Chapter 130.2: Finding One's Path

She had been living an entirely boring life in this period of time. Classroom, dormitory, dormitory, classroom. She never stayed outside or left the academy.

After leaving the classroom block, she returned to the dormitory quickly. She seemed to be thinking of something as she walked.

“Pretty lady, give me some face and have a meal with me.” At this point, a figure blocked her way. As she was walking very quickly, she almost walked into that person.

“Scram.” Tang Ya was enraged, and lifted her head. Everyone knew about her relationship with Bei Bei. Did someone from the outer courtyard just try to take liberties with her?

However, her eyes never shifted once she lifted her head. That handsome face that appeared gentle and refined wore a slight smile on it as it filled Tang Ya’s gaze.

“You still remembered to return!” Tang Ya’s voice trembled a little.

Bei Bei laughed slightly. “How could I not return when my wife’s here? What if she runs away with someone else?”

“Who’s your wife?” Tang Ya reprimanded him, “You’re so rude. I’m the head of the Tang Sect, your teacher!”

Bei Bei extended his arms and the smile on his face didn’t change, “Come teacher, give me a hug.”

Tang Ya pursed her lips lightly and glared at him. After that, she rushed into his arms and hugged his waist tightly. She started to bawl.

Bei Bei hugged her slender finger and was a little stunned, “What’s wrong? Did someone really bully you?” In his heart, Tang Ya had always been like a cheerful angel. Although she had the heavy burden of rebuilding the Tang Sect, she was still a very cheerful person. Although Bei Bei had been away from her for a long time, she should have at most censured him with a few words. She wouldn’t wail uncontrollably like this!

Tang Ya didn’t reply, and only hugged him as she cried. She cried until Bei Bei’s shirt was drenched with her tears. She then lifted her swollen, red eyes and said, “I’m fine.”

Bei Bei lifted his hand uncourteously above her head and knocked it, “Why would you cry so hard if nothing was wrong? Let’s return to the dormitory first.”

Tang Ya’s dormmate was Jiang Nannan. Jiang Nannan was not around, as she had followed Xu Sanshi to the pharmacy and wouldn’t return anytime soon.

It wasn’t Bei Bei’s first time sneaking into the ladies’ dorm. Although the academy had rules, they couldn’t possibly catch every trespasser. Tang Ya opened her door and entered before opening the window for Bei Bei to climb in. He wasn’t spotted. But even if he was, who in the outer courtyard would dare to expose him?

Tang Ya and Jiang Nannan’s room didn’t have too many decorations. It was simple and pleasant. Jiang Nannan’s mattress even had patches.

Tang Ya dragged Bei Bei onto the bed to sit down. She leaned into his arms and hugged him tightly. “There was no news even though all of you were gone for so long. How was the tournament?”

Bei Bei gazed at her deeply and didn’t pursue the doubt in his heart. He recounted his experiences to her.

He had always been someone who could control his temperament and was patient. That’s why he recounted everything in detail, and only finished when it had already turned dark outside.

“What? The academy rewarded all of you by making all of you Shrek’s Seven Monsters?” Tang Ya was stunned and she sat up. She opened her eyes wide and looked at him as if she didn’t recognize him.

Bei Bei nodded and said, “I’m very surprised too, but I’m also delighted. Why? Are you not delighted? You need to know that 5 of us out of the 7 hails from Tang Sect.”

Tang Ya furrowed her brows and shook her head slightly. “I’m elated for all of you. But can all of you still do anything for Tang Sect now that all of you have become Shrek’s Seven Monsters? Too many of the academy’s imprints have been carved onto your bodies.”

Bei Bei laughed uncontrollably, “Why not? The academy won’t restrict our freedom. Furthermore, the relationship between the academy and Tang Sect has always been quite good!”

“How is it good?” Tang Ya was furious as she shook her head. Her eyes even flashed with a tinge of hostility. “Where was the academy when the Tang Sect was going downhill? I was chased out of my own home. Where were they when the Tang Sect ended? Did they ever help us as the continent’s top academy?”

Bei Bei was a little stunned as he looked at Tang Ya’s expression, “Xiao Ya, are you fine? Your emotions are…” It was his first time seeing Tang Ya revealing such an expression.

Tang Ya threw her head down forcefully, as if she was trying to wrench something to the ground. She lowered her head and said, “Sorry, I’m fine.” Bei Bei couldn’t see that a shred of dim purple had flashed across Tang Ya’s bright, wide eyes. It wasn’t the glow of the Purple Demon Eyes, but a dim purple that carried an aura of death.

Bei Bei hugged her once again and said, “Xiao Ya, don’t waste your time! The Tang Sect declined due to its own actions. Besides the lack of advantage of secret weapons, the Tang Sect’s past leaders also had all sorts of problems. These led to the fall of the Tang Sect, which was once prosperous. But you should be seeing a glimmer of hope now! There’s Yuhao, He Caitou, Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao and me by your side. We can help you rebuild the Tang Sect, help it become prosperous again when our powers grow. We’re still young, and we’ve time to work hard for the Tang Sect’s rise.”

Tang Ya laughed bitterly and said, “But have you ever thought of what I’m capable of doing for Tang Sect as its leader? All of you are already Shrek’s Seven Monsters, but I’m getting further and further from all of you. I’m also aware that I won’t make it into the inner courtyard. I’m not that capable, and the inner courtyard won’t let me in just because I’m the Tang Sect’s leader.”

“No, don’t think like that,” Bei Bei said hurriedly, “why can’t you make it if you’re willing to work hard? We’ll try our best to get you into the inner courtyard.”

Tang Ya shook her head and said, “Bei Bei, don’t be like this. I don’t want to become your burden. Do you understand? You should be cultivating tirelessly now and get into the inner courtyard next year. Do you know why I was crying just now? That’s because I’ve decided to leave Shrek.”

“What?” Bei Bei was shocked upon hearing her words. His smile also disappeared instantly. “Xiao Ya, what’s wrong?” He could clearly feel the change in Tang Ya after more than a month without seeing her. He even felt a sense of unfamiliarity from her, as her personality had changed greatly. He hadn’t even seen her smile ever since he had returned.

Tang Ya lifted her head to look at Bei Bei, and her eyes were filled with sorrow. “I don’t want to leave, but staying here no longer holds any meaning for me.  I’ll only tie you down. Since I can’t get into the inner courtyard, I need to try my best to carve out a path for the Tang Sect’s future. I cried because I can’t bear to leave you. Bei Bei, do you know that I’ll really miss you?”

“Stop speaking.” Bei Bei interrupted her rather violently and hugged her tightly in his arms. “You can’t go, do you hear me?”

Tang Ya replied faintly, “You know my character. I won’t ever change my mind.” Tears streamed down her cheeks, but she never cried out. But the sorrow in her eyes wasn’t simply because of her impending departure.

“Xiao Ya, listen to me,” Bei Bei said gently, “we’re still young! Why do you have to be so impatient?”

Tang Ya buried her face in his arms, “Stop persuading me. You don’t know how hard it was for me to make this decision. I must leave. I’ve already tended my leave from the academy. I hesitated on whether I should wait for you to return. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make my decision when you return. But I was more afraid that my sudden departure would be too much for you to bear and affect your studies. That’s why I decided to bear the pain of my departure and tell you about it clearly.”

Bei Bei’s body shook. “Xiao Ya, have you really made up your mind?” He understood her, and knew the stubbornness that was deeply rooted in her bones.

Tang Ya nodded slightly.

Bei Bei took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself down forcefully. “Where are you going then? At least tell me the place so that I can find you during the holidays.”

Tang Ya replied softly, “I will return to the Heavenly Soul Empire where the Tang Sect originated. I will rebuild the Tang Sect in the Heavenly Soul Empire’s capital. Our Tang Sect’s family is also there. Heaven Dou City was named to remember the Heaven Dou Empire that once existed. The Tang Sect will always be tied to this city. While the Tang Sect may not be around temporarily, they’re still connected. I will go back and contact them. I’ll at least find a place for the Tang Sect.”

Bei Bei creased his brows. “Must you go to Heaven Dou City? The Tang Sect’s former address was there. I’m afraid they will do something bad to you.”

Tang Ya answered, “I won’t let them discover me. This is unless I can push them into a corner and regain the Tang Sect’s territory one day.”

Bei Bei saw the hostility in Tang Ya’s eyes once again, and was filled with discomfort, “What if I don’t let you go?”

Tang Ya’s gaze turned tender again. She gently caressed his face, “Bei Bei, you’re the one who understands me the best in this world. I can’t do anything for the Tang Sect in terms of my abilities. If you don’t let me contribute to the rebuilding of Tang Sect, I won’t be happy. I will wait for you in the Heaven Dou City as I set up the Tang Sect’s foundation. We’ll seize the Tang Sect’s estate and rebuild the sect one day when you, Huo Yuhao and the rest achieve something. This is something I have to do.”

Huo Yuhao was like a small boat amidst a spiritual windstorm as the immense spiritual power exerted pressure on him. He maintained himself as the windstorm raged. While the windstorm was very frightening, he never submitted.

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