony at all – its body had been completely frozen.

Ice Empress’ Wrath, Huo Yuhao’s most powerful soul skill. This was one of the two powerful soul skills that came with the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s bones.

It had appeared once during the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament, and it now appeared once more. Still, it consumed the rest of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s soul power. If he were the only one using it, and if he activated it when he was at his peak condition, he would have consumed at least ninety percent of his soul power.

The power of the Ice Empress’ Wrath was terrifying, and the Deviltiger Cat had been completely frozen into a statue. Chilly air emanated from its body, and every single plant within ten meters of the ice statue transformed into a patch of ice. The scene was rather spectacular, as transparent ice crystals permeated the entire area.

Xiao Xiao withdrew her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron and shivered. “It’s so cold! Your Ultimate Ice is so frightening, Yuhao.”

Huo Yuaho and Wang Dong sat down on the ground, exhausted. It seemed as if they won the battle without suffering any conspicuous losses, but they had actually given everything they had.

The Golden Road was used, Wang Dong’s most powerful soul skill, the Broken Devil of Light, was used along with his Golden Light, and Huo Yuhao activated the Ice Empress’ Wrath as well as the Ice Empress’ Pincer. This was already excluding his Spiritual Detection Sharing and his Spiritual Shock.

They were one of Shrek Academy’s most talented groups, and they barely squeezed out a win after giving everything they had. Furthermore, the Deviltiger Cat that was frozen like a statue wasn’t dead yet. However, its blood had been frozen, and it was almost impossible for it to break out of its solid ice prison that resembled the Manifold Mysterious Ice.

If something didn’t melt the ice from the outside within an hour, it would eventually lose its life.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong glanced at each other. They weren’t elated after defeating the Deviltiger Cat, and their brows were tightly furrowed instead. Huo Yuhao said, “Seems like our original decision was wrong. This world follows the law of the jungle, and mercy will bring even more dangers and perils.”

Wang Dong’s spirit was even more affected, and he nodded his head lightly but said nothing.

Huo Yuhao grasped his shoulder and said, “Don’t be dejected. How would we have known that such a thing would happen if we didn’t try? This is probably an important experience in the process of growing up.”

Wang Dong snapped his head around and replied, “Did you think about what happened to it when it took a direct hit from our Golden Road?” His left arm’s Golden Light began to work its magic as he spoke, and triggered the remaining Haodong power within their bodies to recuperate their soul power.

Huo Yuhao nodded his head faintly. “I thought of something. My Spiritual Detection blanketed the entire battlefield. When the shadow appeared above the Deviltiger Cat’s head, I could feel that it had completely lost control of its body, or that it had lost consciousness. We aren’t able to hit soul beasts directly with the Golden Road, but it seems like we can strip them of their spirit. This is the reason why it took several seconds to recuperate after the shadow returned to its body, but it was clear that it had been weakened. It was also conspicuously slower, and that’s why it unleashed its most powerful soul skill to fight us till the end.”

Wang Dong eyed him with an astonished look. “If your guess is correct, I wonder what would have happened if we had attacked its spirit after it appeared?”

Huo Yuhao’s body shuddered, and his eyes sparkled with vigorous colors. He slapped himself on the thigh and exclaimed excitedly, “Yes! Why didn’t I think of that? If we attacked its spirit when it appeared, we could have blown it into smithereens, and it would have become like a zombie. Any living being, as long as it doesn’t practice spiritual skills, will become extremely weak when their spirits leave their body. Even if we can’t directly destroy its spirit, it will also severely affect its fighting strength once the spirit returns to its body. Your eyes are clearer, Wang Dong.”

Wang Dong shot him a cold look as he listened to Huo Yuhao’s enthusiastic analysis. “Take your hand off of my thigh.”

“Uh…” Huo Yuhao suddenly realized that he hadn’t slapped his own thigh in his fit of excitement – no wonder he didn’t feel any pain at all. He laughed sheepishly and said, “Sorry, sorry, that was accidental. We have to try that once we can use the Golden Road again. Others lack the ability to target spirits, but we don’t. It’s a pity that the Golden Road can only be activated in a linear direction. If it can have a large area of effect like the Spiritual Tempest, and we combine these two soul skills together – heh.”

Wang Dong rolled his eyes and said, “Quit dreaming. How can we have everything that’s good in the world? Our soul skills are strong enough. However, our cultivation is the limiting factor. If we don’t have enough soul power to maintain ourselves, what use are our skills if we can’t use them? Quickly restore your soul power, and we should leave this place before it becomes completely dark.”

Xiao Xiao’s consumption of soul power was the smallest, so she naturally took up the responsibility of protecting everyone. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong immediately began to cultivate beside the ice statue to restore their soul power.

Huo Yuhao was not worried about the Deviltiger Cat suddenly escaping from its ice prison. Without someone outside melting it, the Deviltiger Cat had no hope of breaking out after it had been frozen in ice. There was nothing it could do after it was frozen unless it used its soul power to resist Huo Yuhao’s attack from the beginning.

Wang Dong obtained a greater understanding of his Golden Light than before. Their recovery process was greatly boosted with the Golden Light, and they recovered about thirty to forty percent of their soul power in the blink of an eye.

Elder Xuan was casually drinking wine atop a thick branch about five hundred meters away from where they were, and a sphere of golden light soundlessly entered his body at this moment.

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