Chapter 116.3: A Wild Team Fight

Book 14: The Finals!

Chapter 116.3: A Wild Team Fight

Just as the barrier shook, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was condensed into a wave using his precise control, and this wave penetrated the barrier. He used his Spiritual Detection Sharing on Xu Sanshi alone.

Huo Yuhao might have fused with the Life Gold, but even still, his spiritual power would be depleted after he managed to penetrate the barrier. Furthermore, the burden on his spiritual power would be very great. However, his spiritual sea had undergone a transformation now, and his spiritual power had increased greatly. His control of his spiritual power had also been enhanced. Although he could not sustain this Spiritual Detection for his compatriots for very long, he could still manage for a short while.

Wang Yan had expected their opponents to guard against Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement. However, soul shields were not one-way. This meant that if a soul shield became a barrier, it would affect the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s offense because of its large size. This was not what they wanted. That was why Wang Yan believed that it was unlikely that they would be able to block the Mysterious Underworld Displacement. Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement was very critical in this team round. Since they were inferior overall, they had to grab hold of every opportunity. Although Huo Yuhao was not present, his aid offstage was even more important than the direct help he could give onstage.

There was no room for Xiao Hongchen to dodge. As he was switched over, the golden-red radiance had already reached him. It came at the speed of light, and thus he was unable to unleash his soul tools even if he wanted to. Neither him nor Meng Hongchen had made a move in the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s previous attack. He was plain unlucky now!

Before he could even turn gloomy, the frightening radiance had already struck his chest. But at this instant, a layer of even more intense golden light was suddenly emitted from Xiao Hongchen’s body.

This layer of golden light had to be activated. The golden-red radiance’s penetrative ability was very strong, but it was stopped by this golden light. Xiao Hongchen groaned and stepped back. He looked pale. The golden light from his body had protected his entire body just like the Invincible Barrier. However, it was brighter than what Shrek’s team had ever seen before. It was much more eye-blinding.

At this point, the purplish-blue radiance from the sky had already descended. On Shrek’s side, a huge shield of ice had appeared mid-air. Not only that, but countless streaks of light were shining towards the purplish-blue radiance. A series of dazzling fireworks seemed to have been released. Ling Luochen and He Caitou made their moves now.

However, that purplish-blue radiance was much more difficult to deal with than they had expected. After being struck by He Caitou’s rays, the purplish-blue radiance stopped in mid-air. Following that, streaks and streaks of light spread rapidly and became like a cage that moved downwards.

Since Xiao Hongchen was switched over there, Xu Sanshi was also switched to the other side. Immediately after he was switched over, he unleashed the Mysterious Underworld Quake that was enhanced by the Mysterious Underworld Force without any hesitation.

A black halo engulfed the other 5 from the Sun Moon Soul Academy and delayed the martial souls that they had unleashed.

Xu Sanshi did it flawlessly. After he used the Mysterious Underworld Quake, he did not stop. He straightened his body and dashed out again. The Mysterious Underworld Displacement shone again, and Dai Yueheng had also made a dash forward. If the Mysterious Underworld Displacement succeeded once again, this second soul emperor from Shrek Academy would be brought over as well.

Lin Xi and Ma Xiaotao had both landed on the ground. The last second of the Invincible Barrier’s 3 seconds remained.

It was not a good thing to be in close contact with Shrek Academy’s two soul emperors. At least it wasn’t what the Sun Moon Soul Academy hoped to see. This would only lead to their defeat.

However, the black line from the Mysterious Underworld Displacement was destroyed at the next moment. Xu Sanshi and Dai Yueheng didn’t manage to switch positions. It was the purplish-blue radiance that had stopped the Mysterious Underworld Displacement.

That was a huge purplish-blue barrier that had trapped Shrek Academy’s remaining five members within. When the black line from the Mysterious Underworld Displacement reached it, the purplish-blue radiance surrounded and destroyed it.

Xu Sanshi was a little dumbfounded now, and cursed to himself. He lifted his shield and struck towards Ma Rulong, who was not far away.

That purplish-blue radiance was unleashed by Ma Rulong. It was another Class 7 soul tool that he had developed himself.

Xu Sanshi’s choice of offense was quite on point. Ma Rulong had unleashed 2 Class 7 soul tools consecutively, and also needed some time to regenerate his soul power. Xu Sanshi’s sudden appearance and surprise attack with the Mysterious Underworld Quake had caused Ma Rulong to be struck from the side.

But the instant the Shield of the Xuanming Turtle struck Ma Rulong, a layer of intense white light shone from his body. A white bracelet on Ma Rulong’s right hand was crushed, and that white light also caused Xu Sanshi to be violently jerked away.

It was the Repelling Bracelet, a single-use Class 5 soul tool.

At this point, everything was a mess. The spectators were also unable to tell which side held the advantage.

Ma Rulong shouted, “Second plan, fight the enemy separately.” As he spoke, his head lit up with an intense black light. A huge helmet appeared on his head. After unleashing his martial soul, his head was much bigger than before. This was the effect of the Bigheaded Spirit Ape.

The Bigheaded Spirit Ape enhanced Ma Rulong’s souls tools with its power. It also had the advantage of doubling Ma Rulong’s spiritual power compared to soul masters with the same cultivation. Although he was not a spiritual-type soul master like Huo Yuhao, it was a great help to his control and usage of soul tools.

In the center of this black helmet was a circular ruby. At this point, the ruby shone with a weird radiance. Following that, a dark red light projection burst out of it. It went straight in the direction of Lin Xi’s Invincible Barrier.

Ma Rulong’s reaction was not slow, but he still couldn’t save Lin Xi. That was because Ma Xiaotao was too powerful.

After Huo Yuhao suppressed her Evil Phoenix Fire, Ma Xiaotao’s cultivation managed a breakthrough once again. She reached Rank 68, which was something even she herself had not expected. She didn’t expect to achieve such rapid progress. She was only 2 ranks away from a seven-ringed Soul Sage.

What was the concept behind Rank 68 soul power? Her soul power was much greater than Dai Yueheng’s or Ma Rulong’s, who were also soul emperors. The higher a soul master’s cultivation, the greater the gap in soul power between the ranks. In terms of soul power, Ma Rulong and Dai Yueheng were still inferior to her even if they combined their power.

The Invincible Barrier did block Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Skywhistle. But that strike was also unleashed by Ma Xiaotao with her full power. The temperature within the 2 Invincible Barriers reached a frightening level in an instant.

Lin Xi was originally a little elated. He thought that he had stopped the strongest team member from Shrek and earned enough time for his compatriots. His action could be considered noble. He was also no longer needed against Ma Xiaotao next. Furthermore, he had other methods to use.

The Invincible Barrier blocked out the attack and temperature. However, the frightening heat was unleashed between the 2 layers of barriers as the Invincible Barrier disappeared.

The Sun Moon Soul Academy’s greatest mistake was to underestimate the Evil Phoenix Fire’s temperature and explosiveness. If there were only a single Invincible Barrier that blocked Ma Xiaotao, Ma Xiaotao could still continue to attack, and wouldn’t be trapped for long. The might of the Phoenix Skywhistle also spread to the others. But it was still just spreading. At this moment, even Ma Xiaotao couldn’t control the heat contained within the strike that shot out.


The smile that was previously on Lin Xi’s face disappeared in the next instant. It had disappeared completely. Even the air seemed to be left with some of the smug smile he had had earlier.

Ma Xiaotao was also in a daze. At the moment when the Invincible Barrier disappeared, she felt a wave of heat that suddenly spread. Lin Xi disappeared after that. At this point, the dark red light projection that Ma Rulong had unleashed was forced back as it collided with the wave of heat and revealed its form.

It was an ape that was not more than 1.5 meters tall. Its arms were very long as they reached the ground. Its dark-red fur gave off a smooth and clear feeling, but its eyes were golden, and flashed with a weird golden radiance. After being forced back by the wave of heat, it jumped rapidly on the spot. It was groaning in pain, as if it had been burnt.

“Lin Xi—!"

The Sun Moon team only reacted at this point, and they screamed in horror. They hadn’t expected one of them to be killed within such a short time. His life disappeared just like that. Even the Heavenfiend Douluo was unable to save him in time. It had happened too quickly, and no one had expected Ma Xiaotao to generate such a frightening amount of heat with this ultimate blow of hers. Not only did it melt the soul tool that protected Lin Xi, but it also turned his body into air.

Ma Xiaotao’s brows rose after a momentary daze. After all, this was just a competition, and killing someone wasn’t her intention. She was also helpless against such a situation that was either a calamity or an accident.

“Bastard.” A figure dashed out from the Sun Moon team. It was Chen Fei, an agility-type soul master. His martial soul was the Lightning Bird.

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