Chapter 114.1: The Body Sect

Book 13: Life Gold

Chapter 114.1: The Body Sect

Flashlight. Who would’ve expected Ma Rulong to use the Class 4 Flashlight as his first move against a strong opponent? He used his actions to prove to everyone that the most appropriate weapon was the best weapon.

Jiang Peng lost his sight, and his burst of forward momentum was halted. Using his left hand to cover his eyes, he quickly retreated using soul power. At the same time, the Heavenquake Axe revealed an axe projection that protected his body.

Compared to him, Ma Rulong seemed a little more relaxed. As the Flashlight disappeared from his hand, he remained standing where he was. No one managed to see how he did it, but suddenly, more than 10 tiny light bullets rapidly flew out from his back.

These light bullets did not fly directly towards his opponent. Instead, they sprayed out in all directions simultaneously. Following that, a loud explosion echoed from different directions on the competition stage.

The light bullets may have looked small, but the explosive sounds that they generated were ear-piercing. Amidst the series of explosive blasts, Jiang Peng lost his composure. He frantically waved the Heavenquake Axe about him, and even used his fourth soul skill to unleash more than 10 huge axe projections.

Huo Yuhao was watching very seriously below the stage; he wanted to know how the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers fought their battles. As a soul master, he wanted to learn how soul engineers dealt with soul masters in battle.

He had gained a lot of inspiration from the conversation between Jiang Peng and Ma Rulong. He was especially struck by Ma Rulong’s words that only he could understand himself, and that he created his own soul tools.

As the battle started, Ma Rulong quickly took the initiative. Huo Yuhao did not think this was coincidental. Ma Rulong was strong, not in terms of his soul tool, but his accurate judgment of the situation. The first skill he used restricted his opponent’s vision and hearing. This method was simply unheard-of, so it was no wonder that Jiang Peng was tricked. Of course, the effect wouldn’t be the same if this same method was used again.

At this point, the soul tool on Ma Rulong’s body showed another transformation. A golden cannon that was around a meter long and with a 3 centimeter caliber appeared on his shoulder. In the next instant, a streak of thin, blood-red light beam shot out.

He maintained a natural and smooth impression as he controlled the soul tool. He did not stop from the start till the end. Almost instantly after the light balls were fired, this golden cannon had already appeared on his shoulder. The very next instant after Jiang Peng’s fourth soul skill was completed, explosive bangs sounded all around, and that streak of blood-red light had already appeared before him.

At the Soul Emperor-level, one would develop astute senses. Jiang Peng was aware of the imminent crisis even though his sight and hearing were both greatly affected when the streak of blood-red light shot out. He subconsciously swung the Heavenquake Axe horizontally in front of him and blocked the streak of blood-red light.

There was no booming sound. A small red hole appeared on the Heavenquake Axe after the blood-red light made contact with it. Although Jiang Peng had already shifted his body to dodge, the blood-red light still penetrated his left shoulder. A small, black hole was formed.

Huo Yuhao had never even heard of this type of soul tool before, much less seen it. What was more frightening was that after the red light penetrated through the Heavenquake Axe and Jiang Peng’s body, the defensive barrier created by 108 soul masters together was also penetrated.

The air reeked of a burning smell wherever the red light passed.

Jiang Peng groaned in pain, and his body shook tremendously. However, he had no intention of retreating even though his left shoulder had been pierced. He roared and flung the Heavenquake Axe out again. This time, his most powerful sixth soul ring flashed with a bright radiance.

Without a doubt, this wasn’t a good opportunity to use his sixth soul ring. But Jiang Peng could not delay any further.

His eyes were badly burnt by the Flashlight. He was fully aware that his eyes wouldn’t recover before this competition ended. His opponent also wouldn’t give him a chance to regain his hearing. Even a small explosive sound was now enough to cause a severe disruption to his hearing.

However, Jiang Peng did not just stand there passively. As he was struck, he also perceived where Ma Rulong was, and he flung the Heavenquake Axe in that direction.

Ear-piercing booming sounds rang out continuously as the huge axe spun rapidly in the air. Thick black light surged out maniacally from the Heavenquake Axe and caused its size to rapidly expand. The thick black light was like a black hole that swallowed all the light around it. Even the spectators were petrified as they watched from afar.

Ma Rulong also turned serious. He did not attempt to dodge. A strong suction force was being unleashed from the Heavenquake Axe. Although this suction force was not enough to drag him over, it prevented him from moving from his current position.

An indescribable, frightening power suddenly burst forth. Fissures appeared on the ground beneath Ma Rulong, and a strange, black circular symbol took form under his feet. Thick, black flames shot out from the ground. At this point, the pitch-black Heavenquake Axe that had enlarged to twice its size descended from the sky as it carried a dazzling, black flare.

The Heavenquake Axe's sixth soul skill was the Darkdemon Heavenquake, which was a single-target attack that drew the Yin Fires of Hell to unleash the fury of Heaven. Its demonic attributes allowed it to lock onto its opponents and destroy everything that was in its path

This was Jiang Peng’s strongest strike. Although he had unleashed it with his sight and hearing impaired, as well as heavy injuries, he still managed to use this strike to lock onto his opponent. In terms of both his timing and judgment of the situation, both were definately fitting of a Soul Emperor.

At that moment, a layer of blinding golden light surged out from Ma Rulong and covered his body.

No matter how powerful the Yin Fires of Hell were, they couldn’t penetrate a single inch through that glow. The Heavenquake Axe released a deafening growl, and the entire competition stage seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Thin cracks began to appear all across the golden barrier.

This was an Invincible Barrier that could defend against an eight-ringed Soul Douluo for 3 seconds! It was a soul tool that could only be used once. However, this was on the verge of breaking against the Darkdemon Heavenquake’s single-target attack.

Ma Rulong revealed a look of respect. The 3 seconds that the Invincible Barrier could be sustained were very short, but it was enough for it to withstand a blow of that caliber.

The soul tool on his body changed again. More than 50 metal cannons of different sizes suddenly appeared on his body. Once again, no one could tell how he used the soul tools. It was as if they grew from his body.

Jiang Peng did not give up either. As he had unleashed his strongest strike, he had immediately burst forwards towards Ma Rulong. With his connection to the Heavenquake Axe, he could locate Ma Rulong’s position. However, his left arm dangled limply beside him as he rushed forward. It was obvious that it had lost its use. The strange thing was that the hole in his left shoulder was not dripping with even a single drop of blood.

After the 3 seconds were over, the Heavenquake Axe returned to Jiang Peng’s hands again. He was less than 10 meters away from Ma Rulong now. As he stepped forward, he lifted the Heavenquake Axe, and several of his soul rings lit up. Jiang Peng believed that if he got close to Ma Rulong, he could control the result of this competition.

Jiang Peng could not see for himself, but the spectators could. Just as both parties were about to come into contact, the metal cannons on Ma Rulong’s body all shone with a splendid radiance.

Unexpectedly, these metal cannons were each unleashed in a certain sequence. The first was a red cannon on his chest that was as big as a bowl. A red light ball silently shot towards Jiang Peng’s leaping body.

However, everyone was stunned to see that Jiang Peng did not sense the red light ball coming towards him. It was as if his senses were being deceived.

Following that, the red light ball gently stuck onto his chest. Jiang Peng did not seem to realize even at this point. But suddenly, his body seemed to solidify in that instant, and he froze in the air. Then, what greeted him were countless streaks of light that were assembled before being shot out.

Besides a select few of higher cultivations who were aware of what had happened, the only other person who could see what had happened was Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao had watched the entire process through his sharp observation skills. He didn’t know what that red light ball was, but he guessed that it was a special soul cannon that could hoodwink one’s senses. It was not a simple soul cannon that concentrated soul power used by lower-skilled soul engineers. The effect of that special soul cannon should have been its ability to temporarily make a person lose all mobility. The instant Jiang Peng was hit, the Heavenquake Axe disappeared from his hands.

Streaks of soul light rays assembled before shooting out, and Jiang Peng’s body was sent flying. Although his internal soul power protected his body, his body only stopped flying when he struck the defensive barrier on the other side of the arena.

After struggling a little, he slid down from the barrier and fell onto the competition stage.

The match had ended. Ma Rulong had obtained an overwhelming victory. The only thing he had sacrificed was the Invincible Barrier, but with his capabilities, he should be able to procure another one. Higher-level soul engineers were usually wealthy, not to mention that he was even from the Illustrious Virtue Hall.

After he finished watching the match, Huo Yuho let out a long breath. He didn’t think that Ma Rulong was very scary. Rather, he was filled with excitement.

This was a battle between a soul engineer and a soul master! The feeling that Ma Rulong gave off when he fought was a very natural and smooth one.

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