Chapter 116.2: A Wild Team Fight

Book 14: The Finals!

Chapter 116.2: A Wild Team Fight

While the concentration of the white lights might seem weaker than the light balls unleashed by the Sun Moon Soul Academy, and their powers might also be inferior, they were unleashed at the perfect time. Just as the light balls were released by the soul tool and gathered towards the center, these white lights were unleashed. The two offenses collided right in the center of the competition stage.

Dai Yueheng’s fourth soul ring shone brightly as he unleashed his White Tiger Meteor Shower, a domain-type soul skill.

Since it was a soul emperor’s fourth soul skill, it was bound to be more powerful than a Class 5 soul tool used by a soul master. Furthermore, it was only being used to intercept. When both offenses collided in the center of the competition stage, the initial collision turned into a full-on collision that led into an explosion.

From the first wave of attacks, Shrek appeared to be doing better than the Imperial Profound Academy had.

Xu Sanshi did not stop because of the explosion. The Shield of the Xuanming Turtle in his hand shone with a black light, and both the Mysterious Underworld Force and Mysterious Underworld Shield were unleashed together.

Who knew that he was at the front not to defend against the opponent’s attack, but to take advantage of the shockwave produced as both teams’ soul powers collided?

Xu Sanshi was the best among all the soul ancestors in terms of defense. The Mysterious Underworld Shield removed all the shockwaves under the effect of the Mysterious Underworld Force, and his advancing footsteps weren’t affected at all. He seemed to enter the core of the explosion, and the distance between both parties was decreased to less than 70 meters.

the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s attack did not stop. They had great chemistry together as Class 5 and above soul engineers. As the first ball of light flew out, the second wave of long-range soul tools was also initiated. Radiances, light balls and cannon shells that many from Shrek had never seen before started to flood towards them.

But Shrek Academy also unleashed its second strike at this point.

Amidst a bright, fiery whistle, a dazzling phoenix flame shot into the sky. After the White Tiger Meteor Shower, Ma Xiaotao’s strongest soul skill, the Phoenix Meteor Shower, was also unleashed.

Dai Yueheng’s White Tiger Meteor Shower was only a thousand year soul skill. But Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Meteor Shower was her sixth soul skill, and was also a ten thousand year soul skill. It must mean that she had already prepared to attack at the instant the formation was set up, for it to tightly follow the White Tiger Meteor Shower after it was unleashed.

The burning flames caused the area within the competition stage to heat up tremendously. A Phoenix Meteor Shower that was at least 5 times bigger than the White Tiger Meteor Shower descended from the sky. Not only were the meteors very concentrated, but they were also extremely powerful. The air seemed to distort completely, and the 108 soul masters had to unleash all their soul power to prevent the barrier from collapsing.

A reverberating explosion sounded at the center of the two teams. Ma Xiaotao once again proved how strong she was.

Her Phoenix Meteor Shower suppressed all the soul tools from the Sun Moon Soul Academy, and even attacked their formation.

The Phoenix Meteor Shower superseded the White Tiger Meteor Shower in terms of power and duration. Shrek Academy’s two soul emperors decided to attack their opponents at long-range. No matter how strong the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s soul tools were, they had to land to have any effect. Since this was the case, Shrek could just prevent their attacks from landing. Soul tools did not unleash real soul skills. Their attacks couldn’t be controlled the moment they were released. Under Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yueheng’s exquisite control, their opponents’ long-range attacks were all stopped. Even if there were any flaws, Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Shield would prevent those behind him from being hurt with his all-rounded defense.

However, the explosive force was already beyond Xu Sanshi’s defense capability, as the second shockwave was too powerful. He had no choice but to stop in his tracks 50 meters away from his opponents.

The Sun Moon Soul Academy also whipped out 3 layers of barriers to resist the Phoenix Meteor Shower. All 7 of them were protected within the barriers.

A figure from Shrek shot out quickly at this point. Burning phoenix flames turned into wings that flapped in the air. As she rose, a tough fist punched her foot and sent her flying up like a cannon shell. Her speed reached an extremely frightening level. After she flew up 10 meters, two gusts of flames also spurted out from her feet. This caused her speed to soar once again. In the blink of an eye, she had already arrived in front of her opponents.

Without a doubt, this person was Ma Xiaotao. It was only her and Dai Yueheng who dared to fight their way into their opponents’ formation. And distance was always the most important in a fight between a soul master and soul engineer.

Everyone was a little dumbfounded as they saw this. From the odds, the Sun Moon Soul Academy should be beating Shrek Academy easily! But the current situation showed that Shrek held the upper hand. Ma Xiaotao had already arrived in front of Lin Xi in just the blink of an eye, while the other 6 also upped their speed as they rushed closer to the Sun Moon Soul Academy team.

Ma Xiaotao was so strong that her fourth soul ring had already lit up as she flew quickly. The phoenix flames turned dark red, and the Evil Phoenix Fire appeared once again. Once her Phoenix Skywhistle restrained the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s members, the result of this round would be decided.

Under the stage, Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao had already clenched their fists. Although Wang Yan’s strategy had only just been executed, they hoped that Ma Xiaotao could use this strike to ensure victory for Shrek.

However, the truth proved that it was reasonable to tip the Sun Moon Soul Academy as the favorite to be the champion.

Against Ma Xiaotao’s attack, Lin Xi made a leaping motion. Following that, at least 3 soul tools on his body released an intense radiance.

Firstly, a white halo was unleashed from his chest. This white halo seemed as faint as fog. When it appeared, Ma Xiaotao’s body also showed a white light. Ma Xiaotao changed her direction slightly because of Lin Xi’s leaping motion.

After that, a layer of golden light that everyone from Shrek Academy was familiar with lit up on Lin Xi’s body. No, it wasn’t just one layer. It was two layers. The first layer was an ordinary Invincible Barrier that blocked Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Skywhistle. Following that, there was a bigger layer of golden light that spread from his body. From the outside, it engulfed both his and Ma Xiaotao’s body within it. Ma Xiaotao’s Evil Phoenix Flames were prevented from being unleashed.

An explosive boom sounded from within the two layers of barriers. Within the barriers, intense phoenix flames rose. But Ma Xiaotao’s determined strike was blocked off by Lin Xi.

However, Lin Xi did not have it well either as he blocked Ma Xiaotao’s attack. While the Invincible Barrier was defensively sound, it still had to absorb a huge amount of the user’s soul power before its defensive capabilities could be displayed. His soul power had been depleted tremendously after using 3 Class 5 soul tools, and his face had turned pale.

The Sun Moon Soul Academy coordinated among themselves very well. Michael also unleashed a shield when Lin Xi leaped up. This caused Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement to fail.

At this point, a streak of golden-red radiance shot out from Michael’s shoulder. Xu Sanshi had seen this golden-red radiance before. It was a frightening attack by a Class 7 soul tool! It was also an offense that was focused on one point. The barrier erected by the 108 soulmasters couldn’t handle this frightening presence either.

This streak of golden-red radiance came at the perfect time. Lin Xi had leapt up to block Ma Xiaotao, and Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement was unleashed. A black line was blocked by Michael’s shield, and the golden-red radiance also appeared at this instant. Its target was Xu Sanshi. He had no choice but to resist it forcefully, as he had just used his soul skill.

Not only did this golden-red radiance appear, but countless streaks of radiance also shot out from Michael’s back. These lights were purplish-blue in color, and were abnormally dazzling. After these lights shot in the sky, they turned into parabolas and flew towards Shrek’s team.

An unexpected situation occurred at this point. A sly look drifted across Xu Sanshi’s eyes, although he had appeared frantic earlier. Following that, his body disappeared, and he was replaced by someone else.

The person who was switched over was none other than the preparatory team leader of the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team, Xiao Hongchen.

The Mysterious Underworld Displacement succeeded just like that.

If one were to look carefully, they would see that the black line unleashed by Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement had made a strange turn as it was blocked by Michael’s shield. It had turned in front of Michael and struck Xiao Hongchen.

This change was too rapid. No one expected that Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement could be used like that.

In the waiting area, Huo Yuhao lowered his head, and his eyes repeatedly shone with golden light. They regained their normal look very quickly.

There was no way it could be controlled so precisely if it were only by Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement. However, his Mysterious Underworld Displacement became different with the guidance of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

All of this was within Wang Yan’s plan. Ma Xiaotao’s Phoenix Meteor Shower had struck the barriers around the competition stage, meaning that a portion of her soul power was wasted. However, was it really wasted?

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