Chapter 118.3: Shrek Lost?

Book 14: The Finals!

Chapter 118.3: Shrek Lost?

Since Wang Yan had already arranged everything, there were no changes on Shrek’s side.

Xu Sanshi was the first to enter the fray. He would be followed by Bei Bei, Ling Luochen, Dai Yueheng, Ma Xiaotao, Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao.

Without a doubt, the first 5 were the main forces for this individual round, while Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were the icing on the cake. One of them had 3 rings while the other had 2 rings. Wang Yan included them in the lineup with eyes on the 2-2-3 fight. If the 2 of them were paired along a soul emperor, it would be a great choice. Their martial soul fusion skill couldn’t be underestimated, even though they weren’t that powerful individually.

Wang Yan didn’t send them out in the team round because of his arrangement for Shrek to lose the team round, and also because he wanted to conceal their true abilities. Wang Yan might not have even sent them to compete for today’s final if not for Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s incessant pleas. He wanted to protect them.

In 5 years, they would be the core of Shrek Seven Monsters. The more they revealed themselves now, the better their opponents would understand them. Furthermore, the Body Sect had already laid their eyes on Huo Yuhao. Wang Yan didn’t want them to reveal even more about themselves.

But how could Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong not want to compete because of that? Furthermore, there were only 3 possible permutations for Shrek’s lineup. After the team battle, they were definitely needed! That’s why such an arrangement cropped up.

“The individual round begins. The first competing member of each team, please enter the stage. From Shrek Academy, we have Xu Sanshi. From the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, we have Li Yan.”

Xu Sanshi did not even use the stairs. He jumped onto the stage from Shrek’s waiting area.

Even everyone from Shrek felt an unfamiliar sense as they looked at him right now.

Xu Sanshi often laughed and joked normally. He either pestered Jiang Nannan or bickered with Bei Bei. The occasional promise that he showed wouldn’t hold up either. But now, his entire person seemed to have change at this point.

He was silent, cold, and even had an indescribable manner to him. This manner could be described as dignified, or could be referred to that of a leader. He was no longer like a youth now. He was more like an adult, one that was very aloof and competitive.

Through closer observation, one could notice a subtle undulation of black gas flowing around him even though he had not unleashed his martial soul. There was even a dense, gentle ripple that moved with a slight rhythm around his body. He wore a deep gaze that was also cold. His entire person seemed to have become a deep valley that sucked people in.

This was Xu Sanshi in his complete state. He was no longer a soul master who controlled the Shield of the Xuanming Turtle, but the wielder of the Xuanwu Shield. He had the strongest defense-type martial soul on the continent.

Coincidentally, Xu Sanshi’s opponent was a fire-type soul master.

Li Yan was originally one of Team Sun Moon’s official team members. But his ranking among the 7 official team members should be quite low considering how he could be replaced by Meng Hongchen and Xiao Hongchen. His martial soul wasn’t a pure Fire element; it possessed many impure sources of deviant fires and impurities. He wouldn’t have been powerful enough if he only cultivated as a soul master. That’s why he chose to become a soul engineer. He couldn’t use his martial soul to provide himself with more soul power to last in battle, but he could use his own deviant fire to supplement all his soul tools with a fire aura through different soul skills. Of course, his fire was much weaker than Ma Xiaotao’s phoenix flames. But he was still extraordinary to have become a Class 5 soul engineer before he was 20 years old.

Both of their gazes crossed as if they were arch-enemies. The Sun Moon team had lost two of their members! Normally, they were partners that trained and improved together. Li Yan was filled with hatred now that they had passed on.

But Xu Sanshi felt even more hatred in his heart compared to them. When he saw the unconscious Jiang Nannan, he was rubbed the wrong way, and he now only had one thought on his mind. He had to take revenge for Jiang Nannan and defeat his opponent.

The Heavenfiend Douluo didn’t say anything much. Instead, he gestured for both of them to step back with an ugly look on his face. But the most chaotic team round was already over. He believed that he had enough focus and energy to monitor every exchange of moves between both teams in future battles.

“Match, start!”

Both parties made their move as Huang Jinxu shouted.

Li Yan waved his right arm upwards, and a thick soul tool cannon landed on his shoulder. Without even looking, he fired the cannon towards Xu Sanshi.

A huge fireball was suddenly shot towards Xu Sanshi. The fireball carried a series of explosive sounds in the air, distorting the air wherever it passed.

His deviant fire wasn’t very strong, but it was still very powerful as his soul tool compressed and condensed it. After he injected his soul power into the soul tool, it was almost as if he had created this soul tool himself.

Under normal conditions, one’s first reaction to this cannon shot would be to dodge it. After Li Yan’s soul power was compressed, this cannon shot was rather devastating offensively. The best choice was to dodge it.

But Xu Sanshi did not dodge. He opened his feet wide and suddenly dashed towards his opponent. His martial soul was also unleashed at the same time.

Xu Sanshi’s martial soul had the Xuanwu aura as it was unleashed. This was expected by Wang Yan and everyone from Shrek after Xu Sanshi was agitated because of Jiang Nannan.

Another dark-green snake appeared on the fine and heavy turtle shield. The snake’s eyes were fresh red. A turtle and snake combined – this was the original appearance of a Xuanwu.

A black halo spread out from the shield. Xu Sanshi seemed to turn entirely black at this point. Against the ball of fire, he performed an extremely domineering action. He swept the Xuanwu Shield and used the shield’s surface to strike the ball of fire.

Under normal conditions, any power released by a soul tool would cause an impact once it collided with something else. This was even more so for a fire-type attack like this

However, what happened next was contrary to everything that everyone knew. When Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield struck the ball of fire, the snake eyes flashed with a red light. At the same time, a gentle ripple strangely covered the ball of fire. The ball of fire did blow apart, but it was delayed by a second because of this ripple. But this second was enough to decide many things.

The ball of fire was hit more than 10 meters away before it blew apart. The shockwave it produced couldn’t reach Xu Sanshi. Xu Sanshi continued to dash forward in big steps. As his martial soul became the Xuanwu Shield, his cultivation had also increased greatly, which meant that he had also become faster.

Li Yan did not panic even though his strike achieved nothing. The stage was 100 meters wide. Xu Sanshi couldn’t dash to the front instantly even if he wanted to.

Metal barrels started to appear on his body, and streaks of intense light lit up continuously. Not only this, but the soul tool on his shoulder changed into a huge fire cannon. This fire cannon was not fired towards Xu Sanshi directly, but above him.

A huge fiery web descended from the sky and engulfed the area in front of Xu Sanshi from above.

Li Yan had calculated this strike beforehand. If Xu Sanshi continued to burst forward, he would be covered by this fire web. If he stopped, it would buy more time for Li Yan to unleash more soul tools against him. Li Yan was waiting for Xu Sanshi to delay himself. He could not last, but his explosiveness was great. But that explosiveness of his had to be unleashed at the correct timing too.

Just when everyone thought that Xu Sanshi would stop in his tracks or go around the web, Xu Sanshi made a decision that no one had expected. He did not stop, and continued to sprint forward. The fire web covered him.

A cold grin appeared on Li Yan’s lips. He was sure that Xu Sanshi was unaware that this fire web was a soul tool that he had invented. This fire web would restrict the opponent like a cage. However, all of his fire-type attacks could penetrate the fire web, and he could thus continue to attack his opponent. This meant that Xu Sanshi would be in deep trouble if he landed inside the fire web. At least this was what Li Yan thought.

As the fire web was about to descend and engulf Xu Sanshi, Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield was still blocking the attacks of Li Yan’s various soul tools, and he couldn’t defend against what was above him.

At this moment, Xu Sanshi stopped in his tracks. He did not even glance at the fire web that descended from the sky as he placed the shield in front of his chest.

In the next instant, Li Yan saw two spots of red light shining on the Xuanwu Shield. After that, he felt that space had distorted.

Everything around him seemed to turn illusory. Li Yan couldn’t describe this feeling either. He was a little dizzy because of this, and his soul tool attacks also seemed to become very messy and chaotic.

This distortion only lasted for a moment before normalcy was restored. In the next instant, Li Yan was appalled. That was because he discovered to his great horror that he was in front of Xu Sanshi and the Xuanwu Shield. That fire web had only just landed.

A dense, black soul power spurted from Xu Sanshi’s body. His third and fourth soul rings started to light up.

His third soul skill was the Mysterious Underworld Force, while his fourth soul skill was the Mysterious Underworld Displacement. However, everything was different when the Shield of Xuanming Turtle turned into the Xuanwu Shield.

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