Chapter 12.3: Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan

Book 2: Academy of Monsters

Chapter 12.3: Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan

“Teacher Xiao Ya, the school must make a lot of money!” Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but speak after he heard Tang Ya’s simple introduction of the Soul Dueling Arena.

Tang Ya replied, “It’s something the academy logically deserves. Since the academy is as large as it is, its expenses are naturally just as large. If they hadn’t thought of a way to make money, how would they be able to maintain the academy? However, the taxes the academy levels in Shrek City aren’t little either. In any case, our academy is the continent’s number one academy in terms of prosperity. Right, little Yuhao, the standard of your roasted fish has improved even more. It’s either that, or the ingredients that I got you are better, since it tastes so good.”

Tang Ya finished her two skewers of roasted fish long before they reached the Soul Dueling Arena. Huo Yuhao was already hungry, so he went ahead and bought some dinner when they walked by the canteen. When he and Tang Ya arrived at the Soul Dueling Arena, there were many people flooding into it. As the news of Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei’s duel began to spread like wildfire, more and more students streamed towards the Soul Dueling Arena.

Tang Ya paid two silver soul coins and brought Huo Yuhao into the Soul Dueling Arena. The Soul Dueling Arena was hexagonal, and was roughly as big as Shrek Plaza. The centre of the Soul Dueling Arena was a large open area, which was clearly the place where students would duel against one another. Furthermore, it was surrounded by around three thousand chairs that rose progressively upwards.

When they entered, there were already two to three hundred students sitting around the battlefield. Tang Ya and Huo Yuhao had arrived relatively early on, so they managed to obtain seats in the row that was closest to the battlefield. On the other hand, the battlefield in front of them was empty; it was unknown where Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi were.

Tang Ya knew that Huo Yuhao was unfamiliar with the rules for the Soul Dueling Arena. Thus, she decided to explain them to him. “The Soul Dueling Arena is open everyday, from dismissal to midnight. Students who wish to carry out a duel have to first pay the fee and register. If both parties are fairly famous students in the academy, the academy will use a soul tool called a ‘megaphone’ to broadcast the event in order to attract more viewers. The academy will then keep half of the ticketing fees, while the winner will keep the other half. Your eldest senior brother’s already made quite a bit of money from dueling. Furthermore, that Xu Sanshi is a fifth-year student, whereas he’s just become a fourth-year. Since they’re separated by an entire year, it’s considered a challenge that bypasses what year they’re in. Thus, that Xu Sanshi will have to give Bei Bei an additional ten gold soul coins if he loses. Your eldest senior brother and that Xu Sanshi are both extremely famous students in the outer courtyard—they’re both acclaimed as geniuses. I’m guessing that the number of people who’ll show up to watch will exceed five hundred.”

Huo Yuhao asked, “Then who was that Jiang Nannan?”

Tang Ya raised her hand and hit Huo Yuhao on the head. “You’ve already learnt bad things at such a young age? You’re already looking at pretty girls? Hmph!”

Huo Yuhao felt his head throb, and didn’t dare to ask again. Instead, he chose to take out his lunchbox and start eating dinner.

When she saw his naive appearance, Tang Ya couldn’t help but laugh. “Fine, I’ll tell you. Jiang Nannan is known as the outer courtyard’s number one beauty. She comes from an ordinary family, and treats everybody kindly. She has countless fans within the academy. Do you think that she’s prettier than me?”

Huo Yuhao hurriedly shook his head a few times.

Tang Ya was somewhat pleased as she said, “That’s right! I don’t think that she’s stronger than me in any other area either, hmph! That guy, Xu Sanshi, has a very strong mutated martial soul known as the Mysterious Underworld Turtle. It’s a dual-attribute martial soul that possesses both the water and the earth element, and has an extremely strong defense. It’s been called an impenetrable fortress by some. His cultivation is around the same level as Bei Bei’s, and they both have first-rate martial souls. Don’t worry, I’ve already vented some anger for you. I threw a Dragon Beard Needle at him, which should be unbearable for him. If he wants to pursue Jiang Nannan, so be it, but it won’t do if he hurts any of my people in the process. Speaking of strange, I’m beginning to think that Jiang Nannan has a problem with her gender orientation. There are an endless number of outstanding male students pursuing her, but she’s never taken a liking to any of them. When she rejects other people, she does it with a gentle tone. However, when she rejects Xu Sanshi, it’s with a rarely-seen coldness. I don’t know if this is because Xu Sanshi took advantage of her in some way. On the other hand, these people who are coming to watch Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi are really innocent! They only know that Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi are respectively known to possess the outer courtyard’s strongest attack-type martial soul and the outer courtyard’s strongest defense-type martial soul. However, they don’t know that these two know each other. I’m guessing that they’ve colluded to both earn some money—that’s why so many of them ran over to the Soul Dueling Arena.”

Huo Yuhao spoke with astonishment, “Eldest senior brother and that Xu Sanshi know each other?”

Tang Ya nodded. “Little Yuhao, don’t worry. Even though they know each other, your eldest senior brother will still compete against him fiercely. He won’t let Xu Sanshi bully you for no reason.”

Soul Dueling Arena, lobby.

“Bei Bei, your Tang Ya is too vicious. Look at this, just look at this…” Xu Sanshi had a dissatisfied expression as he lifted his jacket to show Bei Bei something. A bulge the size of an infant’s fist had already swelled up on the right side of his waist. Only, he continued to release his martial soul, causing the skin surrounding that bulge to seemingly become as hard as metal.

Bei Bei snorted and replied, “Serves you right. Who asked you to bully our junior brother? Less bullshit, give me a Mysterious Water Pill and I’ll remove the Dragon Beard Needle for you. If not, then you can wait till it digs out a piece of your flesh. This Dragon Beard Needle was left behind by the first-generation ancestor of the Tang Sect, and was only passed down to the successive sect masters. Xiao Ya was really angry this time.”

Xu Sanshi said, “That brat was actually someone who belonged to your Tang Sect? He doesn’t look like he has any ability at all! Forget about the Mysterious Water Pill, quickly help me! This Dragon Beard Needle is too toxic, it hurts like hell. It’s also specialised in breaking through soulforce. I can’t believe I actually fell into Tang Ya’s trap because of my carelessness. This is really depressing.”

Bei Bei looked towards the sky and replied, “Whatever. If you don’t want to give it to me, don’t give it to me. You hit my junior brother, plus you even wrecked his booth. You can slowly endure this Dragon Beard Needle then. The duel’s going to start soon anyway. I don’t believe that you’ll be able to compete against me with that Dragon Beard Needle in you.”

Xu Sanshi snorted angrily. “Fine, Bei Bei, just wait. You just watch how I take care of you in the Soul Duelling Arena later. I won’t be lenient towards you at all.”

Bei Bei smiled and said, “Do I need you to be lenient towards me?” As he spoke, he extended his right hand towards Xu Sanshi and made a gesture.

Xu Sanshi unwillingly took out a delicate bottle made out of white jade and threw it towards Bei Bei. Bei Bei caught it and said, “Many thanks. Now, withdraw your martial soul, I’ll help you remove the Dragon Beard Needle.”

Only then did Xu Sanshi slowly withdraw his martial soul. Without the restrictive effect of his martial soul, waves of unbearable pain immediately spread from the Dragon Beard Needle into his body. Even with his cultivation level and willpower, Xu Sanshi actually couldn’t stop his body from trembling.

Bei Bei used his right hand to rapidly tap a few points surrounding Xu Sanshi’s wound. Afterwards, he simultaneously moved both of his hands, causing waves of gentle soulforce to unceasingly pour into Xu Sanshi’s cramped muscles. After a moment’s work, a hair-like golden strand slowly came out from Xu Sanshi’s waist muscles.

Bei Bei pulled it out softly, causing the golden strand to pop out of Xu Sanshi’s body, before quickly shrinking into a golden grain-sized pea. With a flip of his wrist, Bei Bei quickly put it away.

Xu Sanshi let out a long sigh, as if a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. However, he still had an angry expression. “Bei Bei, you’re taking advantage of me. You know how valuable this Mysterious Water Pill is. How about this? Let’s make a bet. If I win our match later on, you’ll return that Mysterious Water Pill to me.”

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