Chapter 127.2: The End of the Tournament and the Awards!

Book 15: Victors

Chapter 127.2: The End of the Tournament and the Awards!

Wang Dong snorted and replied, “Why must I make any sound? I wanted to see what you were up to. Indeed, I discovered your intention!”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “Whatever. Wang Dong, aren’t you extremely weak now, and can’t use any of your energy?”

Although Wang Dong was awake, his voice was very weak. His condition was just like Huo Yuhao when he just woke up.

Wang Dong rolled his eyes and said, “Do you think everyone is as fit as you?”

Huo Yuhao laughed teasingly, “It’s good that you’re weak too. What can you do if I pinch your face?” As he said, he used both his hands to pinch Wang Dong’s face. He even twisted his cheeks a few times.

Wang Dong’s charming face was twisted till a weird shape was formed. Even his lips couldn’t help but pout.

“You, you rascal…” Wang Dong spoke unclearly.

Huo Yuhao relaxed his grip on Wang Dong’s face before patting his neck. He said, “You should behave yourself more since you’re already so weak. Haha, I’m enjoying this feeling.”

Wang Dong was furious till his face turned red. He glared at Huo Yuhao, but a slight laughing intent flashed across the depths of his eyes subconsciously.

The Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament had finally concluded, and they had managed to defend Shrek’s glory. They were even the ones who had decided victory in the final.

They were much more relaxed now that the intense tournament was over. That’s why Huo Yuhao had behaved in this way now.

Huo Yuhao saw Wang Dong smiling too, but he was trying to conceal his smile.

“Wang Dong, aren’t we the best?”

Wang Dong was stunned as he looked into his eyes. The fury on his face disappeared, and he nodded slightly. “Yes, we are. We’re the champions.”

Huo Yuhao smiled brightly, but tears started to appear in his eyes. He bent his waist suddenly and crawled up to Wang Dong’s body before hugging him tightly.

“Thanks, Wang Dong.”

Wang Dong was in a daze. He could sense Huo Yuhao’s sudden emotional outburst, but he didn’t know what to do or say at this moment. But he stretched out his arms slowly. Though he was weak, he still managed to hug Huo Yuhao’s back.

Huo Yuhao muttered, “From the day I left the Duke’s Mansion, I swore to avenge my mother when I returned. I must be stronger than all of them, and make them pay the price for the torment my mother bore for more than 10 years. I even wanted to end the Duke’s bloodline.”

“I didn’t realize how childish this mentality was then.”

“I met eldest senior and Teacher Xiao Ya in Star Dou Forest. I only realized how small and weak I was after I entered Shrek Academy. I worked so hard to fulfil the stubborn desire I had. However, I realized how impractical it was the more things I learned. I’m just a weak orphan compared to the Duke’s Mansion. I can’t threaten them in the slightest.”

“There was even a period of time when I was filled with desolation. I didn’t think I stood a chance in my life anymore. It was you and everyone that made me feel warm. I’m really fortunate to have met Teacher Xiao Ya and eldest senior. I’m even more fortunate to have met you. It’s all of you that enabled me to join Shrek’s big family. It’s all of you that made me feel the warmth and friendship I never felt when I was younger.”

“We came hand-in-hand to the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament, and even obtained the championship. From that moment onwards, I realized that not everything is possible because of hard work. Wang Dong, thanks for giving me courage and helping to become stronger. You’ll always be my best brother.”

After listening to Huo Yuhao’s words, Wang Dong’s gaze turned extremely gentle. Even his arms developed more strength to hug Huo Yuhao tighter.

The two of them maintained this position for a few minutes, while one side of Wang Dong’s pillow was drenched by Huo Yuhao’s flowing tears.

“Hey… you’re crushing me.” After a long while, Wang Dong finally managed to squeeze these words out of his mouth.

Huo Yuhao bounced up unwittingly, but only saw Wang Dong smiling at him. Seeing his charming face, Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but pinch his face again.

“Wang Dong, how great it would be if you were a girl just like the appearance of the Raiment of Light revealed that day.” Huo Yuhao said.

Wang Dong’s face turned red, and he answered, “Even if I’m a girl, what has that got to do with you?”

A few teardrops still continued to cling to Huo Yuhao’s face, but he didn’t even realize, and chuckled, “Of course it concerns me. Then I’ll cling onto you shamelessly. Elder Xu said that a good girl is afraid of clingy guys, and that he’ll manage to win over Jiang Nannan one day. Oh yes, do you have a sister at home? You can introduce her to me. It’s better to benefit someone you know than outsiders.”

“Pui!” Wang Dong’s face turned red, but he didn’t turn to look at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao thought that he was angry, and said hurriedly, “I’m just kidding. Don’t take it for real!”

Wang Dong twisted his head suddenly, “What do you mean by that? You can’t take back your words. Let me tell you, I really have an elder sister.”

“What?” Huo Yuhao’s eyes opened wide as he looked at him, “Is that for real?”

“Of course it’s real,” Wang Dong said seriously, “I have an older twin sister. She was born 2 hours earlier than me. If you really want to know her, I can introduce you to her. She’s in another academy now. That’s because my family is worried about her being too far due to her gender and her beautiful looks. But my elder sister’s martial soul is just like mine. Our Shrek Academy allows outstanding individuals to join the inner courtyard test. Maybe my elder sister will join too when we take the test a few years later. I can introduce you to her then?”

Huo Yuhao was stunned as he looked at Wang Dong, “Older twin sister? Does that mean she looks just like you?”

Wang Dong rolled his eyes and said, “Obviously. How can we be twins if we don’t look alike? I believe she’ll look just like the appearance of the Raiment of Light that we displayed that day. Why? Are you moved? If you listen to me, I can consider introducing her to you.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled before shaking his head. He said, “Forget it. If your sister is so pretty, why would she fall for me? I was just kidding. That Raiment of Light was indeed ravishing.”

Wang Dong snapped, “Don’t underestimate yourself. Do you still think that you’re lousy? Twin martial souls, ultimate martial soul. A member of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament champions. You’re even a main driving force of the team. Who are you lousier than among those of the same age? Of course, even I am a little off from you too.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned for a moment. Yes! Who was he inferior to? After he questioned himself, he discovered it was difficult to answer his own question.

Wang Dong was cross as he said, “Stop spacing out. Help me recover. Are you still human? You only know how to bully me, but not help me recover my strength.” 

“Oh, oh, okay.” Huo Yuhao rushed to grab both his hands. He slowly injected his Mysterious Heaven Technique soul power into Wang Dong’s body.

Wang Dong was equally exhausted, but his passageways were resilient. They didn’t show any signs of damage.

The nourishing effect of the Mysterious Heaven Technique’s soul power was extremely great. Along with Huo Yuhao’s life aura in his soul power, Wang Dong restored his soul power very quickly. The Haodong Power even managed to start circulating again.

The two of them worked together and used less than 2 hours. When the sky outside turned dark, Wang Dong’s soul power had almost been fully restored. He was no longer in a weakened state.

Huo Yuhao let go of Wang Dong’s hands as he let out a long breath, “Alright, you should be much comfortable now. Let’s stop cultivating today and have a good rest. Let’s go and have some food.”

Wang Dong sat up suddenly, and he quickly used his hands to pinch Huo Yuhao’s cheeks. He revealed a cheeky look on his face after he twisted Huo Yuhao’s cheeks.

Huo Yuhao didn’t resist, and let Wang Dong pinch him. “Your petty mentality is too great.”

Wang Dong opened his eyes wide and increased his strength, “My petty mentality is too great? Who’s the one who started it? I shall pinch you.”

Huo Yuhao screamed in pain, “I didn’t use so much force. If you don’t stop, I’m going to retaliate!”

As he spoke, both his hands had already reached below Wang Dong’s armpits.

“No…” Wang Dong laughed loudly.

The two of them were continued to have fun in their room.


Shrek Academy. Sea God’s Island. Sea God’s Pavilion. In a quiet chamber.

Ma Xiaotao lay on a smooth, white bed. The black flames that kept on coming out from her body had disappeared, but she still looked extremely pale. Her face even flashed with a layer of black gas at times.

A golden light barrier covered this bed. It seemed as if Ma Xiaotao had been sealed.

There were two people standing at her bedside. On the left was the Shrek Academy’s Martial Soul Department’s dean, Yan Shaozhe. Beside him was an elder in his declining years.

The elder seemed unable to straighten his back. Although he stood there, his body seemed to be bent at a 90-degree angle. He held a crutch with both his hands, with which supported his body.

Yan Shaozhe wore a serious look as he looked at Ma Xiaotao and said in a deep voice, “Teacher, I think this is just a temporary measure even though we used the Manifold Mysterious Ice Bed and your power of light to seal Ma Xiaotao’s Dark Phoenix flames. Those Dark Phoenix flames are extremely domineering. Once they break free from the restraints, things will get messy. Xiaotao’s senses will also…”


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