Chapter 111.2: Blaze Amidst the Frost, the Heavenly Emperor's Hammer!

Book 13: Life Gold

Chapter 111.2: Blaze Amidst the Frost, the Heavenly Emperor's Hammer!

As Ma Xiaotao held onto Huo Yuhao as tightly as she could, she darted into the bathroom. She immediately turned on the shower, then plunged both Huo Yuhao and herself underneath the cold water.

Even though the water was cold, it began to sizzle like burning charcoal that had been doused with water once it encountered her boiling-hot body. Thick, dense steam instantly permeated the entire bathroom, covering it in a layer of blurriness.

Ma Xiaotao felt a wave of comfort course through her body once she’d soaked herself inside of the cold water. She heaved a faint sigh of relief, then grit her teeth and started to gradually inject her soul power into Huo Yuhao’s body.

She didn’t know what else to do. Her half-dazed, unstable state of mind had made her irrational, and caused her to completely forget about Huo Yuhao’s current situation. Even though she was trying her best to suppress it, the hysterically simmering evil fire found its way into Huo Yuhao’s body and immediately began to wreak havoc.

If this was Huo Yuhao before he’d absorbed the Life Gold, just this alone would’ve been enough to cause him grave injury.

However, his passageways were able to endure much more than before. Although his entire body began to tremble violently under this riling stimulation, his passageways still managed to force down the small stream of evil fire that was flowing into his body.

Huo Yuhao finally came to from his unconscious state because of this. Two arms tightly wrapped around his body were the first things he felt—alongside the two extremely soft and springy peaks that were pressed against his chest.

What’s happening? Huo Yuhao was stunned momentarily, then felt the wave of uncontrollable evil fire surging throughout his own body.

Even though he didn’t know the results of the competition after he passed out, he was familiar with evil fire; it had once caused him unimaginably agonizing pain. He figured out what was going on almost immediately. Regardless of how the battle had ended, the Ma Xiaotao’s evil fire had relapsed and was out of her control.

Dense steam obscured his vision, but he could clearly hear Ma Xiaotao’s violent breathing. In addition to the fact that both of them were so intimately close, Huo Yuhao’s young body also began to feel somewhat strange despite the pain he felt from the evil fire’s torture.

“Xiaotao… let me grab… that milk bottle…” Huo Yuhao struggled to say.

Huo Yuhao didn’t have much soul power left in his body when Ma Xiaotao began to inject evil fire inside. However, the Ice Empress’ soul bone was still there, and reacted immediately by releasing an Ultimate Ice aura to resist the evil fire.

The extreme cold instantly made Ma Xiaotao feel like she’d just experienced rain after several long years of draught. As she heaved a long sigh of relief, she heard Huo Yuhao’s voice.

Considering their circumstances and her current unstable state of mind she immediately misunderstood his intentions.

“You little bastard. You still want to take advantage of me at a time like this?” Ma Xiaotao was furious, and immediately attempted to push Huo Yuhao aside. However, the moment her body stopped touching Huo Yuhao’s, the evil fire in her body began to rampage once more. She moaned, then hugged Huo Yuhao as tightly as she could once again.

Huo Yuhao yet again experienced the process of two lumps of soft flesh departing from his body and then being forcefully thrust back onto it. The encounter felt magical, but the agonizing sensation of evil fire flowing into his body made him grunt in pain. He subconsciously reached out to push Ma Xiaotao away.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t that short anymore, but he was still a tad shorter than Ma Xiaotao was. He was stuck in Ma Xiaotao’s iron grip, with even his arms trapped within hers, which meant that he was unable to raise them at all. When he reached out with his hands, he naturally pressed them against Ma Xiaotao’s waist. Due to the force of Ma Xiaotao’s forward momentum, Huo Yuhao felt his feet slip beneath him, and he immediately stumbled backwards – his hands slipped down as a result, and he ended up grabbing Ma Xiaotao’s firm and perky butt cheeks.

Huo Yuhao’s first felt something round in his hands, then intense heat, and finally that what he was holding was spongy…

“You…” The evil fire in Ma Xiaotao’s body had seeped into her veins, thus she was ten times more sensitive than normal even though her body was scorching hot. She was at risk of losing control in her current situation, yet she was also at her most powerful. Her heightened senses were used against her opponents in normal times, so it was easy to imagine how she felt now that she was using them on herself. No matter how hardy and resilient she was, she was ultimately still an unmarried woman. Even though Huo Yuhao was still young, he definitely didn’t look like he was only twelve years old. Ma Xiaotao grunted from his grab, and subconsciously hugged him even tighter, the evil fire she’d initially been trying to control instantly pouring into Huo Yuhao with more ferocity.

Heat waves akin to a volcano’s eruption assaulted his body from all over before he could enjoy the exhilaration of what he’d grabbed.

This sudden flow of heat made Huo Yuhao feel like his entire body was melting. As his body was still weak, he was sent into a daze. His hands naturally didn’t let go when this happened—instead, they squeezed even tighter, and his fingers sank into the spongy flesh of her buttocks. The two of them then maintained this dubious position.

Cold water continuously sprayed downwards, but it was quickly reduced to steam. The entire bathroom now resembled a giant steamer. Huo Yuhao’s clothes had become soaking wet in an instant, and he felt like he was about to be cooked alive.

His Ultimate Ice’s power would gradually reveal itself at times like this, and Ultimate Ice naturally countered the pressure that Huo Yuhao was withstanding from fire-type energy. The Ice Jade Empress Scorpion also retaliated as Huo Yuhao faced this shockwave from all over his body. Of course, even if he hadn’t had a powerful entity like the Ice Empress, Huo Yuhao still wouldn’t have just melted from this.

Chilly air quickly spread from the Ice Empress’ bones and protected his internal organs. The evil fire was powerful, but there was nothing it could do except be dispelled, as its adversary was Ultimate Ice.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea had been developed greatly ever since he’d ingested the Life Gold. Not only had his spiritual power been boosted, but his control over his own body had also become a lot better than before. Neither the Ice Empress, the Skydream Iceworm, or Electrolux could easily take over his body anymore.

However, the Ice Empress could still control the power that she had sealed within Huo Yuhao’s body.

If the searing evil fire that invaded Huo Yuhao’s body reached his heart, Huo Yuhao would be done for; how could the Ice Empress sit by and watch this unfold? The moment she felt that something wasn’t right, she’d lifted a corner of her seal, causing the Ice Jade Scorpion tattoo on Huo Yuhao’s back to glimmer into view. An icy aura instantly flowed through his body and forcefully dissipated Ma Xiaotao’s dense, blisteringly hot phoenix flames.

The Ice Empress wouldn’t have dared to attempt something like this last time, as Huo Yuhao’s passageways had not only just suffered being baked beneath the waves of Ma Xiaotao’s evil fire, but now had to sustain another rush of extremely cold air. It was possible that Huo Yuhao’s body would directly crumble on the spot. However, it was different now, as Electrolux was no longer just a trace of divine sense now that Yuhao had absorbed Life Gold.

The Pearl of Life hidden within his spiritual sea began to glow with dense volumes of life energy at the same time as when the Ice Empress made her move, and was released alongside the energy that the Ice Empress had unleashed. This way, Huo Yuhao’s passageways would possess a large amount of life energy and sustenance, in turn making it much harder them to break apart. His body was being refined by the clash of ice and fire yet again.

The entire process was actually quite quick, but Huo Yuhao had already gone through an extreme case of a twin tribulation of ice and fire. His body shivered from head to toe due to the cold, and he felt as his he’d been transformed into a water crystal once the heat receded and his entire body was frozen. His whole body felt as if it had become transparent.

Ma Xiaotao’s felt something completely different; she felt that she’d discovered an avenue to vent the evil fire stuck inside her body, and immediately funneled her evil fire towards it with lightning speed. This process made her feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. However, right at that moment, Huo Yuhao’s hands—which were still grasping her buttcheeks—turned cold, and two streaks of extremely chilly energy flowed through her hips and into her body.

This sensation was extremely peculiar. She didn’t have a vast amount of life energy protecting her passageways like Huo Yuhao did, but her cultivation was enough that her passageways were resilient enough to resist the intense cold. The evil fire from before had flicked at her heartstrings continuously, and she’d had an instant and obvious reaction when Huo Yuhao had grabbed onto her butt cheeks. Her hips had also been burning up a moment ago, but when they turned ice-cold the next, the combination of heat and cold caused an inexplicable sensation to course throughout Ma Xiaotao’s entire body.

“Mmmm…” Ma Xiaotao began to quiver vigorously. Even though she’d already found an avenue to release the evil fire within her body, she didn’t let go of Huo Yuhao’s body, instead hugging him tighter instead. The gasping sounds she’d been making became more intense as she struggled to break free from Huo Yuhao’s hands by shaking her buttocks. However, at that very moment, a ferocious individual such as her suddenly felt like she didn’t have a single ounce of strength in her body. Her hips began to contort while the continuous conflict between the chilly sensation and the intense heat inside of her body caused her to enter an unceasing state of convulsions.

“Why am I dealing with my evil fire like this?” Ma Xiaotao thought to herself in between her convulsions. Immediately afterwards, she bit Huo Yuhao’s shoulder as her body’s convulsions grew even more intense. Her face flushed red as the clash of ice and fire within her body that resembled nirvana finally caused her to let go of all her safeguards; she could no longer control her own emotions.

Fortunately, Huo Yuhao was still in a daze, and the tribulation of ice and fire that he’d just experienced had affected his entire body from top to bottom. His organs and passageways were changing as a defensive mechanism, and his soul power had been swiftly replenished after the Ice Empress lifted her seal. It felt as if his entire body had entered a special state of meditation.

The two of them maintained their strange hugging position while they stood inside the bathroom, both their minds slowly becoming even blurrier.

The thick steamy mist inside the bathroom gradually dissipated, and eventually diffused outwards as layers of icy mist and plain traces of frost began to appear around them. The bathroom was extremely tranquil, with the only thing disturbing the peace being the faint light radiating from the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion tattoo on Huo Yuhao’s back.

Neither of them knew how much time had passed. Ma Xiaotao was the first to slowly come to from her state of deep sleep. When she regained her senses, the first thing she felt was icy coldness. It was something that she’d never felt before, and she shivered uncontrollably.

This tiny movement of hers was small, but infinite tiny cracking sounds rang out. She exclaimed in surprise when she saw piece after piece of thin ice break off of her body and fall down to the ground.

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