Chapter 11.3: The Weakest Class Monitor

Book 2: Academy of Monsters

Chapter 11.3: The Weakest Class Monitor

Every single present felt an incomparably refreshing feeling. The refreshing feeling instantly spread throughout their bodies, and no matter whether it was their aching muscles or the wounds that had been incurred by the chainmail grating against their skin, they were all recovering at an astonishing speed. Furthermore, their physical strength was gradually recovering a drop at a time. Only their soulforce was completely empty; it wasn’t left completely unaffected by the dark green leaf.

Wang Dong had the highest cultivation amongst everyone present, and was also the first person to recover. He flipped over and sat up before looking at the extremely tall tree with a burning gaze. He took a deep breath of the cool air. “This... this is one of the pinnacle existences amongst plant-type martial souls: The Tree of Life! It’s a seventieth ranked martial soul with a Soul Avatar! Teacher Zhou actually found a plant-type soul master above the seventieth rank to heal us and help us recover.”

The dark green light shrouded the area. After releasing ninety-one tree leaves, the enormous tree rapidly shrunk and transformed back into the white-clothed male in the blink of an eye. Afterwards, he nodded at Zhou Yi, who bowed respectfully towards him. That male left in the same way he’d arrived—like a gust of wind. From the start to end, he hadn’t said a word to Zhou Yi at all.

The students crawled up one after another. Although they were still exhausted, they felt an indescribable pleasure from their bodies breaking through their limits.

Huo Yuhao had also recovered from his half-dazed state. After receiving nourishment from that godly soul skill, a refreshing feeling washed over his muscles and caused their exhaustion to disappear without a trace. Furthermore, the passageways within his body were still immersed in the comfortably warm feeling that the Mysterious Heaven Technique had created. It was almost as if he was feeling the comfortableness provided by both cold and hot at the same time. He’d never felt such a comfortable feeling in his life before.

He supported himself as he crawled back up. His entire body was covered in sweat, but his Spirit Eyes became increasingly bright. He subconsciously activated his soulforce and circulated it according to the Mysterious Heaven Technique. He found that he could actually still do it, and that the intangible changes within his body had nourished his passageways. Furthermore, since it wasn’t being consumed anymore, there was still that little bit of the Mysterious Heaven Technique’s internal energy left over that was able to return back to his dantian and complete a full cycle before it circulated again.

Zhou Yi gazed at all the students who were slowly crawling up and indifferently said, “I have to say, you all have given me an answer that astonished me quite a bit. Today, nobody will be eliminated.”

Once she said this, the students couldn’t help but immediately let out a cheer, especially the few who’d run the least number of laps, who felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from their minds.

Zhou Yi then proceeded to say “You all need to thank Huo Yuhao. Originally, I was prepared to give you all a punishment. The task that I gave you all was for you to run until the bell rang, and then we’d count the number of laps each of you ran. However, other than Huo Yuhao, none of you managed to run from the start to the end. However, since you were able to actually develop a sense of competition because of him, you don’t have to have a punishment. Wang Dong, step forward.”

“Teacher.” Wang Dong took a step forward.

Zhou Yi indifferently said, “As the class monitor of Class 1, you only cared about yourself—you didn’t set a good example for the others. From now on, you’re stripped of your position of class monitor, which will be taken over by Huo Yuhao. Until the next physical class, Huo Yuhao will be the class monitor of Class 1. If anyone wants to challenge him, you’re in charge of accepting them.”

When he heard what she said, Wang Dong was slightly stunned.

Zhou Yi continued in a cold voice, “What? Do you have any problems with this?”

Only then did Wang Dong sober up. He shook his head and said, “I have none. Teacher Zhou, I’m willing to concede.”

Zhou Yi nodded and said, “Disperse. Take your set of chainmail with you. Tomorrow, another teacher will be having a class on theory with you all. I suggest that you meditate well as you digest the improvements and the significance of today’s physical class. My next class will be in the afternoon, the day after next. At that time, I hope that I won’t see any trash.”

“Yes.” The students all simultaneously agreed. However, they didn’t randomly disperse afterwards. Instead, they collectively charged towards Huo Yuhao and suddenly threw him into the sky.

To these youths, excitement and happiness was something extremely straightforward. Because of Huo Yuhao, nobody was eliminated, and they had even been able to avoid their punishment. Thus, at least during this moment, Huo Yuhao was their hero.

Furthermore, after the difficult and painful class, Teacher Zhou had found that miraculous plant-type Soul Sage to heal all of them and help them recover, which made them understand the strength of a high-ranked soul master. After the pain in their bodies had disappeared, their ill will towards Teacher Zhou had, imperceptibly, decreased by a large amount.

The students continued to be rowdy for another ten minutes or so, all the way until the students from other classes had finished their classes too. Only then did they stop and start heading back to their individual dorms to clean themselves up. Their current appearances were truly too haggard.

The ninety-one students didn’t know this, but it was precisely because of this lesson that a collective pride had begun to gradually appear within the ninety-one of them. It had only been a single day since the class had been established, and most of them still didn’t know each other’s names, but a collective sense of pride had already appeared. This was undoubtedly because of Teacher Zhou’s teaching methods. Combined with a certain amount of luck that Huo Yuhao’s performance at the end had brought, First-year Class 1 had managed to get a step ahead of the other classes.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong directly returned to their dorm whilst wearing their chainmail. They had to use the bathrooms at the two ends of the corridors, so Wang Dong let Huo Yuhao clean up first, while he instead took a basin of water and cleaned himself up in the dorm room.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao’s mind was still immersed in a special state of understanding towards the Mysterious Heaven Technique. He didn’t think much of it, and went to shower instead. However, the circulation of the Mysterious Heaven Technique within his body hadn’t stopped since he’d started circulating it in the new manner that he discovered. He discovered that the warm stream that had been unceasingly generated had already started to become weaker and weaker.

Why? Is it because my physical strength has recovered? Huo Yuhao was greatly puzzled. After he finished cleaning himself up, he faintly guessed the reason as to why it had happened. That warm feeling seemed to only appear when both his soulforce and his body were nearly exhausted. And right now, since his body had already recovered by a large amount, and his soulforce was also slowly recovering, that warm flow wouldn’t be produced anymore.

If I’d known earlier, it would’ve been better for me to not recover. Huo Yuhao was somewhat helpless as he thought to himself. If that was the case, perhaps his passageways might’ve been able to obtain even more benefits.

However, Teacher left the chainmail for us. I can try it out by myself later. Once he thought of this, he couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Huo Yuhao.” At this moment, a shout that woke him up from his excitement echoed out.

Huo Yuhao inwardly chastised himself. How could he have forgotten about her? He hurriedly shouted from the corridor, “Teacher Xiao Ya, I’ll be right out.” Then, he rapidly ran back to his dorm room, planning to put on his other school uniform before going out.

Because he was in a rush, he didn’t bother knocking on the door when he got there. He pushed the door open and entered, but when he entered, he was flabbergasted...

What he saw was a white… rear view.

As Huo Yuhao’s gaze traced his round, narrow shoulders, the contours of a soft arc appeared by his waist. He had a pair of straight and thin legs which were more delicate than an ordinary person’s. Due to his age, none of his features were exaggerated. However, his fair skin, which still had droplets of water dripping from it, appeared crystal clear. The assault to Huo Yuhao’s vision was simply too strong.

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