Chapter 118.1: Shrek Lost?

Book 14: The Finals!

Chapter 118.1: Shrek Lost?

Huo Yuhao only felt two waves of heat coming from the points of contact between his palms and Ma Xiaotao. They flooded his body and surged maniacally inside him.

However, today was different from the situation before. He was in his peak state now. His soul power was surging rapidly, and the aura that turned into Ultimate Ice assimilated this wave of surging fire. At the same time, Ma Xiaotao felt a wave of coldness in response.

Wang Dong also arrived beside Huo Yuhao now. He placed his palms behind his back and relieved Huo Yuhao’s burden with an increase in Haodong Power.

That black fire phoenix that was no more than a meter long possessed a frightening strength. How could it be so easily unleashed?

It seemed like Ma Xiaotao had only lifted her right arm. But that strike of hers included the will of her Evil Phoenix and the frightening strength of 3 skills, the Phoenix Baptism, Phoenix Skypierce, and Phoenix Rupture contained within her right arm soul bone.

Ma Xiaotao’s right sleeve had disappeared by now, revealing her charcoal-burned arm.

This was a secret method of Shrek Academy – compressing 3 soul skills before unleashing them. And it was only suitable for Ma Xiaotao, who was a strength-type soul master. Even Dai Yueheng couldn’t do it. Who from Shrek Academy was simple? This was Ma Xiaotao’s true power.

For some reason, Huo Yuhao experienced a weird feeling when he placed his palms on Ma Xiaotao’s back. After he experienced the change in ice and fire soul power with Ma Xiaotao earlier, they seemed to develop some sort of compatibility. It was if the burning soul power in Ma Xiaotao’s body was calling him.

Surely not? Huo Yuhao was in a daze. That’s because he had felt something similar before between him and Wang Dong. That was when both of them used their martial soul fusion skill! The me in you and you in me feeling then was very similar to how it was like now. However, Ma Xiaotao was a Phoenix, while he was an Ice Empress and Spirit Eyes. How could they have developed compatibility if she contained the fire element and he contained the ice element? This was too weird.

Ma Xiaotao also sensed what Huo Yuhao sensed. She even felt it more intensely. She managed to quickly repress the evil fire that was engulfing her using the Ultimate Ice. She clearly felt the affection when the cool ice circulated through her body.

Why was it like this? Was it a problem because she had initiated the evil fire repeatedly? Ma Xiaotao was also very puzzled.

Compared to the last two times, where Huo Yuhao had suppressed the evil fire passively for her, he did so actively this time. He was also in peak condition. Ma Xiaotao had also initiated her evil fire without any hesitation because he was around. Along the way, minor changes started to occur between their ice and fire.

While these weird changes occurred between them, the group match ended on the competition stage.

Meng Hongchen saved Xiao Hongchen and retreated quickly. On the other side, the surviving Team Sun Moon members were going crazy after another of their members was killed. Ma Rulong led the rest as they unleashed their strongest soul tools. They mounted a relentless attack on Shrek’s team, who were caught in a Net of Lightning.

Xu Sanshi and Ma Xiaotao had left the stage, while Jiang Nannan had lost the strength to compete further because of her critical injuries. Only Dai Yueheng, Ling Luochen, Bei Bei and He Caitou were left.

Bei Bei shouted suddenly as the opponent unleashed all their soul tools, “Referee, we concede defeat.”

The Heavenfiend Douluo did not feel well at this point. As the referee, he was very concerned about his own reputation even though he didn’t care about the two Sun Moon members who had died! That was why he was very focused. Bei Bei’s shout caused him to descend to the center of the competition stage. A ball of bright light shone from the Heavenfiend Douluo at this point.

9 soul rings – 2 yellow, 2 purple and 5 black – shone brightly. He used his right hand to guide a wave of proud and noble aura as it was unleashed. A white star appeared in front of him, and starlight instantly spread. It turned into a huge barrier that segregated the competition stage and blocked off the Sun Moon team’s attack.

It was impossible for a Class 5, 6 or 7 soul tools to hurt a Titled Douluo. Furthermore, the Heavenfiend Douluo had powers that were very close to a Transcendent Douluo.

Dai Yueheng turned and stared at Bei Bei furiously, “Why did you shout so randomly? We hadn’t lost. We could have still continued competing.”

Bei Bei creased his brows and said, “Senior, this is Teacher Wang’s strategy. We’re to follow his strategy.”

“But victory is right in front of our eyes!” Dai Yueheng roared back.

Bei Bei sighed, “Do you really think that we can beat the 4 of them with just the 4 of us alone? I couldn’t have resisted that blow earlier. Do you think that anyone of us could have?”

“I…” Dai Yueheng really wanted to impress his father. He knew what Bei Bei was saying was true. After all, he was the White Tiger Duke’s eldest son. He calmed down after a temporary outburst of emotion and nodded at Bei Bei, “Sorry, I was too impulsive. It’s because I’m feeling bad that Jiang Nannan took that blow for me.”

Bei Bei smiled and revealed a set of white teeth. “It’s fine. You’ll have a chance to shine later.”

The soul tool attacks had already ended, and all of the Sun Moon team members’ eyes started to turn red. Tournament, this was just a tournament! But 2 of their team members had died. Those who could represent the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy to compete in this tournament were elite talents! Those who perished in battle were their compatriots and brothers. They felt extremely sorrowful that they had just died like that. If the Heavenfiend Douluo hadn’t intervened, they would have gamble with their lives against Team Shrek.

“Both teams, please calm down,” Huang Jinxu said coldly, “Victory has already been decided. If anyone acts recklessly, don’t blame me for being unkind.”

The teacher in charge of the Sun Moon team had also turned pale, but remained calm. He scolded his team members, which stopped Ma Rulong and the rest from acting recklessly.

Huang Jinxu turned to the direction of the city wall and said in low voice, “The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy has won the team round. Both teams, you have 1 minute to readjust. After 1 minute, the 1v1 round will begin. At the same time, please choose your 7 members for the individual round. Once decided, no further changes can be made.”

Shrek Academy had lost?

The entire Star Luo Plaza descended into silence. In the next moment, there was an uproar again.

Although many knew that Shrek’s team was inferior to the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team in this tournament, everyone was still feeling incredulous that they had lost this team round. They were all awaiting a miracle from Shrek. But no miracle happened.In the end, Shrek had actually lost. They didn’t even hold on to the end. Some of the agitated spectators started to curse furiously, and the entire Star Luo Plaza was now in chaos.

“Silence!” A mighty and sonorous voice rang across the entire venue at this point.

The commotion in the huge plaza was restrained by this furious roar.

It was the White Tiger Duke. He held a sound-amplifying soul tool in his hand, and said in a deep voice, “Both teams have already done their best. Victory and failure are very common. Those who hurl insults at the competing members will be found and severely punished.”

As the commander of the military for many years, Dai Hao’s simple words were filled with a mighty aura. He controlled the situation just like that. His mighty aura even pressed Huo Yuhao, who was helping Ma Xiaotao suppress her evil fire, to look up to the city wall,.

His mood and the expression in his eyes were very complex.

As a guy, who would not hope that their father was a hero and their pride? But he had never enjoyed paternal love before. He only had hatred for this father who he had not even seen before he left the Duke’s Mansion.

Yes, he ruined his mother’s chastity. His mother’s victimization was because of him. But he was so valiant and powerful. No wonder Huo Yuhao’s mother didn’t regret giving birth to him because of Dai Hao.

Huo Yuhao’s psychological mindset was not as twisted as it was when he had left the Duke’s Mansion after learning and cultivating in Shrek Academy for the past year or so. But his hatred for the White Tiger Duke and those in the Duke’s Mansion who victimized his mother had never waned.

“Mom, this is who you loved before. He is outstanding, but it’s precisely because of this that he hurt you so badly. Mom, don’t worry. One day, I will stand before him and exact revenge for you. He’s my father and gave me life, thus I won’t kill him. But I will make him repent as he kneels in front of your grave.”

“Mom, I will find you after the tournament is over. Bless me, so that I can grow up quickly. Mom, I miss you so much.”

His eyes welled up unwittingly, and he didn’t even realize Ma Xiaotao looking at him.

“Younger brother, what’s wrong?” Ma Xiaotao asked softly.

“What?” Huo Yuhao only regained awareness now, and he shook his head slightly, “Elder sister, I’m fine.”

Ma Xiaotao smiled and said, “That’s great then. I’m fine already. Quickly regain your soul power. You may be needed later.”

Everyone had descended from the stage right now. Bei Bei carried the unconscious Jiang Nannan as he returned to the waiting area.

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