Chapter 134.2: The Sect Master of the Body Sect, Du Busi

The sudden collision of Elder Xuan and Du Busi in mid-air caused the sky to blow apart, as if fireworks had been ignited. The dark green radiance behind Du Busi formed a huge whirlpool-like patch in the air. The yellow radiance behind Elder Xuan instantly formed countless huge circles of light. After that, they changed into a huge meteor shower that struck towards the whirlpool-like patch.

Huo Yuhao had seen many meteor shower-type soul skills. The strongest that he had ever seen were Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Meteor Shower and Dai Yueheng’s White Tiger Meteor Shower. But those meteor showers were soul skills that imitated meteor showers. They only covered a few hundred square meters at most. But the meteor shower that Elder Xuan unleashed was truly mighty! It engulfed the entire area and was boundless. It was as if the sky was being torn apart.

But Du Busi was very powerful too. The huge, dark green whirlpool-like patch formed a funnel-like shape and allowed the meteor shower to strike it. The yellow light disappeared as it entered the funnel.

The two of them were at a stalemate right now. The green giant formed from Du Busi used its hands to grip Elder Xuan’s horns tightly. While both competed to see who was better, neither could gain the upper hand over the other. The lights on their body also alternated between brightness and dimness, while their bodies were half-still.

Streaks of black light flashed past their sides. The light of stars could be subtly seen amidst the black light. They were spatial cracks!

The longer they fought each other, the more frequently the black lights appeared. A black circle soon formed around them, and began to expand outward.

“Du Busi, you’re really mad.” Elder Xuan’s voice rang in the air.

Du Busi laughed loudly and said, “You’re the mad one. I don’t want to die with you. Let go and we’ll go again.”

A piercing, tearing sound could be heard in mid-air. The black circle dispersed and turned into countless streaks of black lights that snaked out in all directions. Wherever the black lights passed, Elder Xuan’s yellow meteor shower and Du Busi’s dark green whirlpool dissipated. The black lights reached extremely far before they disappeared.

Du Busi and Elder Xuan had separated at this point. There were more than a thousand meters between them. They gathered their powers once again, and the confrontation between yellow and dark green started again.

“Little Xuan, you’ve improved greatly after all these years of not seeing you!” Du Busi snorted.

“The same goes for you,” Elder Xuan replied coldly, “why are you still not dead yet, old freak?”

Du Busi seemed to have been triggered. “Nonsense, why would I die? And you still call me old? How many years younger are you? At most 20 years. If you’re not dead, why would I be? I can still survive another 100 years.”

“If you’re capable, live for another 1000 years,” Elder Xuan replied disdainfully, “you’ll be a thousand year tortoise then. Oh, I think this name suits your skin color.”

“You’re looking for death.” Du Busi raged and flipped his hands. He mimicked a lifting action, while the dark green whirlpool behind him retracted. It was rapidly gathered within his body. The dark green of his body also started to turn transparent, and his size increased even further. His height reached more than a hundred meters instantly, and a similar black from earlier appeared around his body. It was smaller than the spatial cracks created by him and Elder Xuan earlier, but seemed denser.

Elder Xuan seemed awed, and the yellow radiance behind him also retracted. His Godly Taotie Bull’s size also ballooned and instantly turned into an extremely domineering presence.

Du Busi glared at Elder Xuan furiously. His hands suddenly mimicked a wrenching action, as if he were smashing something onto the ground. A huge dark green ball of light with diameter of over 30 meters penetrated through space and crashed down towards Elder Xuan from above.

Elder Xuan didn’t cower away either. A white light that shone as brightly as a diamond flashed between his horns. It stabbed into the dark green ball of light like a bolt of white lightning.

A piercing boom resonated for more than a thousand miles, and the dark green light ball turned into a light ring that dispersed in the sky.

Du Busi snorted and clasped his palms together. The space around Elder Xuan suddenly started to distort, and dark green lights appeared around his body like smudged stains. Several huge black holes started to appear too, and the frightening spatial cracks were seemed to be trying to tear Elder Xuan’s body apart.

Elder Xuan grunted in disdain. The bright yellow radiance turned into a barrier of light that burst out. The black holes were all mended just like that.

Du Busi was slightly shocked. “Mending the sky, what a move! Little Xuan, you’re indeed worthy as my opponent. But you’re still lacking a little.”

Du Busi absorbed all the dark green back into his body. As he spoke, his eyes suddenly lit up, and an azure light shone from his entire body. The intense light shone unprecedentedly brightly, and made him seem like an azure-green sun. The entire Shrek City below was covered in this azure-green light.

Du Busi clasped his palms before his chest, and a small dark green whirlpool formed. This whirlpool seemed to only have a diameter of one meter, and was extremely incompatible with his huge size. But the whirlpool seemed to contain boundless strength, causing the expression in Elder Xuan’s eyes to change greatly.

A bright yellow shone from Elder Xuan’s body. His Godly Taotie Bull’s body turned back into human form, and only his horns still appeared obvious. His palms clasped together, and a strong will could be sensed from Elder Xuan’s body. Both his hands probed forward, and his nine soul rings lit up as if they were being burned. A ball of yellow light gradually grew bigger on his hand and turned into a weird-looking weapon.

The weapon was thick at the top but narrow at the bottom. Elder Xuan’s body shrank back to his normal size so that the weapon’s power was at its greatest. On a closer look, Elder Xuan’s weapon seemed to have a similar shape to a chicken drumstick.

Du Busi shouted, and the dark green whirlpool in his hand turned into a ball of light that shot out. The ball of light shrank as it moved in the air. It left deep gorges in the air as it moved. It was as if its presence couldn’t be tolerated in space.

Elder Xuan bellowed, and his muscles swelled. His entire body seemed to have distended, and he wielded the chicken drumstick weapon to tackle the dark green light ball that came his way.

“Puff——” When both parties collided, the dark green light ball stuck onto the ‘chicken drumstick’ and instantly seemed to stagnate. An immense pressure suddenly descended from the sky.

The powerful individuals from Shrek Academy and the Body Sect teamed up together to unleash a powerful aura. Many colors mixed together to form a light barrier that resisted the frightening will that came down.


A crisp sound resonated in the sky. There was no release of any frightening force. The dark green light ball and Elder Xuan’s ‘chicken drumstick’ disappeared at the same time, while Elder Xuan was sent flying as his body was stained dark green. It was obvious that he had been struck.

Du Busi was extremely delighted, and laughed, “Little Xuan, your soul rings are weaker than mine even if your cultivation is the same. I even possess a special Body Soul. You’re still inferior to me in terms of your level. Concede defeat. If not for the fact that I’m afraid I’ll lose an opponent like you, I would kill you now.”

Elder Xuan only stabilized his body after flying for more than a thousand meters. It seemed as if nothing great had changed after the dark green subsided. Even his aura remained very powerful. However, his eyes revealed his greater impatience.

“Du Busi, stop sugar-coating your words. Do you dare to fight to death with me? I’ll bring you along with me even if I die. At least I’ll make you unable to provide for yourself.”

Du Busi snorted, “Why won’t I dare to? I’ll at most be heavily injured if I kill you. You’re still not powerful enough to make me perish along with you. But don’t forget that this is Shrek’s territory. If you fight to the death with me here, I’m afraid that Shrek Academy will disappear from the face of this continent.”

Elder Xuan’s expression changed. “I dare you!”

“There’s nothing in this world the Body Sect is afraid of doing,” Du Busi said arrogantly, “don’t tell me you’ve forgotten who started the wave of beasts in Star Dou Forest?”

Elder Xuan was furious. “Shameless fellow. You still have the cheek to mention that incident? I don’t think you find it a humiliation. Rather, you treat it as your glory. Many people lost their lives because of the Body Sect. If Shrek Academy didn’t resist the wave of beasts, it would have been a full-blown massacre.”

Du Busi groaned and said, “What do you mean Shrek Academy resisted the wave of beasts? It’s as if you’re hinting we didn’t do anything.”

“Don’t forget what the Body Sect promised after the wave of beasts receded.” Elder Xuan said coldly, “Are you reneging on your promise by coming here so boldly today?”

Du Busi replied, “Promise? So much time has passed. I don’t remember anything. Even if I renege on my promise, what can you do?”

Elder Xuan twisted his lips and said, “I never expected that you’d become so shameless.” While he spoke in this way, he was shocked in his heart. Du Busi’s words seemed to foreshadow the appearance of the Body Sect in the world! In addition, they were likely to have a ploy.

Du Busi said, “Alright, we’ve already fought. The Body Sect and Shrek Academy still have some ties. We’re not here to target Shrek Academy. I’m here today not just to demand an explanation. There’s something more important. If you return our Body Sect member, I will turn around and leave immediately.”

Elder Xuan snorted, “What Body Sect member? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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