Chapter 134.1: The Sect Master of the Body Sect, Du Busi

It was important to know that non-flying-type soul masters could only fly in the air for a short period of time even if they were seven-ringed Soul Sages. It was only with eight rings that one could float in the air like this. At the Titled Douluo level, they were then able to fly for long periods of time using their soul power. This meant that the twenty-or-so people in the air right now had at least eight rings.

One had to have sufficient ability to provoke Shrek Academy and find trouble with them. These people were obviously here with ill intentions.

Over on Shrek Academy’s side, figures also started to rise into the air. Many students looked into the distant sky from the windows of the teaching block. Their gazes were all stiff. Such a confrontation between top-ranked individuals was not something commonly seen. This was even the first time that the inner courtyard disciples had seen something like this.

The inner courtyard students from Shrek Academy soon realized that there were more than 30 people from the academy in the air. They outnumbered the intruders, and were led by Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan seemed neither anxious nor worried. He said indifferently, “Old freak Du, what do you want with this lineup of yours today? Your Body Sect wants to re-appear in the continent and we’re your first target?”

When the words ‘Body Sect’ came from Elder Xuan’s mouth, some of the younger teachers behind Elder Xuan looked petrified. No wonder the other party had intruded into Shrek Academy so fearlessly – they were powerful individuals from the Body Sect.

Shrek Academy and the Body Sect were equally matched on the continent. The other party had their own history too.

The elder with green hair that was called old freak Du by Elder Xuan snorted and rolled his eyes. “Little Xuan, you’re asking the obvious. Why? Have you forgotten what you’ve done?”

Elder Xuan laughed. “Forgotten what? Didn’t I just lecture two rascals under you? Ask them what they did. They dared to attack me. If not for the fact that I was giving you face, do you think they would have returned alive?”

Old freak Du snorted furiously. “Nonsense, nonsense. You beat up my sect members, and you’re still acting so upright. I won’t let the matter rest. I want you to show me where your confidence is coming from.” As he spoke, he roared furiously, and a thick dark-green radiance shot into the sky. This radiance caused half the sky to be dyed a dark-green color. His body ballooned in size and became 10 times bigger in the blink of an eye. His dark-green skin turned into huge muscles, and only the shorts that he wore that covered his sensitive area survived. Of course, those shorts were custom-made. Otherwise, they would have been torn apart by his expanding body.

The most frightening part was still his soul rings. There were 2 yellow, 2 purple, 2 black, and 3 red soul rings. He had 3 hundred thousand year soul rings. Once he unleashed his martial soul fully, he almost crushed the air with his arrogance.

Elder Xuan turned serious and roared too. He shot up into the sky, and an intense yellow radiance was released from his body. An overbearing aura erupted, and the dense yellow radiance supported the sky above Shrek. Yellow and green were clearly separated in the sky high above.

However, Elder Xuan’s soul rings were slightly inferior to old freak Du’s soul rings. He had 2 yellow, 2 purple, 4 black, and 1 red soul ring. But he only had 1 hundred thousand year soul ring. This also signified that he needed to have at least 2 more hundred thousand year soul bones than old freak Du.
Elder Xuan experienced huge transformations too. Under the light of the yellow radiance, he let out a deep groan in the air that forced the individuals from the Body Sect to retreat a hundred meters.

Elder Xuan’s appearance changed completely as the intense yellow radiance spread.

He had the body of a sheep, and his eyes were below his armpits. He had the teeth of a tiger, and human hands. A pair of huge, weird horns appeared too. His body was more than 30 meters in length, and he even seemed stronger than old freak Du. The intense yellow radiance continued to advance, and the nine soul rings turned into circles of light that moved up and down between the huge horns that were around 5 meters in length.

Huo Yuhao and the other two had arrived outside the Sea God’s Pavilion through Yan Shaozhe’s guidance at this point. Yan Shaozhe was worried as he watched what was happening above him. He said to Huo Yuhao and the other two, “Enter the Sea God’s Pavilion quickly. Don’t come out no matter what. Do the three of you understand?”

“Yes.” The three of them answered him hurriedly. They were all shocked by what was happening.

This was also their first time seeing Elder Xuan unleashing his full abilities.

“Don’t bother entering the pavilion. Just watch from the door.” A gentle voice sounded, and was heard by Yan Shaozhe, Huo Yuhao and the other two. Yan Shaozhe heaved a sigh of relief as he heard this voice. After bowing in the direction of Sea God’s Pavilion, his toes touched the ground, and he changed into a white light that instantly rose into the sky. As the Martial Soul Department’s Dean, how could he be absent when Shrek Academy was under attack?

The gentle voice undoubtedly belonged to Elder Mu. Huo Yuhao and the other two were naturally safe from danger since Elder Mu was around.

Wang Dong said softly, “Elder Mu, it should be a Martial Soul True Body that’s just been unleashed. It’s something that can only be done with at least a seven-ringed cultivation! It seems very strong! But why is that green giant in a human form? Did his martial soul come from some type of ancient giant?”

Huo Yuhao naturally couldn’t answer Wang Dong’s question, but Elder Mu could! Elder Mu’s gentle voice rang out again, “What you’re seeing is not just a simple Martial Soul True Body anymore. It’s a powerful force that’s revealed when soul power that’s at least Rank 95 is injected into a Martial Soul True Body after a fusion of one’s pure understanding of his martial soul. It’s a technique that only a Transcendent Douluo can use. That person is called Du Busi, the Sect Master of the Body Sect. His martial soul is himself.”

“Body Sect? Don’t tell me…” After hearing the words ‘Body Sect’, Huo Yuhao was shocked. He also remembered what had happened to him in Star Luo City.

Elder Mu replied, “Yes. Without a doubt, they’ve come for you. It’s worth it to make a trip for someone with a Body Soul and an Ultimate martial soul. I think they’re also here for some other purpose. Yuhao, I shall not hide it from you. The Body Sect has researched Body Souls for ten thousand years. No one can rival them in this aspect. I believe that they have a way of making your Spirit Eyes experience their second awakening and make them stronger. The academy will not blame if you choose to leave. But if you stay, I’m sure you can tell that the academy will do our best to nurture you. The academy should be better at nurturing your Ultimate martial soul. You have to tell me your decision, so that I know how to account to the Body Sect.”

After hearing Elder Mu’s words, Huo Yuhao answered him without any hesitation, “Elder Mu, the academy is in trouble because of me. But I won’t leave the academy. I’m already one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. I will always be a part of Shrek as long as the academy doesn’t give up on me. Furthermore, I have a sect. I’m a Tang Sect disciple. How can I change my sect again? I wouldn’t have entered the academy if not for Teacher Xiao Ya and eldest senior. I might have even died in Star Dou Forest. I won’t join any other place apart from Tang Sect and Shrek Academy.”

“Good kid.” Elder Mu’s voice became gentler. There was also a sense of resolve within this gentleness.

A reverberating boom sounded in the sky at this point. Both Du Busi and Elder Xuan had started to make their moves.

The entire sky changed because of their battle. One side was dark yellow, while the other side was a domineering dark green. They both occupied one half of the sky. At the point where they intersected, they surged as Elder Xuan and Du Busi fought. This was an extremely frightening duel!

Elder Xuan’s Godly Taotie Bull burst forward in mid-air. The yellow radiance behind him struck towards Du Busi.

The dark-green giant converted from Du Busi sprinted in the air with huge steps. He was fearless as he went straight for Elder Xuan.

The two of them collided in mid-air amidst reverberating booms.

At this point, both Shrek Academy and the Body Sect cultivators that were in the air initially all descended rapidly. They returned to the ground.

A frightening pressure was exerted from the sky, and it only disappeared when one was around a hundred meters from the ground. This was a result of intentional control by both parties. After all, neither side wanted their own people to be struck by the aftermath. It also seemed like Du Busi had no intention of fighting Elder Xuan to the death.

Even so, Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao still shook as they stood on the ground. They turned pale too. It was as if the sky was collapsing.

Was this a duel between top-ranked individuals? Human strength was actually able to reach such a frightening level.

Huo Yuhao was completely shocked. Before today, he hadn’t expected a soul master’s strength to reach such a standard. This was already beyond his understanding of what a soul master was capable of.

He had witnessed the top-ranked, six-ringed Soul Emperor cultivations of Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yueheng before. While they were much stronger than him, he could still see the gap between him and them. But the abilities that Elder Xuan and Du Busi displayed were beyond his understanding, such that he couldn’t appraise them at all. He couldn’t even sense the presence of their levels.

Elder Mu’s voice didn’t resonate again. Neither did he explain anything to them. He left the three of them staring into the sky silently.

He left them outside and didn’t allow them to enter the Sea God’s Pavilion because he wanted them to watch this earth-shaking battle. Such a huge battle was rarely seen on the continent. To young soul masters, this was also an extremely valuable experience for them!

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