Chapter 110.1 The Second Fusion Skill!

Book 13: Life Gold

Chapter 110.1 The Second Fusion Skill!

“What’re you waiting for? When that hard barrier softens, you have to break it.”


The Golden Road ended, revealing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s bodies. Huo Yuhao loosened his arms and stretched out his hands, while Wang Dong raised his right hand.

They looked at each other, and saw a reflection of their own bodies in each other’s eyes. At this moment, their souls were connected.

Huo Yuhao cupped Wang Dong’s right hand within his two palms as if he was protecting the most valuable treasure in the world. The instant his palms closed, Huo Yuhao’s hands turned ice-white. On the other hand, Wang Dong’s right hand turned a strange dark-gold. The three palms interlocked, causing a terrifying stream of air to suddenly surge from their bodies.

The originally thick icy mist quickly rose into the air like a mushroom cloud, causing an indescribable sense of awe to appear with it. At this moment, the only people who could truly feel and see what was going on were Ling Luochen and Xu Sanshi.

They were completely unable to describe how shocked they were feeling right now. The scene unfolding in front of them was just that shocking!

The instant the intense white light interweaved with the dark-gold light, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s figures vanished. Right after that, a slender figure quietly appeared behind that light.

This figure looked around two or so meters tall, and it had a slender, tall figure and a head of black hair draped over its shoulders. Its gorgeous changshan seemed to have been inlaid with diamonds, causing it to emanate a resplendent light. His eyes were jade-green; it wasn’t an abstruse jade-green, but one that flickered with the light of a gem, and was filled with boundless might. In terms of appearances alone, he looked 80% similar to Huo Yuhao. Perhaps, this was simply how he would look after growing up.

The instant he appeared, the Icemist in the air started to surge towards him at an astonishing rate, making it seem as though the rivers were flowing back into the sea. Even Ling Luochen’s own soul power started to be swallowed at a rapid pace.

Ling Luochen was relatively clever, and thus she didn’t try to resist or obstruct it. On the contrary, she did all she could to release her Icemist. Although the Icemist started to rapidly vanish, Ling Luochen was able to maintain the portion of it that covered them.

This was a figure that was clearly incorporeal, yet felt very real. He extended his right hand, plunging it into the ball of light in front of him. The light suddenly solidified, and the figure suddenly vanished into thin air right after that. The instant he disappeared, Xu Sanshi and Ling Luochen felt the exact same feeling in their hearts--ferocity!

In the next instant, the space in front of the Star Barrier instantaneously shattered. Then, an enormous hammer appeared.

The head of this hammer was as black as ink, but its two ends each had a sharp protrusion that was jade-green. On the other hand, its handle was fully inlaid with diamonds.

The instant it appeared, a peculiar, never-before-seen whimpering sound rang out in the air. It was as though the air itself was weeping due to its existence. The two protrusions on the head of the hammer shone with a jade-green light, and the head itself shone with a dark-gold light. The handle of the hammer also shone with an icy-white light, and the three different colors simultaneously exploded out. Right after that, the super hammer that was more than ten meters long, and whose head was more than three metres wide, turned blood-red in color.

All other traces of light seemed to have been swallowed by that blood-red light, and even the Star Barrier in front of it started to tremble.

It was as though an invisible hand was controlling this enormous hammer. In the next instant, it fell.

The only thing Princess Jiu Jiu could see was the instant that the hammer descended. She only felt like a streak of blood had flashed past the outer parts of the Star Barrier, and right after that, she suddenly felt an enormous blow strike her chest. Then, a clang that resembled the sound of shattering came from the Starcrown on her forehead.

The rhombus-shaped gem set in the center of the Starcrown actually started to show cracks. Right after that, the Star Barrier instantly collapsed.

The bloody light disappeared without a trace, and the Icemist on the tournament stage vanished along with it.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong reappeared on the tournament stage. Only, the current Wang Dong was leaning on Huo Yuhao’s back, clearly having lost consciousness.

Huo Yuhao was still clear-headed as he looked forward with a burning gaze in his eyes. He pressed on his forehead with his right hand, then pointed his second, third, and fourth fingers into the air.

Immediately, a mysterious green light flashed through the sky before vanishing. The light, however, was directed towards the absolute defense barrier that trapped Ma Xiaotao.

Right after he pointed his fingers into the sky, the gaze in Huo Yuhao’s eyes darkened. He seemingly indifferently looked towards the distant Princess Jiu Jiu, then fell to the ground with Wang Dong with a trace of arrogance, but even more satisfaction in his eyes.


The metal ball located above the Absolute Defense Barrier suddenly let out a crisp cry, then shook violently. The originally-dazzling golden light it emitted started to darken at an astonishing rate, before vanishing within two breaths of time. The metal ball turned grey, and the barrier it generated became extremely thin.

Without the Icemist concealing the stage, the audience and the Star Luo Emperor were all able to clearly see what was going on.

Just like his younger sister, the Star Luo Emperor suddenly blurted out, ‘impossible’.

From the outside, the Star Barrier looked like Princess Jiu Jiu’s fourth soul skill. In reality, however, it couldn’t be used easily. The Starcrown’s might far exceeded that of ordinary martial souls, and even a few top-ranked ones wouldn’t be able to go against it. However, its wielder needed to cultivate arduously in order to use it.

A soul master who possessed the Starcrown could only cultivate at night, as they would need to absorb star power to further increase their cultivation. Furthermore, their soul skills could only be used by consuming some of their accumulated star power. Of which, the skill that needed the most star power was the Star Barrier.

The eighteen gold stars that created the Star Barrier needed a full eighteen days to be fully absorbed. However, the strength of the Star Barrier would continuously increase following its owner’s increase in cultivation; it was an extremely rare and powerful skill that wasn’t affected by the quality of the soul ring that bestowed it. However, its drawbacks were extremely obvious. After using it once, its owner would need to wait eighteen days in order to use it again.

It was because of this exact reason that the Star Barrier’s defensive powers were extraordinarily tyrannical. It wasn’t just a defense skill, but one that allowed the current Princess Jiu Jiu to possess the power of a defense-type Soul Emperor. This was the reason why she and the Emperor were so confident in this match.

However, this tyrannical defense had been blown apart at this moment. Looking at Shrek Academy’s current abilities, there was no way that any of them should’ve been able to achieve this feat. However, the destruction of the Star Barrier signified one thing--that was subjugation. One of Shrek Academy’s four students who were previously hidden within the Icemist was able to subdue the Star Barrier.

Right after that, an even more astonishing scene occurred. A problem had suddenly come up with the powerful Class 7 soul tool that was known as the Absolute Defense Barrier.


“The Soul-Devouring Carving Knife didn’t disappear after I purified it. The enormous life energy contained within the Life Gold isn’t something that you’re able to fathom. Because of that, you now possess a completely new carving knife, one that can fully display the true might of the Life Gold. After thinking about it for a while, I’ve decided to name it the Life Guardian. This Life Guardian can not only bestow life energy, but also take it away. This special ability of stripping one’s life energy away shall be called Judgement, and the life energy taken away will be absorbed back into the Life Guardian.

Every single person in this world possesses life energy, but Judgement only targets existences which do not guard their own life energy. If you encounter any resistance, it’ll lose all of its effects. However, it can be a very powerful weapon against the soul tools from your world.”



Ma Xiaotao wouldn’t be Ma Xiaotao if she wasn’t able to grasp an opportunity like this. While she was trapped by the Absolute Defense Barrier, she had continuously tried to break free of her bindings.

Just what kind of temper did Ma Xiaotao have? She was basically a can of gunpowder that would explode with just a light spark. However, she absolutely wasn’t the type of person who would let anger go to her head; on the contrary, she had hidden her intelligence under her outward explosiveness.

After launching a few attacks as a test, she understood that she wouldn’t be able to destroy this barrier with her level of cultivation. At the very least, she wouldn’t be able to do it within a short period of time. After that, she made the smartest choice available--that was to directly sit in a cross-legged position within the Absolute Defense Barrier and sense the strength of the barrier while recovering the soul power she had drained earlier. At the same time, she continued to observe what was going on outside the barrier.

Ma Xiaotao knew that she could hasten the destruction of the Absolute Defense Barrier if she were to stake everything on one attack. However, since their opponents had used a soul tool like this to counter her, she understood that she wouldn’t be able to break free like Dai Yueheng had, no matter how she attacked. Since that was the case, she chose to wait patiently.

No matter what tactics their opponents were using, the match wouldn’t be over as long as she wasn’t defeated. Although Shrek Academy’s overall strength would suffer dramatically if they were to lose her, the team Dai Yueheng led wouldn’t be defeated so easily. At the very least, their opponents would have to pay an extremely heavy price to defeat them. However, a soul tool like this would be going against the heavens if it was able to be used for a long period of time! Because of that, Ma Xiaotao would be able to take her opponents on in her peak condition after the barrier finally expired.

She had been paying close attention to everything going on on the battlefield, observing each and every one of her opponents and how much they had endured in the battle. What she was waiting for was a chance to counterattack. She had never lacked any confidence, because confidence came from strength. Ma Xiaotao knew that her team would absolutely never fall easily as long as she hadn’t fallen.

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