Chapter 110.3: The Second Fusion Skill!

Book 13: Life Gold

Chapter 110.3: The Second Fusion Skill!

An even stranger scene appeared, as the fiery rings of light that were swept backwards seemed to damage the Darkness Hurricane. Although they weren’t strong enough to completely destroy it, they were still able to obstruct and weaken it time over time. By the time that Ma Xiaotao had reached Dugu Shangshan, over half of the Darkness Hurricane had dissipated.

Dugu Shangshan was simply unable to do anything. Evading her was completely impossible; how could the the three of them defeat Ma Xiaotao in speed?

His fifth soul ring flashed as he released the Darkdemon Tiger’s most powerful attack. However, the three Soul Kings behind him were no longer able to obstruct the raging Ma Xiaotao’s advance.

“Boom—” The entire tournament stage was engulfed in an explosion of dark red fire. The instant that Ma Xiaotao’s blazing flames blossomed out, the audience was only able to see three figures soar into the air, rescued by the Heavenfiend Douluo. However, the three of them had suffered heavy injuries during the violent collision between the two parties; the Nine Transformations Soulrite behind them had been shattered completely.

Oh, wait, four figures had shot into the air. Huang Heyun had also been rescued by the Heavenfiend Douluo after collapsing due to overexertion.

It wasn’t just Dai Yueheng and Ma Xiaotao who’d simultaneously ended their battles: Bei Bei also defeated his extremely troublesome opponent on the other side of the arena at that moment. Of course, he hadn’t just relied on his own power.

The Lightning Falcon was simply too quick, and even possessed the ability to use lightning to some extent. As such, it was able to resist Bei Bei’s paralysis. Fortunately for Bei Bei, his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was sufficiently strong, thus he’d been able to persist through the entire battle. Granted, he’d been left in an injured and weary state after the Star Barrier broke down.

The instant that the Star Barrier broke down, Chen Xiaojie felt that something was off. He immediately wanted to use his most powerful attack to deal with Bei Bei, but a black streak had appeared behind the latter at that exact moment. The instant he exploded out with all of his power, a thick and solid shield that was filled with the aura of ice faced him.

The Mysterious Underworld Displacement had finally been revealed in this match. Only, the person that had been displaced was on Shrek’s team.

Even though Bei Bei’s injuries were rather heavy, a large majority of them were only flesh wounds. He didn’t hesitate to immediately jump back into the fight when Xu Sanshi took his place. Furthermore, he made his move at just the right time, as Chen Xiaojie’s entire body was in a sluggish state from his previous attack at that moment.

Xu Sanshi naturally wasn’t able to slow Chen Xiaojie down with his strength; his control-type soul skills weren’t of much use towards the incomparably quick Chen Xiaojie, who even had a cultivation level that exceeded his. However, Shrek’s team still had another control-type soul master who’d been trapped for quite a long time!

The instant that Xu Sanshi switched places with Bei Bei, an icy blue halo of light appeared beneath Chen Xiaojie.

This was Ling Luochen’s fifth soul skill, Icebrilliant Halo.

However, the Icebrilliant Halo wasn’t used to trap her opponents, but rather spread toward outwards from the epicenter. Under Ling Luochen’s control, the halo of light instantly spread outwards.

No matter how fast the Lightning Falcon was, it wasn’t faster than the release of a soul skill, not to mention an omnidirectional one. He was naturally struck by it.

Ling Luochen didn’t have Huo Yuhao’s assistance, thus her Icebrilliant Halo didn’t contain his Ultimate Ice. However, it was still completely possible for her to temporarily freeze an agility-type soul master who was both weaker than her, and who didn’t specialise in defense. After all, the fact that control suppressed agility had been known by everyone since the olden days.

And what did a rascal like Xu Sanshi specialise at doing? There was no doubt that he was amazing at pelting a stone at someone who was already on the ground! He immediately used his third soul skill, Mysterious Underworld Force, followed by his first, Mysterious Underworld Quake, then smashed his shield into Chen Xiaoji repeatedly.

Even though his attack power had never been worth mentioning, being hit by a shield still wouldn’t feel good. Only people who’d taken the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle head-on would understand how heavy it felt. Strengthened by the Mysterious Underworld Force, the Mysterious Underworld Quake’s stunning effect landed on Chen Xiaojie’s body and shot him towards the extremely angry Bei Bei.

Bei Bei laughed, his smile as warm and scholarly as ever...

Afterwards, a series of thunderclaps rang out on the tournament stage. Although the Heavenfiend Douluo was a Titled Douluo, even he felt somewhat nervous rescuing every participant at the last moment. This was especially so considering the fact that three battles had ended simultaneously.

As such, he naturally chose to deal with the person left in the most dangerous condition. Even though Chen Xiaojie was getting wildly beaten up by Bei Bei, he was still a Soul King, while the latter was only a Soul Ancestor. As such, the Heavenfiend Douluo naturally didn’t think that Chen Xiaojie would suffer any heavy injuries. Regardless of what one said, Bei Bei still looked like a rather warm-hearted person.

Unfortunately, the Heavenfiend Douluo didn’t know how two-faced this ‘warm-looking man’ was,

Bei Bei had previously been beaten up by Chen Xiaojie god-knows how many times, thus he was now all bruised up! He’d been oppressed for too long! Bei Bei wasn’t a person who would bite the hand that fed him, but he was definitely a person who would exact vengeance on those that wronged him.

He slapped Chen Xiaojie’s shoulder with his Thunderous Dragon Claw, sending him straight to the ground. Afterwards, Bei Bei leapt into the air, pointed his elbow downwards, and slammed into Chen Xiaojie’s body.

In an even more violent move, Xu Sanshi leapt into the air the same instant that Bei Bei did, and proceeded to slam into Chen Xiaojie alongside him.

Chen Xiaojie let out a muffled groan from the pain. Before he could regain his ability to move, Bei Bei used Vigorous Thunderbolt, which sent countless tendrils of lightning into his body.

Naturally, Xu Sanshi was left shaking from the lightning that struck him. He immediately sent Bei Bei—who was lying underneath him—flying with a kick.

Once he got up, Bei Bei immediately used eighteen consecutive Thunderous Dragon Claw strikes on Chen Xiaojie. A wave of lightning swept towards him...

Chen Xiaojie resembled a piece of charcoal that had been barbecued by the time that the Heavenfiend Douluo rescued him from Bei Bei’s clutches.

In reality, only seven or eight breaths of time had passed since the battlefield had changed. What Team Shrek had displayed wasn’t just coordination, but explosiveness.

Six of the seven students from Star Luo Academy had been eliminated. As Dai Yueheng stood in front of the staggering Princess Jiu Jiu, he didn’t attack her. Instead, he gazed at her with a calm gaze.

Princess Jiu Jiu had already retreated to the very edge of the tournament stage at this point in time. The instant she’d been attacked, her mental state had been affected. The match had practically already ended while she was trying to recover her mental state.

Princess Jiu Jiu mind was somewhat blank. She truly wanted to say, I haven’t even used my strongest attack yet. However, she clearly understood that there was no longer any meaning in doing so. Even if her Starcrown was stronger, she couldn’t take on the entirety of Shrek’s team by herself.

“Jiu Jiu, just surrender.” Dai Yueheng said indifferently. The Starlight Auction clearly wasn’t the first time that they’d met. The gaze he looked at her with was somewhat mysterious, and even carried a few faint traces of warmth.

“I’m not surrendering to you.” Jiu Jiu said coldly. She then turned around and jumped off the tournament stage, signalling the end of the team fight.

The match had been quite short, so much so that a large majority of the audience hadn’t managed to witness the most brilliant and intense scenes that had occurred.

However, this intense battle was definitely the most marvelous and fierce battle in the tournament to date.

From Star Luo Academy completely controlling the tempo of the entire battle, to Shrek Academy’s sudden reversal and explosiveness. The entire battle had not only been intense, but had also been extremely exciting. This was especially true for Shrek’s team, who had been feeling palpitations in their heart throughout the entire fight.

Ma Xiaotao watched her opponent leap down from the stage, then immediately turned around and flew to Ling Luochen. With a hoarse voice, she said, “Help me suppress it, quick.”

At that moment, her eyes were completely dark red, and flickered with a savage light that seemed like it could swallow one whole.

Ling Luochen didn’t dare to waste any time. She quickly placed her icy staff on Ma Xiaotao’s forehead, causing an Icebrilliant Halo to appear and forcibly suppress her evil fire that was about to blow up.

A chilly sensation stimulated Ma Xiaotao’s body, and after a bout of shivering, her expression became slightly better. However, the dark red light in her eyes didn’t completely recede.

After watching Princess Jiu Jiu leap off the stage, Dai Yueheng was left feeling somewhat blank. He quickly turned around, and a slightly strange—and even somewhat chilly—light flashed through his eyes as he looked at the fallen Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

Right! It wasn’t him who’d defeated Princess Jiu Jiu. At that time, he’d already received a few injuries. Furthermore, he hadn’t possessed enough strength to even defeat the quartet that had faced him. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been able to immediately chase after him, but they definitely could’ve taken care of Bei Bei, who’d been trapped by Chen Xiaojie. At that time, how long could he survive in the fight if he were to have to take on the entire team by himself? It would’ve been hard to tell the results of the following battle. At the very least, the scales of victory would’ve been tipped in his opponent’s favor.

However, the people who’d truly pulled against the strong tide were the two youths who had collapsed. However, just how had they done it? Even though they were now unconscious, they were the true highlights of Shrek’s team in this match. It could be said that they’d dominated the match despite only Ling Luochen and Xu Sanshi clearly witnessing what they’d done.

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