Chapter 116.1: A Wild Team Fight

Book 14: The Finals!

Chapter 116.1: A Wild Team Fight

Wang Yan only had one goal in mind after Shrek Academy defeated Justsky Academy. He wanted Shrek Academy to be the eventual champions and carry on Shrek’s streak as the tournament champions. There was only one true obstacle to Shrek Academy in their pursuit for glory.

That’s why Wang Yan hadn’t given too many instructions even though he had a brilliant set-up in place. His purpose was to confuse their strongest opponent and trick them into believing that Shrek Academy only fought based on abilities, and not strategies.

He was successful. Even Shrek Academy’s own students were kept in the dark before yesterday.

As the finals approached, there was no need for anymore concealment. Wang Yan was about to show his talent in today’s final through the Shrek team’s competing members.

Wang Yan could not help but recall his conversation with Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong as he looked at them. The both of them sat to one side and appeared to be calm, but they were gripping their fists tightly.


“The two of you will not compete in the team round tomorrow. He Caitou and Jiang Nannan will replace you.”

“What? Why? Teacher Wang, we can help the team.”

“I’ve already decided. This is a strategy that I’m using. At the same time, I’m protecting you. If you want to help your team in the team round, unleashing your martial soul fusion skill cannot be excluded. Furthermore, more than one of your martial soul fusion skills have to be unleashed. But I don’t want to expose so much too early on. Don’t forget that both of you will be the driving forces in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament 5 years from now in the Sun Moon Empire. Moreover, it’s my responsibility to protect the both of you as your teacher. My strategy also requires you to conserve your powers in the team round.”


“Listen to me first before any buts. Maybe you will continue to turn the tables…”


The Star Luo Emperor said to the White Tiger Duke beside him softly on the top of the city wall, “Brother, what do you think of Shrek’s arrangement?”

The White Tiger Duke said after pondering for a while, “They must have adjusted their tactics and strategies. Although I’ve never seen them compete, we can’t underestimate the importance of these 2 fellows to their team. They’re probably not being sent out now because they’re preparing for the later segments.”

The Star Luo Emperor smiled and said, “What’re your predictions then?”

The White Tiger Duke shook his head and replied, “I’m not familiar with either team, thus I can’t make any predictions. What about you, Your Majesty? You seem very confident. I’m sure you have made your judgment.”

The Star Luo Emperor lowered his head and said something softly.

The White Tiger Duke was stunned as he looked at him and replied, “How could this be?”

The Star Luo Emperor smiled and said, “Let’s wait and see. Although that teacher from Shrek is no longer young, it’s easy to tell that he’s not simple from his lineup selection. I believe we’ll see a surprise in this final.”

As they spoke, both teams had already ascended to the stage. They formed two rows and stood to the left and right of Huang Jinxu.

“I’ve announce the rules earlier on, and will not repeat them again. Both teams, please step back and prepare to start fighting. This match will end once one team can no longer continue.”

Ma Xiaotao squinted her small eyes, and her gaze shone as she stared at Ma Rulong. Her eyes seemed to surge with flames too.

Ma Rulong looked very serious. He had not had too much trouble against Jiang Peng, but the look Ma Xiaotao’s eyes made him feel suppressed.

This was a result of Shrek Academy’s reputation. Ma Rulong kept on telling himself this, but that suppressive feeling remained as he faced Ma Xiaotao.

Both teams slowly retreated. The emotion in Xiao Hongchen’s eyes turned from anxiety to excitement. He was meant to compete. The more nervous he was, the stronger he became. He and his sister, Meng Hongchen, greatly displayed their prowess by being able to compete in this tournament as preparatory team members. This was also their first appearance in this tournament. As secret weapons, what kind of capabilities did they possess?

Both team members had already reached the edges of the stage. Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yueheng still led the line over on Shrek Academy’s side. Ling Luochen stood behind the both of them, followed by Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei. Jiang Nannan and He Caitou stood the furthest back.

This combination wasn’t very good. There were 3 assault-type soul masters, 1 defense-type soul master, 1 agility-type soul master, 1 control-type soul master and 1 soul engineer. There were no auxiliary-type soul masters among them. Of course, no one knew that He Caitou was a food-type soul master.

They already held cigars in their mouths, except for Ma Xiaotao and Jiang Nannan. Shrek Academy’s formation was lackluster, and there was nothing special about it. It even seemed a little redundant as 4 rows were formed.

The Sun Moon Soul Academy’s formation also didn’t seem impressive. It was shaped like a cone, with Ma Rulong at the tip and the rest forming a triangle behind him.

Both teams were extremely focused. At the moment when they reached the edges of the stage, the Heavenfiend Douluo Huang Jinxu announced, “Match, start!” The finals of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament had finally begun.

In the next moment after Huang Jinxu announced the start of the match, both teams’ formations changed, and a shocking scene appeared.

It seemed as if Shrek’s team and the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team had agreed on this beforehand. Both teams’ members gathered towards the center of the stage and formed one row.

It was no longer Ma Xiaotao at the front for Shrek Academy, but Xu Sanshi.

After the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team formed their row, Lin Xi switched to the front of their formation.

As the formations changed, both teams unleashed their martial souls. The Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team also used their soul tools.

Everyone from Shrek stood in one straight line. Xu Sanshi lifted his Shield of the Xuanming Turtle and burst forward in gigantic steps. The rest also followed him as they unleashed their martial souls.

The Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team did not move on the other side. To soul engineers, sufficient distance was required for them to unleash their powers.

Lin Xi immediately whipped out a soul tool, which was also a shield, though it only looked as big as the most ordinary tray. The golden shield flashed with radiance on its surface, and a yellow halo spread out from it. It turned into a light shield that reached almost 2 meters in diameter. Not only did it protect him, but it also protected the rest of the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team behind him.

Those who were sharp could tell what the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team was doing. The reasoning behind their actions was very simple – they were guarding against Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement.

The Mysterious Underworld Displacement had been very useful against Shrek’s opponents on many occasions. Once Xu Sanshi completed the displacement, his repeated displacements would cause Shrek’s strategies to become extremely strange. It wouldn’t be a good thing for the Sun Moon Soul Academy team if he substituted someone over or sent someone away.

Only Lin Xi could be seen as the Sun Moon Soul Academy team stood in a straight line. Lin Xi was huge, and blocked everyone behind him. Now that he had unleashed this shield, he could block the effect of Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement. He was already prepared to be switched over.

Everyone from the Sun Moon Soul Academy team was pleased when they saw Xu Sanshi rushing to the front of Shrek’s team. To them, their plan was already pretty flawless. At the very least, Xu Sanshi was unable to use his Mysterious Underworld Displacement.

This was only the formation changes of both teams. An even more intense battle was about to ensue following this.

Countless balls of light condensed from soul power and unleashed using soul tools were released from the bodies of the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team members behind Lin Xi in an instant. These balls of light rapidly spread to both sides and into the air before engulfing Shrek Academy’s team at an alarming speed along with a fizzing, ear-piercing sound.

The balls of light were still gathering at an increased speed as they flew into the air. From their trajectory, they were headed towards all 7 of the Shrek’s team members without any wastage.

The Sun Moon Soul Academy’s soul engineers were all at least Class 5. Although their soul powers were enhanced using different medicines and secret methods, and were incomparable to soul masters, their soul powers were indeed still very strong. Through a soul tool commanded by a soul king, its powers were even superior to the soul skills used directly by a soul king. How much more powerful would a skill that was unleashed by so many Class 5 soul engineers together be?

Against the Imperial Profound Academy, the Sun Moon Soul Academy’s team had used such an all-rounded soul tool to suppress their opponent. They had also forced the Imperial Profound Academy’s members down from the competition stage through an incessant and relentless attack.

They used a similar strategy against Shrek. They didn’t hope to harm their opponent, but wanted to suppress them so that they couldn’t get close to them.

However, a beam of white light also shot into the sky from the amidst the seven Shrek members just as their balls of light spread.

This beam of light revealed a white crescent. Following that, it turned into countless streaks of white light that poured down on the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy’s 7 members.

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