Chapter 126.2: Raiment of Light

Book 14: The Finals!

Chapter 126.2: Rainment of Light

The Star Luo Emperor, Xu Jiawei, had a somewhat flushed expression as well, as he was also extremely excited. The image of that empire-overthrowing beauty had been embedded in the depths of his heart as well!

The White Tiger Duke was much calmer than him. He began to mutter to himself as he looked at the pair of youths who were embracing each other, “A willpower as tough as steel. They’ll definitely become very useful in the future.”

The entire plaza had already turned into a sea of boiling emotions. Due to the heavy injuries suffered by both participating teams, the awards ceremony had to be delayed.

The Taotie Douluo, Elder Xuan, had already appeared by the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, blocking their path forward.

“None of you are allowed to leave. Dispel the poison inflicted on my disciples first.” Elder Xuan had a very cold and solemn gaze in his eyes, and he still held Ma Xiaotao, who was flickering with the flames of the Dark Phoenix, in his embrace.

The teacher in charge of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was still somewhat confused about the entire matter. Since everything had happened so quickly, he didn’t know just how they had lost the final match that they were originally guaranteed to win. The instant he saw that peerless beauty take the stage, Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen were sent down from the stage.

Why had Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao not hurt Meng Hongchen? This was because they wanted her to dispel the poison in their teammates’ bodies.

“Did you not hear what I just said?” As he speaking, Elder Xuan made a grabbing motion towards Meng Hongchen.

“Wait a moment.” The teacher in charge hurriedly blocked the path to Meng Hongchen. If possible, he truly wanted to resist Elder Xuan; he truly didn’t wish to allow the absolutely astonishing members of Shrek Academy to continue living.

The higher the hopes one had toward a certain thing, the larger the disappointment would be if one failed to achieve it. The pain he currently felt was similar to that of falling down from a tall mountain. He had to stay strong as the teacher in charge of his team, but he couldn’t.

He didn’t dare, he truly didn’t dare to obstruct Elder Xuan at this moment. Xiao Hongchen was now unconscious, while Meng Hongchen had suffered heavy injuries. If he couldn’t bring them back, he wouldn’t face a consequence as simple as losing his own life. Even his family would be implicated in this matter.

“Elder Xuan, this is only a competition. I’ll dispel the poison in your student’s bodies.” The teacher in charge forcefully suppressed the grief he felt in his heart and enunciated each word carefully.

Elder Xuan nodded and said coldly, “That’d be for the best. Also, give me that sword that Ma Rulong used earlier.”

The teacher’s expression immediately changed, “That won’t be possible. That’s a Class 8 soul tool that our Sun Moon Empire’s Illustrious Virtue Hall forged. Its value is inestimable.”

“Let me ask you this. Are you going to give it, or not?” Elder Xuan’s voice was as cold and tough as ever, and he didn’t release any pressure either. However, his mere question caused the teacher to start sweating to the point where his shirt was drenched.

Elder Xuan didn’t look at him, but the unconscious Xiao Hongchen.

The teacher’s voice trembled somewhat as he said, “Elder Xuan, you are but a Transcendent Douluo. Don’t tell me that you are going to bully the weak and make things difficult for us of the younger generation?”

Elder Xuan said indifferently, “This old man disdains to do something like that, but you too have seen what has happened to the child in my hands. Xiaotao was affected by that soul tool of yours, causing a variation to her martial soul. It’s hard to say whether she’ll even be able to continue living. I won’t bully the weak; I’ll find that old fellow from the Illustrious Virtue Hall to explain things to him. These two kids should be his grandkids. I’ll bring them back to Shrek Academy, and you can call that old bastard of yours to find me in Shrek Academy.” With that, he made a grabbing motion towards the unconscious Xiao Hongchen.

“Don’t, I’ll… I’ll give you what you want.” The teacher in charge of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy nearly shattered the steel teeth in his mouth. How could he dare to let Elder Xuan take Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen away?! If they were brought back to Shrek Academy, would they even be able to come back in one piece? When compared to the Judgement Sword, the Hongchen siblings were clearly much more important to the Sun Moon empire.

The Judgement Sword quickly fell into Elder Xuan’s hands. Supervised by Elder Xuan, Meng Hongchen had no choice but to recover her soul power using a Milk Bottle and save the people who had fallen unconscious due to the Vermillion Clear Icetoad’s venom whilst she was in an extremely exhausted state. Fortunately, due to the fact that Michael had been struck by Bei Bei’s Clustered Soulchasing Balls, she didn’t make any vicious moves for fear of letting her teammate die of poisoning. Otherwise, the poison of her Vermillion Clear Icetoad could’ve been fatal.

In the end, Elder Xuan left the other party with a bit of face. At the very least, he let the awakened Bei Bei dispel Michael’s poison, and helped dispel the poison from the Oxhair Needle.

Only then did both parties settle the various issues that had resulted from the match. Naturally, this was only on the surface. As for any repercussions which would occur as a result of this, they didn’t bother caring about them for the time being.

The fervent atmosphere in the Star Luo Plaza lasted for several hours. Due to the several thousand soldiers maintaining order within the city, the common folk gradually dispersed.

For the sake of ending the crowded condition of the Star Luo Plaza, the Star Luo Emperor made a decree stating that the awards ceremony would not be open for public viewing.

With this decree sent out, the common folk of Star Luo City began to leave. After all, a large majority of them didn’t stay in the city itself. Moreover, the cramped conditions in the city had caused commodity prices to rise to a terrifying level. Without anything nice to see, would there be any meaning left in staying there?

Due to the astonishing performances of Shrek Academy and the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy in the finals, the defenses of the Grand Imperial Star Hotel had been strengthened threefold. This was done to keep the masses from charging right into it as a result of their surging emotions.

However, Huo Yuhao didn’t know about any of this.

By the time he woke up from his coma, it was already the afternoon of the day after.

“How uncomfortable.” Coughing, Huo Yuhao gradually woke up from his deep sleep, his eyes still somewhat dazed. He only felt his entire body go soft, as though all of his energy had been sucked away. Not only that, but all of his muscles were in an extremely sore state. Even after sleeping for so long, he didn’t seem to have any signs of recovering his soul power.

“This feeling of having everything sucked out from my body is really uncomfortable!” Huo Yuhao wasn’t feeling anxious at all. As his consciousness gradually recovered, he discovered that although he had severely over-exhausted his body, he felt extraordinarily clear-headed after waking up. The memories of everything that had just occurred were clearly returning to him after he woke up, and he quickly remembered him and Wang Dong defeating their opponents in the finals.

“We should’ve won. We’re the final champions. We’ve protected Shrek Academy’s glory!” His excitement caused his eyes to gradually light up. The current Huo Yuhao had just noticed that something had changed in his spiritual sea.

As he gazed deep into himself, he was immediately overjoyed. His spiritual sea had increased in size by 25% at the very least. Not only that, but his spiritual power had become more condensed, and even the golden lights in his spiritual sea had brightened somewhat.

At this exact moment, a figure suddenly appeared in Huo Yuhao’s mind. It had a head of pinkish-blue long hair, a set of golden eyes, and peerless looks, as well as a faintly discernible golden trident.

She, was she really the descent of the Radiant Goddess?

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