Chapter 134.3: The Sect Master of the Body Sect, Du Busi

Du Busi said, “Stop acting ignorant. Soul masters with Body Souls are automatically recognized as Body Sect disciples. Don’t you know that? Where’s that little fellow who took part in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament? Hand him over now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being unkind. Don’t forget what my name is. If I release my Body Soul’s poison, how much of it can you resist? When that happens, your Shrek Academy will… hehe!”

Elder Xuan laughed coldly. “I knew you came here for Yuhao. Aren’t you just trying to flaunt your strength by going about it in such a roundabout manner? Let me tell you. If you dare to release your lethal poison, at least half of your Body Sect members will remain here today, you included.”

The expression in Du Busi’s eyes changed. He revealed his ferocity. “Little Xuan, do you really think that I don’t dare to make a move on your academy? What’s risking everything if I can continue my sect’s legacy?”

Elder Xuan’s smile became gentler. “Old freak, you can only talk big if you have the ability to walk your talk. Do you really think the Body Sect can threaten Shrek Academy?”

“What? Du Busi argued, “Do you think you can stop me? Better hand him over quick, or don’t blame me for going in directly to find him. It won’t be so nice when it comes to that.”

He did have his misgivings about Shrek Academy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered with Elder Xuan for so long, given the Body Sect’s hard-headed approach. Although Elder Xuan was slightly inferior to him, the gap wasn’t too huge. Du Busi was unwilling to bear the consequences of an all-out fight.

“Little Xuan can’t stop you. But what about me?” A gentle voice sounded quietly at this point. A gentle halo was unleashed from Shrek Academy after the voice was heard. More accurately speaking, it came from the Sea God’s Pavilion.
A gentle, golden light spread quickly, even though it seemed very gradual. It reached a high altitude in an instant. As this magical scene appeared, both Elder Xuan and Du Busi’s auras were diminished under the engulfment of the golden light. The immense pressure from the sky also disappeared. Not only did the gentle, golden light engulf Shrek Academy, but it also covered all of Shrek City. Shrek City looked like a golden city from the outside now.

Du Busi’s expression changed greatly after he saw this scene, “Sea God’s Light? How is this possible? How is there still someone who’s able to unleash the Sea God’s Light in Shrek?”

“Busi, it’s been awhile. It seems like you’ve forgotten about me.” The gentle voice rang out once again. But only Du Busi could hear it.

“You, you are…” Du Busi was shocked as he looked at the shining, golden Sea God’s Pavilion. His dark green forehead instantly started to glimmer with beads of perspiration.

“I can still remember what you left for me,” Elder Mu said slowly, “your brother has the same temper as you. Recklessness is the devil. If your brother wasn’t reckless then, he might still be alive now.”

Du Busi confirmed his guess when he heard till this point. He was stunned as he asked, “You, you aren’t dead yet? How is this possible? Didn’t you…?”

Elder Mu replied gradually, “If I’m dead, you’ll bully Shrek Academy?” His words were simple, but they struck Du Busi hard. The intense, golden light instantly flashed in the air and Du Busi’s dark green body shortened by a meter. An intense, dark green radiance was also emitted from his body.

Du Busi was a little vexed as he said, “Dragon God Douluo, the battle then wasn’t simply about personal feelings. Why did my elder brother have to take a step back?”

“You know the full details of what happened.” Elder Mu replied, “I won’t debate it with you. You just need to know that the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion is still me. I’ve already asked Huo Yuhao and told him about the Body Sect. He expressed his will to remain in Shrek. Please return. I won’t hold today’s matter against you on account of your brother. But if there’s a next time, or if the Body Sect tries to scheme against this disciple of mine in the future, don’t blame me for demanding an explanation from the Body Sect personally.”

Du Busi’s expression changed. “That fellow has become your disciple?”

Elder Mu answered coldly. “That’s right. Why? Do you think that you’re more suitable than me to guide him?”

Du Busi took in a deep breath, “Dragon God Douluo, I shall give you face and let the matter rest. An honest man doesn’t deal underhandedly. I must also tell you that we won’t give up on this kid. You’re older than me, thus you should know that we’re almost reaching our end. But the Body Sect still doesn’t have a successor.”

Elder Mu was a little stunned. “Why don’t you have a successor? Isn’t the Body Sect’s Seed of Inheritance on you?”

Du Busi was a little vexed as he explained, “But no one new has appeared in the sect for almost 20 years. Furthermore, do you think that the Seed of Inheritance can just be passed on to anyone? I shall end it here today. I won’t touch that kid as long as he’s in Shrek Academy. But once he’s out, we’ll compete fairly. Dragon God, I don’t believe that my elder brother didn’t leave anything on you even though you’re still alive. I’m not your match, but you’ll still pay the price even if you kill me. The Body Sect isn’t the only opponent of Shrek Academy either. We’ll meet again someday.”

After he finished speaking, Du Busi’s dark green radiance flared up and burned a hole in the Sea God’s Light. He waved his hand after he escaped, “Body Sect, retreat.”

The twenty-or-so figures he had brought with him escaped rapidly and disappeared in an instant. The golden light in the air also retracted slowly back into the Sea God’s Pavilion.

It was not only the Shrek Academy that was restless now. All of Shrek City was also drowned in a commotion over what had happened earlier.

Elder Xuan landed in the Sea God’s Pavilion. The four deans also arrived.

Elder Mu’s voice drifted out from the Sea God’s Pavilion. “Shaozhe, go and appease the people in the city. The rest of you can return. Little Xuan, bring the 3 kids in.”

“Yes.” Yan Shaozhe acknowledged his words and left immediately.

Shrek City was still Shrek Academy’s territory. It was also the foundation of Shrek Academy. All that had happened earlier was too strange, and someone had to handle the situation.

Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao hadn’t recovered from their shock yet.

First was the collision between Elder Xuan and Du Busi. That was followed by the intense, golden light. Although only Du Busi could hear Elder Mu’s voice, they could roughly guess that Elder Mu had engaged him.

Even the powerful Body Sect had to retreat in front of Elder Mu. This was Shrek Academy’s true power. Elder Mu didn’t need to fight, but still managed to force the enemy’s troops back. Elder Mu’s position in the three of their hearts rose once again. It was as if it was almost beyond them to even worship him.

Huo Yuhao now realized why he had felt so relaxed when he had fought Class 2’s team.

He had been under immense pressure in almost every round of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament. He managed to hang on along with his partners even under such immense pressure, and even became the champions. Every opponent they faced in each round was stronger than them by a lot. Although Dai Huabin and the others were also gifted, they were still very young. They were still lousier than the top-ranked students that had an average age of 19 years and above from the various academies in the tournament.

The closed-door cultivation that Huo Yuhao and the rest had experienced after they had returned had also been extremely crucial. Their experiences and outlook were now different from what they were before.

It’s important to note that Huo Yuhao and the others had almost participated in the tournament as official team members. They weren’t like most preparatory team members that hardly featured.

But they realized how lousy they were after they witnessed this top-ranked duel, even though it hadn’t exploded into a full-blown conflict. They were still far off from the top-ranked soul masters. But Huo Yuhao wasn’t as impatient as he was before. He was much more mature now. He had to walk his path step by step, which he had already laid the foundation for. His achievements wouldn’t be low as long as he worked hard. There would be a day when he would reach Elder Xuan and even Elder Mu’s level.

Elder Xuan looked a little dismal. It seemed as if he was unhappy that he had been suppressed by Du Busi. He brought the three of them to the Sea God’s Pavilion’s second level.

Elder Mu lay quietly in his chair. He appeared as frail as ever. Who would have expected that he was the one who had chased the entire Body Sect away?

“Elder Mu.” Elder Xuan was a little depressed as he greeted Elder Mu.

Elder Mu smiled and asked, “Why are you depressed? You didn’t lose. It’s nothing to be repressed by Du Busi. If I wasn’t fortunate, I would have died along with Du Busi’s elder brother. Even though I preserved my life, I’m still disabled. I may not be much stronger than you even if I fought. After all, the Dragon God now is no longer like the Dragon God then.”

“No, Elder Mu. You can’t put it that way,” Elder Xuan said hurriedly, “you’re Shrek’s anchor!”

Elder Mu sighed. “My spine was snapped, and Du Busi’s elder brother’s – Du Bisi’s - lethal poison entered my passageways. Although I preserved my life, I can’t straighten my back anymore. But it’s only through that clash that I managed to attain a breakthrough and escape a catastrophe. Du Bisi wasn’t as fortunate as I was. He died of his injuries after hanging on for a while. It’s a pity! He was also a hero of his time.”

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